go home russia you are drunk

2ps sees s/o drunk

Allen D, Jones/ 2p America: “HEY WHAT THAT” *they run into wall and he laughs* 

James Williams/ 2p Canada: *is dragging them away so they wont hurt them self* 

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France: “go home your drunk, then again liek i am one to talk,come on i will take you home” 

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: “uhhhh are you ok……i can’t understand you?”

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: “i am disappointed in you, come on lest get you to bed,and i am not taking care of you when you are hungover” *he totally will* 

Yang Wang / 2p china: “ok lets get you home before some weirdo comes” 

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: “ OK HOW MANY FINGERS M I HOLDING UP!, hahahah oh god i need to get a video” 

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: “You better not barf on me or i will leave you in the back yard” 

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: “oh my gawd girl, come on let take take your drunk ass home, and you better not throw up on my shoes” 

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: “o-ok p-please d-don’t t-try to make c-cookie it is 3 in t-the morning” 

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: “do you need help?…”

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: “well, you have giving into the sin of gluttony, and you are going to have a massive hangover as well” 

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p Spain: “come on you drunk” *put them over his shoulder and puts them in bed* 

2p! Canada Drunk text messages  to the other 2p!

Allen D, Jones/ 2p America: alllen, i know yonur  the one who put took away my hunting supeplies i ened to do this catlled called eatzing

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France:you son of aa bitch ikt your rfault im liek this, was vi not a good enogth sonn you son of bitoch  

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: ai think your the mfom

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: hofw aer ydou so xsmart oxr ddid ybou sjell your soel to ryazard 

Yang Wang / 2p china: is yuo hlat like a potral of soem shit y u

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: syta awuay from pmy rbothers butt!!!

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: anmgrey midget yman with a knife…hahha thact is yyou s

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: i thdink you are the evil brothker

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: don’t be sad yxou are my friend z

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: tentacle porn manp!!!

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria:Regna terrae, cantate Deo, psallite Dominoqui fertis ascendit* super caelum
caeli ad Orientem
Ecce dabit voci suae  vocem virtutis,
tribuite virtutem deo. *

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p spain :hyou hpave a regally creepy face u