go go black and gold


I’ve joked about this before eons ago, but Tintin being Extra™ and dramatic while fainting from heat exhaustion has always been kind of hilarious to me

also, that art progression tho!! 💯👌✨

Can I just say *deep sigh* how amazing it is to see the difference between Silver in season 1 and season 4 Silver. Remember, the reason why he stumbled into piracy was because of the Urca gold. He was a con man, a thief, a snitch and a very devious and intelligent one at that. He was all about himself and then he became all about himself AND the gold. I mean he went out of his way to get his share of that treasure, the commitment was REAL. Now that same man did not only go against Flint and dug up the remaining cache of said treasure, he also secretly smuggled the cache onto the Walrus to use it to go free the love of his life. Isn’t that just the most beautiful thing ever? It all came full circle. That gold has become so symbolic now.

Synoir’s Library | Pygmalion by @colubrina

“You’re mine,” she said, her voice low and fierce and belying the tears that were starting to sting behind the corners of her eyes. 

 "I am,“ he agreed, "but you’re mine as well and you’ll do as I say and right now, Miss Granger, I want to hear you ask me nicely one more time." 

Rating: M | Tom Riddle x Hermione Granger⎪Complete

“if writing be the food of life, write on.”

i was tagged by @wetsammywinchester, @justanothersaltandburn and @purgatoan to list the top five things on my writing to do list so here we go. thanks, y’all cause this might actually make me write them.

  • black texas gold | j2; black gold, also known as oil, has given jared’s family his wealth. his daddy got the oil rig from his grandaddy and well, it was only right for jared to take it over. from the moment that it was signed into his name, he became one of the richest, most eligible bachelor, cutthroat oil man in the state of texas. everyone wants a piece of him whether it be money or his heart but everyone is the same. that is until he is at the annual banquet dinner of the private school that he went to and he (literally) ran into the green eyed, flustered english teacher named jensen and for once, he meets someone that isn’t after his money. but while jared came from money, jensen works paycheck to paycheck and when his job is suddenly on the line, he’s not sure what to do. he’s not sure if he has it in him to prove that he’s like everyone else, only wanting jared’s money or following his heart despite the fact he’s not sure if the feelings are shared.
  • smells like teen spirit | wincest; sam’s got this dirty little secret that he knows isn’t normal. it’s so far from normal and while sam knows that he’s fucked in the head, he can’t help it. dean is everything that he could ever want even though dean wouldn’t want him back. only thing is, dean has this habit of saying things that gives sam hope and well sam, he’ll do anything to be what his brothers wants (basically a high school, weecest, pining, angsty, undercommunication, oblivious brothers fic).
  • the 12 step job | wincest; people are winding up dead at a rehab center and it sounds like the kind of thing that the winchesters would investigate. they don’t take too kindly to visitors, something about keeping the patients focused on their journey to being the best them and not distracting them with outside influences. so they have to go undercover, sam as one of the counselors and dean, well dean pretends to be a patient but the longer they stay there, the more it feels like dean is actually a patient and not just pretending to be one.
  • i write sins, not tragedies | j2; jared is a rising journalist, hoping to make a name for himself out there in the world of investigative literature. jensen, on the other hand, lives a more alternative lifestyle, not that many people know it. durning the day he works in a small diner, making a decent amount of money and at night, he’s on the street corner, making a few more bucks. jared immediately writes him off one night when he came home from work. needless to say it was the first time that he was propositioned by someone but it turns out that jensen is something more than what meets the eye. and for whatever reason, jared can’t seem to get the green-eyed man out of his mind. and whenever jared can’t get something out of his mind, he writes about it.
  • hold these unsteady hands | wincest; twelve years ago dean presented as an omega and while it was expected that he would be an alpha like his father before him and his father before him, it didn’t affect the way that he hunted. that was until one day on a hunt dean gets captured and taken and whoever took him left nothing behind. sam searched for years until one day he found his brother and it’s nothing that he expected. instead of his big, strong brother that sam remembered, he ends up getting this completely pliant and submissive omega that only wants to please his alpha.

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If you want to build a better home, first you must demolish the old one.


Nuno Gama - Fall Winter Collection 2014

other ppl: hmm I gotta pick my nail color carefully so it doesn’t clash with my sash/cords

me: Yeah I’m going to have a floral dress with pink roses and gold Iron Man on the back of my cap and rosey bronze toenails and a red/yellow flower crown and my nails are going to be light green