go go black and gold


I’ve joked about this before eons ago, but Tintin being Extra™ and dramatic while fainting from heat exhaustion has always been kind of hilarious to me

also, that art progression tho!! 💯👌✨

Sir Lancelot by ILoveKnucklesShadow
I’m loving all this “Shadow the knight” art! There’s always so much detail and shine on the armor when it’s drawn, and so many people people including this artist will get more recognition for their hard work! 🎮

poster anti-olympique et anti-gentrification, Sydney, fin des années 1990.

Anti-Olympics/anti-gentrification poster from Sydney in the late 90′s.
The Sydney 2000 Olympics ushered in an intensification of rent-hikes, social cleansing of inner-city suburbs, and the further militarisation of the NSW police force. 

Patrochilles Inktober/ Tsoa/ The Song of Achilles

Synoir’s Library | Pygmalion by @colubrina

“You’re mine,” she said, her voice low and fierce and belying the tears that were starting to sting behind the corners of her eyes. 

 "I am,“ he agreed, "but you’re mine as well and you’ll do as I say and right now, Miss Granger, I want to hear you ask me nicely one more time." 

Rating: M | Tom Riddle x Hermione Granger⎪Complete


For/Inspired by @pentacass‘s various fics… Milah and Ana would be badass awesome grandmas okay, no matter the universe. Ade has quite the name to live up to, no doubt she’ll find some way to honor and aggravate the women who love her (after all, its a family tradition)

Andy: Yo, I didn’t realize that being a normal 26 year old boy meant being a little fucking bitch. 

“Who needs legs with arms like these?!”

Mettaton as Strength from Black Rock Shooter. Though obviously i changed it up a little bit to fit him more, though the similarities are still there.

granted, Monster Kid would probably make a better Strength because of the mechanical artificial arms but im so fucking obsessed with Mettaton right now so i drew him instead lol

just a doodle. those mechanical arms were the bane of my existence, im terrible at drawing mechanical things like that. i need to practice more. im not going to lineart and color it all fancy, but i did color it some, and im happy with it.

Undertale x Black Rock Shooter AU?

Well would you look at that! It’s my submission for @gemsonaresources Fuse-A-Palooza! My lovely Gold Pearl fused with @amethystwereraven‘s wonderful Black Onyx and together they make Stromatolite! I chose Stromatolite because it aids in personal growth and acceptance, letting you move forward without being bound by past negativity. Based on both of their backstories this sounded like a perfect fit to me! Plus the colors were an aesthetic blend of both gems! Stromatolite takes Gold Pearl’s clumsiness and optimism and refines it with Black Onyx’s calm and calculating behavior to make an elegant, deliberate, merciless warrior. Their weapon is a great axe made from Gold Pearl’s chakram and Black Onyx’s longsword. I had a blast working on these precious children and I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!