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i made another #relatable enamel pin set haha

i’m titling it the “art student starter pack” 

my favorite is the offbrand micron

also if you ever feel alone and like you cant get anything right, even if you think taylor isnt paying attention to you…you know she will never count you out. i havent confirmed with her yet but im pretty sure taylor swift would shrink herself down and body slam every negative thought in your brain about yourself if she could. sometimes you dont need taylor to say she’s there for you as long as you can put on That Song™️ and just FORGET………sometimes that’s almost as good.

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Hi there, i don't know if you're still doing song prompts for Supercorp or not but if you are can i suggest the song Perfectly Perfect by Simple Plan please?

i am always taking song + AU prompts omg thank you! sorry for the wait btw!

This week’s biggest headline reads “10 Surprising Things You Don’t Know About Kara Danvers,” and if that isn’t the biggest irony in the world Kara doesn’t know what is.

Lena buys the magazine that runs the story like the asshole she is. She has it resting on the mantel when Kara comes home, tumbling in so exhausted she almost misses it altogether.

“Lena,” Kara huffs when she spots it, shoving the offending magazine into her pocket as she makes her way into the living room. “What’s this?”

Lena looks up from the book she’s intently reading, eyes crinkling in amusement. “Your latest interview, duh,” she says. “It’s a pretty good one.”

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a simblr selfie sunday in which i: 1. actually remember to post on sunday but 2. post a photo from wednesday (when it was 30°c) (its 13°c rn n gonna rain all day ?? ok melbourne) anyway enjoy and i hope u r havin a lovely day or night (◡‿◡✿)

Inktober #19

Watercolors count as inks, right?

Since my current official sketchbook doesn’t like watercolors too much, I decided to try and see if this other sketchbook I had lying around would fare any better. I’m going to see a Body Worlds exhibition tomorrow, and I want something to doodle with, and just in case I want to do something with watercolors, I need to be able to trust them.

So to try it out, here’s a little study for the dinosaur project thingy. A great bellower, a.k.a. Maiasaura.

Much as I really, REALLY don’t want to jump to conclusions based on one scene, I think Hazel may be less evil than we anticipated.

Sure, the scene where he’s not happy with what Adam did doesn’t speak for his entire character, he’s obviously evil enough to be part of Salem’s inner circle and play on the same team as Watts, Cinder and Tyrian, but the few things we actually see him do don’t exactly scream “evil”.

He’s hardly done anything thus far, but the few times we’ve seen him do anything, it’s either directly helpful to the heroes (getting Oscar a ticket for Haven Academy, whether he knew Ozpin was there or not) or at least moral (scolding Adam for killing Sienna when it wasn’t necessary and looking extremely pissed off that he went that far).

Establishing character is important to a story, and so far, these pretty much qualify as Hazel’s establishing character moments. So far, he’s shaping up to have a heart, unlike Watts, Tyrian, and Cinder.  

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followed you for jade harley metas, you were one of the few ppl in hs fandom who did not grossly mischaracterize her


My phone autocorrected seggy to seagull so I’m just going to leave it

like im.. very aware of the things i could do to be more open in social situations (i could emote more, smile more, change my tone of voice) but i don’t really want to. i like to think im polite enough and my friends who are close to me are used to me being monotone 

its less of a case of ‘im bad in social situations and i dont know how to improve’ and more ‘i have a permanent resting bitch face that is my entire personality and i dont care enough to change it’


Another video show casing a ton of the animated cut scenes!

I’m an active tag reader, when you reblog anything of mine, I must know if you wrote something. I am absolutely loving the commentary tags left on

“I like Shiro the way I like my emotions.
Buried deep inside me”

To everyone who has choked, I hope you drank some water and are feeling much better now. Stay well, friends. ♡