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Which states do you think are really social, or have the social skills of a rock?

Alabama- They aren’t a huge fan of bigger social gatherings, but they do just fine in such situations.
Arizona- feeds off of the energy of others. If people start acting up they go crazy. They shouldn’t be left alone at parties but they enjoy it and can do just fine with making friends.
Arkansas- Nope. Wants to go home. leave them and their squirrel alone.
California- Lives to socialize. Loves people.
Colorado- eh, they’re alright. They have good communication skills.
Connecticut- Gossip™ will start drama, but they don’t have any trouble working their way into social circles.
Delaware- this Nerd Boi ain’t a social person.
Florida- Knows how to party and make friends but please don’t leave them to their own devices. they scare people.
Georgia- Friendly and nice. good at making friends. Very kind… Almost too kind
Hawaii- Social butterfly likes making friends. Good in social situations.
Idaho- will do okay but will eventually become overwhelmed, especially if it’s a big gathering. They do best in smaller groups.
Illinois- isn’t a people person but they do just fine in social situations.
Indiana- Social butterfly and likes people. Isn’t really good at reading the atmosphere tho
Iowa- They do just fine in social situations but they on’t like to be the center of attention and rarely takes initiative 
Kansas- Is outgoing but they’re sensitive plz don’t overwhelm the bab
Kentucky- does best in small groups or with people they already know. has trouble meeting new people.
Louisiana- Social butterfly. Likes people. never shy. Just wants to have fun and make people laugh. Bless.
Maine- no. Just no.
Maryland- see Michigan 
Massachusetts- does fine in social situations and occasionally takes initiative but they enjoy their alone time.
Michigan- Is okay in social situations but they like a little alone time. Average.
Minnesota- Nerd baby. Deserves the best. Gets overwhelmed easily.
Mississippi- Social butterfly just wants to make friends and have fun. Good with people.
Missouri- can’t read the atmosphere. Will do stupid/crazy stuff with no shame. Lots of fun but @ MO please get off the chandelier
Montana- hahaha no. please let them go home. they don’t like people.
Nebraska- Shy kid does best in small groups but even then they prefer to not be the center of attention and never takes initiative.
Nevada- Party boi loves to socialize 
New Jersey- Doesn’t like people and is never shy. Will fight you.
New Mexico- Mom Friend prefers to be in small groups or on their own but do just fine in social situations 
New York- See Illinois 
North Carolina- See Arizona
North Dakota- See Arizona
Ohio- See Masshole 
Oklahoma-Enjoys socializing and is a good communicator 
Oregon- See Nebraska
Pennsylvania- See Masshole
Rhode Island- Outgoing but overzealous 
South Carolina- Not a people person.
South Dakota- Shy and easily overwhelmed. Please be gentle with this bab they deserve the best.
Tennessee- see Texas
Texas- Does great in social situations but they can’t read the atmosphere
Utah- having them around is like having your overzealous parent around. They think they’re great at socializing but oh my gods stop them. Please, no more dad jokes.
Virginia- people person. Likes socializing and has good communication skills
Washington- Outgoing and likes people. good at communicating.
West Virginia- N O P E. They need to stay home.
Wisconsin- Social butterfly unless they are nervous for whatever reason
Wyoming- Nope. please let them go home. they’re scared.

The Definition of School

where students (who need their sleep) are forced to wake up extremely early and go to a place filled with hatred by fellow students and staff members. After attending this hell for 8 hours, they are forced to continue their studies at home and obliterate their social lives, then go to sleep and repeat the process over again.

If they fail to do the previous things properly, students (*cough* slaves) will be failed and will not have a worthy rest of their lives (even though school ruined their lives in the first place).

If students do not go to school, they will be forced to go to court.

If student is on sports team, goes to school everyday, doesn’t get in trouble, but has somewhat poor grades then that student will be kicked off the team and have them suffer from depression.

Since schools know that teens have one of the highest suicide rates and that homework causes severe stress, they will supply non stop essays and projects that are not to be done in class but at home and are due the next day.


Day Number 9,973 of Being Thankful I’m Not A Woman
(Twitter: @mitchberghini)

I think I would be in jail by now.  I don’t have the temperament for this kind of bullshit.  But, then again, had I been forced to deal with it literally every day without a vacation, I might have developed some defense mechanisms against beheading every man in sight.  What’s so hard to understand about a woman’s point of view in these situations?

“You don’t want a pleasant evening chat.”
1) Everyone’s idea of pleasant isn’t the same.
2) A pleasant evening chat with this kind of guy almost always means a precursor to owing that creep some sex at an undetermined point down the line if you’re nice to him, because if you don’t follow through with the sex, then you were leading him on.

“You don’t want a gentleman to walk you to your car.”
Are you wearing a sign that says you’re a gentleman?  How is she supposed to know?  And what if the sign is a lie!  What if you printed up a bunch of them at Kinko’s to help you on your quest for sex?  And why does she need to be walked to her car?  Are her legs broken?  Are you going to carry her?  Do you offer to walk men to their car too?  If she got from the car to point A I’m pretty sure she can get back TO the car from that same point….unless you’re delaying her by trying to have a pleasant evening chat to get some sex.

“You don’t want a friendly dude to help you carry your groceries…”
I live in NYC and I frequently help people carry groceries.  I also help women get their baby-strollers up and down stairs.  And I pick up things for people when they drop them.  Most people actually don’t say no to a stranger who is obviously trying to help in a non-creepy way.

“…or hold open the door…”
Same.  I hold doors if the person behind me is close enough.  If they’re too far away, it’s awkward, because you’re standing there looking like a creep or they have to pick up the pace and scuttle up to the door you’re holding.  If you’re regularly holding doors for people and they give you the stink-eye, you probably look like a rapist and you’re probably giving them creepy vibes because your ulterior motives are wafting off of you like drugstore cologne.

“…or crush the life out of other men who would do you harm.”
I’m betting that the best way to convince a woman that you’re a nice guy isn’t by threatening murder against a stranger.

The world doesn’t owe you a date or a girlfriend or a wife.  One of the problems is being brought up from birth with this idea that the end game is a wedding with lots of guests and then two kids and a dog.  The other problem is being bombarded with images in movies where the schlubby nice guy always gets the supermodel 10 years his junior.  Newsflash:  If you’re an average guy who’s not that bright, not that interesting, and with a very basic social life, Blake Lively is not going home with you for a one night stand or to build a future together.  She’s going for Ryan Reynolds.  And even if she complains that Ryan Reynolds gets on her nerves or they have a fight or maybe he even made her cry one time, he’s still Ryan Reynolds and you’re Joe from the Mail Room. 

Why don’t you try having a conversation with Martha from AT&T Wireless, a normal conversation where you don’t expect anything in return and are capable of reading the signs that say “yes proceed” or “no I’m not interested.”  I guarantee you if you’re not a creep, not a pest, and not generally a thirsty-seeming human being, there is a Martha somewhere who will engage you in conversation so long as you don’t turn into an intense weirdo, don’t send dick pics she didn’t ask for, don’t act like she owes you pussy for saying hi, and don’t act like a stalker.  Try interacting with Martha as you would a human being as opposed to a piece of property that you need to protect or own.  And if you have trouble with that, try having a conversation with Martha that you would have with a man.  If your interaction with a woman you’ve never met just going about her daily business would feel uncomfortable in that same setting with a man instead, then you’re probably going about it the wrong way.  Just a tip.

Following Your Dreams

I think the “follow your dreams” concept we all believe involves a montage-esque decision wherein the protagonist drops everything and runs away to the big city. And then that’s it. They make it. Or they don’t. That’s what the movies tell us. But that is so far from the reality. In fact, that mentality probably leads to a lot more failure than success. I’m following my dreams. But I’m not rushing to the finish line. Following my dreams is the slowest slow grind I’ve ever been a part of in my 21 years of existence. It’s exhausting, it’s demoralizing, but I’m building my dream. I’m not chasing after it. I’m operating under the assumption that this world will give me nothing, that if I am to succeed it’s gonna be because I earned it. So I work this job. I live at home with my family. I don’t go out socializing. But I do the thing that I love, the thing that’s fueling all of this as well. I’m not making the best stuff I can right now, but I don’t want to be. I don’t wanna peak at 21, only to fade into irrelevance after a short burst of viral success. I’m grinding this out. I’m trusting this process, and when it’s time to make big moves, and that time is approaching, I’ll make them and be ready.

So I’m following my dreams. It’s just an exercise in patience.