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Y'all, when Falsettos hits theaters, you NEED to see it. We need to prove that shows will make money if they release professional recordings. If Falsettos doesn’t do well, no one else will consider releasing their shows for a long time, if ever. Like it or not, it’s about money. If you are able, get your tickets and go see Falsettos in theaters so that we have a chance to see our other favorite shows released.

V excited to announce that Blackbear is coming along on the M A N I A Tour this fall!

East Coast, your tickets just went on sale, go get them! Just a reminder Philadelphia starts at 11am today, Brooklyn + Atlanta at 12pm today & Toronto tomorrow at 10am.

October 20th - Cleveland, OH @ Quicken Loans Arena - (Tickets)
October 21st - Saint Louis, MO @ Scottrade Center - (Tickets)
October 22nd - St. Paul, MN @ Xcel Energy Center - (Tickets)
October 24th - Detroit, MI @ Little Caesars Arena - (Tickets)
October 25th - Toronto, ON @ Air Canada Centre - on sale 5/6 @ 10am EST - (Tickets)
October 27th - Boston, MA @ TD Garden - (Tickets)
October 28th - Brooklyn, NY @ Barclays Center - on sale 5/5 @ 12pm EST - (Tickets)
October 29th - Philadelphia, PA @ Wells Fargo Center - on sale 5/5 @ 11am EST - (Tickets)
November 2nd - Fairfax, VA @ EagleBank Arena - (Tickets)
November 3rd - Charlotte, NC @ Spectrum Center - (Tickets)
November 4th - Atlanta, GA @ Philips Arena - on sale 5/5 @ 12pm EST - (Tickets)
November 5th - Tampa, FL @ Amalie Arena - (Tickets)
November 7th - Houston, TX @ Toyota Center - (Tickets)
November 8th - Dallas, TX @ American Airlines Center - (Tickets)
November 10th - Denver, CO @ Pepsi Center - (Tickets)
November 12th - Seattle, WA @ KeyArena - (Tickets)
November 14th - Oakland, CA @ Oracle Arena - (Tickets)
November 15th - San Diego, CA @ Viejas Arena - (Tickets)
November 17th - Inglewood, CA @ The Forum - (Tickets)
November 18th - Phoenix, AZ @ Talking Stick Resort Arena - (Tickets)

Few words by & about the 'ungrateful' and 'arrogant' Harry Styles:

“It’s your birthday today? Gonna go get some tickets. Bring some friends.”

“If you cry, I’ll cry to”.

“Hi Scott, heard you were going through some stuff. Sorry about that. Stay strong”.

“They sang a song he wrote together, her fave… “If I could Fly”. It was such blessing for her to have this moment with him - and from what he shared, it was just as amazing for him”.

What’s the most amazing thing a fan has ever done for you? :
“For my birthday this year some fans gave money to a charity.”

“I’m thinking of you and sending you all the love in the world. That’s a lot of love”.

“Harry decided to go to the Lalela project all by himself and really impressed everyone there. He offered all the students concert tickets and spoke to them at length about their lives”.

“An unknown number I answered and for it to only be Harry Styles ringing from USA!! He wanted to do a FaceTime or video recording for Jessica”.

“Harry was one of the celebrities who donated to ‘Jeans for refugees’, signing the jeans with 'All the love, Harry”.

“Harry knows the name of every waiter and waitresses at Cafe Habana, he also gives them a hug every time he goes there”.

Harry Styles, after a brief pause when asked why the boobs on his mermaid tattoo were saggy - “Because everyone should love themselves, and they shouldn’t strive for perfection”.

“He was emphatic that he did not do this for publicity. He truly just wanted to meet Cam. I would not want anyone to get the wrong idea”.

“The hair and make-up team love him too because he’s very polite. One time he even made the effort to thank the catering department for making what he called ‘fantastic food’. He’s such a gent”.

“If I see someone acting like they’re something special it shocks me into not doing it even more. And I have seen a lot of people do it, both famous and non-famous. I don’t understand why you cant just be nice to people, whether you’re in the public eye or not.”

"He broke through the barrier to get to me and just hugged and hugged me and he calmed me down to the point where I could breathe again”.

“We just want to keep getting better and better for them”.

“What the fans have done for us is so important, and we have to keep giving them good music”.

“The manager of the restaurant just came up and told us that Harry Styles paid for us”.

“Harry Styles is a fucking angel I was stuck in the pap mob and he said ‘hold on and walk’ cause I tripped over”.

“He was so nice. Honestly, he walked up to me out of nowhere at Billboard awards, and no one does that”.

“Because that’s what Harry does; spreading the love, kindness and humor - to everyone”.

“We thank you with everything that we are. All the love, Harry”.

“To you who support us, in any way, thank you. We wouldn’t be here without you. You did this, and we thank you for having us. All the love”.

An Unforgettable Ride - Josh Dun Smut

A/N: inspired by the lovely josh dun is my first smut piece! i got a request for a disneyland smut for josh since he was recently there and i had to post it asap. i have also only been to the california disneyland so if it’s not accurate that’s why. and im also listening to a classic disney songs playlist. enjoy. this took forever.

Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader

Type: Fluff, Full Smut

Warnings: DisneyWorld sex, public thrills, cursing, sex sex sex, unprotected (reader on birth control), dirty talk, blood, all the good shit (i think thats it?)

Touring with the band twenty one pilots was always interesting. But lately, you had felt like you were going stir crazy. No doubt, something interesting was always going on, but you wanted to go explore the world you were touring. The boys had a show in Tampa in a few days, so they spent those days rehearsing while you spent the day roaming the arena, laying in Josh’s bunk, or laying in the dressing room. The boys were about to wrap up for the night, so you decided to make your way to the bus early. 

As you settled in the bunk, you pulled out your laptop and scrolled through movies. You decided on The Little Mermaid and you sat back, not bothering to plug in your headphones, leaving the sound playing loudly, making you immersed in it.

However, just as Kiss The Girl was playing, you hear Tyler and Josh bounding onto the bus, laughing about something you didn’t know of. 

“Where’s my girl?” Josh called out.

You stuck your hand out of the bunk signaling your location. You heard the footsteps padding in your direction and you jumped slightly as a damp Josh whipped open the curtain. He was wearing a baggy shirt and shorts and his hair was damp from the shower he just took. Water droplets rested on his toned shoulders and you stared for a moment, but turned back to the movie. He leans down to watch the end of the song and cheekily turns to you, kissing you softly. You pull away laughing.

“Stop being so cheesy, you make me sick,” Tyler comments, laying in his own bunk.

You turn back to the movie and Josh squeezes into the confined space to cuddle up to you and watch with you. Throughout the movie, you share small talk and enjoy each others company. When the movie is over, the idea suddenly pops in your head.

“Let’s go to Disneyworld!” you nearly shout. Josh looks at you with excited eyes. Since they have the day off tomorrow, it would be perfect. Josh nudges Tyler in his bunk, who is facetiming Jenna.

“Hey dude you wanna go with us to Disney tomorrow?” He asks. Tyler pulls out his earphones and turns to Josh.

“No, I think I’m just going to chill here. You and Y/N should go though, it will be the ultimate goals!” Tyler emphasizes the last bit with a girly voice, making you both laugh. You silently thank the gods that Tyler is going.

Touring was amazing, truly in every way. But you and Josh had barely had any alone time in weeks and you were suffering. The last time you got two minutes alone in the dressing room, Tyler walked in on you, pants off, Josh’s bright yellow hair between your thighs. You hadn’t done as much as feel each other up since. Maybe you would get some more alone time in a Disney bathroom, you hoped. Twisted, so twisted, but the thought made your thighs clamp together.

“So it’s set, tomorrow, you, me, and Walk Disney!” Josh climbed into the bunk again, nearly pouncing on you with excitement.

“I can’t wait!” you responded with as much enthusiasm.

“Let’s watch Hercules now!” he said with the enthusiasm of a child, settling comfortably next to you. You clicked on the movie, settling into Josh with his arm wrapped around you.

Sometime during Hercules, you had fallen asleep soundly. Early the next morning, you had woken up by Josh shaking your arm and repeating the phrase ‘disneyworld’ over and over until you got up.

You slipped on some comfortable clothes and brushed your hair, applying a comfortable amount of makeup on the couch with a mirror on the table beside the couch. Josh walked into the room you were applying makeup to grab a shirt, shirtless and wearing black jeans and you couldn’t help but stare. You tugged your bottom lip between your teeth and stared at his back flexing as he bent over.

“Like what you see?” he asked, smirking and sauntering over to you. You nodded, still biting your lip, as he got close to your face. You turned to him so that you were sitting, facing front on the couch as he put his arms down, boxing you in with his arms against the couch.

“Do something about it, then,” he said.

You lunged at him, standing up and attaching your lips to his. You jumped, and he caught you, holding your backside with his big hands. He laid you down on the couch, settling on top of you, keeping your lips attached.

As always, Tyler opened the slide door and started to talk but stopped when he saw what was going down.

“Josh the uber is here- oh my god not again,” he said covering his eyes. You two didn’t even jump back, just detached your lips and Josh sighed, hanging his head.

“Alright Ty, we’ll be right out,” he said.

He picked his head up and muttered, “to be continued,” as he pecked your nose and climbed off of you. He slipped on a white tank top and you fixed your lipstick and adjusted your hair, picking up your bag and heading out the door with Josh following. You both waved goodbye to Tyler and nearly leaped off the bus, happy to be having some alone time.

The entire ride to the theme park, Josh was about to explode with excitement, as were you. As the uber dropped you off, you and Josh climbed out of the car and nearly ran to the ticket booth, paying and getting tickets to go inside.

Once you got your bag checked and your ticket scanned, you walked into the entrance, smiling and looking around, taking in the full ambience of everything.

Josh slipped his hands in yours and spun you around, laughing. You walked into the park, hand in hand, excited as the kids around you.

You decided to ride the ‘big rides’ first so that you can make your way back to the kiddie park and ride rides there on your way out.

After riding Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, and many others, you made your way to the final ride of the ‘big’ rides: Tower of Terror. This was your absolute favorite ride and you nearly combusted when you saw it. You ran to get in line, ignoring the stares you were getting. The people just in front of you glanced at you and snapped their head forward. When it was almost time to get on the elevator seat carriage. You looked and saw the person was acting strange, but saw the back of their shirt. On the back of the black shirt donned a twenty one pilots logo. You smiled at Josh and pointed. Josh smiled, wanting to poke fun.

“Hey,” he said, tapping the person, “What are those marks on your shirt?” he asked, smirking. The person and their friends smiled and hugged Josh, snapping pictures with him.

You had sat right in front of the fans during the ride and as the ride took you up and dropped, Josh held your hand tightly in the air as you screamed with joy.

As you exited the ride, you and Josh waved bye to the fans, before heading to the castle where all the princesses were. You snapped a picture of Josh meeting Elsa and Anna per fan’s request, and put it on Twitter and Snapchat, laughing at the explosive responses.

It had come time to start finishing up, and the last ride you decided on was the Little Mermaid ride. Since the ride was dark, kind of lengthy, and you were mostly away from other people for the majority of the time, you made an action plan in your head and smirked.

Sat in the seashell seats, once you and Josh entered the darkness, you leaned over and placed your mouth on his roughly. Josh got the message quickly and grabbed your face, kissing you so hard you may bruise. He moved and kissed the side of your neck, making you moan softly. You shifted so that he was underneath you and you were straddling him in the confined space. He came to your lips and whispered, “You gotta be quiet, babygirl. Wouldn’t want everyone else on this ride knowing you’re my little whore.”

The moment he said that, the ride came to a halt. You and Josh pulled away and looked around, you kneeling and straddling his lap, your heat on his crotch that you could feel hardening. The music still contunued playing, the visuals still moving, but the seashell cart you were in was completely stopped. It was strange mainly because the ride was a nonstop ride and was supposed to always be in motion. Part of Your World suddenly faded out and the announcer came on the loud speaker. 

“Dear DisneyWorld attendees, we are expiriencing some technical difficulties. Please stay remained in your seat and remain calm until the ride continues or instructed otherwise,” he said, then the music continued playing.

This was all Josh needed to reattach his lips to yours as his hand travelled to your breast. He felt it and cupped it, squeezing it softly. He kept your lips attached to his, and his hand travelled further down your body until it was resting where you needed him the most. He rubbed your heat through your jeans and kissed the spot on your neck that drove you crazy.

“Josh.. please,” you moaned in a whisper.

“Please what, baby? Use your words,” he smirked.

“Touch me,” you moaned again. 

Josh moaned, kissing your lips again, as his hand skillfully unbuttoned your jeans with one hand. He slipped his single hand into your pants and delved into your folds.

“You’re such a dirty whore, look at you. All drenched for me on a fucking children’s ride,” he whispered as you moaned at his words.

He quickly reached up with his other hand and covered your mouth.

“You filthy little girl, you gotta keep it down baby,” he smirked.

His fingers rubbed your clit in vigorous circles as you nearly bit his hand in pleasure. He sucked at your neck and bit softly, leaving a mark as you yelped. He continued to rub while your hands grabbed the back of his white tank in fistfulls. Suddenly, his slender fingers slipped inside of you, making you arch your body towards his. 

The ride finally started moving again and Josh only worked his fingers faster inside you. You felt the heat growing in the pit of your stomach. 

“J- Josh, I’m close baby,” You said, screwing your eyes shut, ready for the pent up feelings to be released.

“Too bad,” he said, pulling his fingers out of you and sucking them clean.

“What the fuck?” You angrily asked, settling down in your seat again.

“We’re almost at the end of the ride, baby,” he smiled, kissing your cheek.

“This isn’t over,” you glared at him with dark eyes.

“I sure hope not,” he grins, sitting back in his seat. 

The ride opens up again and you are faced with the setting sun and loads of people waiting. You two nearly jump out of the ride and he takes your hand in his, still damp from the events earlier. You exit the ride and the worker smiles at you, but your focus is set to one place: the parking lot. People are staring at you two, probably because of the light bruises on your neck and the obvious bulge in Josh’s jeans. You whip out your phone, ready to schedule an uber, but you’re cut short.

“Josh Dun!” a boy exclaims. Josh smiles, pulling his shirt down to cover the obvious tightness in his lower region. You pull back a bit and see the small crowd of fans forming. Josh pulls in the guy for a hug, poses for a picture, and you see some girls in the tiny group giggling and staring at you. They approach you and shyly ask for a picture, which you put up a fake smile, getting in the selfie. Just before the picture snaps, you see the large hickey on your neck, which is proudly out for the picture. Your heart drops, but before you could say a thing, Josh is the one pulling you away. As more people start to recognize him, Josh starts looking around. Once he spots it, he drags you towards the secluded area.

“Josh what are we doing?” you ask, frustrated and tired of him pulling your arm.

“I can’t fucking wait until the tour bus. We’re taking care of this right the hell now,” he mutters, voice taken down a few octaves.

He sees the ajar closet beside a restaurant and rushes in with you in tow. He slams the door, locks it, and slams you up against it, connecting his mouth to yours with a sloppy kiss. 

“You dirty girl,” he moans, gripping the bottom of your shirt and roughly pulling it off of you, sending your sequined Mickey ears flying. You do the same, throwing his white tank top to the side, his own Mickey ears going with it. You run your fingers through his bright yellow hair, down his arms, all over his chest. He body was a masterpiece and you wanted to touch every inch of him. The thing that set your nerves ablaze the most, however, was the fact that he felt the same way about you. He slips off your bra and runs his hands over your breasts, feeling your nipples. He massages them for a while and you moan, “Josh, please, stop teasing.”

He shoves your pants down your legs and his breath hitches.

“I didn’t even realize you weren’t wearing any panties, holy shit,” he says, voice breathy. 

You step out of your pants, kneeling down where your face was at his crotch. You palm him through his jeans and he lets out a loud groan.

“Please baby,” he whines.

You undo his belt buckle and pull his jeans down, his briefs coming after. He steps out of them and you grab for his large erection, expecting to put your mouth to it. However, he grabs your hair and you stand back up. 

“No, not today. I need to be inside you,” he says, lust dripping from his words like acid. You smirk, pecking his earlobe.

“Then use me. Fuck me until I scream your name and can’t walk.”

Something snaps inside of Josh. He throws you against a table in the small closet and bends you over it, your back touching the cold wood. He throws your legs around his waist and bends over you, squeezing your breasts. He puts the tip to your entrance and you arch your back. 

“Fuck Josh,” you groan. He finally slips into you, filling you up. You let out a loud moan as Josh starts his fast pace, thrusting in and out of you at a high speed. All the pent up frustration and sexual tension was finally coming out and all you could do was moan repetitions of his name. Since it had been so long, you felt the familiar tension in your stomach growing already. Josh kept his pace and you clawed at his back, drawing blood. He nipped at your neck and you yelped again.

“Fuck Josh, I’m gonna come,” you nearly scream, his thrusts only getting faster.

“Come baby, come all over me,” he says back, and that’s it for you.

The best orgasm of your life washes over you and the only coherent thought that can cross your mind is Josh. You moan his name again and again. You feel everything but feel completely numb and you are sure you come close to blacking out because of the intensity of it. Your body shakes as you ride the aftershocks, clenching yourself to get Josh to his high. 

“Fuck babygirl, that’s so hot,” he moans as he twitches inside of you. You feel him spill deep inside of you with a shaky final moan. 

Josh slips out of you and you look down and realize.

“Holy shit, did I really squirt?” you ask, shocked. 

“I’ve never made you do that before, holy shit, that was so hot,“ he says, finally pushing off you, looking for something to clean up with. You lean up off the table, feet touching the warm ground where Josh’s feet were and try to stand up, but hold the table for dear life, a pain surging through your lower region.

“Well you stayed true to your word,” you giggle, and Josh comes over to help you get dressed.

“Sorry, babe,” he winks, slipping your shirt onto you.

“Don’t apologize, I loved it,” you smile, kissing him again, stepping in your pants. You slip on your shoes and Josh puts on his own clothes. You call for an Uber and he smooths his hair down as well as yours, and puts both of your Mickey ears back on.

“Now how are we going to get out of here,” Josh’s laughs. 

“You go first and I will go next,” You say and Josh kisses your lips then slips out of the door. You adjust your hair so the multiple marks on your neck are hidden and slip out the door, limping slightly. Once you are both successfully out, Josh lets you jump on his back. Once you jump (more like hobble) onto his back, he winces. You slap his head playfully.

“Hey, are you saying I’m fat?” You scoff jokingly. You see the glint in his eyes as he shakes his head no and you pull the back of his collar and study his back. You gasp slightly and smile, seeing the marks you left going all the way down his back. You smile smugly and mutter a ‘sorry’ to his ear.

As you exit the park and head to the Uber, you and Josh receive the same text from Tyler, and a picture of you and Josh with the fans earlier is attached. You see Josh’s obvious bulge in the picture and your hickey, purple and proud, in the picture. You read the text and Josh lets out a hearty laugh.

 so you can manage to get down in disneyland and not get caught but the second the idea crosses your mind on the bus, i always interrupt? unfair.

You reply something sassy to his text and climb into the Uber behind Josh. Josh leans over to your ear and whispers, “You don’t even know how long I have been waiting to do that, we should do it more in public if it’s going to get you that hot and bothered.”

You nod at him, interlocking your fingers with his and looking out the window, watching the park get smaller as the trees passed by.

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Nervous Flyer

| one | two |

Group: BTS


Excerpt:   “so you like planes?”

Genre: fluff

Length: 0.9K

A/N: i hate flying

Originally posted by bangtan

The airport was almost empty; a few other passengers lay on the hard seats as you paced up and down next to the window staring at the planes, better described as massive metal coffins. You placed a hand on the window, looking at the immense planes, clutching the strap of your bag tighter to your chest.

The weather was awful, rain drops sliding down the window; it was so bad that your plane had been delayed so it was now past midnight and you were still waiting. Heaving a sigh you walked to a coffee store to buy yourself something sweet and hot to calm your nerves, the barista gave you a tired smile as you rattled off your order.

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scuteedolans  asked:

What about angry sex with the boys? They're super mad at you but still wanna fuck the living shit out of you. 😏

the twins being loud in bed ? i cRY

^^I combined two of these because the twins being loud in bed would come from their complete fucking anger at you. This shit is gonna be so hot OMG

There is rarely anything that makes Grayson angry. He may get irritated or pissy, but it isn’t often he lets out his rage. There is one thing that gets under his skin so quickly that sends fire to his lungs and adrenaline through his veins; when someone threatens his territory. It was harmless, you didn’t think twice of the number scribbled on the side of your Starbucks coffee when you returned home from shopping. Grayson was seated on the couch watching football in nothing but his sweats, swearing as the Steelers fumbled the ball. You rounded the couch to sit beside him, his face brightening as he leaned over to kiss your cheek. He skimmed to the cup you’d placed on the coffee table, reaching out to steal a sip when his eyes assessed the jumbled handwriting on the side. “What the fuck is that?” You wouldn’t know exactly what he was referring to until you’d remember the cute barista winking as he handed over your cup. “It’s no big deal, Gray. I’m just going to trash it when I’m done.” His pupils dilate in seconds, his hand smacking against the cup and sending it flying against the wall, coffee splattering the white wall and dripping to the hardwood. “Are you fucking serious? NO BIG DEAL?!” The veins along his arms burst at the top of his skin as he growls out with rage, knocking the coffee table upside down and crashing into the chest and nearly knocking the tv to the floor. “Grayson, chill! I’m not going to fucking call him!” He whips around, his chest heaving as he seems to be looking through you. “I don’t give a fuck what you planned on doing or not doing, you’re MINE god damnit! Do you understand me?” You swallow the rock in your throat and pray he’s finished his tantrum. “Now get your ass up so I can show you who you belong to.” Your wide eyes look up at him with wonder, Grayson had never spoken to you in such a way, but you couldn’t deny it left your panties soaking. Your shaky knees locked into place as you stood before him in the wreckage he had caused. His arms forcefully thrust you around, pushing your lower back flat as you catch the back of the couch with your hands. “Now bend your ass over and take it.” Without warning he rips the fabric from underneath your skirt, pushes his pants down and thrusts into you fully and hard, the lining of your walls feeling as if they’d bust in two. “Fuck, Gray!” He began immediately pounding into you with force, knocking your chest into the back of the couch each time. “WHO DO YOU BELONG TO?” You moan out as his hand comes down hard to smack your ass, your skirt pushed up to your abdomen. “You.” He pulls all the way out before thrusting back into you long and deep, bending over to speak in your ear. “I DIDN’T FUCKING HEAR YOU. WHO DO YOU BELONG TO?!” He smacks your ass again, the large red handprint burning like fire. “You baby, you!” He pushes your hair away from your neck to suck softly, reach around to grasp your throat. “Yes, that’s what I thought.”

The one singular thing that causes the most heated argument between you and Ethan is so petty and ridiculous, but it happens EVERY single time. You’re a back seat driver, and Ethan hates being told how to drive, heads clashing every time you step foot in the car. “Ethan, slow down! If that car brakes you’re gonna rear end them.” His grip on the wheel tightens as does his jaw, his eyes don’t leave the road as he grounds out, “I know how to fucking drive, shut up.” Your mouth drops open at his audacity. “Don’t tell me to shut up, Ethan!” He speeds up faster, swerving in and out of cars as your hand grips the handle and your temper rises. “You’re either going to get a ticket or kill us both, slow the hell down!” His hands punch down onto the steering wheel, his eyes glossy as he glances over at you. “If you won’t fucking shut up then I’ll make you.” He whips into the very right lane, cutting off a car who honks their horn as he takes the random exit. You’re completely quiet, you know better than to push his buttons when he’s that angry. He whips into an empty parking lot of an abandoned car dealership, knocking the car in park. “Get your ass in the back seat, NOW.” You don’t hesitate to scurry into the back, climbing over the center console, your ass plopping to the seat as he crawls back to you. “Strip and get on top.” He watches as you fumble to pull your jeans and panties down your legs with shaky hands. “You’re so gonna fucking regret telling me what to do.” You swing one leg over him, gripping the back seat with white knuckles as he pulls his cock of his jeans and slams you down onto it. “Now this should calm your ass down.” You screech out in painful pleasure, Ethan automatically gripping your hips so hard it would leave bruises, thrusting up into you as his eyes glaze over with fury. “You make me SO GOD DAMN MAD baby, but I can’t help but to fuck you senseless. You’re so fucking hot.” He grasps your throat, his thumb pulling up to push into your hot mouth. “Now do you understand not to fucking back talk me?!” Your tongue swirls against the pad of his thumb as you absentmindedly nod your head, a stifled moan ripping against your throat. “Don’t you EVER do that again. Now tighten that pussy and cum for me.”

Fuckin A

Hyungwon, Jooheon, and Changkyun Reaction to You Trying Running Away From Him After Finding Out He is in a Gang


B.A.P: Part IPart IIPart III; BTS: Part IPart IIPart III; EXO: Part IPart IIPart III; Got7: {coming soon}; Monsta X: Part IPart IIPart III ; Dean

Angst and violent- maybe

Note: This is JUST a reaction. I do not think you should EVER be in a violent relationship. NEVER let yourself get abused by another [mentally or physically]. You’re worth more than that kind of life.

P.S. it’s long. 


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That moment when you realize your friends are way better than you at something, and you can’t possibly compete with them.

Forbidden Feelings (Chapter 2)

Summary: Being married to a man you don’t love or want anymore is taking a toll on you, but the way out is nowhere to be seen. When your husband hires a you a new sexy bodyguard, the man suddenly turns your world upside down, giving you hope to step up and take control of your life again. | Bucky x Reader
: reader, Bucky Barnes, Tony Stark (mentioned) and my sweet plum Gen ( @bucky-plums-barnes )
Warnings: none
Word count: 1389
A/N: oh boy


Originally posted by dailyevanstan

You managed to avoid Bucky Barnes for three whole days. You always booked a meeting with a client before he got to the house, which he unfortunately came to every day of the week. When you didn’t have business in or outside of the house, you mostly stayed in your bedroom or in the small reading area Tony built for you in the beginning of your marriage. It’s where you were currently sat, lounging in one of the plush armchairs by the window. The window was slightly creaked open, letting in the warm summer breeze.

You were reading one of your favourite books: Jane Eyre. You were nearly at the end when the sound of a roaring engine filled the room. You sat up straight to look out the window, to see where the commotion was coming from. The view was something you weren’t expecting. A shirtless Bucky was driving around in the backyard on a ride-on lawn mower, steering the machine around easily. Your breath hitched at the sight of his bare torso, glistening in the sun, droplets of sweat running down his broad back. A frustrated sigh left your lips as you sat back in your chair, determined to finish your book, but the image of him wouldn’t leave your mind. His messy medium length hair and slim jeans were every girl’s dream. You shut your book with another sigh; you weren’t going to get any reading done with these thoughts.

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Matthew Tkachuk #5

Requested by Anon(s):

1.  More matthew tkachuk I beg of youuuu. Maybe it could be about giving him concert tickets for his birthday? Your last of him was absolutely fantastic [Thank you so so much!! I hope you like this one. I’m not sure if this is the one you wanted but I hope you still enjoy!:)]

2.  Could yo do a matt tkachuk one where you surprise him for his birthday? [Here it is!! Enjoy!!:)]

Word count: 1, 092

Originally posted by strmedaddy

The cake looked like it was a love child of a red brick and mud. Needless to say, your first foray into birthday cake making has been a bust. At least you can cook a mean spaghetti and meatballs, if it really comes down to party food. Or tacos – but those are still to be judged.

The cake, though. Ugh, it’s taking all of your self-control not to smash your face in it and wallow in self-pity. He’s going to be home in a few minutes and you have nothing to show him for his birthday because you went in over your head. Damn it, you should have just reserved a table at your favorite restaurant like he told you and not try your hand at this surprise birthday dinner thing.

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Fun fact: When the fire alarm goes off, you need to leave the building. Especially when the power has flickered off and on three times and it could be going off for carbon monoxide. Don't worry, you'll get readmits for your movie tickets

But I can’t leave my groceries. Ma'am the building is on fire. It’s either leave it or die. Now GET OUT!


a little heads up for everyone planning to go to an upcoming IDK show

now that the boys sold out the Amplyfi I thought I’d check how big the venues are and they all have very low capacities

Amplyfi - ca. 80
The Viper Room - ca. 250
Beauty Bar - ca. 100
Velour - ca. 150
Jazzy’s - ca. 90

so if you have the chance to go better make sure to get your tickets soon :)

Unfaithful : Part eleven

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife










Please let me know if you wether want to be tagged or untagged.

Warnings : language - angst.


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

Previous chapters :


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“Negan !”
Lucille’s shaky and raspy voice came from behind Negan, he sat in the living room drinking a beer , he turned to see her standing in her white robe, hair messy and her eyes reddened and puffed up, it seemed like she had one hell of a night.
After he left, she sobbed in her room till she fell asleep .
Lucille tried to fix her appearance, she tugged strands of her blonde hair behind her ears and adjusted her robe.

“You’re not gonna fucking tell me what a filthy drunk like my father was ,for drinking before fucking noon!?” Negan smirked as he held the bottle up in the air for a moment, then took another sip.
Lucille hung her head low as she sighed in despair and mumbled.
“I’m sorry Negan! ” she sniffled.
“What was that?” Negan held his palm next to his ear “I can’t fucking hear ya dear wife!”.
“I’m so so deeply sorry Negan! I never meant to humiliate you like that!! I was mad at you!! I’m sorry honey please forgive me!!” Lucille pleaded as she took few steps forward and without hesitation she knelt in front of Negan. Locking her watered eyes into his, her voice was full of remorse and sadness.
Negan glared down at her with his heavy lidded eyes, his facial expressions remained mysterious to her.
He stood up and brushed past Lucille ,he groaned as he stretched the sore muscles of his back then he threw the bottle on a couch where it landed next to other three ones.
Lucille was still kneeling, she just kept watching him from distance.
“Uh.. I was waiting for you to wake up , so we can talk…”
“Negan please I said I’m sorry, I…” she interrupted him as her tears rolled down her face.
“I forgive you for all the shit you fucking said to me last night, it was an emotional moment, I fucking get it!!” He gruffly said.
Lucille blinked for few seconds, she couldn’t believe her ears, Negan is a hothead and he just forgave just like that, there must be something worse coming, he was always been a guy full of surprises.
“But..” His tone remained gruff and serious , Lucille’s chest clenched, she always hated the (but) word, it never brought any good and right now she could feel that there will be no good after this word.
“I’m leaving you Lucille! ” his calm dark voice and harsh declaration made Lucille’s heart skip a beat. She felt the room spinning around her and her body trembled .
“You.. yo-you… said …you for-give me!!!” She choked in her words. She was getting more and more frustrated , chest heaved in distress, she felt like something sucked the air out of the room.

“Negan. ..please. . !” She stuttered as she panted for air.
“ No Lucille! I told you last night! This fucking joke must end! We don’t speak the same language anymore! I’m not in love with you Lucille! I’m sorry! ” Negan seemed genuinely sorry and sincere, he rubbed his beard in frustration, then he headed upstairs.
“I’ll just pack my shit, I’m moving out Lucille! ” He muttered then continued his way to the bedroom, not giving her a chance to respond or protest.
Lucille slowly stood up, she tried not to fall as her knees could barely hold her, there was a blank look in her eyes, she couldn’t utter her feelings like she thought she would. His unexpected decision made her speechless. She was shocked and now traumatized, how could events escalate like this , last night she thought it’d be normal as usual, she even had sex with him and now he’s leaving her just like that.
There’s something fishy and she couldn’t know what it was.
Negan has definitely changed. Before she knew about his affair with Tabitha, he wasn’t like this, he never acted this way ever, he never threatened to leave her, he never spent a single night outside or got drunk and emotional . Even after he confessed his affair, he remained the same old Negan as ever. In the contrary, he asked for her forgiveness . Now , all of the sudden, he drink, he cries , he stops in the middle of sex and he’s about to leave? This has definitely something to do with a woman and she’s not Tabitha, it’s someone else!
Lucille’s head crowded with thoughts, anger and agony laid heavily in the air, Lucille paced the room , biting on her nail.
Negan came downstairs holding a black bag and a backpack, as he headed towards the door ,Lucille blocked his way, she grabbed both his shoulders to hold him in place.
“Who is she?” She stared at him square in the eyes, her eyes darkened, she was like she switched from the pathetic heart wounded poor woman mode to mass destructive obsessed and maniac one.
“Tell me who the fuck is she? ” She shouted as she pushed at his chest making him stumble back, Negan didn’t say a word . “Is that a confirmation? Your silence means that you’re leaving because of some whore!!!” She slapped him and spit at him.
Negan’s eyes widened , the sweet Lucille no longer exists, instead there was a crazy one in front of him, he wiped her spit off his face.
“Is she prettier than me? Younger than me? Better than me?? Who is she? Do I fucking know her?? Tell me who is she?? ” She raised her voice even louder.
Negan walked past her but she clinged into his arm, digging her nails in his flesh.
“Don’t! Don’t leave me!!! I love you Negan, please!!” She pulled at his hair but Negan pushed her back.
“You’re fucking crazy Lucille! You became obsessed! ! This won’t fucking work anymore! We’re fucking over!!!” He yelled as he opened the door then headed to his car,
Lucille grabbed a vase and crashed it on his car.
“You asshole! ” she fell to her knees sobbing. “You destroyed my life!! You ruined everything! ” Some neighbors got out of their houses and watched from their porches.
“Are you enjoying the fucking show??? Get the fuck back to your house you nosy fucking assholes! ” Negan growled.
They turned on their heels, and quickly got back into their houses, some of them covered their kids ears because of the string of curses that Negan let out of his mouth.
Then he stepped inside his car and before he drove out of there, he said without looking at Lucille.
“None of us will get their happy fucking ending, Lucille! The girl you fucking asked me about doesn’t give a shit about me!
! I’m fucking sorry I ruined everything for you!!! But I know that I’m getting what I deserve, now I know I’ll fucking die alone!! ”

Negan left the place, and Lucille placed her palms and forehead on the grass, loudly weeping as she silently cursed her luck and her cheating husband who chose to leave her for good .


“So what do you think, y/n?” Jack softly uttered as he place his hand on your shoulder and gently rubbed it.
You were deep in thought, your eyes fixated at the water as you leaned your head against your palm , sitting on the bunch of the yacht Jack rented. You were thinking about Negan and how in few weeks made you fall for him, he made a little amusement out of you. Booty call was never your thing, after breaking up with your ex, you swore you’ll never let any guy take advantage of you but it seemed that you were too weak to fulfill your own promise. Not to mention that if your sweetbitter betrayal did come out to the open, it would destroy a lot of people’s lives, people who are very. close to you!!! Like Lucille.
You blinked trying to remember any of the things that Jack said to you, but you failed to catch any word. You licked your lips embarrassed and glanced over him in discomfort.
“Jack.. I.. ..” You mumbled
“I don’t know what’s keeping you busy minded like this ,all the time but it’s gonna be alright I promise! Anyways, I said why don’t you consider staying here in Virginia and go to some med school in here! Start fresh here, with me!” Jack smiled with a glow in his eyes.
His request made you taken aback, you didn’t expect him to ask you to stay in Virginia in the very first date! You thought you didn’t deserve such a nice sweet charming guy like him.
“We’re going too fast, don’t you think?” You said in a serious tone.
“No we’re not! I like you so much y/n ! I think this would work! Just stay and you’ll never regret it!”
“ I… I’ll think about it!” You lied.
As a matter of fact, you regret coming here, you regret meeting Negan and you thought about leaving Virginia in the next couple of days, you’ll just get your ticket and go home. Without even saying goodbye to anyone, you’ll just disappear and change your number. You’ll probably change your apartment too. Lucille’s disappointment would only last a couple of days then she’ll get used to it. You studied your plan for hours in your mind. You figured you had enough of all the lies and deception, you already did a lot of damage to yourself. You decided to relax for the whole day on this yacht and the day after you’ll just pack and leave.
You spent the whole day with Jack as planned, you could see that he had a splendid time with you but you in the other hand , faked smiles and excitement, you could imagine how he’d feel when he knows you’re gone. You averted your eyes once in a while so he won’t catch you looking at him in a sympathetic way.
Your thoughts darted to Negan sometimes, would he feel sad and concerned when you’ll suddenly disappear? Would he miss you? Would he look for you? You struggled not to show your despair in front of Jack, your heart ached at the thought that you’ll never see Negan again.

You watched Jack driving away after he dropped you by your aunt’s house, he wanted to hang around a little bit more with you, but you lied about having a headache, and you used that as an excuse to avoid any kind of intimacy with him. You gently blew him off when he wanted to kiss you, even though it felt awkward regarding the hot kiss you gave him in the kitchen right in front of Negan, but Jack didn’t complain, he thought that your headache was too much for you to handle. He just placed a soft kiss on your forehead and left.
You sighed in frustration as you entered the house, the door was unlocked. You took a deep breath, the last thing you wanted was to encounter Negan.
As you were heading upstairs, you heard a sob, a female one. You recognized it as Lucille’s. You stopped in your pace and turned to see where her voice is coming from, till you found her.
She leaned against the fridge, her tears covered her face and her body was trembling.
“Lucille! ” you ran to her then you knelt , smoothly shaking her shoulders .
She darted her eyes to look at you then she clinged into your arms.
“He … left me, he’s gone!” She sobbed as more tears poured out of her eyes.
Your eyes widened in confusion, you knew she was talking about Negan, who else? You thought. But how ? How would he leave her? last night you saw them having sex, and enjoying it like any normal couple !!!
“Ne-Negan?” You muttered and you felt your chest tightening.
She nodded then she threw herself in your arms, crying .

You stroked her hair.
“Why.. I .. I don’t understand! What happened Lucille? !”
She broke from the hug and wiped her tears, she choked in words.
“I … Last night we… everything was ok.. but ..he’s changed.. after you guys left, he …got drunk and had a fight, then when we came home… we made love.. but he stopped. .. he get off me and cried then told me that we’re through. ..I didn’t understand what was up with him at the beginning. .. he left and spent the night out.. and this morning he came back and said he’s leaving me… and.. and..when I asked if there’s someone in his..life…! He didn’t deny it…he.. !” Lucille managed to speak between sobs then she bursted into hysterical tears again .
You glanced at her shocked, you couldn’t believe what happened, all this took place while you were out .
Negan stopped making love to Lucille and left her , all this happened because of ‘someone’ and he admitted it to his wife. Could it be you? Were you the person ,Negan left Lucille for? Or was it someone else? Your thoughts wildly run through your mind, over and over. You wanted to believe he did it for you, but if so! how could you be so stupid and hasty like that? Kissing Jack in front of Negan to drive him mad while he was in the middle of a drama!
You couldn’t help but to think how selfish and evil you are for separating between a couple. But if Negan really loved Lucille, he wouldn’t cheat on her would he??
At the recent shift of events , you scratched the decision you made earlier that day about leaving Virginia forever and you decided to confront Negan , to demand the truth, and to hear it right from his mouth.

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Are there going to be spoilers at your signings? Because to get the tickets I had to buy Kings Cage online through the bookstore and I don't have the money to buy twice so I haven't gotten a chance to read it yet 😬😬

NO! No spoilers for book 3 and I try not to do spoilers for book 2!

Secret Mate Pt. 2 (Alec Volturi Imagine)

Anon asked: Part 2 to secret mate

Pt. 1

Writer: Admin Madz

“Y/N the choice is yours. I won’t change you if you don’t want to be changed” Alec tells Y/N as she paces the floors of his room.

“I’ll let you change me, I’m just nervous is all” Y/N says doing some breathing exercises to calm her nerves.

“No, you obviously don’t want this. You can walk away, they can’t force immortality on you, and even if they do they can’t make you join the Volturi. I overheard Aro talking he said you are like a mental shield, like one of the Cullen’s but you can block any power if you wish. It means Chelsea can’t bind you to the Volturi you would have to willingly come, which I know you won’t” Alec says.

“But I don’t want to leave you” Y/N tells Alec.

“I don’t want to leave you either but it’s the only way I can keep you safe. I’ll have you stay with the Cullen’s until I can figure something else out. Go back to your house and pack, I’ll get you a plane ticket for tonight and call the Cullen’s. While you’re at the airport I’ll try to stall Demetri so you can get away.”

“Ok” Y/N says looking down and turns around to exit the Volturi castle.

Y/N left the Volturi castle and called a cab back to her house. As soon as she got out she sprinted into her house packing everything I need. I exited my house with two suitcases and a carry on bag. Alec met me 5 minutes later with a ticket in hand.

“Here is your ticket. I called Carlisle and he said he’ll send someone to pick you up. I don’t know who so just look out for gold eyes” Alec tells me then disappears.

I soon got off the plane and noticed a girl with short black hair and gold eyes searching for someone. “Are you the Cullen that’s supposed to pick me up” I walk over and ask.

“Yes, I’m Alice you must be Y/N. Oh, I so need to take you shopping” She says looking down at my sweat pants and t-shirt.

‘Well this will be torture’ I think as Alice guides me out of the airport and to her car.

me, answering phone: [Museum], how can I help you?
guest: yes, hello, where is [exhibit]?
me: So the [exhibit] is part of our general admission areas-
guest: No no, I mean where is it? I’m standing in [museum] now.
me: …..uh, okay, can you tell me what’s around you? What exhibits are nearby?
guest: no, we’re outside of the entrance on [street].
me: Okay! So once you get your tickets you’ll just go up the stairs to the main level and then turn right-
guest: So [exhibit] is in the building?
me: ….yes.
guest: [click]

working reception is so wild. They stood outside and googled our main line and called us rather than walking 40 feet and asking one of the visible cashiers.