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Voltron Theory Time: Yellow Eyes, Quintessence, and Bonds

Or: what do the glowy yellow eyes mean in the Voltronverse?

Several characters/character types in Voltron have yellow eyes, and they’re not obviously similar at first glance: Haggar, Zarkon (in the Black Lion’s memories), random Galra in Zarkon’s army, the Balmerans, the Lions - even the Yupper has yellow eyes. Sometimes the eyes are just yellow, and sometimes they glow yellow, and sometimes a character’s eyes will glow yellow at certain points and be plain yellow at others:

The yellow glow looks similar to the “raw quintessence” we see in 1x10 Collection and Extraction:

From this, it’s safe to assume that the yellow eyes and the yellow glow have something to do with quintessence. Haggar gets the yellow glow when she does magic (i.e. when she manipulates quintessence, since {that’s what magic is} in the Voltronverse), but the Lions also get a yellow glow when they bond closely with their Paladins. Lots of other characters who have yellow eyes (but not glowing yellow eyes) can’t do magic.

Everything magical in Voltron seems to boil down to quintessence somehow, and it fits with the genre conventions of science fantasy that quintessence is at the root of all the “mumbo-jumbo” (thanks Lance). So let’s assume that whenever the Lions bond with the Paladins, or the Balmerans bond with the Balmera, that bond is mediated by quintessence - i.e. it’s a result of their individual quintessence/energies merging or connecting somehow.

Based on all the above, my assumption is that the yellow eyes indicate a bond of some kind. Specifically, a bond mediated by quintessence - i.e. energies merging. Glowing yellow eyes appear to indicate a surge of quintessence, either as a result of doing magic or as a result of bonding closely with someone/thing.

More under the cut because true to form I wrote 1000 words:

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Wanna learn about HoneyBees and Honey?

I’m not going to start discourse on this publicly so if you want to talk to me you’ll have to pm me about it or send a non anon ask, but

bee keepers do NOT hurt or stress out bees to get their honey.

Yes we supplement them with sugar water during the droughts and when flowers aren’t at their peak.

Those up north also supplement them with sugar water as well as their own honey to make sure that they will last over the winter. 

No, it is not cheaper to kill your bees than take care of them over the winter. No one does that. It costs 150 or more for a starting nucleus of bees which doesn’t give you enough to get excess honey until after a year so to get enough bees off the bat to jump back to where you were you’d need hundreds of dollars and that clearly isn’t cheaper than wrapping them up with some of their honey and some sugar water. 

No, people don’t go into their hives during the winter storms in the snow to give them sugar water instead of leaving them honey. even with flowers bees use a mason jar of sugar water all up in 2-3 days, you don’t take all their honey and give them gallons of sugar water. Thats not even practical. Don’t listen to these lies. 

No you don’t kill any bees by taking their honey. There are multiple boxes, bottom boxes are for babies, brood boxes, theres a separator so the queen doesn’t make babies in the top boxes, called supers. On the top boxes, you take out the frames and bees move by themselves, some people smoke them away before lifting the frames, or you can take a very soft bristle brush called a bee brush and usher them. Usually they don’t stay messing around on capped honey though. 

Facts about smokers! Can smokers hurt bees? Truth? Yes. They CAN. Doesn’t mean they do. People usually use pellets or pine needles and natural things in their smokers that they can just pick up off the ground. They don’t produce a hot smoke. You can easily check this by spraying your arm and if its too hot for you its too hot for the bees, which it never is if you use the right stuff. Otherwise the smoker works by interrupting their dances and vibrations to each other that tell them to work. Instead they go deeper into their hive closer to the queen to get her signals back. This doesn’t hurt them, just interrupts them for a minute so that you don’t hurt or squish them when taking out frames. 

Bees need us. Only 6% of wild honey bees last in the wild. They have a LOT of enemies and without us they would be extinct at the moment. They need help against mites, many beetles, wasps, bears, and other little buddies you can find in the wild. We check their young, make sure they are growing properly, get enough food and water, and need help to properly split when there are too many of them and taking their honey is like helping them by cleaning the clutter in their house because they make more honey than they can use. They wont just stop working, keeping them in place is vital for their survival. 

I’m just really tired of the lies about bees and if people protest against honey or beekeepers. I’m sure you’ve all seen the posts about how most of our produce and plants will go away. They need us as much as we need them. 

Also note, 75% of honey in grocery stores is just a weird sugar substitute in a form that replicates honey. So if you want to support the bees, please pay attention to what you buy! 

Sorry if this turns people off, but this is very important to me and one of the only places I can actually get word out. I’m very blessed to have you all with me and once I’m all settled I will do that giveaway I was talking about with stim toys! Thanks for listening <3

Let’s talk about how AWESOME worker bees are.

I’ve been doing some research and discovered some pretty intense stuff.

I’m assuming you know about each bee’s hard-core role in & out of the hive; drones mate, workers collect honey, etc. But, my friends, THAT’S NOT ALL! They have SO many more jobs to do than just that, especially worker bees when they reach certain ages.


The way that they go about protecting their hive astonishes me, and those who defend the colony are by far my FAVOURITE. Before going to explore the flowers, they have to inspect EVERY SINGLE BEE that comes into the hive. If it doesn’t have a familiar scent, then that means it’s a foreigner. The only time other bees are allowed into the hive is if they bribe the worker bee with nectar.

But- get this- if there ever is a lack of food in the hive during the winter, the worker bees will literally BLOCK the drones from coming into the hive in general. They won’t even let them in. It’s insane.


When a worker bee is first born, they instantly develop the knowledge of cleaning their cell. They do this so that new eggs, nectar, and pollen can be stored. But get this- if they do it wrong, the Queen tells them to do it ALL OVER again!! This is a very human-like characteristic that’s fascinating to see in insects.


The job of the undertaker doesn’t happen until the worker bees have matured a bit. Due to a number of bees in the hive, eventually a few will perish. So, to ensure that there are no possible health threats exposed to the colony, undertakers will remove and dispose of all dead or diseased bees or embryos. It’s sad, but it’s something they have to do to ensure the hive is healthy.


These bees really do deserve their names. They take on the task of incubating and caring for the larvae, along with feeding the queen larva royal jelly. According to BBC Earth, they also “prescribe” different types of honey to bees that are sick, as a way of giving them medication.


Worker bees can start to make wax flakes from consuming plenty of honey & nectar, their food, at the age of 12 days old. This is what ultimately creates the shape of their hives, which truly is an engineering masterpiece as Charles Darwin has said.

These are only a few that I’ve discovered. But the more I research them, the more I realize how intelligent they truly are.

Bees are cool. Let’s save them.

  • Robin: Beast Boy, I’m trying to be mature and not immediately shoot down your idea, but it sounds really terrible.
  • Raven: Yeah. We got our disguises. What do you need to go into HIVE’s training for?
  • Beast Boy: Every minute I’m in that classroom, I’m learning new things about HIVE. I already have a picture of Slade. [holds up two pictures] And here’s one I made out of noodles.
  • [pause]
  • Cyborg: Impressive, I admit.

@permian-tropos​ Because I don’t want to derail a post that about Rae Sloane and how she - and Black women in general - is treated in the new EU I’m going to hive off and reply to you comment about the Empire/First Order not being Nazis.

True the OT could have taken the clear Nazi parallel it made with the Empire more serious than it did. It is a pretty good example of gentiles ones again hijacking them for Bad Guy aesthetics and use as short hand, which only far too late in the old EUs existence were treated with any kind of seriousness. That being said, the inspiration was clear and present (Stormtroopers anyone?).

That being said, the First Order is far more than that. The two main Jewish creators of the ST and TFA in particular, amped it all up to an 11, making it overt and clear to anyone with any kind of familarity with this world Nazis - historical and present day - that the FO is the GFFA equivalent of Nazis. 

It is not just an aesthetic anymore. Though certainly the carbon copy of SS officers uniforms for high ranking FO officers such as Hux, not to mention the whole Starkiller Rally which parallels the Nuremberg Rallies right down to the FO troops actually, fucking heiling at the end of Hux’s speech, certainly makes it visually overt that this is what they are. Then we have the fact that they are willing, have as their MO, to wipe out the lesser races (i.e. aliens) where the Empire were on a whole content to subjugate them. The same way you know that the real world Nazis wanted to exterminate the Jews and Romani people.

Btw, you’re also ignoring how racism works in the GFFA universe. Yes there is legitimate critique that can be made of scifi/fantasy using non-human species as stand in for poc, but ignoring that that is what Star Wars does and that the Empire’s and FO’s anti alien bigotry is supposed to be read as real life racism against people of color, is just sticking your head up your ass and denying the obvious because you’re uncomfortable with the parallels it makes.

I am really, really tired of goyische First Order/Imperial/Hux/Kylo stans who will deny the clear and overt fact that the Empire and most certainly the First Order, were meant as the GFFA universe version of Nazis. Because they know that stanning for Nazis is a bad thing, but can’t bring themselves to stop doing that. 

Just own up, your favs a the space version of Nazis.


A Jewish fan who’s had it with this goyische bs

“Ah, yes. You think that you have killed a god. Do you feel powerful? Has your own hunger deepened?

Be wary, Guardian. There are gods…and there are gods. Not all are quite so small - and not all are quite so big.

I have seen what the Hive call a god.

And it did not look like Oryx.” 

- Eris Morn

im reading stuff about bees and god they are literally describing larries, “One of the strongest attributes they possess is loyalty. The bee is very loyal to the hive and to the queen. It shows honor, duty, and consistency in performing their tasks. They travel around to pollinate the flowers, then go back to the hive. Once done, they will go back out to do it again. They are a symbol of unity and family. Once you understand how loyal they are, you will have a new respect for their species. - This insect is a perfect example of a structured life. The hard work that they exhibit can’t be unnoticed. They symbolize hard work and sacrifice. If it wasn’t for this hard work and dedication, many of the flowers and crops of today wouldn’t even exist. That is how important they are to us. - Protection and defense are a few other symbols that they represent. They are usually not aggressive insects and in most cases, if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. They are not like wasp or hornets. However, when it comes to them, the hive, or the queen, all bets are off. They will protect themselves, the queen, and the hive at all cost. If it involves them losing their own life, so be it. They are the ultimate symbol of sacrifice and protection in such cases.” im actually dying we are literally a army of bees and louis and harry are our “queen”.