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mistrel-fox created an awesome crossover with gf and fma, also did these amazing drawings. Oh man the ideas are so great.

With the twins losing both of their limbs, I imagined GrunkleStan being the suit of armor and well….. I got waaay too deep into this.


and it’s all your fault MISTREL


Speaking with people who have been terrorized by roosters.

I accidentally ended up with a rooster a couple years ago from a mis-sexed chick, and decided to keep him because I thought he could keep an eye on my little T. rexes while they were foraging. He was socialized like his brood-sisters, so I figured he’d be a decent pet as long as he never became too hormonal.

This bird was the biggest coward I have ever encountered. Any perceived threat- dogs, hawks, people- he would abandon the hens and go tearing across the stable parking lot to dive under a truck. Where he would hide for hours. I caught him one time when he tried to flee and leave the hens to die, and he fluffed himself up while screaming that he was being mauled by a mountain lion.

Every evening when I’d herd the chickens back into their run, River would take off in the opposite direction, screaming, and go hide in the tall grass. Where I would search for a half hour before giving up and deciding he was just going to have to be coyote bait. After sundown he’d be spotted doing laps around the coop, trying to get inside. Our stable’s caretaker would have to drive down the hill from his house to open the door for this dumbass.

He was a Barnvelder- they’re not lightweights. I have no idea why he was incapable of basic chicken dignity, much less terrorizing anything. I could describe him as Heihei’s fat twin.

We ended up giving him to one of our caretaker’s friends who wanted a breeder that would add weight to his mixed flock’s lines. Friend also has small children, so River being completely nonaggressive meant he was perfect for them. He’s more of a family pet now.

Life’s a Party (Batfam)

Requested by an anon

Summary: It’s date night for Bruce and Batmom, but when they come home chaos is unfolding within the mansion.

Warning(s): Shenanigans!

The marina was calm and quite desolate tonight, which made for the perfect location for a date. No one was going to bother you and it just so happened to be one of the main hotspots of activity lately, though the lack of people begged to differ. Nonetheless, it meant that Bruce was able to keep a watchful eye on the area while also showing you off as his arm candy to the stars and moon that shined down on you.

Neither of you barely said anything, enjoying the comfortable silence that fell over you both as you walked. The chill of the air coming off the water only gave you an excuse to walk closer to your beau. He always managed to make dates perfect somehow, even if they were interrupted by maniacs or calls from the principals office - though thankfully tonight he didn’t have to answer to either. It was just you and him, with each other’s undivided attention.

But alas, all good things must end and after hours of aimlessly walking around and talking about anything and everything, you decided to head home. As the car pulled up the long driveway you both could tell something was going on within the house from nearly a mile away. All the lights seemed to be on and music could be heard bumping through the walls like a heartbeat.

“I guess this is what we get for letting Alfred have the night off,” Bruce commented sarcastically, earning a snicker from you.

“I think it’s about time we show them how to really party. Don’t you, dear?” You suggested with a devious look on your face, one which Bruce returned just as deviously.

Hand in hand, you both walked into the house through the garage door, the music thumping into your core. As you progressed towards the epicenter of music and strobe lights, the house became steadily messier and showed signs of empty alcohol bottles and confetti just simply everywhere. The first child you found was Duke, completely passed out sideways in a rocker.

“Is he dead?” You questioned, half serious and Bruce shook his head after taking a pulse and let the sense of relieve wash over you both momentarily.

With a sigh from both of you, you continued your pursuit and not before long, you had slipped into the mass of people gathered in the main ballroom. The sight before you made you both stop and just stare.

Dick was showing off his acrobat moves, currently swinging from the chandelier as Barbara cheered him on from the staircase. Jason was screaming demands at the DJ from the “dance floor.” Tim and Cass were dancing next to each other while Steph had to prop herself up with help from the drink table. And Damian… Damian was no where to be seen which worried you more than seeing him involved in this mess.

The twitch in your eye made you want to go ape shit mother-hen on all of them, dragging each of their most likely intoxicated bodies to their beds. But, no, you had a much better idea. Bruce was thinking the exact same thing and wrapped a hand around your waist before pulling you close to him. A devilish smirk crossed your faces and you emerged yourselves into the crowd, locked together so you wouldn’t lose the other.

In your travels you both acquired a drink and held them tightly in hand as you started dancing with each other. Purposely sloppy, you made sure the two of you were making a scene, grinding, and yelling, and kissing until the people around you started to notice. Just as you had hoped, they began moving away from you, no one wanting to dance next to the old grinding couple, a few of them even realizing who you were.

After about a half hour, the room cleared out enough that a few of the kids spotted you, freezing in place. Bruce notice and motioned in their direction, making you turn your head to spot Tim, Cass, and Steph. The shock on their faces made you laugh and even Steph, who was clearly the most inebriated, widened her eyes and furrowed her eyebrows as if you were figments of her imagination.

“Hey guys! Nice party!” You yelled over the music to them as if you were just another couple of random partygoers.

The lack of anger on yours and Bruce’s faces terrified them all to the core before your face immediately dropped into your trademark serious ‘you’re in deep shit’ look. “It’s time to end it.”

Steph nodded slowly, seeming to take a different meaning to your words as she slurred a goodnight and shuffled along the walls up to her bed. With a shrug you watched her, at least one of them was making this easy though the other two just stood and stared.

“Now,” Bruce chimed in with his own stern look and Tim and Cass bolted, no doubt to find the others and tell of their situation.

Arms folded over your chests, you and Bruce stood side by side in the middle of the ballroom, watching as the people filed out and the music stopped. Jason let a string of expletives out as he started cleaning up bottles before even acknowledging your presence. Tim and Cass kept ushering people out, stumbling slightly in the process.

Dick still hung upside down from the chandelier and he waved with a smile when he saw you, though his words were slow and slightly slurred, “Heyy Mom! Heyy Bruce! You’re home early!”

With a sigh and a hand on your forehead, you offered a small wave with your other hand and rather unenthusiastically replied, “It’s three AM, Dick. Now get down from there.”

When all of the kids stood in front of you, excluding the ones already passed out or the one that was MIA, you looked them over with a disappointed frown before Bruce spoke up, “Tomorrow you’re cleaning this place up. And then we’re going to have a looong talk.”

“But for now, get to bed.” You chimed in, most of the glares being sent towards Cass and Tim, especially considering they were underage.

The two nodded and headed off to pass out, Tim actually glad for once when his head hit the pillow. After they left the room your attention turned back to the three left in front of you. Babs’ cheeks were flushed, her body telling you she obviously participated in the evening’s events. It was clear the second you walked into the room that Dick was far gone and you had to admit, you had some respect for anyone who could do acrobatics while drunk.

But when you looked Jason over, your eyes squinted. “Jason? Are you sober?”

Dick wrapped an arm around Jason’s shoulder and piped up for him, “Jay was our party mom tonight!”

“Dick, honey, go to bed. You too Barbara.” You softly told them and they nodded, slowly and hesitantly heading off in that direction.

“Just wanted to make sure no one died. Cause y’know, I know how that feels and it’s not very pleasant,” Jason explained sarcastically, brushing off the silent allegations that he did it because he was worried and turned to continue picking up a bit.

With a sigh, Bruce put a hand on your shoulder, “I’m going to make sure Duke’s still alive, and make sure he gets to bed.” You nodded up at him and gave a small smile and swiveled to take in the whole image of the trashed ballroom.

(Bonus part is coming tomorrow!)

All I’m gonna say is IronWidow bromance like

  • Natasha showing her appreciation for Tony not by being nice to him, but by being really mean and violent to anyone who hurts Tony
  • Natasha having a secret Black List in which she notes every transgression committed by anyone against Tony and maybe she doesn’t always dole revenge out immediately but eventually she gets even with everyone on that list. (JARVIS being a surprisingly helpful ally in that regard.)
  • Tony getting away with calling Natasha all sorts of ridiculous nicknames
  • Tony going into overprotective mother hen mode that one time Natasha twists her ankle and her indulging his nagging without protest.
  • Natasha “completely, one hundred per cent on accident” destroying the indoor pool and the on-the-roof pool, and convincing Tony to build her an incredible high rope course instead. [All of which coincidentally happens two days after she stumbles across some old video footage of Tony being waterboarded.]
  • Natasha threatening to kill Tony every time he gets seriously injured in a fight.
  • Tony threatening to kill Fury every time Natasha gets seriously injured on a mission.
  • Tony constantly inventing new, smaller, better hidden trackers on Natasha, whilst she does her best to find and get rid off them (and if it takes her a suspiciously long amount of time, well, nobody has to know).
  • Natasha reacting violent on the rare occasion that a team member manages to sneak up on her/touches her without her seeing it coming, yet when sleep-deprived Tony drapes himself all over a dozing Natasha nothing happens except cuddles and the occasional half-conscious blanket fight.
  • Natasha and Rhodey having a secret Tony’s Best Friend™ competition, official point system, leadership board, prizes and bets included. 
Boys (S.D.R. x Reader)

AN: there might be a part two? Maybe. We’ll see. 

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Request: @megabooklover18 - Then could I request the democratic republicansx reader where one of them accidentally punched the reader and then they panic and go into mother hen mode?

Warning: fuck boys 

Word Count: 1,688

          You and the boys were sprawled out on the lawn of the courtyard relaxing after class. This week, all of your schedules were filled with free periods due to the three day long talent show of sorts that your school put on every year before break. All of these free periods meant more time with your boys, which you greatly appreciated. Everyone was grateful for the easy week, with a few exceptions.

          Hamilton and his group of boys had too much time on their hands and had started going around picking petty fights for the pure purpose of starting petty shit. You felt your imminent doom approaching, because you knew there was no way in hell they were going to pass you guys by.

          It was stupid that they had it out for your boys, given that Aaron tuned them out, Thomas never responded to anything they said about him or any of his friends, and James was, well, James, and tried to please everyone. Even without being provoked, the self-titled Hamilsquad found a way to get on everyone’s nerves. And by everyone’s, you meant yours. It seemed like they were always messaging or indirecting your boys and it was very, very annoying.

          James jolted you from your thoughts suddenly as he went into a coughing fit. You moved your head off of his chest and helped Thomas sit him up.

          “Aaron, I have water in my bag, and you get for me, please?” You asked, keeping an arm around James.

          Aaron nodded and started digging through your bag. “How on earth do you ever find anything in here?”

          “I never have any problems,” you shrugged. “Hurry up or give it here.”

          Aaron dug around for another minute before he found the water bottle. When he tossed it to you, he missed by a considerable about and hit Thomas, who was completely focused on James and not paying attention to anything else.

          “Fuck- what the hell?” Thomas yelped.

          James’ eyes widened. “Language!”

          Aaron snickered, earning a glare from Thomas. He only blew a kiss in Thomas’s direction and laid back down. You reached over for the water bottle to hand to James as Thomas kept glaring at Aaron.

          “You’re the one who swore, babe. Get over it,” you scolded, not taking your eyes off of James as he sipped the water. “My fuck boy senses are tingling.”

Sure enough, you heard a rowdy conversation getting louder and louder as the Hamilsquad approached your group. Your three boys moved closer to you, already getting defensive. They could get endless amounts of shit themselves without snapping, but Lord help anyone who tried giving any to you. You took the bottle from James and slowly screwed the lid back on. The only time you really felt small was when this group was around. You didn’t know why they bothered you so much since you put up with the same kind of shit on a daily basis from a lot of other people. Maybe it was because you could practically cut the sexual tension between the two groups with a knife. You were nothing special. What was keeping your three with you? They might have been assholes, but the Hamilsquad was very attractive. And smart. And creative. And-

“Can we help you?” Thomas asked almost wearily. James wrapped his arm around your waist and you felt eyes on you, but you refused to look up to meet them.

Alexander faked offense. “Are we not allowed to just stop and say hello?”

“No,” Aaron sat up to stare Alex down. “What do you want?”

“We were just wondering if we could borrow your little slut,” you heard the smirk in Hercules’ voice and felt James’ arm tighten.

“Excuse me?” Thomas growled.

“You’re excused,” Hercules replied. He waited for the snickering from the rest of the group to die down. “But you didn’t answer my question. Can we borrow your slut?”

Thomas snarled and sprang up from the ground. “Call her that one more time. I dare you.”

“Thomas, please. It’s fine. Just s-”

“No one asked you, whore,”  Lafayette interrupted you.

That was it. Thomas swung for the French kid and Aaron got up to go after Hercules, who was twice his size. Nothing but a gross sob came from your throat when you tried to speak. James pulled your head to his chest gently, shushing you and pressing kisses into your hair. Because it was so late in the afternoon, the courtyard was empty and teachers had gone home, which meant there wasn’t going to be any help. Thomas and Aaron knew how much you hated fighting, so why did they start it?

“The skank won’t even stand up for herself. I guess she really does need three guys,” Hercules grunted. James winced and you knew someone was hurt.

“J-,” you cleared your throat and tried again. “James, I need- I need to do something-”

“I’m not letting you get in the middle of that, my love,” he kissed your temple, trying to keep you from looking over at the brawl.

You sat for a minute until you couldn’t stand listening to it anymore. You forced yourself out of James’ arms and stood. You started over to them but froze in your tracks. Why did seeing the boys did it look so horrible but feel so- right? You tried to force yourself closer. You disapproved of this shit wholeheartedly, but with these kids-

“Damn,” you whispered. You finally moved when Alexander and Laurens each grabbed one of Thomas’s arms, making it far easier for Lafayette to hit him. There was no way that you were going to get anywhere with Hamilton and Laurens. You lunged in between Lafayette and Thomas just as Aaron got away from Hercules to take a swing at was supposed to be Lafayette, but was, instead, you. You crumpled to the ground and everyone froze.

“Is she-?” John looked between you and Aaron. No one saw James make his way over.

“Leave,” his voice was more menacing than anyone had ever imagined it could be. “Don’t ever even look at her again. I can make your lives a living hell, and after this, I won’t hesitate. Go. Now.”

They believed him completely, even without specifics. Hercules and Lafayette were already gone, followed by the other two shortly after. Once they were gone, your boys fell to the ground around you.

“Shit,” Aaron winced when he saw the already huge bruise forming on your jaw.

“‘Shit’ indeed,” James nodded. “She might be concussed. Why were you going to hit anyone that hard?”

“They’re assholes who deserve it,” Thomas answered for Aaron. Other than broken glasses and a bruise to match yours, everything you could see of

Thomas was fine.

“Shh,” you whispered. “Shh.”

You didn’t open your eyes and reached your arms out a little. Someone sat you up against their stomach slowly. Everyone sat silently for a minute before they erupted into chatter that you couldn’t follow. Suddenly there were cold hands touching your face, which you were not overly fond of.

“What-” you jerked your head away when they tried to open your eyes.

“Can you cooperate, please,” came Thomas’s voice from above you. “We’re just trying to make sure that you’re okay.”

“I’m perfectly fine,” you insisted.

“Then prove it,” Aaron said from beside you.

You opened your eyes slowly and leaned over to kiss him deeply. “I’m fine.”

“That really doesn’t prove anything,” Thomas grumbled. “We should probably take you to the hospital or something.”

You kissed Aaron again quickly before you settled back into Thomas’s lap. “I’m really okay. I promise.”

“Thomas is right,” James said. He was very noticeably watching your face closely.

“Guys, it was just a punch. I’ll live,” you closed your eyes. “Can someone take me home? I’m tired. My parents are out of town so you can hang out if you want.”

The boys started chatter you couldn’t keep up with again. Maybe you did have a concussion. You shrugged a little to yourself. How bad could it be? You just wanted to go to bed and forget about this afternoon and if you went to the hospital, it would turn into an even bigger deal than it already was.

“Boys ruin everything,” you mumbled. You didn’t even realize you had said it outloud until the boys went silent. “No, no. You guys are good. Continue.”

Thomas kissed the top of your head. “Let’s just take her home.”

Aaron stood and picked you up out of Thomas’s lap. You wrapped your legs around his waist. You didn’t usually like being carried because it made you feel small, but this felt more comforting than anything. James and Thomas followed Aaron to his car.

You all lived in the same neighborhood, so you carpooled every day. This meant all of them were probably coming over. You didn’t mind so long as they let you sleep. You were really fucking tired. Somewhere along the way home you dozed off.

When you woke up, you and all three of the boys were crammed onto the couch. C-SPAN was on and they were watching so intently that they didn’t notice you. You sat still for a minute before you decided that your hands were cold and needed to be warmed up. You smirked and slipped your hands under Thomas’s shirt, know that he hated the cold the most.

“Holy shit!” he squealed.

“Language,” James said before Thomas even finished talking. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m still fine,” you shrugged.

Aaron rolled his eyes. “That still sounds fake.”

“Don’t flatter yourself, babe,” you snorted. “It wasn’t that bad.”

“Mm, it was pretty bad,” Thomas pulled your hands away from his stomach. You glared at him when he opened his mouth to add something. No one else even tried saying anything else. You stuck your hands back under Thomas’s shirt and curled up so that you could slid your feet under Aaron’s shirt. Much to your disappointment, he didn’t even flinch. You sat there pouting until the calming boringness of C-SPAN lulled you back to sleep.

My brother and 12x12

So… since my brother watched First Blood (12x09) he is convinced Dean and Cad are in love ( I made another post about that)…. so since then he’s been watching supernatural with me only because he wants to proof he’s right. So this episode went something like this

*Cas gets stabbed, is not healing and Mary takes him yo the barn*
Him: Dean’s going to have a coronary when he finds out
*Dean and Sam arrive at the barn*
Him: oh boy…. he’s going in overprotective mother hen mode
Me, a destiel shipper who loves to rile him up: Dean is always overprotective
Him: *gives me the stink eye* you know what I mean
*Cas says he’s dying*
Him: wait… he can’t die…. he’s one of the main characters…. they can’t kill him right?!
Me: 😌
Him: fuck
*Cas: I love you, and rest of the speech*
Me: he said all of you
Him: are you blind!! He said I love you to Dean and then he said all of them looking at Sam and Mary
Me: You sure you’re not reading to much into it?
Him: no, I have to working eyes and more than half a brain
Me: Jeez ok, I’m with ya
*Dean: let’s go home*
Him: *Gets up* They’re in love and I don’t need more proof that that *Leaves the room*

My brother is officially a shipper and I don’t know what I did to deserve something this great 😂


Okay, I know its crazy…but I can’t help making this idea of what if Sanji was born as a woman? I have a big imagination of Sanjina (Sanji’s fem name) has a striking resemblance of her mother Sora. And because of that, she would have been shut away from her father Judge (perhaps it is quite painful of seeing his daughter look just like Sora and the fact that Sanjina possess a human emotion as a failure of his family).

Of course, Sanjina would go mother-hen over Straw Hats and just like Sanji, she would go all gaga over attractive people (in her case, handsome men). But I think she would likely also look up to Nami and Robin. It would be sweet to see Nami and Robin giving Sanjina compliment with her looks (in some upcoming story I would have Sanji suddenly become a woman). Imagine Sanjina as a beautiful woman with a fierce personality same as Nami, but has mature persona like Robin (plus easily attracted to handsome boys) LOL.

I could also think of her older sister Reiju and her brothers Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji could see Sanjina’s resemblance of their mother. Reiju would share most in common with her, but Sanjina still avoids her brothers, much to their inner frustration (its getting angsty here, sorry). But whenever they are close to her, they could see their mother in her and couldn’t help but feel content in her presence. And Sanjina would find it awkward to see her brothers slowly cease to make her life miserable, but she would get use to it.

It’s a bit OOC here, but I imagine Sanjina, out of sympathy, lend her knees to Yonji so he could sleep peacefully. The fourth brother would deny but he quickly felt the peace. And sooner, Niji and Ichiji notice them and somehow, Sanjina’s serene look remind them of mother and would likely join in.

[I’m planning on making either fanfiction of Sanji turned into a woman and interacts with other characters, including his siblings. Or, or, I might planning on making angsty comics of Sanjina observing the “change” in her brothers (by change, I mean…emotions) and decide to help them. It’s up to you readers. Ask me which one you want me to make first.]