go home sheep

Okay so I didn’t think this was necessary or anything because it wasn’t a big deal until now but. Hurgh.

So my mom delivers newspapers every morning like from 1 am to 6 am basically and recently her driver got hurt so I’ve been driving in his place and I thought maybe it’d last only a week or something but it’s gonna probably take up to a month for him to come back?

And it wouldn’t be such an issue if it only lasted a week but it’s gonna be a whole entire month and for me personally that means I have to wake up at that shitty hour to do shit but like. My sleep schedule wont change for it so basically I’ve been just kind of sleeping in three hour bursts and like it clearly isn’t enough sleep from day to day so it just leaves me feeling so exhausted daily.

Which means I don’t want to write and I barely even want to talk to people so I’m mostly just making this post to ask for your patience because my motivation for writing is so low right now.

So if I don’t post any fics for a few weeks I’m really sorry and if I don’t reply to your messages or asks right away just know I really want to i just. mentally cannot at the moment or because I’m taking a random ass three hour rest

I’m sorry you guys have to wait so long for my shit but I hope you understand ;;