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Layton looks kinda suspect in the new Lady Layton trailer...

Brain: Gurl, don’t do it.

Me: Layton looks kinda suspect in the new Lady Layton trailer.

Brain: Ummmmm……

Me: I mean, his smile looks forced and the shadow under his eyes usually means that something’s not right. In fact… doesn’t that look remind you of:

Me: Yeah, he looks like the “evil Layton” in unwound future! And the plot in Layton’s Mystery Journey is about Kat (Layton’s daughter) while she is looking for Professor Layton who has been missing? What if it’s not a normal missing person case? What if it’s more like a “I think my dad has been replaced by someone else” kind of plot? Does that mean real Layton has been missing and no one has noticed for years? Who kidnapped him? How long has be been suffering? And if it’s just a normal missing person case, well then why does he look like a crazy person barely hiding behind a smile? Maybe he lost it after everything that happened to him finally piled up? Or maybe he didn’t go missing… but ran away??? There’s so many directions Level 5 can take his character… No matter what they do, Layton’s story is still probably going to be heart wrenching.

Brain: But didn’t the creators say that this spin off was supposed to go a different direction? Level 5 said that the story will be more lighthearted and comedic-



Brain: Oh my word.


Christopher Larkin as Hershel Greene-Rhee

You step outside, you risk your life. You take a drink of water, you risk your life. And nowadays you breathe, and you risk your life. Every moment now…you don’t have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you are risking it for.

ok with all this talk about Pokemon Go, I got the idea of a Professor Layton Go kind of game! Imagine you go outside and you have to go travel around and look for puzzles to solve and you can find hint coins to help you if you’re stuck. And maybe there’s a mystery to solve and you have to find people who have information for you around your town. And there’s personalized music and cool items to find and mini games and just a PL universe in your area!!

Hershel Layton and Parenthood

While replaying the Layton series I have developed some thoughts about Professor Layton and his many, many children that I’d like to share.

Hershel Layton is, without a doubt, a kind soul. He constantly strives to help those in need, even when it comes as an inconvenience to him, and he does his best to teach others the same principles.

But this alone does not make him the great father we all might initially believe.

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