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Does this mean Ur mermaid au is hance with a sharkeith or is it klunk? Or just klance


jkjk, theres gonna be moments that can be taken as klance, hance, heith, klunk, and sheith, but the way i have it planned now the reader will pretty much be able to see the ending as any ship they want

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Netflix death note is already bad bc they made light an ugly greasy white boy instead of handsome confident japanese honor student lmao

im crying… honestly as an asian i dont mind them doing a western adaptation and thus having white people but why did they make him so greasy i mscreaming 

light is supposed to be, as you said, this handsome cool-headed confident slick guy you would never suspect to be a serial killer

not an internet dweller slathered in grease i 

After a round of some very simple communication, Stan manages to convey that he is quite proficient in mechanics, but to his disappointment it wasn’t with much kindness that he was offered a job by this alien, it was for more labor with little to no pay. But as far as he cares at the moment it’s better than being stuck out in the multiverse with nothing to his name, fairing only a little better than he was on Earth before this catastrophe.

YoonKookSeok in a nutshell pt. 2
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi: wow you're good
  • Jungkook: hyu-
  • Hoseok: haha omg haHAHA
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi: is anyone seeing this?? absolutely amazing!
  • Jungkook: wh-
  • Hoseok: LMAO ASDFGHJKL this is too fUNNY
Here a kink, there a kink, everywhere a kinky kink: A Solangelo Request

(( more praise kink Nico requested by anon))

Here’s the thing, Nico knew he was strong and capable in a lot of things, to the point he may or may not have flaunted it.

Like sword fighting for example.

He could beat a small crowd without even breaking a sweat not to mention single-handedly do so.

When he had a sword in his hand you could feel the confidence emitting from him in waves.

Everyone knew, even the Romans, not to engage him in a sword fight for he showed no mercy, except with small children and his significant annoyance.

Whom he was fighting at this very moment, and whom he was winning against dramatically.

“You said you’d go easy on me!” Will whined as he was yet again sprawled on the floor and panting.

Nico laughed as he helped his boyfriend up with ease. “I am!”

“ yeah, yeah, sure you are….” the son of Apollo grumbled as he rubbed his lower back.

“Should we end it here?”

“That would be nice. Plus you owe me!”

“Wait, what? What do I owe you?”

“Cuddles and movie time!”

“Not that I’m against that or anything but why?”

“Because you just kicked my ass and didn’t go easy on me.”

“But I did go easy on you!”


“Whatever, let’s go drama queen.” Nico laughed as he began to walk to his cabin alongside Will, who was still complaining might I add.

Once they reached Cabin 13, they quickly disposed of their armor and pants, put on a movie, and settled on the couch with sodas. Will’s being a grapefruit Izzy, Nico’s being a cream soda.

But soon the movie was forgotten in favor of making out until Nico complained about being sweaty and such and got up to take a shower. Once he reached the bathroom door he looked over his shoulder at Will and asked, “Care to join me?”

The reply was immediate. “Hell yeah!”

See Nico was beginning to be confident in many things, aforementioned sword fighting and other things. He didn’t need to be told he was doing a good job or even wanted it but when it came to being intimate with his lover it was like he craved it. He craved to be told he was doing a good job, or he was just good in general. He didn’t understand it. But when Will praised him, much like he was doing now as Nico gave him a blow job in the shower, his body felt…hotter….and more needy, though just by telling Nico he was, “So good….so good.” While trying to push his head farther along his member, Will could make him moan. Without even touching him! It was bizzare. Will called it…a praise kink? Whatever that was…

“Gods Nico, you’re so good at this!” Will moaned out as he bucked his hips and whined, tugging on Nico’s dark locks.

Nico let out a whimper against Will as a shiver racked through his body. He released Will when he felt that he was close. Making the other growl. But smiled down at him as he slowly helped him up and held up one leg. His other hand was tracing his rim, almost pushing in but not quite.

The dark haired Italian bit his lip and whined. Will licked his lips and smirked, because he absolutely adored when Nico was like this. “Beg for it, Neeks.”

The son of Hades whimpered again as his boyfriend nearly pushed a finger into his aching, needy hole, before pleading. “Please, Will, please I need it!”

Once Will pushed one finger in and then another, he leaned closer and kissed Nico deeply. “Good boy. That was some nice begging, but I want to hear more.” He purred.

Nico didn’t know of it was possible but he thought he had surpassed red when it came to how bad he was blushing. He squirmed and rolled his hips over Will’s fingers, begging like he asked, he would do whatever Will said to get him to praise him.

“I want you! I n-need you, Will.”

“Mmmm what do you need Angel?”

“I need Y-You in me! I need to to f-fuck me!” Gods, it was kinda embarrassing to beg, but it was worth it when Will said.

“You’re so good at begging Nico, gods.”

And then Will was in him, making him feel complete. And Nico again, was doing everything he could for Will to praise him. And Will generously did so. To the point Nico couldn’t form a coherent thought or even pronounce a simple, ‘Will.’ His toes curled as he wrapped his legs around the blond’s hips and moaned out with every thrust.

“That’s it baby. Scream for me.”

And he did just that as Will praised him and stroked him as he continued to thrust into him. He was fucking him senseless and it was wonderful. He loved it.

When they finished and calmed down enough to clean up, Nico blushed and looked up at Will, “Did I do good?”

Will smirked down at him before giving him a kiss. “You did magnificent Sunshine, you were absolutely great.”

Nico smiled as he let out an involuntary shiver. “I’m glad.”

((I feel like that could have been better. But oh, well. I hope you like it anon!))

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What do you think an earlier version of Len would have done at the Occulus? Would he have accepted Mick's sacrifice and left? Or maybe try to knock him out and get them both out of there?

That’s a neat question.

It depends on which earlier version of Len, I think?

The Len from 1x04, like the one who wasn’t working with Mick, the one the Legion picked up?

I think he had his walls up as high as they could be. That was Len at his most cold. Sister off in (presumably) another city, maybe had been for a while (on the order of years), on the outs with his partner, maybe the only person who’s ever been a real friend to him, and maybe he’s tired of the fact that he doesn’t have any friends, that things with Mick have been so volatile over the last however-many years. He kills his crew members as needed, they can’t be that buddy-buddy with him.

That version of Len would’ve accepted Mick’s sacrifice, I think. Except I doubt that version of Len would ever be at the Oculus in the first place. But he was a very ‘save your own skin’ kind of guy and if Mick had a death wish, that was his issue, not Len’s.

Originally posted by coldsflash

The version of Len we got later (idk, are they versions? maybe it’s better to say the more-developed Len we got later?), after making his deal with the Flash about killing… that’s harder to say.

A Len with Lisa back in his life, reconnecting with her. A Len that has Mick at his side, someone he trusts in his own way, doesn’t want to hurt and he’s reminded of that, of their partnership, after 1x10. A Len who is enjoying what he’s doing just for the sake of doing it, again, who has found this new chase and challenge to be invigorating rather than just frustrating, who is less interested in being king and more interested in continuing this thing he’s doing as Captain Cold.

That Len, I feel, would be more reluctant to lose his partner. That would be the Len who might knock Mick out and get both of them out of there. Let Raymond take the fall. Stop Mick from ever stepping up to the Oculus, keep a close eye on his partner because he’s used to having to. That Len is used to making Mick’s calls for him, terrible as that might be. 

That Len is clinging more to his ‘crew’ because at that point in time, his crew consisted of his baby sister and his bff, the two people who mattered to him.

The point at which Len becomes the one to sacrifice himself is really, I think, something that doesn’t become part of his reality until The Flash 2x03. Until he’s forced to make a few realizations that episode, trying to keep Barry at bay but having this earnest brat keep showing up to help him for no other reason than that is who Barry is and Lisa needs it (and so does Len). Who finds out his secrets (Lisa is in danger, he’d do anything for his sister) and doesn’t use them against Len but uses them to help him and uses them to trying and convince Len there’s good in him.

That flies in the face of his worldview. The entire way Barry treats him and responds to him that episode is about the opposite of what he’d be used to dealing with, and it would be jarring. Barry’s unwavering faith in him at the end of the episode would be jarring as well, given… a lot of factors, really.

And then there’s having killed Lewis. That opens up doors for Len, emotionally. He can die knowing that Lisa is safe from that bastard. 

Originally posted by thoughtsfromaclutteredbrain

He himself can step forward away from any lingering concern that Lewis is going to track him down and use Lisa against him. He can re-confront his view of his life and what he wants out of it (I say “re” because I’m sure he’s done this more than once, but I’m also sure that killing Lewis brought some of that back up).

So after 2x03, after some of that had a while to sit and percolate inside his head… I think we see the potential for a self-sacrificing Len (for more than just Lisa). I don’t know where exactly after that moment the scales really tipped from “would think about it” to “actually did it” (maybe the tipping point is being ready to die in the brig in 1x10?), but I think that would be the turning point to put him on this path.

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Right so, after a whole lot of research (and writing this post THREE times due to the fact Google Drive is being stupid and crashed twice on me), I’ve finally got the meaning of most of the symbols. 

Quick warning now though, the center symbol that looks like this ♀ kinda spiraled into my own theory that may or not really pertain to this? Eh going to mention it anyways. 

So here we go:

This was actually super hard to find, however its clear here that the bottom symbol means to “warn off evil spirits” which makes sense, and I also read somewhere that the “medicine man’s eye” could represent Bill due to his lack of a second eye, therefore put together its a sign warding off Bill. 

Then theres that symbol near the upper circle that most likely represents altocumulus, which is a type of cloud. 

Altocumulus is also commonly found between the warm and cold fronts in a depression, although this is often hidden by lower clouds. Towering altocumulus, known as altocumulus castellanus, frequently signals the development of thunderstorms later in the day, as it shows instability and convection in the middle levels of the troposphere, the area where towering cumulus clouds can turn into cumulonimbus.

(Found on wikipedia). 

The most interesting thing I find about this is the fact altocumulus clouds are often hidden behind lower clouds and bring storms, and Stan is a con man who hid his secrets behind his tourist trap, but when he’s plan was complete a “storm” came. 

The hardest thing to find was the ♀ symbol. 

I knew Venus was the Roman name for one of the Greek gods, and I was hoping it would be like a god of strength or war. 

For those of you who don’t know, Aphrodite is the goddess of love, beauty, feminism, and basically everything Stan is not. I tried to find some alternatives to this, however I could not find anything that was remotely similar to the picture at the very top. So I figured maybe the symbol represents someone Stan loved at one point, which brings me to the Carla Gleeful theory.

So in case your confuzzled, Carla was once Stan’s girlfriend before she dumped him for a hippie. After that Stan says his memory gets “hallucinationy”. Then in “The Hand That Rocks The Mabel”, we see this:

This was seen in Gideon’s commercial for his tent of telepathy, a commercial that was narrated by Bud Gleeful. But wait, Bud already has a wife right?

This poor woman?

According to the theory, Bud was too cowardly to tell Carla that he loved her, so instead he brainwashed her to believe that she was her girlfriend so that he wouldn’t have to. This is possible because we know Bud was apart of the blind eye society and because of this:

(Also going to point out, Pacifica’s memories are there too). 

Of course there are some physical differences:

The most disappoint thing to me being the difference in jawline. However in “Blendin’s Game” we also see this:

A happy rounded jawed Mrs. Gleeful. 

My guess is that Carla was pretty happy with Bud, until he started using the brainwashing wayyyy to much on her and she became the paranoid person we see today. 

Anyways, going back to the tattoo, maybe the ♀ is another sign we’re going to a see a reappearance of Carla? In “The Hand That Rocks Mabel”, at the end of the episode the code reads “Carla, why won’t you call me?”. Maybe we’re going to see her again in future episodes?

I realize theres probably a whole list of things we should be worried about OTHER than this, for example:

- Aftermath of the portal

- Whether or not Gideon escaped jail during the destruction

- How Bill will react to the return of the author

- Dipper’s relationship with Stanford

- Dipper’s relationship with Stanley

- Dipper’s relationship with Mabel

(As you can see I’m very worried about Dipper xD). 

However, I thought this was pretty cool nonetheless and if I’m correct and Carla DOES have something to do with that tattoo, (though its more likely that these are just two different theories based on the evidence), the fact that she, bill and a symbol that means “wards away evil” is what Stan has chosen to be his tattoo is pretty interesting and I’m really excited to see how this all plays out. 

Avengers X Reader- What are Fossa?

I LIVE!!!!!!!!!!! I acutually searched this up and apparently it’s spelled ‘Fossa’ not ‘Fousa’.  We learn something new everyday, right?

Warning: Swearing

“I told you guys drinking alcohol while watching horror movies was a bad idea,” you stated, glaring over to the obviously drunk Avengers that you were somehow affiliated with.  

“Shut it, Party Pooper!” Scott shouted, receiving glares from his teammates.  “What?”

“Are you sure that you’re Stark’s spawn?” Nat asked, raising a brow.

You rolled your eyes, “Just because my father enjoys alcohol, it doesn’t mean that I will.”

“And how old are you?” Scott asked, “Twelve?”

“Do I look twelve to you?” you deadpanned.

“You do not!” Thor boomed.  “You look of the age where your father would find suitors for matrimony.”

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So, if the ‘i see you’ is a Bellarke moment, here are my pitches:

The Realistic One:

For ~reasons~, Clarke is left behind on Earth but knows that Bellamy & co are coming back once the radiation is manageable. She talks to them via radio over the years and through their prep to return. During their landing, though, they stop responding. She keeps asking for their location until she sees the landing spot and heads that way. She leaves the rover, yelling ‘i see you!’ into the radio, smiling as she runs to the dropship, until she’s finally there…but then her jaw drops and her expression turns shocked and *cut to black*

The Shipper Goggles One:

After going off on a mission for ~reasons~, Clarke is racing to get back to the rocket and she’s almost there and then she is almost almost there and Bellamy spots her from his seat inside and is yelling over the radio to her ‘i see you! c’mon Clarke run! i see you!’. But because ~more reasons~ the rocket launches just before she gets to them and Bellamy is just whispering into the radio as through the rocket window he watches Clarke get smaller and smaller below ‘i see you, i see you, i see you, i lo–’. And then he’s out of range, Clarke is out of view, and all he can see is clouds.

Okay let me tell you guys something about my trip to Scotland a couple years back and about being from New Mexico. 

Being New Mexican we don’t see a lot of grass, what we do see isn’t even that green and is probably half dead, or even fake. 

So when my drama class and I got to go to Scotland and saw all that green grass we kind of freaked out, because, it was so GREEN???? Like it was TV grass green. We were so astounded and in awe that we literally rolled down a grass hill and yelled at each other about all the green we were seeing. We even took pictures to send to our parents and friends. 

so it wasn’t really surprising that other people were looking at us as though we were crazy, many were locals, other were other American high schools. 

But guys…that grass was so GREEN. It had to be magical.

(I am more than happy to tell you guys more tales of my time in Scotland if you’d like!)