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How the Seasonelle boys react to MC collapsing from being overworked ~ OTBS Request

I didn’t realise it, but I received this request from four lovely anon’s! How the Seasonelle boys react when MC is overworked and ends up fainting/collapsing…

Time for some fluff with the Seasonelle team!


Minato - It was no secret that Seasonelle was Shiki publishing’s busiest department. While it was deemed a great honour to be selected for Seasonelle’s department, it wasn’t without it’s hard work.
With a highly anticipated article being left to you, you had been pulling a lot of overtime at the office to perfect it.
Even though Minato respected the effort you were putting into your work; he couldn’t help but feel somewhat concerned about how much you were pushing yourself.
After pulling a second all nighter within a few days; you were finally getting a little rest as the sun began to shine into Seasonelle’s offices.
As Minato walked into the office to find you sleeping at your desk, he couldn’t help but think you would be aching from the uncomfortable position as he approached you.
Having come in early, Minato gently knelt down by your desk and for a few moments, watched you sleep.
As you began to stir, you smiled softly as you made out Minato’s face.
‘Mm…Morning,’ you sighed, stretching your aching muscles as Minato brushed a hand through your hair.
It’s okay…I came in early. No one else is here yet,’ Minato responded calmly, though he couldn’t help but feel a twinge of concern as he took in your pale features.
‘How much have you slept?’
‘Mm…a couple of hours…not much.’
Though it was clear that Minato wanted to say more; Akiyoshi arrived at the office before your boyfriend could express his thoughts.
Settling for a subtle pat on the head as he set down a bag beside you, you realised that he had brought you some breakfast.
After reviewing your article later that morning, you were overwhelmed with happiness at the praise you received from Akiyoshi.
‘This is excellent,’ Akiyoshi beamed.
‘Thank you Chief!’ you responded brightly, feeling your shoulders slump as you realised just how tense you must have been up until that point.
After pointing out a couple of minor adjustments to be made, Akiyoshi encouraged you to take the rest of the day off and catch up on some sleep.
Thanking him; you had headed back to your desk with the amendments, quickly altering what was suggested and sending it to print.
‘Going home?’ Shusei asked with a smile.
‘Yeah,’ you responded, pushing a hand through your hair as you reached for your handbag.
‘That was some compliment the Chief gave you,’ Tsumugu remarked, appearing from behind you.
‘Tsum-Tsum’s right. It’s been a long time since I heard the growler praise an article like that,’ Shusei agreed.
While you did feel proud of your achievement, you couldn’t shake the unease that seemed to wash over you.
Trying to reassure yourself that you would be fine once you rested up a little; you gathered your belongings just as your email pinged.
Though as you became aware of Akiyoshi’s voice calling your name, you felt as though your vision was becoming hazy as you tried to straighten up.
Shaking your head slightly as you tried to make sense of who was talking to you, Minato paled as you staggered slightly, getting to his feet just as your legs gave way.
Lurching forwards, Minato managed to catch you just before you could hit your head on your desk as you collapsed in his arms.
You weren’t sure how long you were out for. You were vaguely aware of Minato’s voice calling your name. But it seemed to be so distant.
As you gradually drew back into consciousness, your eyes opened weakly to find the hazy faces of the Seasonelle team around you.
‘She’s coming around…’
‘Kaoru, get her some water,’
‘Yes Chief.’
Becoming aware of the footsteps around you, you guessed it must have been Kaoru as you realised that you weren’t hurting anywhere. That was when you heard Minato’s voice again.
Trying to sit up as your vision cleared, Minato gently supported you, urging you not to push yourself as he and Shusei helped you to sit on a nearby chair.
‘Are you alright?’
‘I’m okay…I don’t know what happened…My vision just started to black out all of a sudden…’
‘You’ve overworked yourself,’ Minato remarked in concern, not moving from his spot before you, his hands on yours as you looked up to the worried expressions of your colleagues.
‘I’m okay, really. I just need a moment…’
‘Chief, I want to take her home,’ Minato cut in as Kaoru handed you a glass of water, ensuring that you had the strength to hold it before stepping back.
‘Take one of the company cars,’ Akiyoshi agreed. ‘Make sure she gets home safely.’
‘I’m sorry Chief…I don’t want to inconvenience anyone…’
‘You’re not an inconvenience. I think we can all attest to being protective of you’ Akiyoshi responded, as the others voiced their agreement.
While you still felt a little uneasy as you tried to stand, you were grateful for Minato’s support as he kept an arm around your waist. Although he insisted that he just didn’t want you hitting your head if you collapsed again, you knew how much he must have been worried about you.
Once you were out of the office and in the company carpark, Minato didn’t hesitate to take you into his arms.
‘I’ll take care of you when I get home tonight…so don’t go scaring me like that again…okay?’
Gripping onto him tightly, you nodded as you buried your head in your boyfriends chest, feeling safe as he held you close.
True to his word; Minato was very attentive of you that day and for several days after, even though you insisted you were fine. Though deep down, it warmed your heart.

Shusei - Handing some archive files to Kaoru as you walked briskly into the office, you had hardly a chance to say hello to the others before you were due to go and conduct another interview.
Life was busy as ever at Seasonelle and with a few new features being added to the magazine, everyone was busy on assignment.
Though that never stopped Shusei from making little gestures here and there. He never let you go a single day without expressing his love for you, even at work. Though of course; with your relationship still a secret, Shusei had to be creative in his displays of affection.
Passing Shusei in the hallway as he headed back to Seasonelle, he offered you his ever-dazzling smile as he adjusted his tie slightly.
‘Yep. I’m hoping I’ll be back at the office by six,’ you responded, your voice giving away some of your tiredness as Shusei seemed to remember something.
‘Oh! Could I ask you to drop this file into the photographers department for them to review?’ he asked.
‘Sure,’ you nodded, taking the offered file and placing it on top of your notes.
‘Thanks! Well try not to push yourself, okay?’ he responded, offering you a final kind smile as he carried on down the corridor.
Glancing down at the file, that was when you saw the sticky note attached to the top, wishing you a good afternoon and reminding you to take care of yourself.
Looking over your shoulder, you found Shusei glancing back at you, a warm smile on his face as you smiled back.
It was moments like that which always reminded you how lucky you were.
Reminding yourself that that you still had an interview to do, you quickly pulled yourself together as you hid the note amongst your work and headed out.
After getting back later than expected, you let out a small sigh as you entered the Seasonelle office.
It had been a busy few days at the office and you couldn’t help but feel that all the overtime was starting to take its toll.
As you looked at another busy night, you couldn’t help but wish that Shusei was there as you sat down wearily at your desk.
Booting up your laptop, you set to work, trying to keep your usual positive attitude in check as you worked hard on your article.
Hearing your name, you looked up in surprise to see Akiyoshi leaving his office.
‘I didn’t think anyone else was still here,’ he remarked.
'Yeah; my interview ran on longer than I expected, but I got some great material. So I wanted to make a start on it tonight.’
'You’re always working so hard,’ Akiyoshi returned with a light smile.
‘Thanks Chief, I’ll see you in the morning.’
‘See you,’ he smiled, leaving you in the office with a renewed sense of determination as you set back on your article.
Before you knew it, hours had passed and as you felt yourself getting a slight headache, you suddenly wondered when the last time was that you’d had a drink.
With your head pounding, almost in response to your own question, you decided that you needed to take a break and got up to go and make a drink.
Though as you started to cross the room, you felt as though your head was starting to spin as you gripped onto the edge of Chiaki’s desk for support.
After taking a moment to steady yourself, you realised that your temperature seemed to be rising as you took a deep breath.
Trying again to get to the break room in order to get a glass of water or something, anything, you felt as though all strength left your legs as you slumped down onto the floor, hearing someone calling your name as everything went dark.
As you began to come around; you were aware of a pleasantly cool breeze touching your cheeks.
Opening your eyes weakly, you were aware that you were leaning against something warm and soft.
Hearing your name again, you managed to look up to see Shusei looking at you, his face stricken with worry.
‘Shu-sei…’ you murmured.
‘Hey, you’re awake…I was so worried,’ Shusei remarked, exhaling a sigh as he held you gently against his chest.
‘I brought you up to the roof…you felt as though you were burning up,’ Shusei explained as you realised that he was still in his work suit.
‘I thought you’d gone home…’
‘No, I was out at a last minute interview. I knew you weren’t home either because you would have text me. When I got back to the office and saw you collapse, I…’
Trailing off, Shusei fell silent for a few moments and simply hugged you a little tighter, making you feel guilty as he encouraged you to take a drink of the water he had brought you.
‘I’m sorry Shusei…’
‘Huh? Why are you saying sorry?’
‘Because you’re always telling me not to overdo it and push myself too hard and that’s exactly what I did. Because of that I worried you…I can’t even imagine how I would feel if I saw you collapse…I’m really sorry.’
Feeling a little tearful, you tried to blink back the tears as Shusei turned you to face him and lightly kissed away your tears.
‘You have nothing to apologise for. Of course I was worried…but you’re okay. That’s all that matters,’ he responded with a kind smile, leaning his forehead against yours.
‘I was just glad I was the only one in. I think I’d have made our relationship a dead giveaway if anyone else was there,’ he added, making you giggle softly.
‘I’m so grateful you were here Shusei…’
‘I love you,’ he murmured, kissing you softly as you leaned on him.
‘I love you too…’
Insisting on taking you home, Shusei made sure to take care of you and watched over you in work for the next several days. He had been so worried about you that first night; he had hardly slept. But it was worth it to make sure you were okay…

Tsumugu - Taking a sip on a rapidly cooling cup of coffee, you let out a small sigh as you ran a hand down the back of your neck.
You really did feel as though you were aching a lot lately. As you tried to adjust your position, hoping that it might do something to alleviate the pain in your muscles, you scanned over your article.
‘It’s not like you to look so stressed…’
Looking up to see Shusei glancing over to you with a kind smile, you shook your head as you leant back in your chair.
‘I just want to make this article the best it can be. Though I’m pretty sure I’ve seen more of my computer screen lately than anything else.’
‘Yeah I get that, well, I’m sure it’ll be a great article when you’re finished. Just keep doing your best.’
As Shusei went out to take care of something in another department, the office was unusually quiet as you realised that you were just listening to the sound of your fingertips dancing across the keys.
It was only when you saw a figure in your peripheral vision that you suddenly noticed a bottle of strawberry milk being put down by your side.
‘Oh, Tsumugu,’ you remarked, looking up to him with a warm smile as he glanced down at you with kind eyes.
‘I thought you might need a little something to keep you hydrated,’ he remarked gently, also putting a small bag beside it, before looking over at your article.
‘Not bad, you’re really improving with your presentation.’
Though he didn’t say a lot, it was clear from his expression that he was proud of you as he discreetly placed a hand on your shoulder.
Once he had returned to his desk, you opened up the bag he had left you to find some fresh strawberries inside.
Smiling warmly at his thoughtfulness, you had one or two before putting them away for a later break. There was no way you were sharing those strawberries with anyone else…well…except maybe one person.
Though as you looked over to Tsumugu’s desk, you were all but certain that he was blushing as he glanced back to his screen.
Giggling at his awkward nature, you suddenly felt a little more energised as you went back to work.
As the day wore into the evening; you were close to finishing up your article, having gotten the thumbs up from Akiyoshi.
Having been asked to add a little more detail on a particular case that was relevant to your article, Akiyoshi had told you that their would be files on it in the archives if you needed them.
Though when the others left work to head to Jinbuono, you had decided to decline the offer to join them for drinks.
‘You sure?’ Kaoru asked in surprise.
‘Yeah, I really want to get this article finished, besides, I’m pretty tired, so I’ll probably just get an early night when I’m finished up here.’
‘It’s a shame that you won’t be joining us,’ Chiaki remarked.
‘You’ll definitely have to come along next time! No exceptions! As your boss I will insist you take some time out,’ Akiyoshi added with a grin.
‘Okay! Okay, I promise,’ you laughed, holding your hands up as they finally turned to Tsumugu.
‘Tsumie! You coming with us?’ Minato grinned.
‘No thank you. I also have some work that I want to catch up on. If I finish up soon, I’ll catch up with you,’ Tsumugu responded, though you knew all too well that if you weren’t there, Tsumugu certainly wouldn’t go.
After a little more banter between the guys, they all finally headed out, leaving you both alone in the office.
‘Finally…nice to have a bit of peace an’ quiet around here ain’t it?’ Tsumugu remarked with a sigh as you were both finally left alone, allowing his natural Kansai accent to come through.
‘It is,’ you agreed. ‘Though I have to admit, I find it a bit eerie in here if I’m by myself after hours…I’m glad you’re here with me,’ you smiled, seeing Tsumugu blush as he averted his gaze.
‘Talkin’ like that in the office…awfully bold…what am I s’posed to do bout that now?’
Deciding to go and get the files you needed from the archives, you asked Tsumugu if he wanted anything from the vending machines.
‘Well…if yer offerin’ I wouldn’t say no to some strawberry milk,’ he grinned.
Shaking your head as you got up to head out of Seasonelle, you suddenly went a little dizzy, bracing yourself against the desk as Tsumugu looked up in concern.
‘You okay?’
‘Yeah, I’m fine. I just stood up too fast,’ you responded, trying to shrug it off as you headed out of the office, not wanting to worry your boyfriend.
Thinking that you’d been feeling a little off-colour during the past few hours, you wondered if perhaps you had been working too hard lately.
Though as you assured yourself that you would take it easy once this article was finished, you went into the archives to find the papers you needed.
Realising the box you wanted was on a high shelf, you reached up for it, though the motion sent you dizzy again.
Staggering backwards as you tried to steady yourself, the dizziness didn’t pass as you almost fell into the next shelf.
You vaguely remembered hearing a crash and feeling a pain in your ankle, just as everything went black.
‘…wake up…come on…why you always gotta be so difficult about leanin’ on people, huh?’
‘…please, wake up…’
As your eyes began to open weakly, you could make out the sheer relief in Tsumugu’s expression as he held you in his arms.
‘Hey, there ya go, c’mon now, keep those eyes open for me. How do ya feel?’
‘Um…a little fuzzy. I went really dizzy when I was reaching for some files and I must have just passed out here…’
‘I got worried when you’d been gone for so long. Took years off my life today findin’ ya unconscious like that…’
Feeling the warmth of his fingertips as he brushed your hair aside, you offered him a weak smile as you tried to insist you were okay.
‘Yer not okay! You’re anythin’ but freakin’ okay!’ Tsumugu insisted, raising his voice as he realised himself just how much it had scared him to see you that way.
‘I’m sorry Tsumugu…’ you responded, dropping your gaze as your voice became meek.
‘Don’t be sayin’ sorry like that…I’m not mad at you…I’m mad at myself for not realisin’ that you weren’t okay.’
‘Yeah but after everything that happened with Sazuku…I should have taken better care of myself…I love you Tsumugu,’ you breathed, wrapping your arms around him as he held you close.
While he would never have admitted it, Tsumugu couldn’t hide the fact that he was feeling emotional at your words.
You were the most precious person in the world to him.
He couldn’t even begin to express how important you were to him, even as he picked you up in his arms and held you close, much to your surprise.
‘It’s late…no one’s gonna see us and I couldn’t care if they did. You’re my girl an’ I’m gonna take care of you.’
How could you argue with that when he was being so loving?
Taking you home, Tsumugu had done everything he could think of to help you relax.
By the time you had settled in bed, you felt as though you would drift off instantly in the warmth of Tsumugu’s arms.
‘Thank you…’ you breathed softly, nestling your head against his chest and missing the blush on his face.

Kaoru - ‘Tomorrow afternoon? Yes, that’s fine,’ you remarked, making notes as you talked with an author that you were doing a piece on.
Hanging up the phone after a few more minutes, you were compiling notes while making another few phone calls as the other Seasonelle members took note of how hard you were working.
‘Geez…when she starts she’s like an unstoppable force,’ Minato remarked, clearly impressed.
‘Well everyone who gets hired for Seasonelle is gifted as a writer and editor. It makes sense that we all have our strengths,’ Shusei responded with a smile.
‘That’s true. You never know, maybe she’ll set an example to the rest of you,’ Akiyoshi growled, sending your colleagues scurrying back to their desks.
Upon getting up to head out for another interview, Kaoru just caught you as you were leaving the office.
‘Have you taken a break today?’ he asked, looking a little concerned at your pale features.
‘Um…not yet this afternoon. I’ll take one as soon as I get back though,’ you assured him, offering him a kind smile, though it did little to appease your boyfriend as you rushed out of Shiki to your interview.
Kaoru knew that you were a tough woman, but he couldn’t help his worries. You had been putting in a lot of overtime recently and seemed to be getting less sleep when you were actually at home.
He knew you wanted to impress with your newest article and you would always give it your all, but Kaoru still wanted you to take care of yourself.
While your interview went well; you had started to feel a little lethargic towards the end, though you thankfully masked it well.
Getting back a little later, you passed Chiaki in the corridor, though you were distracted from your notes as you looked up to him.
‘Is something the matter?’
‘Are you feeling alright? You look a little pale,’ Chiaki remarked, showing some signs of concern as you shook your head.
‘I’m fine, I’ve just hardly stopped today. I’ll be alright,’ you responded, though as you continued back into the office, you missed the unease in Chiaki’s expression.
‘You’ve got a call waiting,’ Shusei remarked as you headed back into Seasonelle.
‘Oh! Thank you,’ you responded, taking the phone from his hand and dealing with the caller as you handed a draft to Akiyoshi.
‘Yes, yes okay, thank you for calling,’ you remarked, putting the phone down and turning around to Minato’s voice.
‘Hey, I got those files you were asking for.’
‘Thank you,’ you smiled appreciatively, though as you took the files he was handing to you, you couldn’t help but be aware of the light-headedness that came over you.
Returning to your desk to put everything down, you began to think that perhaps you should take a break as you looked over to Kaoru’s desk.
Thinking perhaps he was up on the roof taking a break himself; you were overwhelmed with light-headedness and a sense of a dread.
You needed to sit down in the fresh air and you needed it now.
Heading straight for the exit to the office, you could hear your name being called, but as you caught sight of Kaoru, your vision began to blur as you struggled to put one foot in front of the other.
Seeing how ghostly white you were, Kaoru knew in an instant that something was very wrong.
Though as he called out to you; you were already falling, losing consciousness as Kaoru managed to break your fall.
It was as though everything had stopped in that moment.
Kaoru didn’t care if it exposed your relationship, he wasn’t going to let you go. He’d been so worried that you were overworked and his fears had been confirmed.
‘You’re okay,’ Kaoru remarked, though his voice was strained as he gently lifted you up in his arms as Minato fetched you a chair while Shusei got you some water and Akiyoshi spoke to you.
‘You didn’t say you were feeling unwell…’ Akiyoshi remarked in concern.
‘I thought I was alright…I thought I just needed some fresh air…’ you breathed, though you still seemed a little unsteady as Kaoru carefully set you down.
Taking a sip of the water that Shusei brought you, you took a few deep breaths as you realised just how poorly you had been taking care of yourself.
‘Maybe you should take the rest of the afternoon off and go rest? Your article is fine, it just needs a couple of alterations which can be taken care of tomorrow. You’re still well ahead of your deadline.’
‘But I-’
‘I’ll see her home safely. I don’t want her to go alone,’ Kaoru spoke up, surprising you as you glanced to him. Though his eyes were unwavering as his hand lightly gripped your arm in a comforting manner.
‘That might be for the best. I’d be worried about letting you go alone in case you feel faint again. One of us should be there,’ Shusei agreed.
‘Then it settles it. So don’t worry. Just focus on getting better so that you can come back tomorrow. After all, what would we do without our sole female editor? Kaoru, I’ll leave it to you to see her home.’
Smiling softly at Akiyoshi’s kind words, Kaoru escorted you from the office once you felt able to leave, his arm never leaving your waist as if he was afraid that you might pass out again.
Once you were in the elevator, alone, Kaoru wasted no time in embracing you. You could hear his heart racing as he embraced you tightly.
‘Don’t push yourself so hard…don’t…’
‘I’m sorry Kaoru…’
‘I love you. So please, take care of yourself…’
Kaoru wasn’t a man of many words, but you knew just how he felt as he held you close to him.
‘I promise…’
Kaoru didn’t return to work again that day either, but somehow, no one ever questioned it. You never did know completely if the others found out about your relationship that day, but you suspected…

Akiyoshi - Ever since you had joined Seasonelle, life had felt like something of a whirlwind. You had a great boyfriend who was also your boss, wonderful colleagues that you were proud to call your friends and a successful career.
But with all that, there were bound to be some hardships.
Working in Seasonelle, it was wonderful to be part of such an elite department, but at the same time, the pressure was much higher than in the other departments of Shiki publishing.
Currently, Seasonelle was at the top of it’s game in terms of it’s articles, but naturally, that just set the bar even higher for it’s editors.
Working hard on your current article, it had been your first article alone for a while and you had been more determined than usual to display the skills you had learned over the past few weeks and months.
With that; you had been putting in even more overtime than usual, though it was clear to see just how hard you were working.
As Akiyoshi watched you typing away early one evening, he couldn’t help but offer a gentle smile, not as your boss, but as your boyfriend.
It was hard not to see what everyone saw in you. Though you were naturally oblivious to the advances of your colleagues, Akiyoshi knew only too well just how much you were admired. Any one of them would have taken you on a date if they thought you’d believe them.
‘Hey, we’re going to Jinbuono, do you wanna come?’ Minato asked, walking into the office with Shusei, Kaoru and Chiaki close behind.
‘I think I’m going to hang back and get some more work done, but I’ll come along next time, I promise,’ you remarked, looking up from your laptop.
‘Shame…it’s never as fun without the flower of Seasonelle,’ Shusei responded.
‘Agreed,’ Chiaki chimed in.
‘What about you Chief? Are you going to join us?’
‘I’ve got another meeting yet and some paperwork to finish off, so I’ll have to give it a miss,’ Akiyoshi returned.
‘Shame, Bianchi’s gonna be missing you tonight,’ Minato grinned.
‘Do you all want some extra work that badly?’ Akiyoshi teased with a wry smile as the others quickly darted from the office, making you giggle.
‘You shouldn’t tease them like that…’
‘It’s not as though they don’t ask for it,’ Akiyoshi grinned, ‘anyway, are you sure you don’t want to join them? You’ve been working so many hours lately…even at home.’
‘Oh, you noticed, huh?’ you responded, a slight blush playing on your cheeks.
‘Of course I have.’
‘I just want this article to be a hit, that’s all.’
‘Hm,’ he murmured, approaching you after gathering the files he needed.
'Actually, if you’re not in a hurry could you give my draft a cursory glance?’
'Sure,’ he nodded, going back into boss mode as he looked over your shoulder and gave it a read-through.
‘That’s excellent. Keep up at that pace and you’ll definitely be ready to send that to print with only a few adjustments,’ Akiyoshi remarked confidently.
It was always a proud moment to receive such praise from the Growler, though as you turned back to the screen, you became increasingly aware of a head-ache.
As Akiyoshi gave you a quick kiss and headed out for his meeting, you took a couple of painkillers before getting back to work.
It wasn’t until much later when Akiyoshi had returned and was doing some paperwork in his office that you began to feel worse in yourself.
Thinking you had perhaps pushed yourself too much, you decided to shut off your computer for the night.
Leaning back in your chair as you tried to gather yourself, you thought to go and see if Akiyoshi was finished with work so you could head home together.
Though as you walked towards his office, you were feeling increasingly uneasy.
Knocking on his door lightly and opening it, Akiyoshi glanced up to you, a warm smile touching his lips.
‘Everything okay?’
‘I was just wondering if you were about ready to…um…to…’
Bracing yourself on the edge of the door, you could feel your vision blacking out as Akiyoshi stood from his desk.
‘Are you okay?!’
Slumping forwards, Akiyoshi quickly caught you in his arms before you could fall. Feeling your full weight against him, Akiyoshi knew you had lost consciousness as he gently supported you to the floor, holding you in his arms.
Starting to come around; you found Akiyoshi’s face close to yours, his eyes reflecting his worries and the sheer relief to see you looking up at him.
‘Are you okay? How do you feel?’
‘Mm…a little light-headed, but otherwise, okay…’
As he pressed a kiss to your hairline, Akiyoshi looked over you with concern shining in his eyes.
‘Why didn’t you tell me you were feeling so overworked…’
‘I thought I was okay…’ you responded, though as you went to sit up, Akiyoshi pulled you to his chest.
‘You scared me half to death when you walked in looking so pale…I thought you were going to have to go to hospital…’
‘I’m alright, honestly…’
‘No, this is not okay. You pushed yourself too hard and as your boss I should have been encouraging you to rest more. As your fiancé…’
‘Aki…’ you uttered softly, interrupting him as you looked up into his conflicted gaze.
‘This is my fault…I did too much…I know that now.’
Helping you to stand, Akiyoshi kept his arms around you as he gently leant his forehead against yours.
‘We’re going home…’
‘Okay…’ you agreed, leaning your head against his chest as he willingly obliged in his embrace.
After insisting on getting a taxi from Shiki publishing, you didn’t have much room to argue given your recent collapse. But you had to admit, you were still feeling a little fragile.
By the time you got in the back of the taxi together, you realised just how grateful you were not to have to walk to the train station and then home.
Cuddling up close to Akiyoshi, you felt comforted by his familiar warmth as you soon drifted off into a much needed sleep.
By the time you had started to stir; you found yourself in the familiar surroundings of Akiyoshi’s room.
‘Shh…we’re home now, you can go back to sleep,’ he murmured, kissing your forehead.
Finding yourself wrapped up in Akiyoshi’s arms, you soon settled against his chest as you fell asleep once more.

Chiaki - Ever since you had started dating Chiaki, it was safe to say that he was incredibly protective of you.
Even when you were both busy on separate articles, he always seemed to be watching over you.
So lately; when things had been particularly busy at the office; it concerned him to see you looking so tired.
Thanks to an article that had been giving you some trouble, you felt as though you had been doing endless rewrites and amendments, resulting in a lot of overtime.
While Chiaki was doing his best to be supportive; he could tell that you were shouldering a lot of stress by yourself, though of course, you would rarely admit to it.
As you came bustling into the office, clearly juggling several things at once, you handed Shusei some files he had asked you to collect, while also passing on a message to Akiyoshi before finally sitting down at your desk for a few minutes.
With another interview to conduct in the next hour, Chiaki knew that you didn’t have a lot of time before you would have to leave again, meaning no time for yourself, let alone a break.  
Though before Chiaki could get up to come and speak to you, he was distracted by Akiyoshi, who wanted to discuss Chiaki’s latest piece.
After ten minutes or so, Chiaki was still engaged in conversation with Akiyoshi as you were leaving.
As your eyes met in a brief glance, you gave him a gentle smile before returning to your memo’s as you left the office.
Feeling grateful to be out of Shiki for a little while; you found the fresh air comforting. You couldn’t pinpoint what was off, but you hadn’t been feeling that well for the past couple of days.
Putting it down to the stress of the article, you were trying to keep your spirits up as you went to meet your next interviewee.
Hoping that this interview might help you to give a more in-depth insight into the article you were writing, you were not disappointed by the results.
At last; you seemed to be getting somewhere.
By the time you were headed back to Shiki, the sun was already setting over Tokyo. Breathing a sigh as you looked down at the pages of notes you had taken, you were feeling a lot more optimistic about your new material, but you still couldn’t shake the dizzy spells you kept getting.
Making a mental note to take a couple of personal days soon; you began to debate a long weekend somewhere with Chiaki. Just the thought was enough to make you smile a little as you walked back into Shiki.
Catching Minato as he was leaving, you smiled at him in greeting, though stopped in puzzlement at the way he seemed to scrutinise you.
‘You okay? You look pretty tired…’
‘It’s just been a busy day. I’ll be fine once I’ve gotten this article done and can get a good night’s sleep,’ you smiled.
‘Well, don’t overdo it.’
After bidding him goodnight; you couldn’t help but feel envious that Minato was heading home as you went up to your usual floor, with your thoughts wandering to Chiaki.
Finding him still in the office, you naturally felt a little happier as he looked up to greet you.
‘Hey, how did the interview go?’
‘It went well, I should have everything I need to get the Chief’s approval,’ you responded confidently, though before you could go and sit down, Chiaki stood up and approached you, his hands cupping your face as you started to get flustered.
‘Ch-Chiaki…not in the middle of the office!’
‘You feel hot…’ he murmured, ignoring your fretting, though your reaction to his touch was only serving to make you feel much worse.
‘I-I’m okay…but seriously…’
‘No one’s here. Minato was the last one to leave,’ Chiaki remarked, looking concerned as he took the files from you.
‘Why don’t you sit down and I’ll make you some tea?’
Not allowing you much of a choice in the matter, you finally gave in and sat down obediently as Chiaki finally offered you a smile.
‘I’ll be right back.’
You didn’t know whether it was the fact that you had finally stopped after rushing around so much all day, but the dizzy spells you’d been having seemed to hit you again all at once.
It was much worse than it had been all day and as you tried to steady yourself, you could see your vision blacking out around the edges as you tried to call out for Chiaki.
As you swayed unsteadily, the wheels of the chair moved in the opposite direction, making you fall to the floor.
The next thing you knew, you were looking into Chiaki’s frightened eyes as you leant up against a desk.
‘Thank god,’ he sighed, trailing a shaky hand through your hair.
‘You passed out…I found you unconscious on the floor. I knew you were overworked. I should have made you take some time out sooner.’
‘No…I…I pushed myself too hard.’
Chiaki felt so shaken seeing you this way. He had never seen you look so pale before.
‘I need to call the Chief. I told him you’d fainted and he was on his way back to the office. I’m going to take you home…’
‘Chiaki…don’t…’ you began, reaching out for him as he took your hand in his.
‘I’m not going anywhere, I promise,’ he assured you, taking out his cell and making the call before turning back to you.
As you began to feel a little better, Chiaki quickly made his call before turning back to you.
‘I told the Chief I’d get you home. He told me that you’re to take tomorrow off.’
‘Okay…’ you responded, finally giving in to the fact that you needed to rest up as Chiaki gently helped you to your feet.
Getting a taxi home, you had begun to apologise on the way home when Chiaki cut you off with a hug.
‘I’m just glad you’re okay. That’s all that matters to me right now. You’re…you’re too precious to me.’
‘I love you Chiaki,’ you whispered, leaning against his shoulder as Chiaki gently rubbed his hand up and down your back.
‘I love you too…’ he breathed, feeling so grateful that you were okay.
Chiaki took care of you that night and throughout the next day, vowing to himself that he would never allow you to overwork yourself like that again.

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                      Maggie Wedding Invitation Suite Printable

While letterpress wedding invitations and hand-lettered save-the-date cards are undeniably elegant, expensive invitation suites can quickly eat up the bulk of your wedding budget. Instead, tech-savvy couples are embracing the semi-DIY route by printing their own wedding invitations at home. That’s right. At home.

Some of our favorite paper companies and independent designers have begun making printable wedding invites available online. For a fraction of the cost, couples can customize their own wedding invitation, or alter a pre-designed temple, and then purchase a downloadable PDF, which they can then decide to print at home or hand off to a trusted print shop.

We talked to Mickenzie of the Etsy shop, Yellow Brick Graphics for some tips on how to have an enjoyable print-at-home experience. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to print your wedding invitations at home, plus invaluable tips and tricks for how to make your at-home invites look amazing!

              Rustic Floral Cottage Printable Wedding Invitation

Pick a Wedding Style

First things first: Decide on a wedding style. Talk to your fiancé about what colors you would like as well as any theme you want to follow. Your invitations will give your guests a glimpse of what your wedding day is going to be like, and should represent you and your fiancé’s vision for that special day.

Define Your Budget

After deciding on a style, set a budget you can work within. Even if you are printing at home, the cost of ink and paper will still set you back a bit, especially if you swing for high-quality paper stock or heavily-saturated inks. 

You should consider things, such as: What size do you want your invitations to be? Are you adding any embellishments to each invitation/set? Are you going to include envelopes and postage for your RSVP cards? Do you want your invitations to be flat or folded? What kind of paper/card stock would you like to print on? Questions like this will help to determine your final cost per invitation.

                         Beach Wedding Invitation Printable

Check Your Calender

Once you decide upon your invitation style, look at your calendar and then double the amount of time you think you will need to get the job done because printing takes longer than most people think. Designing, printing, assembling, addressing, and mailing all take some time. A good rule of thumb is this: If you believe you can complete the task from start to finish in two weeks, give yourself a month. 

Good wedding etiquette is to mail your invitations 6-8 weeks before your wedding date, leaving guests at least a month to reply before your response date, so keep that in mind as well. You should also have about 10% extra supplies like paper, ribbon, ink, envelope, etc on hand for mistakes and re-prints.

                         Vintage D Wedding Invitation Printable

Pick a Printer-Friendly Design

Even though you’re circumventing brick-and-mortar stationers, you still want your wedding invitations to look hot off the professional press.  The trick is to make sure your design has a “bleed”.

The trick to getting the most professional look is having a design that reaches the edge of paper (no white margins),  This effect, called a full-bleed in the printing industry, is achieved by creating a design slightly larger than the final cut size. The extra will be trimmed off and discarded. For a 5"x7" standard invitation, the size will be 5.25" x 7.25" and an eighth of an inch will be cut from each side.

You  should center your designs even on larger stock, just in case. If you are using pre-cut invitation panels, its best to avoid the edge areas entirely and only put text and artwork in the center. Most home printers can’t print all the way to the edge and your design will look cut-off.

                        Storybook Romance Wedding Printable 

Check In With Your Computer

Using your own machines (computer and printer) means making sure that they are working properly and in sync. Anyone who has printed in color at home before knows that things don’t always turn out true to what’s on the screen. Paper type may also affect color.

Computer screens are great, but they don’t always give you a great depiction of what color your printer is going to print. At-home printers tend to print a shade or two darker, while the cost effective web or local printers print a bit lighter. If printing at home, and if it’s really important to get the same color, spend some time talking to your printer. You can often adjust the color balance before printing. 

                  She Stole the Key Wedding Invitation Printable

And Play With Your Printer

As mentioned previously, much of the outcome of your at-home printing process depends on the quality and cooperation of your printer.

First of all, look at your paper stock weight. If you’re planning on using cover stock, especially cover stock that’s heavier than 80lb (it’ll say on your paper package), it’s best to use a printer that has a rear feed. Printers with front feeds have much more trouble feeding thick paper because the paper has to turn and flip over inside the printer.

Thicker papers also require different printers. Inkjet printers tend to be better for printing out designs than laser printers (which often can’t handle the thicker papers and also tend to make your invitations come out strangely shiny as opposed to matte).

If your home printer can print photos, then chances are very good it will be great for printing your invitations. For best results, you’ll want to choose the highest quality settings when you’re printing (in your print dialog box it’ll usually have a ‘standard’ or 'default’ setting, a 'fast’ or 'draft’ setting, and a 'high quality’ or 'photo quality’ setting. Choose the latter.  A final note to brides and grooms-to-be on this: Make sure to print at “actual size,” and not “fit-to-page. Do this and turn off "page scaling” on your printer settings for best results.

                    Carolina Mint Printable Wedding Invitation

*** A very special Thank You to Yellow Brick Graphics for inspiring this blog. You can view their entire line of Printable Wedding Invitations here.

It’s only 4:30pm so obviously I’m still at the school, but I really just want to go home because we did unit planning all day. My team all had subs though and we got to take an actual lunch and went to Olive Garden! I have been in front of a computer for seven hours and currently my unit plan on comparing, adding/subtracting, and multiplying/dividing fractions is 15 pages long. Woah. Thinking I might do some printing, go home and relax/eat, and then finish up my unit and intervention plans. Oh the life of a teacher.

My sub was SUPER impressed when I told her it’s my first year. *self-five* She said my room is amazing, my students knew the routines, and my sub plans were extremely helpful (I even left her some chocolate). That really made me feel good!

Also, I tracked everything I ate at lunch and still have plenty of calories left :) I will workout after dinner I think. I am pretty hungry already! Okay bye.

Birth Announcements have been ordered, along with all the photos from the hospital stay ranging from me laboring and giving birth, to Rylan’s fresh 24, and to us getting ready to go home ♥ Next prints I’ll be having printed will be some maternity photos, Ry’s newborn photos, and all the photos I have taken of him myself. Now all I need to do is go out and find a couple photo albums and then I’ll be ready to add photos to his baby photo albums for the next few years to come (:


WE CAN NEVER GO HOME 1, 2, & 3 reprints. Covers by tylerpatrickboss. Written by ashcanpress. Art by joshuahood. Colors by amandascurti. Letters by jim campbell. Design by bigredrobot.

Out 7/29. Order cutoff 7/6. Order at your local comic shop using the following codes- 

WE CAN NEVER GO HOME #1 (3rd Printing)- MAY158186
WE CAN NEVER GO HOME #2 (2nd Printing)- MAY158184
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