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Grim Adventures Chapter 2

It’s Friday the Thirteenth and Michael doesn’t think he’s ever been this high in his life. He could see stars on the ceiling. He was chilling with a newly deceased drug dealer when he got a text from up there telling him to finish up with this one and to go collect a fresh one from Sydney, Australia. He replies “ok” and got up. 

“Ah fuck, dude, we gotta go.” He stretches his long arms and finishes off the slightly warm beer in his hand.

“Shit man, already? You know, I’m gonna miss this place. It was shit but there were some highlights. Do you think I could visit you sometimes?” 

He tries not to role his eyes. He hates when they get sentimental. 

“Maybe. I don’t think so.” Michael doesn’t think he heard him. The man stays still on the couch for a few more seconds, looking up at the ceiling, then lets out a long sigh. Finally, he stumbles up. 

“Are there hot chicks in hell?”

Michael’s already out the door, coat half on. “The hottest.”

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