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BTS Reaction to Their Bestfriend Accidently Confessing to Them; Jimin Version

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Pro tip: when going to hide inside of a closet, make sure to bring a comfy blanket or sheet to lay on, because god damn the floor is so hard and rough. You weren’t just sitting inside your best friend, Jimin’s, closet for fun. Just a few minutes ago, you were in his living room, battling him out in the tie-breaker round of Mario Kart. Your character, Daisy, was currently beating his Luigi racer. Of course you had to keep your focus, because even though you had an immense lead over him he could easily acquire a blue shell and pass you up, taking 1st place for himself. You tried striking up conversation with Jimin, trying to distract him from his racing so you could get a farther lead ahead of him.

“Jimin, how come Luigi and Daisy don’t have an in-depth love story like Mario and Peach do? Don’t you think they deserve to have the same recognition for their love too?”

“Stop it Y/N. I know what you’re trying to do, but its not gonna work this time.” Jimin teased, nudging his shoulder against yours as he stuck his tongue out in concentration.

“I’m dead serious, Jiminie. They deserve just as much as Mario and Peach do!” you protested, nudging him back while your Daisy threw a banana peal behind her. Jimin this time gently kicked your thigh with his foot, jamming buttons on his controller as he fought to catch up.

“I don’t. If you and I were together, for example, I wouldn’t want the whole world to know every single thing about our love life like Mario and Peach. Its better to have a relationship like Daisy and Luigi, quieter, but still acknowledged and accepted.” he explained, activating his Bullet Bill and gaining a small lead over you. You cursed softly and kicked your feet in frustration.

“I’d want the world to know you’re mine, so that no one would try to take you from me. Because I really do like you Jimin, like a lot, and I’d want the world to know that.” you said quickly, so quickly that Jimin barely caught any of it. But he did. And his button smashing ceased as he looked down at your still playing figure.

“Y/N?” he asked in a soft voice. You paused the screen and looked up at his wide eyes. Your eyes mimicked his as the dawning realization of what you just said rained down on you, quickly throwing the controller at Jimin to distract him as you ran into his room and dived into his closet.

Now here you were, sitting with your knees close to your chest as embarrassment bubbled in your stomach and dreed filled your heart. You really blew it this time, didn’t you? What if your friendship is ruined now because of your accidental confession. You sighed, just as the door to the closet opened, looking up to see Jimin standing above you. He knelt down onto his knees, avoiding your gaze.

“Y/N… do you really like me?” he asked, his eyes soft and voice sweet. You couldn’t find the heart to speak, so you just nodded your head and hid your face in your knees, awaiting the rejection you knew was to come. But the words never came. Instead you felt Jimin grab your hand, and felt the soft brush of lips caressing your knuckles.

“Good, because I like you a lot too.”

Hiding (Jughead x Reader)

Prompt: Can I request a Jughead x reader where the reader is Ronnie’s adopted sister & she’s secretly going out with Juggie & invites him over when Ronnie is over at Betty’s & Hermione is over at Archie’s (cause she’s dating arch’s dad) & like they watch a movie when they hear the front door open so the reader shoves Jug in her closet & Ronnie enters reader’s room and is like yo can I borrow your bunny onesie (or something) and she opens the closet and sees Jughead and the rest is up to you! Thx 😘

A/N: This was requested that I work on this next so here it is! I hope you guys like it <3 Requests are welcome


Hiding (Jughead x Lodge!Reader)

(Y/n) Lodge.

Well sort of.

Hermione was best friends with your mom when you were little so when your parents got into a car accident and didn’t make it, she took you in.

No one on in your immediate family was close to you and Hermione was on the will as your guardian.

The adoption papers were signed within that year.

So You’ve been officially a Lodge since age 5.

You and Veronica grew up as Best Friends and then Sisters. You were the same age so it worked out great. Plus Hermione always said she wanted another daughter.

When everything went down in New York, you guys moved to the small town of Riverdale.

Of course, Ronnie wasn’t exactly thrilled but you were glad to get away from everyone.

Even though you were considered a Lodge, No one in New York thought of you as one. You didn’t act like any of them. You kept to yourself unless it was with Ronnie.

The move changed everything.

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im uncomf with the “bi women who prioritize women vs. bi women who prioritize men” shit for so many reasons and ive tried to put them into a coherent post for ages but i cant so here’s a list of Feelings i have about it

  • the only concrete definition of “bi woman who prioritizes women” that i’ve come across is “bi women who dates women primarily or exclusively (exclusively is better) and definitely is not dating a man at this exact moment in time”
  • and look:
  • if i was going to repress all attraction to all genders except for one i’d probably take the path of least resistance and “decide” to only act on my attraction to men because do you know how much easier my life would be if i “acted straight”? do you know how many people have implicitly or explicitly suggested i do so? do you know how many “gay celibate mormon” ~inspirational articles have been posted to my facebook feed since i came out? 
  • so like, if that were at all an option for me i think!!! i would’ve done it by now, i even heavily considered it at one point!!! but it feels like going back into the closet, like hiding part of yourself away so other people can ignore it. it’s incredibly damaging to my mental health, and that’s just when i’m attracted to women generally, if i actually fell for a specific woman and wanted to be with her?? it would kill me.
  • and people act like this is different because it’s coming from a different direction, it’s Radical but it’s the same thing, it’s just asking me to hide away a different part of myself because it happens to make you uncomfortable
  • its just political lesbianism by another name because bi women aren’t allowed to call themselves lesbians now but we’re still expected to act like them
  • and that’s the thing, the whole thing relies on the idea that your attraction is political, that who you date and sleep with and love is a political statement, and it’s not!! my entire life is not dictated by politics, i’m allowed to do things because i want to and not in service of The Cause. 
  • people act like asking us to “prioritize women” is so easy, like we’re boycotting men the same way we’d boycott a racist movie, instead of asking us to prioritize their politics over our own personal, intimate romantic and sexual desires
  • like i Get if you’re not attracted to men you think that that attraction is trivial (esp if you’ve experienced compulsory heteronormativity and were once convinced that you were attracted to men but realized that attraction was false) but it’s not, it’s as real and strong as my attraction to women
  • and you don’t have to understand that, you just have to respect it
  • the whole thing feels like some kind of violation, like a stranger walked into my home and demanded i started decorating differently, except it’s not my home, it’s my head and my heart but they’re so casual about it it’s like THEY think it’s my home, like an external representation of how i live my life instead of a very personal, intimate representation of my own thoughts and feelings
  • and ALSO i hate the idea that i need to “prioritize” women or men, that i need to frame my attraction in terms of social classes instead of in terms of individuals. 
  • if i date a man, and i prioritize him over random women i don’t know, i’m not prioritizing men over women, i am prioritizing a loved one over strangers???
  • similarly, if i date a woman, and i prioritize her over random men i don’t know, that’s not a political statement, that’s just…me being a human being and considering the feelings of someone i know and love over someone who has no connection to me?? oh my god
  • also what’s with the equation between prioritization and romantic relationships…the person im dating may or may not be more important to me than my platonic friends but if they are it’ll be because of my specific relationships with those people, not because romantic relationships are by default the most important relationships in any given person’s life
  • also what’s with the assumption that all bis are monogamous. if a bi woman is dating a man and a woman at the same time, what’s her status?? who is she prioritizing?? We Just Don’t Know
  • AND what about people who identify as neither a man nor a woman? what about people who identify as both? where does this leave us?
  • anyway my point is i don’t prioritize women over men OR men over women, i prioritize the people i know and love and my relationships with them over people i don’t know but happen to share a social class with. 
  • which goes back to the politicizing. you can prioritize certain groups in your activism (there’s cases where you shouldn’t, but like, it’s a thing that happens) but someone’s dating life isn’t activism and they’re not obligated to bring their activism into the bedroom. 

(tyler x reader)

word count: 1,128

You were recently on one of marks video for a skit! And you were so so proud of being apart of it. You and the squad helped design this skit. People on twitter were only spouting positivity about it!

Amy warned you about not looking at youtube comments. That even though theres positive comments on twitter there is so much shit on youtube. But you thought maybe you would see advice or more positivity. You just wanted to know you were doing something right..

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another au drabble for ya!

friends don’t get each other off

“Why are you here, Robert?” Aaron sighed, crossing his arms over his chest. It it had been a long week, and all he wanted was an early night, a curry, and some shitty telly. 

He wasn’t exactly in the mood to deal with Robert, but there he was, standing on Aaron’s doorstep, smug smile fixed in place.

“We’re friends, aren’t we?” Robert shrugged, holding up a few cans. “Friends hang out and have a few drinks on a Friday night.”

Aaron rolled his eyes, not quite believing the gall of Robert to just turn up how he was, after everything that had happened the previous weekend. “Friends don’t get each other off, Robert.”

Robert’s face fell, his discomfort clear. “Aaron, don’t-”

“Don’t what? Point out the obvious? Every time you’ve called around over the past four months, Robert, we’ve ended up having sex,” Aaron was sick of Robert’s shit, at this point. They’d been going around in circles for months now, Robert keeping up the pretence of them being friends, when it was so obvious they were more.

Of course they were more.

“Aaron, it’s just a bit of fun.”

“Sure.” Aaron rocked forward on his heels slightly, fixing Robert with an intense glare. He was hurt, and upset, and he couldn’t hold back any longer. “But you know how I feel about you, so it’s not very fun for me anymore, not when you refuse to acknowledge that you’re anything except straight. I thought we were on a date, last weekend, and then your mate from work turns up and you invite them to have dinner with us, and drinks, and all of a sudden I’m on a lads night out with your work friends, when all I wanted was to have dinner with you, and see if we could make it work for real.” 

“Aaron, don’t do this.”

“I can’t do this anymore, Robert.” Aaron shook his head, hating the tears that sprung up in his eyes as he spoke. “I love you, and I can’t pretend to just be your friend.”

Robert was pale and shaky, his own eyes filled with tears as he listened to Aaron speak. “I love you too,” he said softly, his voice cracking mid-sentence. “I do, Aaron, I love you.”

“I know,” Aaron nodded. “And when you’re ready to come out, Robert, I’ll be right here waiting for you, but I can’t spend the rest of my life in the closet. I didn’t go through hell to hide again, hide who I am. You might be alright with that, but I’m not. I’m not ashamed of who I am.”

Robert reached out for him, Aaron hating the way the other man’s face fell as Aaron stepped back, shaking his head. “I can’t come out, Aaron.”

Aaron gave him a sad look. “And I can’t pretend like you’re just a friend, so there’s not much we can do, is there?” 

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#17 Veronica :) TMP prompt

“I let you grab my ass at the icecream store.”

aka, Veronica stumbles out of the closet… literally 


Veronica Lodge was an illicit social icon in Riverdale High, known but barely spoken about in anything but a hushed tone. People didn’t fear her; they found her fascinating more than anything. How could a cursed young woman like herself still stand so tall in those wicked heels after everything she’d gone through? I

Perhaps it was with the support of an insanely charming and hardly chaste River Vixen who secretly befriended her. In Veronica’s defence, she hadn’t kept the friendship a secret on purpose. But the idea of being known to interact while also bruising lips in the stalls of the North hall girls’ washroom seemed… rather obscene. Surely someone would figure things out, especially when Veronica’s lustful gaze turned into one of emotional passion. 

Somehow you’d kept it a secret for over a year and a half. But as the seasons changed, so did the nature of your fling.

She was falling in love with you and suddenly the sensuous obsession between the two of you meant so much more. It was no longer the fling either of you had meant it to be but as far as Veronica was concerned, it was one sided. 

How could she know that you were completely enraptured by her very existence? The two of you would need a priest to shrive you for the sinful love and lust that you both wore like perfume. 

Once finally turning eighteen, Veronica Lodge decided it was time to reveal the truth to her mother. It wasn’t the fear of being rejected by her mother that tore apart her stomach like the centre of a storm. It was the gut wrenching fear of what would happen after she told the truth. 

Would you abandon her in fear of people putting the pieces together? 

These were only a few of her thoughts as the two of you sat on the floor of her living room. It was one of the only safe places to be around each other in Riverdale because no teenagers were around on Veronica’s street. Veronica had let her worry slip through the cracks of her mask that she wore so carefully and you had begun to notice. 

You offered her a massage and Veronica couldn’t deny that your fingers against her skin was what she needed to relax. You carefully unzipped her cheerleading uniform and gently pulled the creamy turtleneck sweater over her head. 

Veronica was sitting back on her legs, humming an offbeat version of Drunk in Love. Your fingers were kneading into the curve of her shoulder blades and picking up a rhythm with the vibrations coursing through her upper body. Veronica didn’t quite believe you, but you’d tirelessly tried to convince her that she had a beautiful voice. 

“I think I’m going to tell my mom,” Veronica whispered after a short moment of silence. She sounded cautious, almost seeming more terrified about telling you than she did about telling her mother she was gay. 

“Hermione doesn’t seem like the judgmental type, Ronnie. I know it’s a big deal but I think it’d go really well.”

As Veronica sighed, you tugged her sweater down and zipping the cheerleading uniform back up. “I just don’t know what to even say. Any chance you want to do it for me?”

The pout on her lips when she turned around elicited a rumbling laugh from your lips. “Unfortunately that isn’t my place, but I’m always here for moral support.”

She took your hand and gently guided it to her cheek, letting your fingers splay over her smooth, latte skin. Her face was invitingly warm and her eyes held a nervous yet gentle expression. And even in the innocent moment between two young girls who had absolutely nothing figured out, a libidinous energy sparked between you.

Focus Veronica, she found herself thinking at the same moment you mentally repeated “this isn’t the time, Y/N” over and over again in your mind.

Yet teenagers, as they always seem to be, have a selfish tendency to take what they want. Full, glossed lips met with yours and pulled you into a deep kiss. As Veronica leaned back onto her legs, you were leaning forward in perfect unison. The crisp taste of cocoa from the hot chocolate you had shared earlier was a prominent flavour on your entangled tongues. 

One of your hands ran up and down her silky thigh in a circular motion, dipping into the dimple beneath her hip. Veronica was no quiet damsel in distress, instead letting every moan escape her lips like poetry you wanted to replay in your head. All it took was your hand to go from her thigh to her back, pulling the zipper back down and slipping underneath the constricting sweater. 

But before anything could come from the arousing encounter on the living room floor, the sound of keys jingling from the front hall sounded through the home like an alarm. Your hand shot back as if your finger tips had been scorched by blue flames. Veronica leapt from the ground, her lithe frame transitioning into the spirited cheerleaders body she needed at that moment. It was like a routine and Veronica didn’t know the steps, but nevertheless she was pulling you from the ground and dancing you around the furniture into the… closet?

Before Hermione Lodge could even take a step into her home, the two of you were thigh to thigh and chest to chest in the unreasonably small coat closet. It was unimaginably cruel, forced into such close proximity with the indents of her teeth in your bottom lip and proof of her arousal uncomfortably hot between her thighs. 

Veronica? Where are you?” Hermione’s voice sounded reasonably far away, probably in the bedroom. 

A nervous laugh bubbled in your chest and Veronica could almost see it, forcing her to cover your mouth. In an attempt to make light of the immensely uncomfortable situation, your tongue slipped between your lips and licked her palm in a swift motion. You smirked when she yanked her hand back as if she had been bit. Veronica suppressed a gasp and glared at you with a frustrated furrow to her manicured brows.  

“This is the worst timing ever,” she whispered angrily, more hot and bothered than actually mad. 

“I let you grab my ass at the ice-cream store. Talk about timing, Veronica. The guy was about to give me extra brownie chunks.”

She groaned yet still placed a hand on your waist. She had decided that she could always claim to be steadying herself. You, on the other hand could read her perfectly calculative mind and couldn’t help but be thankful for ridiculously scandalous moments like that one. 

When were you ever going to be hiding in a closet with someone you–

“I think I love you,” Veronica mumbled only a breath away from your lips. Neither of you noticed that her voice was slightly loud or that Hermione had stopped calling her daughter’s name. 

Instead, all you could focus on was the rapid heartbeats shared between the two of you and a thrilling spark in your chests. You leaned in and placed a soft kiss on the corner of her mouth the same moment that Hermione Lodge opened the closet door. 

“Good evening Veronica. Is this closeted make out supposed to be ironic or are you still hiding your girlfriend from me?”

Veronica’s mouth opened and closed a few times before a coherent thought went through her mind. “I–She–She’s not my girl–”

You signalled for her to hush by grabbing her hand proudly and looking Hermione right in the eyes. “Nice to meet you outside of the diner, Mrs. Lodge. It’s been a long time since you’ve worked there. I’m Y/N, Veronica’s girlfriend.”

“I know your name, Y/N. Veronica never stops talking about you.”

So that’s why it was no surprise to find you in a closet. 

“You mean I outed myself before tonight?” Veronica exasperated, her eyes narrowing in frustration at her own carelessness. 

“Honey, if you didn’t want me to know then why did you think making out in the closet was any better than talking about this girl non stop for months?” 

“You talk about me that much?” Your gaze settled on Veronica and a grin painted your lips when a rosy tint bloomed on her cheeks. 

“Oh, shut up,” she whispered bashfully. 

And that was how Veronica Lodge stumbled out of the closet the same night she first said I love you

the key paris/rory episodes are

  • season 1 episode 2 - the lorelais’ first day at chilton - paris steals rory’s old report cards from the principal’s office and then corners her outside a classroom to tell her, “you’ll never beat me. this school is my domain.”
  • season 1 episode 9 - rory’s dance - paris pays her cousin to go with her to the school dance and then melts down about it in front of rory
  • season 1 episode 11 - paris is burning - paris’s parents are going through a messy divorce that’s being written up in the papers and, desperate to stop being the focus of gossip, she leaks the news that rory’s mom is dating one of the school english teachers, and when rory confronts her about it she says, “you’re not going to kiss me, are you?” and then rory is empathetic and says “if you ever need to talk, i’m here” and paris is very moved by this kindness
  • season 1 episode 13 - concert interruptus - rory’s mom takes rory and some of her school friends to a concert and the other school friends run off with some guys leaving rory and paris alone for most of the concert and then at the end of the night paris says “you know rory i think this is the best night i’ve ever had”
  • season 1 episode 18 - the third lorelai - rory tries to set paris up with a boy in their class and paris comes over and rory helps her get ready for the date and paris feels like she looks ugly but rory repeatedly tells her she looks great and amazing
  • season 2 episode 7 - like mother, like daughter - rory gets into a secret society at her school and paris really wants to be a part of it so she lobbies for paris to get into the group 
  • season 2 episode 9 - run away, little boy - paris is directing the school production of romeo and juliet and she refuses to let anyone but rory play juliet and then minutes before the performance decides that none of the boys are good enough to play romeo and she puts on the romeo costume and goes out and plays romeo opposite rory as juliet and there’s a scene where she goes “thus with a kiss i die” and then sort of leans in for a kiss but chickens out and just faceplants in rory’s boobs
  • season 2 episode 16 - there’s the rub - paris begs rory to tutor her one on one in chemistry and she invites herself over to rory’s house on a friday night to study chemistry and later literally no exaggeration intervenes to prevent rory’s boyfriend from physically abusing her and then rory asks her if she wants to have a slumber party and there’s a deleted scene where they’re lying on the living room couch together eating junk food and watching tv and paris keeps asking prying questions about rory’s dating life
  • season 2 episode 18 - back in the saddle again - rory and paris get paired together for their business fair project with rory’s grandfather mentoring them and he loves paris and thinks the world of her even though he hates all of rory’s bfs makes u think
  • season 2 episode 22 - i can’t get started - paris asks rory to be her student council vice president and tells her “you look like little birds help you get dressed in the morning” she also makes handmade buttons that say VOTE GELLER GILMORE with little pictures of her and rory on them
  • season 3 episode 1 - those lazy hazy crazy days - a boy asks paris out on a date and paris has a full panic attack about it, rory helps her get ready for the date and calms her down and combs her hair and they talk about what they want “in a guy” while paris makes love eyes at her, then the boy knocks on the door and paris literally no exaggeration asks rory to go hide in a closet while she greets the boy like she literally physically walks rory over to the closet, shuts the door, and tells the closed closet door “thanks for helping me get ready” this is satanic
  • season 3 episode 11 - i solemnly swear - this one bitch on the student council has been trying to sow discord between paris and rory since the beginning of the season and in this episode her tactics finally Work and paris thinks rory has betrayed her and they have a sexually charged fencing match which ends with paris ripping her helmet off and shouting “i can’t believe i ever considered you my best friend” before running off crying
  • season 3 episode 12 - lorelai out of water - the principal drags rory and paris into his office and asks if they’re fighting over a boy and paris is like “OOHHHHHHHH OF COURSE… WE’RE GIRLS SO WE COULD ONLY BE FIGHTING OVER A BOY… YOU SEXIST WHITE-HAIRED…” real dialogue from a real heterosexual character
  • season 3 episode 16 - the big one - paris goes over to rory’s house after they’ve been fighting for five episodes and explains that last night she had unplanned sex with the boy she’s been seeing “because when you’re with a boy for a certain amount of time intercourse becomes inevitable” and she and rory sit on rory’s bed as paris tells her that she didn’t enjoy the sex and doesn’t know how to feel about it and rory tells her she’s never had sex and paris says “well if it’s not the right time for you then it’s not the right time for me” OH and the end of this conversation is paris going, “rory, i’m…” and rory interrupting with “it’s okay” so it’s entirely possible she was about to come out to rory like it is not a reach in the least lol and THEN paris gets rejected from harvard and has a mental breakdown on national television where she repeatedly shouts “i’ve had sex but i’m not going to harvard” and then rory pulls her offstage and holds her in her arms and paris sobs on her shoulder saying things like “what if my boyfriend doesn’t think i’m special anymore how do i tell him i didn’t get into harvard” and rory says things like “you are so smart and so special and you are going to get into so many great schools” honestly amy sherman palladino literally owes me money
  • season 3 episode 22 - those are strings, pinocchio - it’s the high school graduation episode paris tells rory “i’m so glad i found you” and rory says “most of the time i really hated you” and paris says “I really hated you too” and then they hug
  • season 4 episode 2 - the lorelais’ first day at yale - rory walks into her dorm room at yale and paris is standing there and races across the room to hug rory and rory is like “this is a big surprise” and paris says “i didn’t want you to know i was going to yale i wanted to surprise you” and rory is like “aight” and paris is like “i told my life coach about our history and he felt that our life journeys weren’t over yet so i had my dad make a call and put us in the same dorm” i’m so tired
  • season 4 episode 17 - girls in bikinis, boys doin’ the twist - paris proposes a solo trip to spring break for her and rory and then kisses rory on the mouth in the middle of a dance floor and acts all heartbroken when rory freaks out about it and then one of their friends tells rory and paris “you two would make a good couple” and rory’s like “ew no” and paris is like “why not” again i cannot stress how much i hate this show and how much amy sherman palladino owes me money
Averting a meltdown


This was supposed to be a typical stim video, but I got overstimulated and had to briefly close my eyes and plug my ears to calm myself down. I was ready to go hide in the choir closet if my response kept intensifying, but acting early saved me.

The beginning stages of overstimulation feels like the knot in my stomach commonly associated with being really angry. Except I had nothing to be pissed off about, so I knew I was overstimulated. Without taking action, the knot will spread under all of my skin until the pressure gets painful and BOOM, meltdown. I can avert it if I take action when I start feeling the knot.

The reason I got overstimulated is I was still in ‘transition’ mode between moving from warmups to the church, and the church was utterly chaotic with lots of movement and noise.

And YES, I was sitting at the front of my church and in view of the congregation. I didn’t care. Calming down was my priority and I mentally made the world go away until the knot in my stomach relaxed. I was fine once I calmed down via deep breathing.

Sometimes it only takes a few seconds of cutting off sensory input to calm down, yet so many caregivers don’t take that pause, and then they wonder why the autistic person blows up in a meltdown.

Transitions can be one of my biggest meltdown triggers because of the 'unknown’ factor and chances of things not moving smoothly.

Angels As Things I’ve Said Or Done
  • Soo... Basically, this is some of the angels as things I've (Nyla) said or done to/with my best friend XD
  • Michael: You're lying, aren't you? You're lying. Or am I lying and I don't realize it? STOP MAKING ME QUESTION MY EXISTENCE DAMNIT.
  • Gabriel: Give me the damn sugar, and we won't have issues... Well, less issues than we have now.
  • Samandriel: I'm so fucking confused...I'm gonna go hide in your closet now...
  • Gadreel: Do I even want to know what you're thinking right now? Yes, yes I do, so tell me. TELL. ME.
  • Lucifer: Would it be awkward if I dated your brother? No, I'm serious, he could be cute and we could be soulmates...or maybe I'm actually a murderer and he's my next victim...DID YOU HEAR THAT BFF’S BROTHER?!
  • Naomi: This isn't a good idea. Yes, I know we'll probably be caught and punished. This is why we're up to mischief, is it not?
  • Castiel: What... Did you say what I think you said? Because if you said what I thought you thought I thought you said we’re in so much trouble. Also, don't even think about asking me to repeat that.
  • Balthazar: Honey, I'm in this for the money. Nah, I'm just in it to see your face when you lose.
  • Anna: Hey, are you awake? Yes, I know it's 3am. Yes, I know it's an ungodly hour, I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to sleep now.
  • Hannah: Hey, do you ever wonder if all these dolls in your room are actually alive and watching you when you sleep? Well...because...SHIT DID THAT ONE MOVE?!? RUN
  • *pterodactyl noises* *possessed muttering* *pauses* YO BFF'S BRO HI
  • “FUCK ME, FUCK YOU, FUCK THE WORLD. NO, SHUT YOUR DIRTY MIND UP RIGHT NOW EEWWWW—— actually, what were you thinking?”
New Life In New Lives (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)

“I don’t care what he said, it doesn’t mean jack squat” self conscious reader x Herc + “Sweet Hercules smut please? Where reader is a lil sad and Herc cheers her up by showing her how amazing she is *wink wink wink* you get what im saying? I love your blog. Grade A <3. ”

These were so much fun to write! Sorry I couldn’t make full on smut, the story was already so long and I couldn’t make it any longer but I hinted at it for you. If you can’t tell, I got a bit carried away. Enjoy!

A wail rang out in the halls of your once dead-silent house. Your eyelids quickly flipped open, as you began kicking off your sheets and rolling off the bed.

“What’s that, the third time so far?” Hercules grumbled, still snuggled under the sheets next to you.

“She’s just a baby, Herc. You can’t possibly blame her.” You said as you swung your legs off the bed.

Hercules placed his hand on your shoulder before you could get up.

“Relax, I’ll get her.” He said as he gently pulled you back into the bed and rolled out.

“You sure?”

He stood up, turned and smiled at you.

“Anything for you.”

You grinned as he stumbled out of the room to the nursery.

You laid down and recalled the past year or so with Hercules. You had fallen in love with him mere months before he had to be sent to war. He was your family’s tailor, sewing all of your family members garments: everything from evening ballgowns to bath robes. He had no clue who you were; he only knew you by your sizes and fabric preferences. But you knew all too well who he was.

You could recall your crush on him that had formed years ago when he began working for your family. Being the churlish young girl that you were, you would peek at him from behind the doorframe, or even go so far as to hide in the closet of fabrics and thread, all so you could stare at him as he meticulously worked on his projects. Always focused and never idle, you sometimes giggled at the sight of a very large, handsome man pouring his heart and soul into the pink, frilly dresses he made for your little sisters.

Then, one day he requested you come down for some new sizing. A gown had to be made for your debutante ball, and for whatever reason, Hercules wanted to measure you himself. You had just taken a bath, and dressed in nothing but underwear covered by a soft robe. You had never been so nervous. After two soft knocks, his door opened, and he invited you in. You remained silent as he instructed you to stand up straight and remove your robe. You quickly obliged, releasing your grip on the silk and letting it fall to your ankles. He then began to circle you, eyes bathing in every detail. He grabbed a note pad off of his desk and scribbled onto it before taking his tape measure wrap it around your waist.

“So tell me, (Y/N),” he suddenly inquired, breaking the silence. “Why have you been hiding in my fabrics closet?”

You felt your cheeks burn with a bright red blush. You had no idea that he had any clue of your hideout.

“I…. Uh….” You stammered as Hercules let the tape measure slip off of you, and prepared to measure your chest.

“Like watching me work?” He suggested as he looped the ruler around your bust.

“Yes.” You quickly replied, thankful for his guess that made you seem like less of a creep.

“Are you sure?” He had asked, looking right into your eyes with his big, brown ones and tightening the ruler around your chest.

And the rest was history. You two fell madly in love, making every possible excuse to see each other. You went so far as to deliberately tear up your own clothes so you could bring them to him to mend. He purposefully messed up his sizing, and always asked for you to come down and see him for corrections. You were intimate every change you had. From holding hands under a table or soft kisses when no one was around, to him sneaking up to your room late at night and passionately making love. Your affections were in secret, but you did not mind.

Then everything changed.

“You what?!?” You had screamed at him, eyes wide with disbelief.

“(Y/N),” he began, trying to defend himself. “I can’t be a tailor forever. I want to be an important part of history.”

“So you’re going to go out there because martyrdom is more attractive than a life with me?!”

“(Y/N), you know that’s not what I meant…”

You two argued for the remaining few weeks. Then, he left.

You had never felt so empty.

But that emptiness was filled very soon. You found out that you were pregnant.

All that followed after was a blur. You quickly wrote Hercules, frantic, upset and confused. He wrote only two words back.

“Marry me.”

Your parents, though disapproving of the marriage, still allowed you to marry Hercules. Having a daughter married to someone a few classes below the family was more honorable than having an unmarried daughter with children. Marriage papers were promptly sent to Hercules, and he signed them. The night he returned, you eloped. By that time your belly was noticeably swollen with child.

You heard the door swing open again, snapping you out of your moments of recollection.

“(Y/N), she’s hungry. And I can’t really help with that.” Hercules mumbled as he crawled back into bed, defeated. The baby continued to wail in the background.

You gathered up the strength in your tired body and pushed yourself off the bed, steadying yourself on the floor. You padded out of the room as you glanced back at your husband, collapsed back onto his side of the bed, probably already asleep. You followed the cries down the hall until you finally reached the nursery, where your little girl was red-faced and sobbing with hunger.

“Good morning, my love.” You whispered as you reached down into the crib and gently lifted her up. Her screams subsided when you rested her against you. You let your shoulder slide out of your nightgown, and lowered her to your breast, where she instantly attached to you and began suckling.

You sighed with relief as her tears quickly came to a stop, and gently kissed the top of her head as she happily nursed.

Lifting your head up again, you caught a glance of yourself in the mirror. You sighed in disappointment. You hated your new look. With the pregnancy came putting on many pounds, hips widening, stomach stretching out, thighs becoming fatter, and breasts swollen with milk. You had expected your weight to drop after you had given birth; but unfortunately it stayed.

Suddenly, your baby detached from you, content. You smiled as you kissed the top of her head once more as you swaddled her back into her blanket and placed her into her cradle. She was babbling and her feet were kicking against the wrap, full of energy and ready to play.

“Shhhh…. little one. We must sleep now.” You cooed.

She continued to wriggle on the crib mattress. You began to gently rock the crib, attempting to coax her into sleep.

Sleep my love, and peace attend thee
All through the night;
Guardian angels God will lend thee,
All through the night,
Soft the drowsy hours are creeping,
Hill and vale in slumber steeping,
I my loving vigil keeping,
All through the night.

Her eyelids fluttered as both your singing and gentle swaying pulled her back into a sleepy state.

Angels watching ever round thee,
All through the night,
In thy slumbers close surround thee,
All through the night,
They should of all fears disarm thee,
No forebodings should alarm thee,
They will let no peril harm thee,
All through the night.

As you finished your last line, she was fast asleep, still tightly swaddled and her thumb in her mouth.

“Goodnight, my little angel,” you breathed as you turned to exit the room.

But your eye caught the mirror once more. You couldn’t help but stop and turn to face it, crest fallen. Your hands grabbed the stubborn fat surrounding your abdomen.


You eyes the largeness of your hips, and your cushiony thighs that lay beneath them.


You remembered the days when Hercules would make excuses to slip his hands and tape measure around your skinny, youthful, near-perfect frame. Back when your body was tight and glowing with health.

And now here you were, chubby after only a few months, throwing away your wonderful body for good. Your father hadn’t had the mixed words to say either, ever since he saw you after the pregnancy.
“Who knew Hercules would turn you into such an ugly cow of a daughter.” He laughed, crushing your spirit.
You weren’t used to this. You weren’t used to being so…so… ugly.

You stopped angrily grabbing at yourself when you heard someone approach the doorframe.

“My love, why are you still up?” Hercules asked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“I was just…thinking.”

“Well come back to bed. Lay with me.” He persuaded.

“Hercules….does this, bother you?”

He raised his eyebrows in confusion.

“This, new figure.” You explained as you turned back to face the mirror, hands groping your newly formed love-handles.

“Of course not.” He replied as he sauntered over to you, wrapping his arms around your midsection, pulling you into his chest.

“It’s just…so different.” You whimpered, falling back into him.

“I barely notice it.”

“Well my father sa-”

“I don’t care what he said, it doesn’t mean jack squat. Do you really think it means anything to me? Come, look over here,” Hercules said as he gently pulled you away from the mirror, and directed your attention to the cradle.

Your baby girl was asleep, her chest falling up and down lightly, still sucking at her thumb. A few strands of hair delicately rested on her forehead.

“You made her. Isn’t that astounding?” He said, eyes filled with pride.

You nodded.

“And why should I care if you’ve gained a few pounds? You’ve given me the greatest gift I could have ever received. And you’re still as intelligent, witty, and gorgeous as ever.” He continued.

You looked up at him and smiled. He could always make you feel better.

“Besides, there’s more to love now.” He claimed as his hand playfully squeezed your ass.

You squeaked and slapped him away as he chuckled.

“Not in front of the baby!” You harshly whispered.

“I was just trying to prove my point.” He shrugged, grinning.

You turned your attention back to the crib. She was absolutely wonderful. Hercules was absolutely wonderful. There was so much love in your life, why let yourself be miserable at a single comment from your father? Hercules was right. As he always was.

You felt him grab your hand, and begin to gently tug you out of the nursery, and back into the bedroom.

“I love you so much,” you sighed as you approached the bed.

He smirked.

“What, you’re not going to say it back?” You asked.

“No,” he responded grabbing you by the waist and pulling you into him with a soft, gentle kiss. The kiss was followed by another, until he began making a trail down to your neck. His hands expertly began slipping your night gown off.

“I’m going to prove it to you, instead.”


Anon Requested:  Drabble game 79 and 100 with Jungkook (smut), please ? Thanks ~.

I know you guys are probably going to request a part two lmao because I left this at such a cliffhanger but I hope you like it ♥

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 1691

“Is there a reason you’re in my bed?”

“I had the weirdest dream about you last night and now I can’t help but imagine what you’d look like naked.”

You were happy that management let you see your brother and his friends as you please, usually they were a lot more strict to let anyone else around but with Jimin and the other boys pleads they finally agreed to let you come to the dorm whenever you wanted to. And with you coming as you please you were happy to hear when they boys moved dorms that they found a dorm with an extra room, a guest room. It wasn’t as much of a guest room as it was your room since you stayed over almost every other weekend.

Opening the door you flicked on the lights and nearly screamed as your heart stopped for a second. “Jungkook, is there a reason you’re in my bed?” You asked while taking off your shoes and rings you had on your fingers. You walked over to the dresser and placed the excess jewelry on top and turning to see Jungkook still in your bed turned on his side while he nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders. “So no reason or you just don’t want to answer?”

You plop down on the bed beside him, you mimic his position, facing his while propping yourself on your forearm allowing you to look down at him. “You know,” Jungkook started, his eyes looking up at you but there was something different. His eyes looked almost dark, a sense of greed hinting in them. “I had the weirdest dream about you last night and now I can’t help but imagine what you’d look like naked.” Jungkook’s eyes stayed glued to your face as you sat up abruptly, he watched every feature of yours making sure his words didn’t make you feel uncomfortable. He of course felt something for you but being a hormonal teenaged boy his dream of you last night only made him horny.

“My brother-” You started but was cut off by Jungkook now speaking over you.

“Your brother already thinks that I like you, it’s really only a matter of time.” He waves you off sitting up and inching closer to you, you were incredibly close now. Of course you’ve always been close to Jungkook, you’d occasionally cuddle when you both were hanging out either on the couch or in each other’s rooms and got tired. Your brother would always say comments about ‘how cute’ you both were whenever he found you both asleep together. He never was the over protective big brother who told every one of his friends to stay away from his little sister. You were the same age as Jungkook, only three months younger so Jimin never made a huge deal about you two being so close with each other. But still being as close as you are with Jungkook there was a tension in the air that you hadn’t felt with him before.

You tilted your head slightly before straightening it back. “Matter of time for what?”

“For this.” Jungkook’s hands slipped to the small of your back all while smashing his lips to yours. He easily flipped you over once your body hit his. A gasp left you at the quick movement and Jungkook took the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth instantly dominating as his hands laced with yours pinning them above your head. His head dipped to your neck instantly finding your sweet spot and sucking down. Your back arched into him which only made him smirk, one of his hands left yours dipping down into your leggings you were wearing and rubbed against your clothed heat. “So wet already…” He mumbled. Letting go of your other hand his hands hooked onto the waistband of your leggings and panties pulling them down in one swift movement. His hands quickly made their way to the hem of your shirt tugging it off of your body and not a moment later your bra joined the rest of your clothes.

With the lack of clothes in front of Jungkook you felt very naked, well you were but feeling naked make you feel slightly self-conscious. Heat rose to your cheeks and your arms came up beginning to cover yourself up. Jungkook’s hands immediately grabbed yourself halting your movements, his eyes stared down at you with a sudden intensity that you felt goosebumps run across your body. “You’re so beautiful.” He whispers. His voice dropped when speaking, his hands lightly tugged your arms away from your chest while settling himself in between your legs. He lowered himself once again meeting your lips, this kiss was hungry and rough but every bit of it made you feel hotter and hotter. His lips leave yours again to go to your neck, he stayed there for a bit to leave love bites all along your neck, you now knew there was no way makeup would be able to hide any of his markings he left on you. You moan out when you feel Jungkook’s tongue glide over your now bruised neck. Your eyes close enjoying the feeling when you feel his lips leave your neck and feel his hot breath fan over your heat. Your legs begin to close but Jungkook grabs ahold of your hips adjusting yourself so your legs now hang over his shoulders and without a second glance he dips his tongue into your heat causing a loud moan to course through the room.  “You are so wet baby, and all for me.” His voice vibrates into your skin and you moan again.

He sucks on your clit harsher causing more moans coming out of your mouth. If he didn’t care about pleasuring you so much he would’ve taken a moment to smirk at the sounds he was causing you to drone out. Without a warning he inserts a finger past your folds and you let out a gasp and grip onto his hair moaning out his name feeling your walls clench around his finger, he moves his finger before adding another one, he moves his finger in and out over and over again. He watched as you trembled, your face contorted in pleasure as you felt you coming closer to your climax. He removed his fingers and replaced them with his mouth once again. Jungkook now felt your whole body tremble as he lapped up all of your juices. He continued to lick and suck on your heat until he heard quiet whimpers come from you and a weak push of his head as you soon became oversensitive to all of the pleasure he was giving you.

He crawled over you kissing down on you, your hands reached up and tangled your fingers into his messy hair. You whined once you realized he was still fully clothed and you were lying underneath him naked. “Jungkook,” You whined into the kiss, his lips leave yours when he pulls back giving you a confused look. Even with his face scrunched up he still looked absolutely gorgeous to you. “I don’t find it fair that I’m the only one naked here.” You huff out sticking your bottom lip out. A laugh escapes Jungkook as he dropped his head into your neck once again, body shaking from his laughter. Once he was done he sat up, weight going all on his knees as he was still settled in between your legs. He flung his shirt to the floor and brought himself back over you kissing you.

His lips left yours almost immediately when a knock was heard on your door. “(Y/N)? Can we talk?” Jimin’s voice was heard on the other side of the door and began to open.

“I’m naked!” You screamed throwing the pillow that was under your head at the door causing it to pause as Jimin froze and quickly closed the door uttering multiple “I’m sorry’s” You and Jungkook both froze looking at each other before rushing off of your bed and throwing each other the scattered clothing that was discarded. Jungkook getting dressed quicker than you as he had only been shirtless. You threw your underwear and bra into the hamper at the door once you pulled your shirt back on.

“I just really need to talk to you…like now.” Jimin spoke from the outside of your door. Your heart was pounding against your chest looking at Jungkook with pleading eyes. “One second, just getting dressed!” You called back at the door.

“What do we do!” You whispered to Jungkook seeing as he began walking towards the door. “No!” You grab Jungkook pulling him back. “Are you crazy? No! He’s going to get suspicious, go…go hide-” You paused looking around the room to the small closet. “Go hide in the closet!” You began pushing Jungkook towards the closet that would easily hide him, it may be a bit cramped but it’ll have to do.

“(Y/N), you’ve got to be kidding me.” Jungkook stopped walking causing you to bump into him. “I’m not hiding in your closet.”

“Jungkook, hide.” You push harder, he took a step forward then pushed back against you, you tried pushing again but he was stronger than you and wouldn’t budge. “Jungkook, please.” You begged continuing to push even if you knew it was no use. “I’ll do anything just please hide.”

“Anything?” You didn’t have to look at him to see the smirk that was placed on his lips. “I’m holding you to that.” He turned around pecking your lips before walking into your closet and closing the door. You let out a quick sigh and hurried to your door opening the door and see Jimin.

“Jimin!” You smile, “What’s up?” You question stepping aside to let him into your room. He looked around your room as if he was looking to find something. His eyes scanned your bed seeing the slightly disheveled sheets and blankets.

“Why’s your bed a mess?”

“I just didn’t make it from last night.” You defended. “What did you need to talk to me about?”

Jimin turned to face you, all seriousness etched on his features as he sat on your bed patting the spot beside him ushering you to sit down.

“Jungkook. I wanted to talk about Jungkook.”


Giggly babies

Mitch dragging Avi XD

Avi’s little glance up at Mitchie

“I’m Avi’s baby” - Mitch Grassi 2015

Avi randomly looking up at Mitch. Literally for no reason at all XDD So adorabble

When Kevin made a bad joke XD

Mitch smiling at Avi’s imitation of Kevin eating really spicy food 

Mitch being all smiley and proud when Avi’s talking about over coming his anxiety. Part 1

Part 2

Avi saying he sings classical music in the shower and Mitch saying “That’s so you”

Which reminds me of this moment where Avi said he made himself a kissing booth and Mitch said the exact same thing ;)

I shall go hide in my closet now 

The Other Hemmings - M.C.

“Mikey, baby, I need you to stop fussing and shut the fuck up,” y/n hissed as she pulled down her boyfriend’s pants. “If Luke finds out because you can’t stop making noises, we’re both screwed.”

“Yea, well, maybe if you stopped teasing me, baby, your brother wouldn’t find out,” he spat back in a harsh whisper before gasping at the feel of the cool room hitting his shaft. “Now, kitten, could you please wrap that pretty little mouth of yours around my cock?”

“I guess, since you asked so nicely,” she started running her tongue up his length along the prominent vein on the underside. She could feel him shudder beneath her quickly taking him into her mouth so he wouldn’t protest yet again. She looked up at him through her lashes as she bobbed her head taking breaks to such harshly at his tip. He made a makeshift ponytail with her hair to control her movements moving him deeper into her mouth causing her to gag a few times.

“Shit, baby…yeah…just like-,” he started before being cut off by a knock on the door

“Michael, have you seen y/n? She mentioned going to the bathroom almost half an hour ago!” Luke yelled through the door thankfully not going to open it. Y/n continued to look at him through hooded eyes while bobbing her head as if her brother wasn’t just on the other side of the door.

“N-nope,” Michael responded quickly not trusting himself to say anything more as she deep throated him earning a low growl to escape his lips.

“I…did you just growl at me?” Luke asked through the door. The two of them heard the handle jiggle as Luke tried to get in the room, y/n continuing her assault on her dessert not letting up knowing he was moments away from releasing into her mouth. “Can you open the damn door?”

“Baby…kitten…y-you need to…s-stop,” he tried to let out in a whisper as she took a hands to his balls. “Oh, fuck me.” He released into her mouth only seconds later as she made sure to lick up everything before pulling back.

“I don’t know how you want to cover this up, but I’m going to hide in your closet,” y/n muttered placing a kiss to his cheek before quickly running into the dressing room closet shutting herself in the door. Michael pulled up his boxers leaving himself in only his boxers and shirt with his pants on the floor where he left them. He quickly opened the door to find Luke there with his hands in his pockets.

“The hell, mate?” Luke asked furrowing his brows together.

“I was busy,” Michael muttered blushing slightly at the thought of his sister’s mouth wrapped around his cock making the blood rush to his member once again.

“You’re being extremely vague, and if my sister wasn’t here, I wouldn’t care,” Luke responded crossing his arms over his chest.

“Well, it’s kind of embarrassing telling your best mate you’ve been masturbating so…,” he muted looking away from his friend once again.

“Oh…I uh…shit. My bad, Mikey. Just, if you see y/n can you tell her I’m looking for her? Mom called.” Michael nodded his head towards friend before shutting the door once again. He felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist.

“Kitten, I almost died.”

“Oh, don’t be dramatic, Mikey,” she muttered as he turned to face her.

“He needs to know, baby. I can’t keep going on with this. It’s stressing me out.”

“But that’s no fun,” she pouted sticking out her bottom lip just before Mikey took it between his teeth. “Can we wait…just a little bit longer?”

“After the show tonight, sure, but it should be before tomorrow, kitten.”

“But…what if I give you a reason to not tell Lukey?” Y/n asked with a seductive tone to her voice. She could feel his hands rest on her hips as she lifted her hands to rest them on his forearms.

“What reason could that be?”

“The way my pussy feels around your cock because, baby, we know for a fact that Lu’s not going be okay with you humping me to death.” Y/n brought her hands up to his chest rubbing her hands up and down in a teasing way before pressing a kiss to his jaw. “So, if you wanna tell him after this show, you might want to start taking your pants off, because I don’t know how long I’m going to last without your dick inside of me.”

“God, so impatient, kitten,” Michael groaned pressing his lips to hers quickly gripping at her thighs lifting her up to walk her towards the couch. He didn’t hesitate to rip off her top in the process before setting her down on the couch crawling between her legs, grinding into her crotch while kissing at her neck, most likely ready to leave hickeys. “You’re so beautiful.”

“Compliment me later, Clifford. Just hurry the fuck up!” She moaned loudly pushing him up to slide off her leggings and underwear while he pulled at his boxers. “Condom?” He quickly grabbed one out of his pants pocket ripping it open and rolling it on.

“Ready, kitten? I’m going hard and fast.” She nodded her head quickly as he pushed her down again kissing at her cleavage that wasn’t covered by her bra just as he thrusted into her. He didn’t bother waiting for her to adjust knowing there wasn’t time for that.

“F-fuck!” She moaned loudly not being able to hold it in as Michael pressed his lips to hers roughly.

“Quiet down there, kitten,” he groaned against her lips. He didn’t let up once as she raked her nails down his back. He pulled her leg up to wrap around his hip going deeper than before, hitting her at a new angle. He could feel her clench around him signaling she was getting close. He moved his hand down to her core rubbing at her clit. “You going to cum for me, kitten?”

“Fuck, Mikey…just like that,” y/n moaned loudly tightening around him causing them both to release with each other. The two of them waited to calm down before he pulled out of her, placing a tender kiss on her lips.

“Michael, you’ve got about ten seconds to remove your penis from my sister before I cut your dick off.”

Real conversation I just had:

Mom: You have to go to school.

Me (hiding in my closet, wearing my Hogwarts robes): Silly mom, I can’t go to school until I get my Hogwarts letter.

Mom: *sigh* Honey, Hogwarts isn’t real.


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Wooseok Scenario - “Shh!” (Pentagon) *Requested

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“Your hoodie is comfortable.”

“You look like a gnome with it on, though.” 

You looked up at your giant boyfriend and pinched his nose in feigned anger. It’s 3 a.m. on a Saturday and what better way than to spend the night- well, morning- cuddling with Wooseok? His long arms wrapped around your torso loosely and his nose was buried on the collar of his hoodie which was draped over your body. 

You yawned and leaned back, causing him to flop backwards on your bed. Sleep was getting to both of you, and after a marathon of trashy shows, you both were considering lolling off into dreamland. 

“You’re falling asleep, jagi.” Wooseok’s deep voice mumbled and kissed the top of your hair, pulling you up against his chest to spoon you.

“No, you’re falling asleep, babe.” You giggled sleepily, reaching back and running your fingers through his hair, smiling when you hear a low purr in response. He turned you around and began kissing all over your face, until teasingly hovering his lips above yours. Since Pentagon’s comback, Wooseok has been trying to get time like this with you more often. He treasured this intimate moments, without his member’s teasing. You groaned and leaned up, connecting your lips and leaving a moment of passion. Quickly after, you found your eyes slowly closing, and you could faintly hear Wooseok’s breathing over you.

“Jagi,” He pulled you closer, “does your mom know I’m here? I didn’t see her on my way to your room.” 

A few seconds passed, and Wooseok realized that you were asleep, and soon he was too…

A few hours later, the light bursting through your blinds woke you up. You tried to stretch, but a tangled mess awaited you instead. You tried moving your arm, but it was caught between Wooseok’s larger one and he wouldn’t budge. Blushing, you tried to squeeze through his arms, tightening on your chest uncomfortably in his sleep. While you were trying to sort out the tangled limbs, your mom’s voice from downstairs sent your heart racing. 

“____, wake up, hun! I’m making breakfast!”




You nudged him, and eventually he woke up, groggily asking, “Yes?”

“Hide, pabo!”

Suddenly, his eyes widened in realization, and he tried to sit up, but you landed in his lap instead. 
“Can’t we just stay like this?”

“No, pabo! My mom doesn’t know your here, go hide in my closet, go, go!”

You got off him, and pushed the giant into your not-his-size closet. Wooseok groaned as he ducked his head to actually fit between all your clothes and his height once the door was closed. And then the bedroom door opened.

“Honey, your breakfast is warm, let’s go.” Your mom eyed your rosey cheeks, but nodded in the direction of the kitchen. 

“Uh, okay mom, I’ll be right there, I just have to, uh, change. I’ll be right down.” 

“Well, I hope your not changing in front of Wooseok already!” Your mom giggled at your shocked expression, remind her of her youth. 


“Well, come on you two, I made breakfast and its going to get cold!~”

Kiss Challenge : Hiding/hoping not to be caught kiss

A/N: Welcome another Aussie to the page

Words: 1524


You peek around the threshold of your seven-year-old sons bedroom door. Hovering on the edge of his bed, Micah has his hands clamped over his wide blue eyes. Despite his recent trip to the barbershop, his thick blonde curls are wild and untamed.

It is seven o'clock on a Saturday morning and a highly competitive game of hide-and-seek was underway in the Courtney household.

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