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Today I visited the Eastern Shore Birding and Wildlife Festival at Kiptopeke State Park. While looking for birds on the beach near the park’s boat launch, my group encountered an adult Great Black-backed Gull whose legs and wings were bound with discarded fishing line. The bird was laying lethargically on the beach in the sun, unable to do more than stand and sit, its eyes closed. It was so tangled that another club member and myself were easily able to walk up to and restrain the bird, removing over two feet of fishing line from its body. When we released the bird, it still had a heavy limp and was unable to fly, instead swimming away with its newly-freed feet.

The fact that this gull was next to a fishing pier was no coincidence. The Chesapeake Bay is home to hundreds of thousands of vulnerable waterbirds, many thousands of which die each year from improperly discarded fishing line.

If you know any anglers, or ever fish yourself, make sure to clean up your fishing line! And even if you don’t fish, if you see a hook or some line next time you are near the water, think of the wildlife and properly dispose of it.

Note: I don’t recommend trying to help wildlife yourself in these scenarios. The gull used the only defense it had against me, biting me hard on the arm (though luckily not drawing blood). What we should have done was call a ranger who could have taken the immobilized bird to a rehabber while it was unable to swim away from further help.

Blake’s 7 Birds- Blake

Blake’s 7 characters and their associated bird familiars/ daemons/ only friends in the entire Galaxy.

The third in the series of I Do Like Birds is Blake, and his Golden Eagle.

Eagles are noble looking and impressive, but can also leave a bloody mess behind them.

Blake’s eagle cuts an imposing figure, usually perching behind him as he gives one of his speeches, spreading her wings at key moments. The Liberator is not really built for high soaring birds, though, and the entire crew has learnt to duck when they hear the approaching wing beats.

Notes: This is the only bird where Mum and I went in completely different directions. I had eagle from the start. Her suggestion?

 ‘Blake is an obstinate and aggressive seagull’

Bit rude, really. I mean, it could work- but eagle’s are more charismatic, and Blake does have charisma, so we’ll stick with this.

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thinking back to the war of 1812 has kindaichi been saved yet

Free him

Long Island Gothic
  • You drive past fertile farmlands. You drive past sprawling mansions whose monthly utilities must be more than your mortgage bill. You drive past neatly arranged drug filled suburbs. You drive through streets filled with run down buildings and gang related graffiti. You have only been driving for an hour and a half.
  • Every block is filled with identical homes. You try to shake the thought that every single one of them has identical families living inside of them, but it’s hard when they all house a woman named Jennifer.
  • People say it is dangerous in Wyandanch. People say it is dangerous in Brentwood. People say it is dangerous in Central Islip. People do not speak of the dangers found in the rich towns. You wonder if they truly do not know or if there is someone who will not allow them to speak of it.
  • Every person born on Long Island knows what you mean when you speak of The City. You have family in The City. Your friends go into The City fairly often. They do not always come back.
  • No matter where you go, there are sea gulls. You live more than 2 hours inland. You have not seen the ocean in three years, still the seagulls haunt you, staring at you with soulless hungry eyes. You do not meet their gaze, fearing they will steal more than your last corn chip.
  • You drive out to the rez to pick up a carton of smokes. Once inside the reservation you are confronted with smoke shop after smoke shop. You see nothing but cigarette vendors. You become lost in the maze of identical signs advertising tax free cigarettes. You wish you had thought to leave a note for your family telling them you love them.

Dead animal warning

I was going through the work freezer today and I was really drawn to these two b.irds and their ghostly frozen eyes… I want to try and capture their sombre beauty in some art soon. The first is a juvenile h.erring g.ull, but the poor baby has such a bald head they look rather vulturish - the second is a t.awny o.wl, and has come home with me to be cleaned up for education.

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Can you pretty please with sprinkles on top write more punk gospel stuff. I'm dying..without it*dramatically coughs up a lung

The small fishing trawler hit a rough patch of water, prompting Yeshua to grab onto the railing of the boat with white knuckles. Simon laughed, steady on bent knees as he helped Andrew drag the nets up onto the deck.

“Weather’s turning sour,” Simon said, nodding towards the turbulent grey sky. “It’ll only get worse from here on in. Maybe you should have stayed on dry land.”

Yeshua smirked at the taller man. “I’ll manage. You’re not getting rid of me that easily.”

Yeshua turned to watch the New Jersey shoreline shrinking behind the boat, the tempestuous breeze tugging his dark hair free from his hoodie. Andrew nudged Simon with his left shoulder, the one he had gotten tattooed with ocean waves and tortoiseshells the last time he was in Samoa.

“Why don’t you get rid of him, Simon? What’s the supervisor gonna say when he finds out we took some kid out in one of his boats? Worse than that, what if the kid gets himself hurt, or drowned? If he wants to talk to you so badly he can do it when we’re not on the clock.”

“Leave him be,” Simon replied, hauling handful after handful of empty net onto the boat with scarred hands. 

“He’s freaking me out.”

“Yeah well maybe I want to hear what he has to say.”

“We heard what he had to say. It was somewhere along the lines of ‘Hey, I know we haven’t spoken since highschool, but remember me? I’m coming to recruit you for God’s army.’ He’s crazy, Simon.”

Simon opened his mouth to reply but then he noticed Yeshua walking over to them, his hands stuffed deep into the pockets of his hoodie.

“You guys don’t seem to be catching much.”

“Somebody give him a medal,” Simon scoffed as he scooped up the remainder of the sopping net and began to untangle it with deft fingers. He cussed the small flock of pelicans swimming impatiently round the boat, squawking and pecking at the nets in hopes of scavenging an easy lunch.

“These waters are shit,” Andrew said. “They’ve been fished down to nothing and what’s left is so regulated by the government you can hardly make a living off it. Hell, even the gulls are going hungry.”

“That’s the last one,” Simon growled, growing frustrated with his net and throwing it away. “Four nets and we didn’t catch a damn thing. Again.”

Andrew squeezed him reassuringly on the shoulder, but Simon just kept fuming.
“I’ve gone through three fisheries in the last year trying to land a steady job. This one’s gonna fall through soon, I can feel it. There’s no honest work to be done in the world anymore…”

Yeshua gnawed on his thumbnail thoughtfully for a moment. Then he said,
“Throw the net back in.”

Simon’s black eyes lit up with a kind of indignant disbelief.

“What did you just say?”

“I said cast the nets back into the water. One more time.”

Andrew made a disgusted sound and turned away from Yeshua, shaking his head.

“Listen kid,” Simon began, his heavy boots thudding against the deck as he advanced on the stranger. “I think I know a little bit more about this than you do. These waters are barren, capisce? I’m not going to waste any more of my time on them.”

“Once more is all I’m asking. You never know until you try, right?”

“I’ve got four baby sisters and a grandmother waiting at home for me. If I hurry I might be able to find some work at the lumberyards before the sun goes down.”


“Stop calling me that,” He groaned. Nobody had called him by his middle name in years, except his grandmother, and only when he burned dinner. “I’m tired of whatever little game you’ve got going here. Why don’t you just tell me exactly what you want from me and then get out of my way?”

Yeshua lowered his voice into a calm, intimate place and looked up at Simon without a trace of fear in his eyes. 

“I want you to trust me.”

“No you don’t. You must have gotten your signals crossed, so you can just tell the Big Man upstairs that he gave you the wrong address. You don’t want me.”

“Yes I do. I know how bitter and stubborn and suspicious you are and I know half the reason you don’t believe in God is because you don’t think you’re worthy, but guess what, Peter. I don’t care. Nothing you can do will make me want you any less. I’m here because God sent me, because you’re the place everything starts, because you are important. I know how scary that is and how much you want to run from it, but if you stick around you will experience life so much more abundantly than you ever thought possible. And all I’m asking is that you trust me.”

Andrew had nervously lit a cigarette and was smoking it quietly, his eyes darting between the two other men. Simon’s entire body was tense, from the tendons in his neck to the bunched fists of his hands. Yeshua was as unperturbed as still waters, face open, eyes clean. Andrew was overcome with the sense that this strange person could last an eternity in the most uncomfortable of situations, perfectly happy to be quiet and wait.
Finally Simon muttered,

“Trust you, huh?”

“I know you want to. Let yourself.”

Simon glared down at Yeshua for a few more seconds, then he sighed heavily, defeated. He stomped back over the largest of the nets and began feeding it into the water. 

“Andrew, fire up the engine.”

“What? Simon—“

“For once don’t talk, okay? Just do what I ask.”

Andrew held up his hands defensively, then crushed out his cigarette on the trawler railing and disappeared to start the boat churning through the water. The nets billowed and caught in the deep, foraging through the same fishing grounds they had scraped clean weeks ago. Yeshua leaned against the stern of the boat next to Simon, who was staring into the blue black water with a sort of haunted look. Eventually the fisherman said,

“God say anything else about me while the two of you were chatting?” 

“Yeah, but you’re not gonna want to hear it.”

“Like this day can get any weirder.  Lay it on me”

Yeshua took a deep breath of the salty air.

“He said you’re going to be like a brother to me. Eventually.” Simon arched a disbelieving eyebrow. Yeshua shrugged. “Hey, don’t look at me. You’re not exactly what I was expecting either.”

Simon stared at Yeshua, then threw back his head and gave out a rich, deep laugh. Suddenly, Yeshua didn’t have so much trouble believing that this gruff, blustering person could become his best friend. 

Simon waved at Andrew through the glass of the cockpit and the boat slowed to a stop. Andrew ran back out to held Simon pull up the nets, this time with considerably more of a struggle. Yeshua stepped back. He knew what was coming.

The net crested over the stern with fibers creaking against the swollen bounty. Andrew gave one last mighty heave and the net spilled snapping lobsters and gasping mackerel onto the deck. They went skidding over the wet wood and piled up around their ankles, blue fish and sea bass and horseshoe crabs. Andrew let out a whoop and punched the air, but Simon’s olive skin had taken on a ghostly pallor. He dragged his fingers through his hair and squeezed the back of his neck, shaking his head at the impossibility around him. When he looked at Yeshua his eyes were wild.

“Who are you?”

“You know,” Yeshua said quietly. “You’ve been a fisherman your whole life, Peter. Follow me and I’ll make you a fisher of men.”

Simon staggered through the slippery catch towards the other man, and somehow his hand slowly found the ground, followed closely thereafter by his knees. He knelt there with saltwater bleeding through his jeans and pooling in his eyes, and when he spoke his voice was hoarse.  

“I’m not ready for this.”

Yeshua smiled softly, running a calloused hand along Peter’s jaw before tugging gently at the dark hair behind his ear.

“No one ever is.”

A Midsummer Blight’s Dream: Chapter Three

A Dragon Age Modern Theatre AU: When Redcliffe Community Theatre suddenly loses its director for their staging of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Garrett Hawke talks his cousin, Mira Amell, into helping save the production.

AO3 Link | Chapter Masterpost | Later chapters will be marked nsfw.

Warden & Alistair Theirin | Inquisitor & Cullen Rutherford

Banner Art by @captainceranna & Chapter Art by @oblivionscribe  ❤️

Chapter Three: 8 Weeks Before Opening Night - Part 2

Alistair awoke that morning feeling less troubled than he had since Duncan left.  The imaginary weight that had been resting on his shoulders, the worry that had come with the thought that he would be the one to make things work until there was something presentable to paying audiences, lifted.  

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Hiii paddyy I love your blog and i spend most of my time looking at your post and laughing i got a test tomorrow a really important one so can you make a reaction post of exo when they motivate their gf on learning hard or wishing her good luck pretty please :D?

okay gull now I’ll show you how Exo is going to cheer for you!! x3 

Luhan: do your best my deer! *cheers for you and sends you hearteus*

Sehuna: I know you can do it! Looks! 1+1 = gwiyomi..YEHET! OHORAT! *acts his aegyo out for you*

Xiumin: *makes baozi face* FIGHTING MY LOVE!!
Kyungsoo: bae go go you can slay that exam!*hearts a lot*

Chanyeol: *acts funny and cute* puppyeol will cheer for you! kekeke

Kai: sweetheart you go gull you can do it! *squeals*

Baek: oh yah kkaebsong.. I know you’re going to fail.. kekek just kidding, you’re the best! You’ll pass for sure!

Yixing: Chiu chiu~*does some aegyo* you can do it! fighting! I will heal you from all your stress afterwards
Kris: good luck babe! *acts a bit stupid but also cute*

Tao: *cries happily* go go GO baobei! You can do it!! *acts girlier than you ever would*

Suho: I’m your guardian angel Suho, bae. Everything will be alright. And if not, we can go shopping with my platinum card.

Chenchen: *acts cute and stupid to distract you* GARA GARA GO GULL! 

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Hi!^__^/ Can you do an EXO gif reaction,when you got fever but you don't want to go to the hospital? Thanks and Sorry if my english is bad! :3

Sure :) ! And don’t worry, your English is just fine ^^

Xiumin: Do you have any idea of how worried I am? Please, let’s go to the hospital together.


Yifan: Jeez, how can you play with your health like this?

Suho: The doctors will be able to treat you and you’ll definitely recover if you go to the hospital. Please,please, please, come with me.

Lay: I don’t care if you don’t wanna leave home,we’re going to the hospital right now young lady, you got me?

Baekhyun: God, what can I do to convince you to go?

Chen: Sure gull, I won’t force you to go to the hospital AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…………….no. We’re leaving right now, get ready.

Chanyeol: Uhm, how about no? There’s absolutely no way we’re not going to the hospital right now.

D.O: Do you have any idea of what you’re doing to me? Stop being so childish and go to the hospital right now before you get worse!

Tao: This is so lame! Why wouldn’t you wanna go to the hospital?

Kai: Don’t do this to me, please.

Sehun: Nuh nuh nuh, I ain’t listening to whatever you say. We’re going to the hospital right now, no excuses.

Hope you liked it <3 And sorry if it isn’t good…I haven’t done one of these in ages..OTL

~Admin N


“This store never has my size!”

Story Submission.

“So are you excited about our day at the beach, Tim?” you kneel down and pick up Tiny Box Tim. “Ya! Y/N I’ve been looking forward to this, all week!” Tim cheered. “Mark are you almost ready?” you shout towards the bedroom. “Just trying to find my camcorder!” Mark shouts back. “I’ll be right back Tim.” You put down Tim and head into the bedroom where you find Mark rummaging through his nightstand drawers. “Mark why don’t you leave the camera at home. Let this just be about you, me and Tim, you know, like family time.” You wrap your arms around Mark and hold him close, looking up into his sparkling dark brown eyes. “But Y/N my fans are my family too.” “I know but I think they’ll be fine with you taking a day off for once. Come on, Tim is waiting.” You let go of Mark and leave the room, hoping he gives up searching for the camera. “Come on Tim let’s go wait in the car.” “Ok. Can we get ice cream when we get to the beach?” “I’ll bring some change if there’s an ice cream truck.” You pick Tim up and grab your beach bag, and head down stairs to Mark’s car. A few minutes went by, after you finally got Tim in his booster set and got everything into the car, when Mark finally came down stairs and joined the both of you in the car. You notice he came down with nothing but his keys and a cooler in hand. You were pleased that Mark didn’t bring the camera with him. “You guys ready?” Mark asked as he looked at you in the passenger’s seat and then turned around to look at Tim in his booster seat. “Yep!” Both you and Tim reply.
After an hour long drive down to the beach, you finally get out of the car and stretch your legs. “Mamaplier! I’m ready to get out now!” Tim shouted from the back seat of the car. “Gimme a second Tim! I’m trying to get the beach bag out of the trunk.” Mark gets out of the car and walked around to the trunk. He pulls your beach bag out, along with the small cooler he had carried down to the car earlier. “Here I’ll get this stuff and set up everything and you make sure Tim get plenty of wax on. Make sure you put on plenty of sunscreen, don’t want you burning up again.” Mark said teasingly. You roll your eyes at Mark after you walk around the car and open the back seat door to get Tim out if his booster seat. “Mamaplier did you pack my sand castle stuff?” “Yes I did my little biscuit! They’re in my beach bag.” You finished waxing Tim and applying sunscreen to yourself(even though it would’ve been much easier if Mark had helped you reach the hard spots). You pick up Tim and walk towards the soft warm white sand where Mark sat on top of a large tye-dye towel, with an open cooler with chilled beers sticking out from the melting ice. As you step closer to Mark, he turns his head and let’s out a goofy toothy grin. You couldn’t help but smile back. His smile was like a bright beacon, sending nothing but warm feelings in your heart, like a reassurance of every choice you’ve made in your life recently was a good one because they led you too this warm, happy moment. Before you step onto the towel, you placed Tim on the hot sand. “Can I have my tools, Mama?” “Sure thing biscuit.” You reach into the beach bag and pull out a little pink pail and a little pink shovel with a little warfstache handle. Tim hopped off and began building a little castle in the sand. You sit down on the towel and grab a beer for Mark and yourself. After opening both, you hand one to Mark. “Thanks babe.” Mark said as he tipped his beer towards you in a cheers like fashion. You clink beers and take a long swig.
Hours go by after a day of fun in the sun. “Papaplier! Can I bury you in the sand?!” Tim asks Mark while tugging eagerly on his swim trunks. Mark shoots a questioning look towards you. “Yeah Mark why not. Come on Tim I’ll help you dig.” You and Tim spend an hour digging a man sized hole for Mark to sit in, you used the pail while Tim dug with the shovel. “Tim I think we may have made the hole too deep.” “No mama it’s perfect.” “Ok. Ready Mark?” You turn to Mark. “Ready as I’ll ever be.” Mark stands up and slowly steps into the hole. You and Tim fill in the hole and pack the sand tight. “What do you think Papaplier? Did we do I good job?” Tim asked with glee. “Ya little biscuit, you and mama did a good job, just one problem though.” “What papa?” “Well my little Tim, you kind of buried me up to my neck in the sand.” Tim’s begins to melt into a puppy dog like quiver. “No no no don’t make that face Tim, my boy. It’s fine.” “Hey go chase the sea gulls for a bit, Tim.” Tim hops off into a group of sea gulls, waving his little arms in the air. You drag the towel next to Mark and sit down beside his head. “Did you find your camcorder?” You crack open another beer while you lean back on one hand as you gaze at the seascape. “I did, it was under my book in my nightstand,” Mark turned his head the best he could towards you, “I knew you were right though, this was a day for the three of us. My fans love me and I love them. They’d understand if I wanted to take a day for myself and my family.” You rest your hand on Mark’s head and gently caress his head. “Thank you honey.” Mark leans his head on your thigh as you continue to stoke his hair. You turn and pull out the last beer from the cooler and pull a straw out from the side pocket of the cooler. “Here.” You dig a small hole in front of Mark’s head and stick in the beer with a straw in it and surround it with sand to keep it standing up. While you and Mark sipped your beers, and Tim continued to chase the sea gulls around, the both of you watch the sun begin to set. The water color sky began to melt into beautiful shades of pink, orange and blue, with clouds like stretched out cotton balls, scattered in the sky.