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Coccinelle meets Black Cat.

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pynch + ♤ if you're up for it :)

@crumplelush said: If you’re still taking prompts can I please request pynch+taking a bath together?

I’m totally up for it :) I sort of got ridiculous with this I hope you guys like it!

taken from this list of the softest prompts ever if anyone wants to send me more! and here’s the one I wrote yesterday in case anyone missed it.

A bath’s not something Adam has all that much experience with to be honest. They never had one at the double-wide, and there’s just a shower in his apartment at St. Agnes, too. So whilst he’s had the odd one throughout the years, a bath is not an indulgence he’s overly familiar with.

At the Barns, there is a fantastic bathtub.

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If you're still doing the angsty art meme, I wanna request sooo many but for now I'll just say ✨ with Farz?

kira kira on a stick

//weeps a river bc i forgot this was sitting in my drafts for weeks//  

Hall Of Fame

Characters: OFC/AJ Styles

Kinda the same continuity as this story but not really a second part, but kinda is.

Warnings: NSFW, Sexual Content, Rough Sex, Spanking, Daddy Kink.

Summary: After seeing AJ looking absolutely DADDY AF ™️ I had to write a fic about it. So basically its the HOF and bratty OFC and dominant daddy AJ Styles head there together. They have an existing relationship, Smut happens.

TAGS:  @actualamyautopsy @oraclegazes @livingthestrongstyle @phenominalstyles @hephenomenonalkingofthebrogues @reigns420 @devittslegos @banditsrose @llowkeys @littlemissava13 @the-geekgoddes @dessertwerewolf @xuhwheredidkylogox

Let me know if you wanna be tagged in my future stories! 

(I wanted a better photo but didn’t want one with Wendy in just because I thought that would be weird and hella disrespectful to her!)

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Glittery Green GRWM

How I go from potato to glittery goddess of the night.

So, I finally got to watch Kingsman 2: The Golden Circle (spoilers)

Look, let’s get it right out of the way; Kingsman 2 isn’t as good as the first movie. As of writing this post, it’s sitting at 50% critics approval on Rotten Tomatoes; I think it probably more deserves it’s 71% audience approval rating. Not great, but good, enjoyable.

As such, things I liked/thought were good;

1. Eggsy and Harry’s relationship and how it still stays a massive part of the heart of the movie. In the second movie it’s Eggsy that has to believe in Harry, a good twist on their relationship in the first movie. It’s down right heart warming to see them hug when Harry finally gets his memory back, and watching them fight together like a well oiled machine was terribly satisfying after the first movie denied it to us.

2. Merlin’s death. Now wait, let me explain. Absolutely, I’d have preferred if Merlin survived (and if there is a sequel and he’s shows up with prosthetics then I’m all for it), but Merlin’s death was movie death done right. It was a meaningful sacrifice that impacted the characters, the plot, and was true to Merlin’s character. It was an active decision, and having him sing Country Roads was brilliant and sad and inspired.

3. Eggsy and Tilde’s relationship. I was never really in the crowd of people who found the anal sex joke too outrageous in the first (I kind of found it strangely sex positive for her, and also I was pretty okay with the church massacre so I felt like the line was already probably crossed?) but when I heard that she was going to continue to be part of the sequel, I was a little wary. But honestly, her relationship with Eggsy was sweet and understated. Tilde - and Eggsy’s relationship with her - end up serving the important purpose of showing that Eggsy is still different from the Kingsman of old, something that since he’s now a suited gentleman, was going to be hard to portray. The fact that he has someone he does love and how that impacts his character is a nice contrast between someone like Harry, who had no one and had died with that regret, and it was good to have in the movie.

4. Julianne Moore’s Poppy. No, she wasn’t as good as Samuel Jackson’s Valentine but jeez that wouldn’t be fair to hold against her. Jackson’s character was a tour de force and although Moore never reaches that level, her villain was fun and engaging. Her “legalize drugs” was a decent follow up to the first movie’s “save the environment” villain scheme, and although it wasn’t quite as fun of a plot, the story was fine, with enough mystery to be interesting.

5. Soundtrack was still amazing. Those fights in Poppy Land to Word Up and Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting weren’t the church scene, but they were still pretty damn good.

6. Harry’s handicap. I’m not sure if they specifically meant it this way, but it was kind of great to watch Harry’s troubles after he’s regained his memory, not just because they were hilarious, but also because if he’d lost an eye he would have lost his depth perception, and that’s the problems he was having. Also, watching Whiskey fuck up that bar while Merlin and Eggsy totally ignore him in favour of counselling Harry was great.

7. Elton “fuck you!” John. Look, Elton John was absolutely the best part of this movie, something I did not expect to be saying. If you’d told me I needed to watch Sir Elton John kill a guy with a piano dressed in rainbow feathers and glittery go-go boots I’d have wondered what drugs you were on. But he was hands down the most fun part of the movie, and his rescuing Harry (and more subtle anal joke) were absolutely fantastic.

That said, there were certainly some things that could have used some improvement.

And thus, in no particular order, the things I wasn’t that crazy about/needed some work;

1. Roxy’s death. Unlike Merlin’s death, Roxy’s death was pretty disappointing. Roxy was a secondary character, true, but she was, in many ways our tertiary protagonist (after Eggsy and Harry) and as a character, she deserved a death better than what she got. Her death was passive, in that it happened to her and she had no agency in it, it was the same death as all the other Kingsman we’d never met, and although it had an emotional impact on Eggsy, it really just served to let the story of “Eggsy and Merlin are all that’s left” happen, which is disappointing. Absolutely nothing would have been lost if Eggsy, Merlin and Roxy had been the ones to go the the USA and it’s too bad we couldn’t have had that happen.

2. The portrayal of America, in general? Look, I’m not American I’m Canadian, but I honestly felt a little uncomfortable with the portrayal of Americans in this movie. Apparently all American’s are southern cowboys and rednecks in this universe, which was kind of unnecessary. It worked in the first movie because we all understood that the church was a clear stand in for the West Borough Baptist Church and fuck those guys. But in this movie other than Halle Berry we didn’t get a single American character who wasn’t a huge “redneck” joke, and that joke got pretty tiring pretty fast.

3. Introducing the Statesman. Look, I get that the movie had a lot of plot to cram into its run time but seriously, I’d like to have had some of that time devoted to actually developing the new characters. The first movie had great secondary characters; Tilde, Michelle, Dean, Charlie, Roxy, Chester King and Gazelle all felt like they had personalities and real character. The Statesmen were at best, one note, and at worst, embarrassingly blank. Ginger Ale wants to be an agent. Champagne is an honourable guy who doesn’t drink (and is also 100% just Jeff Bridges). Tequila is a newer agent “bad boy” who does drugs (and spends most of the movie frozen). And Whiskey. Whiskey has a tragic back story that gets shoved in at the last second and that’s about it. These characters could have been so much more, but the movie never takes the time to develop them, and so you’re never really invested in what happens to them.

4. Whiskey and Eggsy’s dynamic. They mostly didn’t have one, and that’s the problem. The movie really misses a grand opportunity to have a contrast between how Harry and Eggsy’s mentoring relationship contests with Whiskey and Eggsy’s…mostly because they don’t have one. Sure, they complete a couple of missions together but even they don’t don’t really work together at the festival or the lab; they’ve got no real banter, no relationship. Instead of having Eggsy and Whiskey build a relationship of trust that goes against Harry’s style - maybe have them both be risk takers that go against Harry’s more traditional style - the movie forces conflict by having Harry shoot Whiskey, which Eggsy naturally responds with appropriate anger. That said, they don’t even do anything with that because Eggsy immediately forgives Harry and it doesn’t really impact his trust of Harry at all. That in turns makes Whiskey’s betrayal fall pretty flat at the end, and it’s a real shame because it wouldn’t have taken much to add a real emotional dynamic to that.

5. Would it have killed them to have had a scene with Eggsy’s mom and baby sister? Yes, Michelle was there for 1 second at his wedding but seriously, his mother and his sister were major parts of his character and his arc in the first movie. I’m not saying she had to be a part of the plot or anything, but it would have been nice to have them there and continue that motive of how important family is to Eggsy.

Honestly, Kingsman 2 was probably never going to be better than the first, for the same reason Men in Black 2 wasn’t better than its first movie, or really any other movie that hinges on the mentor/protege relationship. By the end of the first movie Eggsy was a Kingsman and so that dynamic with Harry that was so core to the heart of the movie was gone. That said, Kingsman 2: the Golden Circle tried admirably to capture a new twist on that relationship while still staying true to its original’s themes and while it’s certainly not flawless I think it succeeds more than it fails. I’d definitely recommend it for a watch if you enjoyed the first one.

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Fluffy scenario between Tamaki and femme S.O. where they find comfort in each other after a hard day of training?

Tamaki is such a good bean, I love him, and I love the idea of him and his partner being cute together after training!

Tamaki looked over at his girlfriend as she panted, leaning against the wall next to the gym exit. She had her hair tied up, though loose strands were sticking to her forehead from her sweat. She took the towel wrapped around her neck and began to dab her face dry. Tamaki himself was also exhausted, they’d been working out for most of the day, only taking small breaks every hour or so to keep themselves hydrated and to have snacks.

He grabbed her water bottle off the floor next to the bench he was sat on and offered it to her. She gladly took it from him, pulling the top up with her teeth and beginning to drink the cool water.

“I think we should call it a day,” Tamaki said, looking up at her, “I think we’ve done enough.”

She nodded in agreement as the bottle became empty, and then sighed, closing the lid with her palm.

“Let’s clean up and then meet in your room,” She suggested, “Since, I doubt you’d want me there like this.”

“It doesn’t bother me, but I do feel a bit gross myself.” Tamaki replied, grabbing his own water bottle and opening it, “I imagine that you feel similarly.”

The two of them left the gym and went back to their respective rooms to get cleaned off, and half an hour later, Tamaki’s girlfriend came into his room. He’d just gotten dressed and was sitting on his bed, texting Eijiro to answer a question he had about a homework assignment.

“You look exhausted, Tamaki,” She said, watching him texting, “Who are you talking to?”

“Kirishima,” Tamaki answered, “He’s having trouble with a homework assignment, and the friend who usually tutors him, Bakugo, the explosion kid, is currently at his cram class for the provisional license exam retake, so he’s asking me for help.”

“You’re such a sweet senpai, Tamaki,” She responded sweetly, walking over, “He’s the one who interns with you at Fatgum’s place, right?”

“Yes.” Tamaki answered, setting his phone down on the mattress.

“Why don’t we lie down for a bit?” She suggested, “Unless Kirishima-kun needs more help.”

“He was on the last problem, I’m sure he’ll be fine.” Tamaki responded.

His girlfriend flopped down onto the mattress and motioned for him to cuddle her. He obliged, lying down and rolling towards her so she could wrap her arms around him. As he rested his head against her chest, she ran her fingers through his hair and kissed the top of his head.

“Thank you for training with me today.” Tamaki said quietly, closing his eyes and draping his arm over her waist.

“Thank you for letting me!” She chirped, “I think we make a good team.”

“I think so, too…” Tamaki mumbled, feeling like he could fall asleep at any moment.

“Tell you what, after you’ve had a nap, we can go have snacks together in the kitchen, and I’ll give you a massage. How does that sound, Tamaki?”

“Like heaven.” Tamaki answered, nuzzling her.

She couldn’t help but laugh; Tamaki was so cute when he was tired from training, she loved it. It was one of her main reasons for agreeing to train with him, being able to see him like that. He got less anxious and more touchy when he was exhausted, and she loved that he was comfortable enough with her to allow her to spoil him with nap cuddles and massages.

“Do you want me to paint your nails today?” Tamaki asked.

“Only if you want to.” She answered, continuing to play with his hair.

“I think I will.” Tamaki mumbled, sighing.

Eventually the two of them both fell asleep, their nap lasting longer than either of them intended it to. When they were both up, they walked down to the kitchen and foraged for different snacks, Tamaki being picky about what he ate because of his quirk, and then the two of them went back to his room, where his girlfriend proceeded to give him a massage. He never thought he’d be able to enjoy having someone’s hands on him like that, he was always too anxious before they got together, but because it was her, it was nice.

Tamaki returned the favor, able to tell that she was a bit achy from their training as well, and then he gave her a manicure. It was something that Nejire poked fun at him about, giving his girlfriend manicures and pedicures, but Tamaki enjoyed it. It was a relaxing thing to do, and his girlfriend enjoyed it.

“Maybe we can take it a little easier tomorrow,” She suggested as he began to paint her toe nails, “Since you’ve gotta go to Fatgum’s place tomorrow for your internship, I don’t want you to be super tired.”

“I’ll be fine,” Tamaki responded, gnawing on his bottom lip as he focused on painting her nails, “I think I’m going to put a glittery top coat on this time, what do you think?”

“Ooh, glitter! You’re in a giving mood, aren’t you?” She said, laughing.

“Don’t move so much, I’ll mess it up.” Tamaki replied, glancing up at her.

“Sorry, sorry.” She responded, smiling apologetically, “I love you!”

“I love you, too…” Tamaki mumbled, his cheeks turning pink as he continued to work on her toes.

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You still up for courferre smut recs? Because I just thought I'd share that our lovely, bookish moth boy combeferre is super into roleplay


Dear nonny, you couldn’t have been more on point:

  • Okay, so, the library of Alexandria is under siege and I’m a librarian who’s good at fighting…
  • Daddy™
  • There has been at least one incident with pointy ear props and Starfleet uniforms.
  • He has a separate set of scrubs and a lab coat for bedroom only, thank you Monsieur de Courfeyrac for your contribution to this headcanon.
  • Oh, Professor Combeferre, I got a D on my midterm and I’d like one in me too.” - Courf, 0.2 seconds before he’s pinned to the bed.
  • Let’s be real for a second: It wasn’t Combeferre who stopped Courfeyrac from actually having a pole installed in their bedroom after they watched Magic Mike. 
  • I’m a pure-blood Ravenclaw stressed over his N.E.W.T.’s, you’re a muggleborn Hufflepuff in his fifth year, it’s late and we’re locked in the restricted section together.” “Ferre, I’m exhausted, can I just blow you?” “You’re ruining the mood, Courf, ten points from- oh.

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hey emily i have a fancy party to go to and was planning on wearing a gold dress. my question to you is how much gold is too much b/c I was thinking of wearing gold eye liner and gold body glitter with it. i want to Shine. (Also my aesthetic is more masculine and I usually don't wear makeup. help.)

my girlfriend always says that her greatest contribution to my style is grabbing me by the shoulders and shaking me until I snap out of whatever gold-induced mania is currently controlling my online shopping trigger finger. I tend to just–go a little nuts. but in the interest of making you a glittering goddess, I’ll try to overcome my demons and think more “classy” than “Reno lounge singer”.

(note: a lot of the following advice depends on how sparkly your dress is. bear that in mind. if your dress is super glittery, go very very easy on your body shine. anyway–)

most of the time I hesitate to match my makeup exactly to my outfit. it’s a bold look, but one that can also veer dangerously close to fraggle cosplay. if you want to commit to the shine though, I’d say wear a darker shimmery bronze eyeshadow, rather than gold. it’ll add dimension to your face. also, go with nude lipstick, or none at all. maybe some clear lipgloss. you want your dress to be a centerpiece, not your makeup. 

the body glitter is a little harder. I have a gold shimmer lotion bar myself, and I apply it to my decolletage and shoulders when I’m going out, but I always want to be careful not to overdo it. there’s a fine line between starfields on your skin, and just flat out too much. so don’t put it all over your bare skin, hit the most eye-catching parts of your body: the hollow of your throat, the backs of your hands, the nape of your neck (if you’re wearing your hair up), maybe a little on your cleavage, or the undersides of your wrists 

go forth and sparkle! 


The Friendship & Magic tabletop dice! I love the art on the tin (especially Fluttershy as some kind of crazy druid) but the dice themselves are actually kind of disappointing. The color is pretty but I thought they were going to be glittery or at least something a little more interesting.

A Malec Evening Part 2

Izzy smirked at Jace, as she put her 7-inch heel to his throat. Defeated, Jace couldn’t get up, but was already planning his revenge.

“How does it feel to lose, huh? Did I hurt your precious ego?” Isabelle asked playfully, releasing her brother from underneath her shoe.

“You would know,” Jace immediately sprung up, catching Isabelle off guard. She stepped back in surprise, barely having time to defend herself when a gleaming seraph blade was already pressed to her throat.

“Not bad,” Isabelle grinned, putting her seraph blade back into its sheath. Suddenly, something falling caught her eye. Jace followed Izzy’s stare, turning around to see a heap of dark clothes on the floor.

Exchanging glances, both shadowhunters cautiously walked up to the pile of clothes. Jace picked up a black pair of pants from the floor, letting out a snort.

“Looks like Alec is gettin’ some tonight,” Izzy giggled, knowing that the ripped black jeans belong to her brother. She picked up a pair of burgundy leather pants, which she identified as Magnus’ due to the excessive amount of glitter on the pants. Izzy shook her head, mind filling with questions of what her brother was up to at the moment.

Magnus’ breath hitched in his throat, as Alec bit down on his collarbone, head tilting back. Alec moved up to Magnus’ long neck, leaving a prominent love bite which he knew would be visible for many days without a glamour. Magnus felt himself starting to lose control, letting out a low moan. Alec lifted his head to look into Magnus’ eyes, and saw a pair of golden cat eyes staring back at him. Despite having seen Magnus’ real eyes multiple times, Alec was taken back by them, knowing that Magnus is most likely unaware that his glamour was disabled.

“Alec, what is it?” Magnus asked, watching Alec’s eyes dart back and forth between his own. Then it hit him – his warlock mark was visible, which explained Alec’s confused expression. Magnus closed his eyes for a few moments, turning the color back to brown.

“Magnus, its ok,” Alec gently cupped Magnus’ puzzled face, “I love every part of you,” He pressed a kiss on his forehead, lingering for a few moments. Magnus felt accepted, a feeling barely familiar to him since childhood, and started melting like a snowflake hitting the ground, instantly turning to slush in Alec’s warm, calloused hands. Magnus leaned up to meet Alec’s soft lips, tongue slipping inside his mouth.

Magnus brought his hands up to the sides of Alec’s strong arms, gripping tightly as he rolled on top of Alec. Their hips pressed together, friction steadily increasing as Alec let out a soft moan. The young shadowhunter arched his back, waves of pleasure washing over him as Magnus teasingly dragged his painted nails across his muscular chest.

An hour later, Alec arrived at the Institute, wearing the most conservative sweatpants Magnus could find (which said ‘hot stuff’ in glittery pink letters on the back). Unfortunately, Alec’s gray shirt was barely long enough to cover exactly half of the words. He rushed to his room in order to avoid embarrassment, but his luck ran out the moment he saw Isabelle walking towards him, an obvious smirk on her face.
“So, what were you doing with Magnus these past few hours? Wait, I don’t think I wanna know,” she glanced down, “hot stuff”. Izzy chuckled at Alec’s obvious unease, blood rushing to his cheeks. Alec rolled his eyes at Izzy’s remark, hoping that she would leave him alone. He decided not to answer his sister, simply giving her a cold stare.

“By the way, I found something of yours,” she started walking towards the shelves beside the training area, prompting Alec to follow her. She reached into one of the lower wooden shelves, pulling out a pair of ripped black jeans and burgundy pants.

“Oh.” Alec said, stupefied, and grabbed both pants from Izzy’s hands. Izzy grinned, knowing that her brother most likely feels embarrassed from finding his boyfriend’s pants in the Institute.

Alec returned to his room, changing out of the ridiculous sweatpants into the black jeans Izzy found. By the Angel, Alec, you can’t just go around walking in glittery sweats you got from Magnus and expect no comments from Izzy, Alec thought to himself, shaking his head. He threw himself on his creaky bed, remembering the amazing night and Magnus’ mesmerizing eyes staring right through him.  

Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you guys liked it <3. Feel free to send me prompts/scenarios, since I plan to write more fanfiction in the future.