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It’s weird to think about where all the characters were at the start of the series. Not just Sam and Dean at the first episode, or the other characters upon their first appearances. But, like, where all they were on Halloween night, 2005. 

Bobby Singer was probably answering the FBI phone every ten minutes as he cooked his dinner, helping hunters out of trouble with the law on their ways to breaking All Hallow’s Eve curses. Maybe he even answered a call from Dean, telling him, no, I haven’t heard from or seen your dad. Sorry, kid. 

Castiel wasn’t even on Earth, but circling somewhere far above, along with all his brothers and sisters, simply watching, and of course waiting. 

Jo Harvelle might have gone to a party at her own college, trying to fit in and not be “that weird girl with the knife collection”. 

Ellen would be running the Roadhouse, serving some weary hunters their beers and pretzels, missing her daughter probably but being happy she was safe at college, far from hunter life. 

Ash was most likely getting some info for some hunters who were passing through the roadhouse for the night. 

Meg might have been running an errand of sorts for Azazel. Some poor trucker who hadn’t listened to those warnings about hitchhikers wasn’t going to see November 1st maybe. 

Ruby was in Hell, proving herself “more loyal than all those sons of bitches” probably. But let’s not think too hard on that…

Anna was in college by then, her freshman year or so. She probably went out for a beer with friends at a party on campus. (Ssh, don’t tell her father the pastor!)

Bela Talbot was probably selling a mystical object for an insane amount of cash or hosting a fake seance for some filthy rich people. 

Kevin Tran went trick-or-treating with his mom. They probably walked until their feet hurt and Kevin’s bag weighed ten pounds. Maybe he went as a doctor or a werewolf. Mrs. Tran made sure no one stiffed her kid on his candy. (One piece? *scoff* take two, Kevin.) 

Charlie was wearing some geeky costume to a friend’s Halloween party, trying to get with the chick in the cute nurse costume. 

Lisa might have been taking Ben on one of his first real trick-or-treats. One he’d actually remember, even if he was only five. He was dressed as a serial killer or something even more cool. Not a lame ghost or Frankenstein. 

Garth was probably one those hunters calling Bobby to have him back up their “I’m FBI” stories. If he wasn’t using the Texas Ranger disguise. Or maybe he wasn’t even a hunter. Maybe he was still a dentist, handing out lame toothbrushes to the kids who rang his doorbell that night. Or, just to subvert stereotypes, king-size chocolate bars. 

Crowley was drowning in deals. The number of deals made on Halloween night must be ridiculous. The numbers of deals becoming due must have been ridiculous too. Imagine how many Hellhounds he had to send out!

Adam might have convinced his mom to let him go to a party that night. A friend from school’s likely. He hopefully made it back before curfew. 

Chuck Shurley was at work, writing one of the early Supernatural books. Maybe even the first one. 

Gabriel was probably delivering some karmic overkill justice in some small town. Halloween gives amble opportunity for mischief. He probably scared some people literally to death, or trapped someone dressed in as a vampire in a tanning bed. 

John Winchester was following a lead. THE lead. 

Very few of these characters had any idea what the future would hold for them. If they had some idea of how their lives would go, most of them were probably dead wrong about their assumptions. NONE of these guys would have guessed where they’d be ten years from that night (except for maybe Bela, but she had an unfair advantage in that respect). 

AUs for your OTP

in no particular order:

  • I got stuck in a kiddie swing, and after you laughed your ass off, you helped me free my ass
  • “I know you promised to cook for our first date, but you almost set the kitchen on fire let’s just make some pasta”
  • I always read on the train/bus and we never talk, but you’re always reading over my shoulder, so I started bringing you a book every morning too
  • “I got lost in this fucking forest I thought I’d never see another human again, please help me”
  • “We got lost on our Europe roadtrip, can you help?” (I’m sorry we’re in WHAT country??)
  • We’re best friends and my sister likes you, that’s awkward (I also like you but let’s not talk about that…)
  • Cross-country train ride
  • You’re my teacher, and you’re also dating my mom/dad/older sibling wtf do I do???
  • “Don’t tell anyone I take Zumba classes"
  • We were in a car crash where we hit each other so now we’re in the same hospital room for the week (and you keep hogging the remote to watch terrible soap operas, it’s my turn)
  • “No, I’m not stuck in this tree… But can you help me down?”
  • “You’re my college professor and you’re awesome but I’m pretty sure you’re homeless judging by the sleeping bag you just stuffed under your desk, want to stay with me for a bit?”
  • Hitchhiker going anywhere meets friend group on a road trip and they hit it off, especially with that one person
  • “You’re a quarterback and I want to be on the team, can you give me some private lessons?”
  • “I’m married to my work.” “Does that mean you won’t marry me? Because I prepared a speech and everything.”
  • I was shopping with my child/niece/nephew/kid I’m babysitting, and they got lost so I have to go get them at the reception desk and the person there is really cute and also gets of really well with the kid

                                        Don’t think of it as dying

                                                Said death

                                 Just think of it as leaving early

                                          To avoid the rush.

Looking for a travel buddy!

Seriously! Let’s go someplace. Gonna be travelling around the US come october, or maybe sooner if I can find someone to go with. Had plans to go to NY w/a friend but that didn’t work out so I’m still looking. If there’s:
anywhere you wanna go
anything you wanna do
want to go trekking through forests/parks/ people free places

Do lots of camping
Go wwoofing/helpx/workaway
Hangout w/friends in other states
shoot me a message.

Hello, lovely.

It seems I’ve not been clear.
You don’t have to read between the lines to understand this–
it is in boldface print for you. Highlighted in a rainbow of colors. I’m tempted to learn another language in an attempt to help you understand.

I want you.

In my life,
in my arms,
in my bed,
sitting in the passenger seat–
or the driver’s seat, I’m not picky.
I am desperate for you, babe.

Read the signs and pick a direction,
the sun is excruciating and I need to know where we’re going,
if we’re going anywhere at all.

—  hitchhiker, (6/20/15)

George Harrison, while hitchhiking with Paul McCartney, late 1950’s. (Previously posted at thateventuality here.)

Photos © The Harrison Family.

“One year, Paul and I decided to go hitchhiking. It’s something nobody would ever dream of these days. Firstly, you’d probably be mugged before you got through the Mersey Tunnel, and secondly everybody’s got cars and is already stuck in a traffic jam. I’d often gone with my family down South to Devon, to Exmouth, so Paul and I decided to go there first.

We didn’t have much money. We found bed-and-breakfast places to stay. We got to one town, and we were walking down a street and it was getting dark. We saw a woman and said, ‘Excuse me, do you know if there’s somewhere we could stay?’ She felt sorry for us and said, ‘My boy’s away, come and stay at my house.’ So she took us to hers - where we beat her, tied her up and robbed her of all her money! Only joking; she let us stay in her boy’s room and the next morning cooked us breakfast. She was really nice. I don’t know who she was - the Lone Ranger?

We continued along the South coast, towards Exmouth. Along the way we talked to a drunk in a pub who told us his name was Oxo Whitney. (He later appears in ‘A Spaniard in the Works.’ After we’d told John that story, he used the name. So much of John’s books is from funny things people told him.) Then we went on to Paignton. We still had hardly any money. We had a little stove, virtually just a tin with a lid. You poured a little meths into the bottom of it and it just about burned, not with any velocity. We had that, and little backpacks, and we’d stop at grocery shops. We’d buy Smedley’s spaghetti bolognese or spaghetti milanese. They were in striped tins: milanese was red stripes, bolognese was dark blue stripes. And Ambrosia creamed rice. We’d open a can, bend back the lid and hold the can over the stove to warm it up. That was what we lived on. We got to Paignton with no money to spare so we slept on the beach for the night. Somewhere we’d met two Salvation Army girls and they stayed with us and kept us warm for a while. But later it became cold and damp, and I remember being thankful when we decided that was enough and got up in the morning and started walking again. We went up through North Devon and got a ferry boat across to South Wales, because Paul had a relative who was a redcoat at Butlins at Pwllheli, so we thought we’d go there.

At Chepstow, we went to the police station and asked to stay in a cell. They said, ‘No, bugger off. You can go in the football grandstand, and tell the cocky watchman that we said it was OK.’ So we went and slept on a hard board bench. Bloody cold. We left there and hitchhiked on. Going north through Wales we got a ride on a truck. The trucks didn’t have a passenger seat in those days so I sat on the engine cover. Paul was sitting on the battery. He had on jeans with zippers on the back pockets and after a while he suddenly leapt up screaming. His zipper had connected the positive and negative end in the battery, got red hot and burnt a zipper mark across his arse.” - George Harrison, The Beatles Anthology [x]

The answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything, is forty-two.

-Deep Thought, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Happy 42nd Birthday Misha!

anonymous asked:

I think I love you, you like Sherlock Holmes and the doctor too? Do you watch any British tv programs? Have you seen BBC's Sherlock?

:D Yes, I do, and I used to watch a ton, but I don’t currently have access to much beyond Netflix. I keep forgetting you can watch stuff on BBC online itself but I’m rather behind. I’ve seen all but the last season of BBC’s Sherlock. Some of my other favourites include/have included things like Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Are You Being Served?, Keeping Up Appearances, Waiting For God, As Time Goes By, Last of the Summer Wine, Primeval, Torchwood of course, Being Human… Does Jeeves and Wooster count? It’s British but it was always on PBS when I watched it. I also need to go back and watch Hitchhikers and Dirk Gently. How about you anon, what are some of your other favourites?

The Paris trip of 1961.

The story goes that John had been planing a long holiday with Paul for some time (according to some early notes of the new Beatle bio “in tune”) and when he received a ratter large amount of money from some rich relatives (£100, which at the time was a ratter large amount). With this money they decided to cancel their gigs from the 30th of September till October 15th (which the others did not enjoy much, being that they needed the money.)

“Last night I heard that John and Paul have gone to Paris to play together - in other words, the band has broken up! It sounds mad to me, I don’t believe it…” - Stuart 1961

On September 30th they set of, hitch-hiking from England, originally planning on going all the way to Spain, but eventually upon stopping in Paris and being hit by a sudden laziness, due to the fact that they had been hitch-hiking for days, the pair decided to stop in Paris.

“We’d never been there before. We were a bit tired so we checked into a little hotel for the night, intending to go off hitchhiking the next morning. Of course, it was too nice a bed after having hitched so we said, ‘We’ll stay a little longer,’ then we thought, 'God, Spain is a long way, and we’d have to work to get down there.’ We ended up staying the week in Paris - John was funding it all with his hundred quid.” - Paul on the anthology.

They booked a very cheat hotel, that from the pictures we had seen only had one single bed. During the trip they walked around all of Paris, checking out the artistic scene in Montmartre and even getting themselves a pair of what we today call a “bell bottoms"  (eventually taking them in themselves) and the new beatle cut.

They hitch-hiked back to liverpool and arrived back at around the 15th. 

To this day all the pictures we have are theses:

Also two cute facts are that:

1- According to this post, "That last picture is one Paul took of John sleeping in Paris. From what I remember of a performance he did of ‘Here Today’, and earlier comments, this picture hangs framed on a wall in Paul’s house.

2- Also the lads not only came back to Paris later on in their life, but in interviews they were many times caught says that they missed Paris. 

The Great Kandreil Roadtrip Adventure

part 2 of the kandreilnet fall exchange for @southsidelovers 🌿

- as a graduation present, Kevin wants to go on a roadtrip
- he’s been planning this for months, and Neil helped with the logistics (he’s the navigator)
- there is no way in hell Andrew would go hitchhiking through the country, no matter how persistent Kevin is, and Neil insists it’s really not as charming as whatever Kevin has in mind (in his defense, Kevin’s never even been camping)
- so they compromise on a tent, hiking boots and swimming trunks
- Andrew and Neil find Kevin leaning on a big, orange van in the Tower’s parking lot that he rented for the trip, because “it’s not a real roadtrip experience if we do it in a Maserati, for fuck’s sake”
- Andrew is Not Happy At All, but Neil’s pleading eyes eventually work their magic
- they soon discover that Andrew and Neil can’t reach the pedals and Kevin has never been happier to have such short boyfriends, he never gets to drive
- Kevin isn’t a bad driver, just an inexperienced one. so he drives slowly and carefully and Andrew is bored out of his mind for most of the ride
- Neil spends long stretches of time lost in his thoughts, watching the scenery change and occasionally giving Kevin directions
- they settle in a spot near a lake in the mountains and Kevin is so bad at setting up the tent. it’s Andrew who gets it upright, but he refuses to talk about how he learned to do it
- they only last a couple nights in the tent. Neil could sleep anywhere, but Andrew feels too exposed and Kevin is paranoid about bugs crawling over him, so they sleep in the van for the rest of their time there
- whenever he isn’t dragging Neil and Andrew on hikes through the forest, Kevin is swimming in the lake. he stays in the water for hours and it’s the most relaxed he’s ever been
- Andrew brought books to keep himself entertained, and Neil wanders around taking photos of everything. sunlight streaming through leaves, turning Andrew’s hair golden. Kevin with rivulets of water glimmering on his skin
- the complete privacy and freedom takes a while to sink in, but it’s such a relief. they lie on a blanket under the stars at night, shoulder to shoulder, and Andrew tells them stories. sometimes from his books, sometimes he makes them up
- when Andrew is sick of walking, Kevin gives him piggyback rides through the woods
- when Kevin wants company in the water, he throws Neil over his shoulder and dumps him in, even if it ends with a couple kicks in the ribs
- the kisses are deep and unhurried, touches exploratory and thorough. Neil’s moans resonate like poetry when Andrew and Kevin lick and bite and fuck the sounds out of him
- but sometimes they’re quiet. limbs tangled and kisses pressed into shoulders, on temples and fingertips brushing on lips
- on their last day, they wander near an empty cabin resort and they find a cat stuck in a tree. Andrew makes Kevin get it down and poor Kevin gets scratches all over his arms
- Andrew refuses to leave the cat behind and this is how Kevin gets a pet he doesn’t want for his new apartment
- Kevin and the devil cat don’t like each other very much, but they both love Andrew and Neil, so they learn to coexist and wait for the boys to come visit as often as they can