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25 Days Of Buckymas - #2 - Christmas Party

25 Days of Buckymas - Tony was holding another annual Christmas party, but what you didn’t realise he’d orchestrated the night in hopes that it will end with you and Bucky kissing underneath mistletoe, or leaving early to spend some time together ;)

My Christmas present for argentinemango who is honestly the kindest and loveliest person I’ve ever met

It was Tony’s annual Christmas party again and, as expected, the venue was as extravagant as could be. A giant Christmas tree was placed in the middle of the venue with other gold decorations sprinkled all around the place to make sure that no one forgot that it was Christmas time. All the waiters and waitresses were dressed in a sexier version of the stereotypical Santa Claus outfit. Outfits that you were surprised Pepper had allowed.

Everyone was dressed to the nines, either wearing green, red or something glittery to go along with the sparkly theme that Tony had picked for the decorations. You had gone along with this as well, donning a green evening gown that had glitter thrown around the waist line. It certainly looked like you had dressed to impress, which you had. Specifically for Bucky Barnes who Tony had made sure to tell you would be appearing at the party after learning you had a crush on the super soldier.

When you entered the party your eyes were instantly drawn to Bucky’s seated figure. He was sat in the corner, taking large gulps of the thousand dollar wine. He looked very uncomfortable, especially in the suit Steve had forced him into for the night.

You thought that he looked rather dashing though. He’d obviously shaved but a shadow was already beginning to grow on his jar and he had his long brown hair pulled up into a ponytail. The all black suit he wore fit tightly to his well built figure and just the sight of him had those all too familiar butterflies rushing around madly in your stomach.

“God, will you stop drooling.”

A voice appeared at your side and what they said had you panicking until you realised that it was only Tony. “Sorry,” you quickly muttered, turning away from where Bucky was sat and hoping that the foundation you had on was good enough to hide the blush burning up your face. “This is a great looking party by the way, I love the Christmas tree.”

He looked down at you from above the sunglasses that had slid down to the tip of his nose, and when he crossed his arms across his chest you knew that he was mad at you but for what you couldn’t figure out. A staring match suddenly started, you looking into his eyes and trying to figure out what you’d done, meanwhile he looked down at you and waited for you to realise. Eventually he got tired and made a disgruntled noise, “you’re an hour late.”

“I-I’m sorry?” Even though he’d given you the reason behind his (not uncommon) mood, you still didn’t understand why it was such a inconvenience.

“So you should be,” he replied, suddenly holding out a small gift towards you. “Look okay, everyone here is doing a secret santa and this is a present for you to give to Bucky from you, think you can manage that?” You tried to stutter out your bewildered reply but Tony was quick to interrupt you once more. “Look I don’t have time, you’ve already made me and Pepper late for the party’s schedule. Just go give him the gift when we announce that it’s time.”

Tony dropped the small square box into your hands and left without another word, rushing off before you could ask him any more questions. You stared at the nicely wrapped present which had a red bow on top. Instinct was telling you not to give it to Bucky because knowing Tony it could just be a joke thing and you didn’t want the guy you had a huge crush on hating you because Tony thought he was funny.

It was only a minute after your confusing conversation with Tony when he appeared once again, only this time it was on a stage with Pepper by his side. They did a quick speech where they welcomed everyone for coming to the party, then they talked a little bit about the schedule for the night, and then they got onto the reason behind why Tony had given you a gift for Bucky. It was Pepper who spoke, “as most of you know, we decided that everyone should take part in a  secret santa because we thought it would be a nice ice breaker and get everyone into the Christmas spirit. Now whilst you exchange presents, we will be setting up a surprise so look forward to that.”

You didn’t pay much attention to anything after you heard about the secret santa thing. You realised that this had all been one big set up that you didn’t know if you could trust, and it was only made worse when you noticed Bucky walking and looking directly towards you. When he stopped in front of you, you felt sick begin to climb your throat with anxiety also riding that wave.

“Hi,” you greeted, squeaking out the one syllable word and not daring to say anymore because of the vile in your throat.

“Hey,” he greeted in return, looking nervously from you, to the floor, to the gift in his hand, and then back to you. “I ended up being your secret santa so… here.”

The gift he handed you was badly wrapped so you knew it was genuinely off of him and that alone had you soaring, but the gift inside had you flying all the way up into heaven. It was a scarf. A simple present but it implied that he wanted you to keep warm, meaning that he cared about you. Maybe not in as romantic a way as you cared for him, but in a way that was good enough for you.

“Thank you!” You gushed out, trying on the scarf despite its bright colours not matching the forest green shade of your dress. When you looked back up at him he had a wide smile on his face as he admired how cute you looked with the thick wool wrapped around your neck.

Suddenly you were reminded of the present Tony had given you and a new want to actually give Bucky this mysterious gift grew in you because he’d gotten you something so sweet and you just wanted to give something back. “Here,” you said, nervously handing him the small present and putting a lot of faith in Tony. “I’m your secret santa as well.”

“Thank you,” he says with genuine gratitude laced in his tone and you felt like telling him that he should save giving appreciation for the present until after seeing the gift as it might not end up being that great. The ‘oh my god’ that quietly passed through his lips after seeing whatever was in the box had you visibly wincing.

And just like that, you were a babbling mess. “Look, I know it’s probably a terrible gift, I can take it back if you want and of course I’ll get you something else like maybe a candle or a gun, I don’t know, something you like and is useable-”

“Y/N,” he said your name firmly, silencing you instantly. “Stop panicking. This is… amazing.” He pulled the gift out of the box, revealing an old looking pocket watch and it didn’t take long for you to realise what it actually was.

Not too long ago you’d been conversing with Bucky and Steve about things they missed from the 1940s and this led to a conversation about what Bucky could remember. His memories mostly consisted of moments with Steve, and a pocket watch. It was a pocket watch he’d had from a very young age and one of his most prized possessions, or it had been, before Hydra got to him. You’d asked Tony a couple of days later if he might be able to find it again because you thought that it could be a nice little surprise for Bucky, something he certainly deserved after all the shit he’d gone through.

The prized moment with Bucky was ruined when a sudden bang sounded from somewhere in the venue, frightening you. Though it was more the fact that Bucky had grabbed your arm and pulled you protectively against him that had you yelping, rather than the loud noise. But the next thing you knew, white flakes were beginning to fall from the air above.

It was beautiful. Outdoor snow was beautiful in it’s own right. The outdoors would be covered by the white, looking like an unfinished painting awaiting the painter to return and fill up it’s perfectly white canvas, somehow still managing to look like a masterpiece. But this inside snow had it’s own awe-inspiring beauty. The snowflakes dropped down and landed on your face, softer than the kisses your mother used to plant.

Yet none of that mattered as all you could do was stare up at Bucky’s face, a sight you found to be somehow more appealing than the marvel that was indoor snow. And what had your heart beating a million miles a minute was the fact that he was looking down at you as well.

“Y/N,” he whispered, breathing heavily for some reason. Maybe it was because of the sudden panic caused by the bang that had set off the snow, or maybe it was because of just how close the two of you were.

“Bucky,” you replied, trying to ignore the scent of expensive wine that was being carried with his breath.

He seemed to narrow his eyes slightly as he continued to stare at you for a little while longer, as though he was noticing something he’d never seen before. And he was. He was admiring the shape of your nose, the colour of your eyes, the curve of your lips, and how it all came together to make you a beautiful specimen.

Years after this particular night, you’d regret not having someone take a photo of that moment. Because in that room, with fake snow gracefully dancing it’s way down from the air above, with violinists and harpists playing a jolly tune, Bucky was falling in love with you for the first time.

“Can I take you out to dinner?” His hand which had been holding tightly onto your arm moved down towards your hand, caressing the naked skin on your arm as he moved down, causing goosebumps to appear where he’d touched; and when he enveloped your hand, the sensation had goosebumps appearing over all of your body. “It doesn’t seem right, you getting a lousy scarf when I get this amazing gift. Plus… I’d really like to take you out on a date.”

You knew you had to say yes, but in that perfect moment all you were thinking was ‘thank God for Tony Stark’, words you never thought would be in your mind.

Things I'll probably never get over in KH 2.8

- The glittery shit going on while Aqua’s floating gracefully

- Aqua looking into the mirror several times but not realising how fucking beautiful she is


- Instead of the darkness stealing a goddamn heart they stole ??? Mickey’s shirt???

- protect Aced The Teddy™ the dude’s got a BIG heart he can’t handle all of it himself

- (Which is probs why he wants an alliance?? HC)

- Gula is My Beloved I just

- #ProtectTheUnion2k17

- The Master of Masters is (please insert an adequate insult)




What a time to be alive lads

Tomorrow is our last full day here and mum gave me my birthday money early so I’m going shopping for glittery eyeshadows.

2017 is the year of glitter and taking no shit.


This was me trying on baby shower dresses Tuesday.
I ended up buying this one but I need to get a slip cause the built in one is awkward…like why tf is it shorter than the rest of the dress? And it’s totally see through!

I’m going to wear tan glittery sandals and a flower piece or crown in my hair made of real flowers. I guess I’m kinda getting really into this whole baby shower look.

I want to feel amazing that day when we celebrate our soon to be baby boy with all my friends and family.

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neither!! I’m not good at dark and dramatic makeup at all, I suck at vampy makeup (but I’m trying to get better at it because this girl I like likes it a lot lol) but I like more than just natural makeup so I usually go for bright & glittery