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That's so interesting about the poses! If you have more thoughts about it please share! I've not seen anyone else bring it up. Zayn's race really colour peoples perception of him, like he's so often seen as the opposite of how he really comes off if you pay attention, but they only seem able to stereotype him as really masculine and hyper sexual, they're not able to see the emotions in his lyrics past a sexual reference.

okay so i wrote u a manifesto by accident on the second half of ur message so im linking u to it here instead because this answer would be a mile long otherwise lmao.

as for the poses it’s super interesting isn’t it?? i was looking at the other vogue male covers and yet again i was struck by how different zayn’s cover is!!

here’s zayn cover for reference:

the most striking thing to me was that gigi is looking straight at the camera and zayn’s turned completely to the side, eyes closed. in any women’s studies class you’ll learn that men are most often full face to the camera, eyes meeting the viewers. women are usually turned, whether completely like zayn is, or a little bit like in this cover:

amanda is mostly profile whereas justin is faced fully forward and demands the viewer’s attention first. women can also be fully profile, looking off to the distance like in this cover:

victoria is looking somewhere else, her face is cut in half, but david is looking straight to the camera and you can see his entire face. this isn’t an accident, and it occurs in a large variety of magazines and shoots and ads. women are also far more likely to have their eyes closed like zayn does, because it makes them look more fragile, more delicate, more in the man’s control that they’re with like in this cover:

the man having his eyes closed is not necessarily groundbreaking though, but the fact that it’s not counterbalanced with some implied violence or blatant control is, like in this cover:

but these are all white people, so lets look at a black man that made it onto a Vogue cover and see how the portrayals change with poc. lebron is obviously a famous, talented athlete and as is expected from a media that views black men as overly violence and dominating, and athletes as well, he is portrayed aggressively and he’s portrayed with stereotypical themes like strength, power and control in this cover:

he’s hypermasculine, he’s clearly in control and dominating gisele in both of them. he’s the picture of “masculine” physicality, behavior, talents, etc. do either of those photos look like zayn’s? for comparison i used the other interesting pose from the zigi shoot here:

gigi is looking at the camera in both of these, they’re on the exact same standing level which portrays them as a united team, zayn is being gentle and intimate with her in both rather than portraying traditional masculine stoicism or domination. zayn is leaning his face into hers and disconnecting from the camera entirely. gigi’s hand in that second one is holding him to her, taking control of the hold they’re in, where the man usually would do that. 

even in the photos where zayn does look at the camera directly he and gigi are still on the same standing level, he does nothing overly aggressive or stereotypically masculine and with gigi in masculine clothing (and zayn in feminine patterns and textures like the bedazzling(?) on the trims of his coat on the cover) they appear to be a team where traditional gender roles do not matter. which was the goal of the article and the shoot i think, to show that their fashion isn’t affected by gender norms, and neither is the relationship. “it’s not about gender. it’s about, like, shapes. and what feels good on you that day.” is what gigi said, and i think that applies to these photos too because they clearly portray intimacy and modeling without traditional stereotypes imposed by gender, it’s about the fashion and the artistry.

Juventus FC: a masterpost™

Massimiliano Allegri (11 August 1967)

  • proud dad of 26 children
  • invented 4-2-3-1
  • still loves 3-5-2 way too much
  • always screaming
  • “I’m not going to tell you the line-up, but [spoilers the line-up]“
  • when he arrived nobody believed in him but he guided us to Berlin so WHAT’S GOOD ACCIUGHINA

# 1 - Gigi Buffon (28 January 1978)

  • italian legend
  • deserves everything
  • and by everything I mean UCL
  • always surrounded by beautiful women
  • but he’s in love with iker casillas
  • you better do not mess with him
  • curses a lot

# 25 - Neto (19 July 1989)

  • dani alves’ friend
  • a mess
  • nobody likes him
  • he may look cute but he’s a snake

# 32 - Emil Audero (18 January 1997)

  • ??? a ghost ???
  • little precious flower who deserves better
  • ???
  • he’s better than Neto btw

# 3 - Giorgio Chiellini (14 August 1984)

  • probably in love with Luis Suàrez
  • he graduated and scored against Barcelona in the same week, ICONIC
  • his nose is probably more famous than him
  • plays better against big teams
  • always remembered with love and affection by the fans bc of his performance vs Real Madrid in 2015

# 4 - Medhi Benatia (17 April 1987)

  • scored vs AC Milan
  • he’s in love with Pjanic
  • he may look scary but he’s cute
  • living the thug life

# 12 - Alex Sandro (26 January 1991)

  • juventus’ god
  • criminally underrated
  • deserves better
  • you can get pregnant only by looking at him
  • we dead without him

# 15 - Andrea Barzagli (8 May 1985)

  • italian minister of defence
  • you shall not pass
  • a gentleman
  • loves ladybugs and takes care of them
  • thank you Wolfsburg for him

# 19 - Leonardo Bonucci (1 May 1987)

  • bon bon
  • best CB in the world
  • king of the fair play
  • his son supports Torino
  • deserves all the love
  • Pep wants him

# 23 - Dani Alves (6 May 1983)

  • good crazy in tha house
  • footballer or singer we’ll never know
  • maybe he’s a model?
  • loved by everyone
  • in love with dybala

# 24 - Daniele Rugani (19 July 1994)

  • precious baby that DESERVES BETTER
  • criminally underrated
  • juventus’ defence future
  • secret twin of wart from the sword in the stone

# 26 - Stephan Lichtsteiner (16 January 1984)

  • he tries
  • but still can’t cross
  • speedy af
  • lorenzo insigne can figure him out

(… to be continued)

Stranded (Part 1)

where Y/N is sorry and Harry is angry.

Harry turned around as soon as he heard the bathroom door open. He could feel his eyes widening at the sight of you. With your blue floor length dress and hair up in a loose bun, you looked unquestionably breathtaking. You were heading for the celebration dinner of Harry’s movie, but Harry felt like he would be nothing there compared to the goddess standing in front of him. He couldn’t help it, he walked towards you with long strides, smashing his lips with yours and whispering,

“Baby, you look absolutely gorgeous.”

Your cheeks glowed with color as heat rushed up your neck. You smiled in gratitude before remarking,

“I think I should be the one saying that.”

Harry jokingly flipped his hair before replying,

“Yeah, I know, I’m very pretty.”

You two let out a laugh before your lips collided once more.

“How ‘bout we ditch the dinner an’ put on some of our own entertainment t’night?” he smirked, proud of his word play.

“Wish we could darling, but everyone’s gonna be there for you, yeah? Can’t leave them hanging.” You replied.

He hummed in response, well aware that he couldn’t ditch the party being thrown for him. You two headed out for the car parked outside. Your hands were tightly intertwined with Harry’s, and the two of you couldn’t have been more content at the moment.

Once you arrived at the destined place, the screams of the crowd and paparazzi increased in volume. The two of you were scurried out of the car by Harry’s event organizer. Harry wrapped an arm around your waist as the two of you headed towards the fancy restaurant.

Strutting towards the door, you two looked, and felt, like the ideal couple. However, your little bubble of happiness was soon burst apart as Harry started getting questioned by an interviewer. He seemed nice, and the pair of you didn’t mind.

Yet, soon the questions started getting directed towards you as well. Caught up in the blissful heaven of the situation, you barely noticed as you accidentally spilled out information about Harry working on his solo album.

Harry had previously decided to keep his solo music career a secret for the time being. Lots of conspiracies came along with the rumors, none of which Harry wanted to face. He had instructed you not to inform anyone about it either, and he knew that he could definitely trust you. You had gone to extremes to keep it a secret, there had been several times when it was so close to being revealed but you did one thing or other to safeguard your beloved boyfriend’s clandestine.

But this once, caught up in the happiness of the situation, and the feeling of being in Harry’s arms, you hadn’t even noticed the words tumbling out of your mouth. As soon as the words escaped you, the two of you immediately halted to a stop. Harry’s arm tightened around your waist warningly, to the point where it almost hurt. The interviewer was as shocked as could be, and continued on trying to dig out more details from either of you.

You tried to make it better, you really did, but the damage had been done.

Harry hurriedly excused you two from the press and continued walking towards the main hall. You knew he was mad, the tense way his shoulders were situated, was an obvious sign of that.

Once reality settled in, you felt like you could cry. You had revealed his secret, broken his trust. He had confided in you and trusted you to not tell a soul about something that he didn’t yet want to share.

However, before you could let out a word, Harry was whisked away by his manager, and you had been left alone to fend for yourself. Usually, Harry would be the one to hold your hand tightly and pull you along with him, but you knew that after this, the last thing he wanted was to be anywhere near you.

You were soon given company by Gigi, Eleanor and Cheryl. All of the boys were there to support Harry, and you felt horrible that you had messed up the night for him. You felt your heart ache when you saw that Harry had opted to take the seat farthest away from you at the dinner table. The night passed on with you barely touching your food and trying your best to be as social as you could in the given circumstances.

Harry was nowhere to be seen, probably he had gone somewhere with his friends, and Eleanor and Cheryl had went off to mingle with their own boyfriends, while Gigi had stayed with you. She claimed that she wanted your advice on some show that she was preparing for, but you knew that she felt bad for you. She knew what had happened, and didn’t want for you to be alone.

While you were grateful for the company that she provided, you hadn’t failed to notice Harry’s absence throughout the night. You knew that he was upset with you, but you didn’t think that he would actually ignore you the whole night through. As it was nearing midnight and Gigi was going on about her upcoming Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, a text message from Harry interrupted the both of you. Hope sprang through you as you looked down at your phone, but it was quick to die down as soon as you read the cold words that had been sent to you.

“We’re leaving.”

As you looked up, you saw Harry’s manager waving to you to come to the front door. You informed Gigi, who stood up with you.

“We’ll be leaving soon too. Just need to say goodbye to some people before we’re on our way.”

“Okay, thank you so much for today. I’ll see you soon.”

“Anytime, babe. I’m sure Harry will cool off soon. Just give him some time and space, yeah? Call me if you need anything.” She said, rubbing your arm comfortingly.

“Yeah, thank you, Gigi. I love you.”

The both of you hugged goodbye before you hurried off to where Harry’s manager was standing. She informed you that Harry was already in the car. Your heart sank a little, realizing that he was still mad. You hadn’t expected him to just forget about the whole thing, but you were hoping that his mood would be uplifted after spending some time with his friends.

Nonetheless, you knew that you had made a mistake and that you would have to pay the consequences now.

As you walked outside, you noticed the drizzle going on. It wasn’t much, but the dark clouds in the night sky made it obvious that it wasn’t long before it would start raining heavily. You opened the car door, and skid into the passenger seat. Harry already had the car started, and before you had time to buckle up your seat belt, he scurried off without a word. The tires of the car produced a sharp screech due to the force of the sudden turn.

You didn’t say anything, only adjusting yourself in your seat.

Harry continued driving towards the house that the both of you shared. But you couldn’t help but notice the death grip he had on the steering wheel. After a while, the awkward tension became too much and you felt like you were going to choke. You decided to face the consequences of your mistake as soon as possible, since procrastinating was clearly going to get you nowhere.

“Harry, I really am sorry about what happened-” You started, before he cut you off.

“Don’t Y/N, just don’t.”

He sounded so angry, unlike you had ever heard before. You had heard from a lot of people that Harry was the worst when angry. Though you had yet to encounter a seriously mad Harry, since he always made sure to control his temper around you.

It had started to rain harder outside, with heavy raindrops falling down on the wind screen. His knuckles had begun to turn whiter due to his extremely tight grip on the steering wheel. His face was set in a mad frown that was deadly to even look at.

“Harry, I promise that this wasn’t my intension. I was only answering their question and it just slipped out. I’m really sorry.”

“Sorry won’t cut it. I trusted you with my secret and you totally ruined it. I’m never telling you anything again. Now shut your mouth before I decide to kick you out of the car right now.”

This was so unlike him, the Harry that you knew would never, ever speak to you like how he just did.

Harry was known to be one of the most respectful people out there, and he had proved himself to you as a gentleman several times. Always treating you with intense care, feeding you chocolates during your period, opening the doors for you anywhere you went; he did everything to make sure that you were happy with him.

“Harry, please try to under-” Your sentence was left unfinished as the car halted to a stop.

“Get out.” He commanded.

“What?” Your voice was timid, compared to his. You had absolutely no idea about what Harry could do in his rage of anger, and you weren’t sure if you were ready to find out.

“Get out of the fucking car, Y/N. Or so help me I’ll do it myself.”

“Harry, it’s almost midnight and it’s raining so hard outside. Please don’t do this. I said I’m sorry.” You practically begged.

He wasn’t having any of it, though. In the blink of an eye, he unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car. He threw open your side of the door and grabbed your wrists. You tried to resist his grip, and he almost threw you to the ground. Your ankle twisted due to the heels you were wearing, and a painful yelp came out of your mouth. You were lying there in pain, with a ruined dress, spoiled make-up and sore wrists.

You tried to refrain him one last time.

“Harry, please stop.”

He shrugged off your hold on his wrist and went over to the driver’s side. He proceeded to sit in and drive away, leaving you a crying and broken mess in the middle of the road with darkness surrounding you and rain water pouring down on you heavily.

To some outsider, it may have looked like a scene freshly out of some movie. To you though, it was like your world had been torn apart. Yes, you had made a mistake, a horrible one at that. Harry had trusted you with one of his most sacred secrets and as his significant other, it was your duty to protect it at all costs. However, you had gotten caught up in the blissful moment and gone ahead and done the exact opposite.

In spite of that, you didn’t think that you deserved to be thrown out so harshly; in the middle of the night with strangers lurking around and rain falling hard on you.

Yes, you had broken his trust and knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to gain it back, but he had done the exact same thing, maybe worse. Your boyfriend, the very guy who was supposed to keep you safe and protect you from all the harm in the world, was himself the guy who had thrown you out in the streets, with absolutely no concern of what could happen to you.

And as you sat broken in the right middle of the street, with black tears staining your face and wet hair matted to your forehead, dress ripped and ankle twisted, you couldn’t help but wonder if things would ever be alright between you two again.

You can tell that the article in The Sun is part of the stunt because it’s clever and well informed. They know exactly which elements to put in it to make it believable (she was in Jay’s wedding, the quote by James) even things that happened years ago.

And they lift up her importance. She was supposed to be at a big fashion thing and THIS was supposedly the reason she didn’t go. They mention Gigi and Lady Gaga, as if she’s in the same circles and call her a ‘fashion icon’.

And all of it is nicely damaging for Louis, whose fake love life is summarised in the worst possible light but seemingly objective.

It’s a pity they put the hoodies side by side and still claim it’s the same one, though. They did so well and fucked up just before the finish line. :)

you better work bitch: songs to work out to

anna sun - walk the moon 🔥 be alright - ariana grande  🔥 blame - calvin harris 🔥 clique - kanye west, big sean, jay z 🔥 cold water - justin bieber, major lazer, mø, 🔥 cool for the summer - demi lovato   crazy=genius - panic! at the disco 🔥 electric love - BORNS 🔥 fall into these arms - new politics 🔥 feel so close - calvin harris 🔥 fireball - pitbull 🔥 glad you came - the wanted 🔥 go for it - cruisr 🔥 hair - little mix 🔥  happy with me - holychild 🔥 harlem - new politics 🔥 high - young rising sons 🔥  i took a pill in ibiza - mike posner 🔥 if it ain’t love - jason derulo 🔥 lean on - mø, major lazer 🔥 like i would - zayn 🔥 little white lies - one direction 🔥 lush life - zara larsson 🔥 mercy - kanye west, jay z, big sean, wacka flocka flame, pusha t 🔥 move - little mix 🔥 new romantics - taylor swift 🔥 pay my rent - dnce 🔥 ride - lowell, icona pop 🔥 running behind - holychild 🔥 sorry - justin bieber 🔥 steal my girl (mpdc remix) - one direction 🔥 summer - calvin harris 🔥 superlove - charli xcx 🔥 talk dirty - 2chainz, jason derulo 🔥 talking body - tove lo 🔥 thunder clatter - wild cub 🔥 we r who we r - ke$ha 🔥 wild things - alessia cara 🔥 work bitch - britney spears 🔥 worth it - fifth harmony, kid ink 🔥 young and stupid - travis mills, t.i. 🔥 young volcanoes - fall out boy 🔥 you’re such a - hailee steinfeld 🔥 22 - taylor swift 🔥 7/11 - beyoncé 🔥


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Gigi just did the 73 questions video with vouge and she's probably the only one whose ever done it that has had answered specific questions on her 'boyfriend'. It's all just so set up that it's starting to get on my damn nerves. As again, more pap pictures with her and Zayns family came out today.

Listen, I had my fill of Zigi like on day 3 way back when. I would love to enjoy Zayn on the cover of Vogue without having to wade through the wanna-be Kardashians’ crap for once but alas. 

So yeah, I’m right there with you.

The pap pics with the family make me chuckle more than anything cuz they’re just such a blatant set-up like you said. (Kudos to the Maliks for taking one for the team so Zayn can remain MIA and not have to do the walk of doom with her because man….those are painful to see.) Hopefully they get something nice in return for helping her with her promo.

The silver lining is that with every new attempt, Zigi looks more and more contrived and transparent IMO. (I continue to be baffled as to how anyone actually thinks they’re a real couple.)  It’s become so easy to just shrug Zigi nonsense off like 

Since promo is ramping up, it could signal that Z2 is right around the corner, too, and THAT’s what I’ve been waiting for all year. Fashion Zayn is lovely but I for one am primarily here for Zayn the musician.

Praying that Z2 to get as much promo as the fashion stuff does. Now that would be something to celebrate.

When Gérard is away at work Amélie’s buddy Genevieve comes by to make sure her friend doesn’t do anything stupid and actually rests. Part II of 


Amélie Lacroix © Blizzard

Genevieve Machin & Artwork © Branded-Rose