go girl doe

No wonder Lainey is mad lately (December 2016)

Here she is joining Gerg and Sarah for a game. She doesn’t look/sound happy. She leaves less than half way through this video and Billie joins them, too.

Take note how their legs are touching.

The screenshots above are from the most recent video on his uhohbro channel.

These pictures below are from this previous three or four videos from early Nov to now:

Look how closes these two are sitting versus how close he and his WIFE were.

Okay, so he’s grabbing her knee.

IT GETS BETTER!!! The girl using the VR is not Lainey, she’s another moderately attractive blue haired girl. So there’s three pretty girls in his house at this time and Lainey has fucked off in the back room I guess?

Look at that, folks. When is the last time he sat like this with Lainey? It gets better! 

Are- Are those Billie’s little fingers dangerously close to his teeny peeny? 


Now they are hiding more under the cover. Verrry interesting. 

Wonder what’s going on under there?

So yeah, seeing this explains why Lainey is so unhappy. He lights up with Billie. They are always physically touching. He insults Lainey by calling her a “fucking moron” but he teases Billie and the other girls. Personally if I were Lainey I would’ve punched someone in the mouth by now. I would lose my mind over this. I’m sure she is losing her mind over this. 

So Lainey, or Elaine, or Laine, whatever you go by now, if you’re seeing this I hope you know that this is what’s happening while you’re off doing god knows what. I’m willing to bet that you pout in the room while he’s out here making videos with other girls, and I bet you don’t watch his gaming videos. So here we go! Pictures of this slimy fuck getting very, very cozy with the girl that he WANTS to be with. 

lance week: day 1 

inner space / outer space 

ah yes,, the perfect excuse to draw lance with constellation freckles 👌🏼


GPF 2016 Victory Ceremony: hand holding & smiles <3

It’s almost as if she just wants to go to the gym

Dean, Lane, Paris, Jess, and Logan have their lives in a much better place than Rory does. 

& yet for seven seasons, it was shoved down our throats that Rory was the perfect one who did no wrong. 


Go ahead and cry little boy
You know what your daddy did too
You what your momma went through
You gotta let it out soon
Go ahead and cry little girl
Nobody does it like you do
I’d run away and hide with you
You know that I got daddy issues
and you do too
Never leave me my love, I wouldn’t survive this

the only time I rewatched any episode of merlin ever was a few years back when my mum’s extended family came to visit & I was left entertaining a bunch of 11-14 year old girls who pretty much lived like mormons, anyway, so I don’t know why but I put on 5x13 of merlin & it was coming to see scene where arthur dies & one of the girls go “does he see his wife before he dies?”

& I was still kinda at that point of ‘mehh, I ship everything in this show’ (pre-tumblr) & I did not expect my mouth to say “merlin is his wife” but it did and that was that. never turned back. 

You Go, Glen Coco - er, Kotal Kahn

Mileena: Can I just say that, by Shao Kahn’s decree, I am the rightful ruler of Outworld, and that some of us have been made victims?!
Kotal Kahn: Very well … let us put it to vote. (Turns to everyone) How many of you have ever felt personally victimised by Mileena?
*Everyone raises their hands, with Erron Black’s wounded hand raised the highest*

Vampire girl loves to play ball but only gets to by streetlight. Get’s her blood intake almost entirely from the scrapes and cuts her friends get while playing. 

“holster can you please for once sTOP NARRATING EVERYTHING LIKE GOSSIP GIRL”

“hey upper east siders gossip girl here. looks like our dearly beloved baker B feels a bit burnt out, although his pies definitely aren’t.” 


“until next time. you know you love me, xoxo gossip girl”