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A lot has happened and changed since I started youtube, hopefully I haven’t let any of you down

honestly, everything going on the past couple of days reminded me of this video (and the follow up he did one year later) Jack did titled “The Fear of Failing”. And with the community currently seeming to be divided right now, watching it again really struck a chord with me. 

And i think paired with the community not being itself right now, it’s important to remember the theme of the fof party that we would have one year later in celebration of this video:

I Am There For You, You Are There For Me, We Are There For Each Other: Why You Haven’t Failed Me


Look at that: I’m still Nightink trash.

(I couldn’t decide if I wanted transparent or not so I did both)

This needs to be said. RANT

So before I get started, I’m just going to say it. I’m going to get a LOT of hate for this, and NO I will never turn off anon. Don’t be a little bitch if you want to send hate.

Anyway…this is my rambles

I love how people are so brainwashed by the fucking media to not even listen to the other side of the story. Yes I AM talking about Pewdiepie. I’ve been subscribed to him for 4 years, yeah a really long time. I’ve seen him grow into the sarcastic little bean he is. Yes, he does go too far with his jokes, does he apologize? D U H. Pewdiepie is not this fucking facist/racist/nazi piece of shit everyone is making him out to be. If he was, Marzia, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye and even h3h3 himself (who is a Jewish man) would no longer associate with him.  Have they left him? NO! But yet, the media has fucking done the unthinkable, they’ve taking Felix’s jokes out of fucking context and made him out to be this shitty person. THAT IS WHAT THE MEDIA FUCKING DOES PEOPLE!!  And i’d like to call out these people…  The people who circle the media like rabid dogs to get all their drama food. The people who don’t even know Felix other than he’s the most popular Youtuber. The people who didn’t even WANT TO LOOK at HIS side of the story and yet, just fucking called him a nazi. yes, that is YOU leftists, rad-feminists, terfs, serfs, ect.

Let’s post a fact; Pewdiepie hosts charity events, and DONATES thousands/millions to charity. “I didn’t know that” of course you didn’t because the media doesn’t want you to see the good. WSJ is supposed to be a RESPECTED news site, and they went and ripped a guy apart for a joke that was a mistake. just absolutely shredded him.  Felix doesn’t deserve that, and neither do YOU. Everyone seems to have forgotten the Golden Rule; treat those how you want to be treated. Has Felix attacked anyone WITHOUT apologizing? No. Pewdiepie is a comedian, not Hitler. If a joke goes too far, Felix apologizes. He’s sarcastic, so of course the media is gonna go; “ya know, i think he’s serious. BLAST HIM.”

I am so sick and tired of people witchhunting others because of what the media LIED about and took out of context. Learn both sides. DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I fucking stand with Pewdiepie and I’m a Jewish woman. I will not let a good man be called something so vile. You people seem to be so afraid of others offending and hurting a minority, but do you ever fucking think to ask a Jew or a poc “are you offended by what this guy said?” No, you don’t because you only care about yourselves and how you don’t want to be labeled as something you don’t want to be labeled as. Guess what, I’ve been labeled as a Nazi, a bitch, cunt, kyke, liar, ect. labels do not define who you are as a human being. 
Now go punch a real nazi, like Richard Spencer.

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It was the beginning of the end. Destruction was spreading through the masses. Shadows had enveloped the earth. If anything it was the end of the end. 

It was a mere weeks after Zorc had managed to bring his true form to the physical plane, a mere weeks since the destruction of civilization as everyone knew it. 

The boundary between his realm, the shadow realm, and the physical realm were now abstract, and it would have been hard for anyone to have told the realms apart.

Now, even with the world as his, he couldn’t toy with everyone all at once. He liked to draw out everyone’s suffering. Which was why he had brought his palace to that hill. A hill which overlooked the city he had chose for the first game board. 

A wall of thick shadows encased the city, making it so no one could get in, and no one could get out until either Zorc was defeated, or everyone was dead. Zorc could just leave, but what fun would that be? It would be cheating. 

He tended to stay in a human form, enjoying the hunt much more when he could sneak up on his prey. Though he was running out of prey. There wasn’t many people left in this city. 

And a few of them he already had in his clutches. 

what i wanna know is why all the actors in skam look like they haven’t aged much through the seasons (because it’s only been about a year) 

but then Tarjei

just ages about 5 years

todays science experiment: do tchallas eyes do the cat thing where his pupils get big when he sees a laser pointer dot???? only one way to find out

TAEHYUNG DAY!! 😆💕💜💙💗💚💘💓

Another thing that gives me heartburn when I think about it:

-Sherlock’s eyes going softly closed and all the tension draining out of his shoulders, leaning down into it, when John kisses him for the first time.



so this seems like a good time to remind people:

The powers of the president (executive branch)

  • can propose laws
  • can veto laws
  • can nominate candidates for the supreme court
  • can sign treaties

The powers of congress (legislative branch)

  • can propose laws
  • can veto laws
  • can confirm/deny candidates for the supreme court
  • can fund or de-fund laws
  • can impeach the president

The powers of the supreme court (judicial branch)

  • can veto laws
  • can determine what a law means
  • can decide if a law violates the consitution
  • can decide how laws apply to a certian case if smaller courts couldn’t

so this is me telling you things arent going to be that bad (offcially) for a long long time because of how long it takes to get laws passed or to get things funded

socially things are going to be bad of course, trump’s big mouth is going to get other countires to hate us, his supporters are going to do awful awful things, but laws will not be made overnight.

across 8 years obama tried for 7 new things and only 5 got passed. trump will not get much done at all except getting people pissed off at him


there’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet // panic! at the disco