go girly

Whenever someone plays Panic! At The Disco I have this urge to assert my fan dominance and I start rapid firing facts about them until I know they know that I’m obsessed


“Those are unusual movements.
What are you doing?”


No one ever talked about Robin Thicke after the VMAs of 2013. It was all my fault and I was the one who was acting like a ‘slut’. And that isn’t the only example of a woman being put in a box. I’m just speaking out for women to be yourself and I think I’m doing something to break the double standard that has been created over the years.

I was watching this again and I barely realize Chichi looks like she was fondling goku’s nipples xDD 

it’s going to hurt my muse 1000% if wwe keeps choosing to ignore the fact that roman fucking reigns was the second brother in the shield and they don’t give him the same type of interactions they give dean and seth. roman and seth don’t deserve this lazy fucking writing. seth attacked roman first. seth stole the title from roman in front of his family. there’s so much fucking story that could be touched between these two and wwe continuously ignores it and it’s super upsetting to me, and that’s why i’m always up in arms about rolleigns, so y’all can hate me for this post, or call me dramatic but i HAVE FEELINGS. roman deserves the characterization and the fucking closure with seth that wwe isn’t giving him!