go have several seats

you: your ship ain’t even canon and it’s never going to happen and your never going to get canon!!!!!!

me: oh shit fam! you right. let me turn off how feel about this ship real quick because it’s not canon. imma stop shipping it right TF now cause you reminded me that shipping is solely about canon and it must be on my screen to be entertained, celebrated, and enjoyed. imma go sit my as down rn. thx for this sugar free tea that you sweetened with that wackass flavorless personality you got. thanks fam!

Nothing gets under my skin more

Then when somebody tries to come for me about my hair.

I don’t wear wigs and weave because I’m ashamed of my hair. I wear it because I was blessed with a hair type that allows me to be incredibly versatile in the things I can do to and with it. I take pride in every single half wig I own. I have a deep affection for microbraids and I can’t wait until my home girl does my twists.

I am fabulous and I constantly change up my hair because I want to. It’s not for male attention. It’s for ME. My black excellence is not determined by whether or not I turn a man’s head. It’s determined by whether or not I look in the mirror before I leave my house each morning and I can honestly and truthfully tell myself that I’m ready for grind time and that I’m going to look sensational while I do so.

Anyone who thinks otherwise can go have several seats elsewhere.

7x20 feelings

I have to say I was proud of my baby, Damon. a.k.a. THE MAIN ONE DOING PRODUCTIVE SHIT THE WHOLE EPISODE!!! Keeping Bonnie alive (even though that bitch Rayna played you) by going the distance unlike certain other bitches!!! Spilling truth tea to Bonnie and Enzo in every scene!! Leading the damn brigade! Reassuring Bonnie to not give up like she’s used to doing and actually delivering on his promise to not let her die! DAMON GOT SHIT DONE AND LET PEOPLE KNOW WHAT’S UP!! HE IS NOT LETTING HIS WIFE DIE! EVEN IF SHE GIVES UP ON HER LIFE, HE NEVER WILL NO MATTER HOW SHE FEELS TOWARD HIM!!!



HOW IN THE FUCKING HELL IS DAMON BEING MORE OF A BOYFRIEND THAN YO ASS!! It should be YO ASS that’s pulling out all the stops, makin all the calls, telling Bonnie not to give up on living, telling Bonnie that her living is worth the price of opening a damn vault!!!! AND YOU HAVE THE F U C K I N G GALL TO COME AT DAMON FOR KEEPING BONNIE A-FUCKING-LIVE!! LITERALLY DAMNING HIM FOR SAVING YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S LIFE! Shit you seemed more okay with Bonnie dying than Bonnie did!!! Yea you all ready to do the cozy boyfriend shit while leaving all the real shit to Damon. Damn, I knew I wasn’t feeling you being all lax and shit while not accepting responsibility for your massive fuck up and blaming everything on Damon in 7x19 but NOW I am NOT here for Bozo, I am NOT here for Enzo St. John’s actions supporting Bonnie dying since he wants to stay the perfect, non confrontational boyfriend that can stay on Bonnie’s good graces. If Bonnie would rather die than do something that will save her life, then let her die??????!!!!!???!?!?! WHAT KINDA FUCKERY ENZO, HER FUCKING BOYFRIEND THAT AIN’T WORTH SHIT!!! He’ll figure it out my ass!! He was right next to Bonnie playing kissy face on the couch after his determination flew off somewhere. His bitch ass might as well been pickin out fucking coffins!!! And people wonder why I can’t support this Bozo mess. This is for Enzo in this episode.


I didn’t have any problem with you until you put Damon’s name in your mouth. Talkin about Damon screwing up again???? Ummm, excuse you, did Damon not just save Bonnie! Was yo ass not the last one to help while Damon’s been handling shit from the start. Sweetheart, you killing ONE vampire off RayRay’s list and what making soup was….cute…..however if it was up to you and Enzo for that matter Bonnie would have been up in that grave. Bitches who ain’t doing shit always wanna criticize!!!

 Am I in the mothafucking twilight zone right now?? Are these bitches in they right minds???

The only person that has a right to be upset with Damon is Bonnie!!! Everyone else can go have several theater seats with they Damon blaming bullshit!!!

It's time for yet another rant. I really don't understand all of this Iggy Azalea hate.

The majority of people who criticize Iggy Azalea sound very ignorant, narrow minded and very unintelligent. You judge a girl who’s doing something you could never do in your life. I’m going to detail everything so you can all have several seats.

1. Her rapping accent - In case you Americans don’t know, I will let you know now. In many countries across the world, namely Europe and Asia artists are trained to rap and sing in english and an “American” accent. You may have noticed this when a few of your favorite artists from the UK put out globally successful songs. So in knowing that, her rapping/singing accent is quite different from her normal talking accent.

2. Her being mentored/groomed by T.I - She was basically groomed by T.I near the beginning of her career and she has also said MANY times that he has had a huge impact in her sound and her music. So you saying that she is trying to “appropriate” the black culture is ignorant.

3. Controversial things she has said - I don’t know not 1 artist (hiphop) who has not said one thing that is very controversial. So you picking at things she has said when there are black/white artist saying like things. They glorify violence and objectify women yet you want to put down this one girl?

4. Her life - I’ve seen many people say that she raps about things she has never experienced or she doesn’t know about. If you have ever listened to her interviews or paid attention to the things she has said about her life then you would know.

5. Her music - You are entitled to your opinions, but many of your opinions are ignorant and the things you say come off as unintelligent and baseless.

6. Competition - Why would you try to pit her against Nicki Minaj? Neither of them have a similar sound. They barely have anything in common with exception of them coming to the US at a young age. They don’t even make the same kind of music. Yes they will be nominated for the same awards and will go against each other in numerous ways but you do not have to put another person down just to glorify the other. Appreciate their talents and their differences.