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Legolas reports back to his father.

Here’s the Cartoon Network schedule for Monday, March 27 to Sunday, April 2, excluding Saturday, April 1.

For some reason, the official source for CN’s backdoor schedule has April 1st completely blank. April Fools surprise?

Anyways, new movie this week (Open Season 3) and Clarence and Steven Universe get their Sunday slots back if things work as planned. Weekday schedule keeps the lack in variety but with one extra show now.

New episodes this week:

  • Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - Last week of the month long premiere bomb, Mon-Thurs at 5:30p
  • Teen Titans Go! - Friday at 6:00p
  • The Powerpuff Girls - Friday at 7:45p
  • Justice League Action and LEGO Nexo Knights - Supposedly on Saturday, dunno for sure.

Top 3 shows:

  1. Teen Titans Go! - 125 - 40% (lowest percentage I’ve seen in a while)
  2. The Amazing World of Gumball - 84 - 27%
  3. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs - 58 - 18%

The top 3 shows are 85% of the schedule.

to the person who loves Rhaegar reading this:

why are you on the elia martell tag?

That Which Fades 

Chapter 9
An incident with members of the Kingsglaive sets things in motion, and Titus struggles with detachment. 

Unexpectedly quick update starring the chapter that completely got away from me and did its own thing. 
I was motivated out of spite mostly, after the crazy hate incident so here you go. 
Had kind of a rough day, but I wanted to push through and finish this and I’m pretty proud of myself. Thanks for all the lovely words of support - special thanks to @titusdravtos @captaindrautos @dinkyicarus for shooting me messages that really got me back at this with a vengeance.

And I am apparently posting this at midnight on the dot so forgive.
I am tired and drained. 


Already found a use for my lunch bag. Somewhere safe for my action figures. Although Gordon looks as though he’s having way too much fun there. With Kayo looking on and silently judging him

Gordon: oh, just testing the Mechanic’s strength. Wanna join me?

The Hood is stuck in the netting and feeling a bit useless. The rest are ready to escape whilst the Mechanic is busy holding up the lid

anonymous asked:

ricky help you seem so active while having a mental health issues that seem way worse than mine and i'm at a point where I desperately want to start being creative and doing stuff but just can't cross the point where i start. How do you manage it? Feel free to ignore this if you're not feeling up to answering but i'm just. lost as to what i should do

it definitely depends on what kind of creative stuff you’re doing!!! i mean, my acting versus my writing go through way different processes and they collide with my mental shit in different ways (sometimes i can write during a psychotic episode but i DOUBT i’d be able to act with one)

a lot of how i do what i do is just because i’ve just… learned how my mental shit works and stopped pushing against it so much. if i’m down for the count, i force myself to stay down until it stops. i’ve learn to take more breaks, i’ve learned to allow shit, but i’ve also learned to just brush off other things. i hallucinate on a daily basis more times than not but frankly, i don’t have time for that to stop me. but sometimes it does! and that’s not my fault and i don’t have time to be upset about that either lmfao

so keeping busy is a huge part of it. making creativity your job is one of the best things i’ve done to keep myself creative. i think there’s FAR too much stress about the concept of inspiration and motivation because it’s honestly about discipline. i can do what i do cuz i’ve disciplined myself to be able to do it, and to be able to consistently keep it up, and the more you practice doing it, the easier it gets. a few years ago, this was completely impossible for me but now i barely even blink an eye, i’m just so used to it.

so like, idk what KIND of stuff you’re doing, cuz there’s different starting points for a lot of things, but, man. just do it. that’s honestly the best advice i can give because it doesn’t come naturally, but it will!! something is stopping you right now but you have to force your way through it. it’s not going to come to you on its own. you have to get it! and you CAN get it! no one says it has to be good. it doesn’t! sometimes it won’t be! sometimes it CAN’T be! but even if it can’t/won’t/isn’t in that moment, it can and WILL be one day. starting is so hard but once you start! you have something! something that didn’t exist before and you brought it into the world and man even if it’s only like one sentence? one paragraph? a few circles on a page? that wasn’t there before, wow!!! fucking awesome! and with the shit you’re going through?! AMAZING

also it def helps to be organized. i’m kind of hyper-organized about my shit, i mean, the biggest way i’ve coped with my mental shit is through learning psychology and constantly analyzing myself, but that’s just me. but i know how to work around my adhd, for example, by making mental lists about the steps i need to take. sometimes starting is just so hard cuz you don’t even have a path, so try making one! it doesn’t have to particularly be a long one. i love to outline stories but sometimes a story outline will literally be like, a few scenes, or a few chapters, and then i just go. sometimes the list is like.. memorize monologue! write rp reply! read something! and yknow what i might not do all those things in that day.. but i made the list! that counts for something! lmfao

oh and also just.. reward yourself a lot. find the joy in it. again, i see my creativity as a job, but it’s also something i’m so passionate about because i just… don’t care! this part is hard but honestly you really gotta find joy in the journey. we all just worry about the end, or we worry about what people think, or what we’re achieving, and it’s just.. it’s not important!!! i can worry for hours if someone is gonna like something i write, but at the end of the day, all that leaves me with is an empty document. thoughts and emotions are not permanent, no matter how hard our brains want us to think they are in that moment. but the things you draw? write? create? that LASTS. maybe not forever, but way longer than those thoughts do. and the more you practice doing that, the less and less those thoughts will come.

it’s a long process but i’m sure you can do it and i believe in you :* love you angel and good luck!!!!