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“Then the realization that so much had happened after that meeting made her feel incredibly lucky suddenly. It was so easy for a man and woman to find each other, to find someone who would do, but for her to have found Carol– […].”
Patricia Highsmith, The Price of Salt

Please, Wake Up

Y/N waved at the nurses as she shouldered her bag, finished with another shift at the hospital.

She enjoyed what she did, reading to the younger children, and occasionally visiting the patients her age, but at times, it could be exhausting.

Today was one of those days, where her body and heart felt drained of everything, seeing the small children having to suffer.

But she was able to bring them a small piece of joy once in a while with reading stories, and that would have to do.

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Unusual Series – Pt.2

Tittle: We Meet Again

Pairings: Dean x OFC

Characters: Dean Winchester, Katherine Pierce, Sam Winchester

Summary: The Winchesters found her in Crowley’s supernatural prison guarded by a dozen of demons. Keeping her as leverage without even knowing she’s the big key everyone is looking for. This story takes place on season 6.

Parts:  00, 01,

Words: 2600+

Warnings: Loads of sass.

A/N: Just a lil late night update♥ Thanks for the love on previous parts and Behind The Story which is going to be a “irl series” combined with this story since the actress!reader character is Katherine. Hoping you guys like this one. Thanks to @the-mrs-deanwinchester and @poemwriter98 for beta it! 

Please let me know what y’all think?

*Italics are her mothers words in her mind*


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You’ve been pouring shots nonstop for the past three hours when the first of many agonizing pulses hits your brain. Ignoring it, you went back to your job as a bartender and fake laughed with the old drunk across the bar. Over the years, working as a barman had turned into the only thing you enjoyed, aside from food and clothes.

Being on the run made it hard for you to settle, you’ve worked in over a 100 bars during your existence, thanks to the supernatural community. Only the elder ones, the alphas, knew who you were and also knew it was better not to mess with you. But the younger ones were stupid and naïve, and thought you’d roll over and be their personal taxi to Purgatory every time your paths crossed, when usually those meetings ended in a blood bath.

You were walking towards the cash register when suddenly another agonizing pulse pierced into your brain.

Richard, the owner of this bar noticed your condition and reached you instantly, “Kat, are you okay?”

Looking up nodding and faking a smile, you reply, “I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine,” he says with a scowl, “You should take the rest of the night off.”

The piercing intolerant pain struck again, you tried to contain it the best you could, but Richard noticed it. He walked you to his office and shut the door behind him.

“Should I call an ambulance? You look awful, Kat.”

“No.  Y-You’re right,” you say nodding, “I should go home.”

Richard nodded, “Let me call you a cab.”

You shook your head, “No – I bet there’s some cabs outside anyway.”

“Kat, I am calling you a goddamn cab, wait here.” Richard demanded, while he stood up and grabbed his phone.

The pulses kept coming harder and harder as every second went by. You needed to be alone to have the channel to your mother open. By the time you finally got to your motel room, you dropped to the floor with the last pulse, before you turned the channel on.

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You and Richard had just had one of the worst fights since you two got married. To make matters worse, you are 7 months pregnant with your first child. The stress of everything that had been going on had finally gotten the best of you and you lost it at Richard. If it wasn’t the nursery not being done yet, or that multiple paparazzi’s had found your home and always swarmed around to get a better picture, it was that Richard was gone far too often and there was a chance he would miss the birth. You had stormed out in a rage, car keys in hand, and drove off. He didn’t even try to chase you down.

Eventually, out in the middle of nowhere, you ran out of gas. You were still angrier than hell at Richard but at that moment you just needed to get somewhere safe and soon. You soon realized that in your haste to leave, you forgot your phone and your car was still the same car you got for your 16th birthday, so it was outdated in the technological sense. You let yourself cry for a bit at just how stupid both of you two had been acting and soon decided you needed to get to a phone so you could let Richard know you were okay. You grabbed the keys out of the ignition and made sure anything valuable you had on you or in your purse as you began walking towards some lights off in the distance.

A short while later you reached the lights, which turned out to belong to a convenience store. As you stepped inside you were hit with the stench of rotten eggs, it almost made you throw up right there. The store clerk stood, staring at you as you wandered around, trying to decide what you were going to say to Richard. As you glanced up, you noticed yourself in the round mirror that hung by the cash register. At this sight you began to laugh, your hair was disheveled and your clothes screamed ‘I’m angry, pregnant and exhausted’ and of course this only earned another glance from the clerk. After going over your speech in your head, you walked up to the clerk and asked him if there was a phone she could borrow, and that your car was down the road a ways, empty of all fuel. The clerk debated for a few seconds, then handed you the phone. You dialed Richards numbered and prayed he would pick up. No such luck and you had to leave a message.

“Richard, honey, please pick up the phone. I out in in a little store just off of-“ you looked around and saw that you were on highway 24- “highway 24. The car ran out of gas and I wanted to make sure you knew I was safe. Please forgive me.”

You hung up the phone and dialed your home phone. It might be 2015 but you weren’t going to live off a cell phone like most other people. You had to leave the same message there. The clerk had been giving you the creeps since you walked in and it got to the point where you weren’t sure if he was being friendly or if he was hitting on you but regardless, you had enough of it. You bought yourself some water and headed back to your car but soon after you had left the store it became dark.

The dark became illuminated by headlights heading the same direction you were. You walked slower and closer to the side, waiting for the car to pass but it never did. Once you got near your car again you scrambled to find your keys, and unlocked the doors so you could jump in and re-lock the doors before the driver of the other vehicle could get to you. Thankfully, as you got inside, the car sped off. You were sounded by deafening silence, and for those few moments you realized just how much you are going to miss this once your little bundle was born. Tears began falling but you didn’t care, only wished for Richard to be there to hold you.

You were so caught up with your thoughts that you hadn’t noticed the car that pulled up right behind yours and that a figure walking your way. Fear spread through your body like wildfire, willing to do whatever it was to protect your unborn child. The figures face was lit up as it turned to face you.

It was Richard.

You quickly unlocked the doors and he wrapped his arms around you as you sobbed uncontrollably into his jacket. “Love, its okay, I’m here now.” Once your tears were under control Richard let go of you and walked back to his car, grabbed two gas cans and walked back. After both containers were emptied, both cars were started up and you were on your way back home.

When you woke in the morning you noticed that the nursery had paint cans sitting on the floor and the crib you two had picked out was assembled. He had really listened to you this time and for the first time in a long time, you didn’t feel stressed. Just then Richard came into the nursery and wrapped his arms around your waist, and began to sway back and forth. “ You know, you weren’t wrong about a lot of the things you brought up last night. I haven’t been there for you as much as I should be. To be honest, I’m scared

to death that I won’t be able to be there when the baby is born.”

“Oh Richard, we will be fine, stressed but fine. And our baby will be the luckiest child in the world just because they can feel the love emanating from you.” You grabbed Richards face and kissed him as passionately as you could in just a few seconds. Your hands locked together as you admired the room and what it stood for. It wasn’t just a nursery. It was the place your child was going to grow up. It was the place they were going to call home.