go home roger!!

I’m learning to love
the way my name
sounds dripping from
foreign mouths.
I want someone to
look at me the way
I look out over the
mountains, touch me
like my hands glide
over the plants as I
walk, loving
as in a dream.
I want
soft kisses from small
lips, children with
hearts big enough to
fit the whole world,
and smiles the size
of the burning sun
when I speak to them
in their mother tongue.
I want
my chest to ache
with this much joy
every time I wake up.
I want
this, this, this.
I am beginning to think
I’m not traveling, but
already home.
—  Costa Rica by Auriel Haack

no matter how many times i rewatch Captain America: The First Avenger, it always still such a fucking treat to see when Peggy socks that asshole in the face, and Steve has to hid his laugh. And then when Steve just owns the rest and gets that flag and Peggy is laughing and oh man I just love these two so much