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Will you still write OUAT essays in the future? I'd miss your metas so much if you decided to stop. (Do you remember what was the first OUAT meta you ever wrote? I'm curious!)

I think so, You’reTooKind!Anon– depends if inspiration strikes. It also depends whether I take the plunge and watch S7 or just lounge on a lawn chair sipping drinks with little umbrellas on them while fans run around with their hair on fire. 

That said, all the love to my Anons but I think I’m not going to answer any more questions on the following topics:

  • Golden Queen– It happened, it died, I don’t think it meant anything super deep to anybody’s character and I don’t think it’ll impact any Rumple/Regina interactions in S7. I hope they’ll go back to the frenemies/teacher-student vibe they had in S1-5 and especially 3A. Regina stomping around in an electric blue blazer and shouting: “What is this, AMATEUR HOUR?” is one of my favorite Regina/Rumple moments ever.
  • CS TLK and the Lack Thereof– I don’t have any insight beyond “it’s weird” and talking about it makes my CS Anons stressed so I’m going to leave it at: “it’s weird.”
  • Rumple Being an Asshat in 6A– Yes, he totally was; yes, he was leaps and bounds better in 6B; no, he’s not going to try any of that crap again or Belle will bonk him on the head with Her Handsome Hero and baby Gideon will throw a teeny-tiny fireball let’s leave on the high note.
  • The Random Baby in the Rumbelle AU–I think it was the Author giving Rumple what he thought Rumple wanted: a family (including a replacement baby for lost Baelfire). Not sure if the AU!Baby was an actual baby yanked from another family or a magically-created baby; the AU lasted for less than a day real-time so no babies were harmed in the making of this finale.
  • If S2 ended at “Miller’s Daughter” with the Death of Cora How Would You Get Everyone to Neverland?– Pan’s Shadow appears and kidnaps Henry. Hook gives Emma and co. a magic bean he found in his vest pocket and offers his ship and services and off everyone goes, including Nealfire and Rumple. 
  • Plot Holes in the S6 Finale– So many, you guys. I can’t fill them even in head canon.
  • List of Plot Holes in the Entire Show– Sounds like an exhausting enterprise– but maybe some bright young thing will want to take up the mantle?
  • Belle in S7– I think Belle will probably be back for at least an episode or two in S7, depending on scheduling; whether it’s a happy ending 2.0 episode or just random “missing years” shenanigans is a mystery to me.
  • ‘Translations’ of EdR and Bex Mader’s Exit PR Posts– Nah, it’s pretty straight-forward. EdR played it professional and Bex made a direct appeal to her fans but otherwise they said the same thing; no hidden meanings there.
  • I HATE THE PREMISE OF S7 I’M CRYING– Well, that’s a great reason to not watch it then, no? You control the fandom experience, here; if the prospect of episodes without your faves gives you palpitations, maybe watch something that doesn’t. Unless you want to hate watch, that’s cool too. I’m not going to judge until I see it and I might not bother seeing it. I am unattached; I am zen; I am a leaf floating on the– wait, wrong fandom.

Right now I’m watching “Generation Kill” as a palate cleanser to OUAT. It’s great but I forgot just how depressing David Simon shows are. Next up is Into the Badlands S2, The Expanse S2, American Gods, Twin Peaks Revival, and catching up on all the Flash/Arrow/Supergirl stuff I missed this season. Casual watching– what a concept! It’s refreshing.

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Screwball Ninja’s Advice to Fandom

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kevin: "andrew go outside, enjoy the fresh air" andrew: "not like there isnt air inside", nicky: "some stars die out with p a s s i o n" (throws glitter into the air), neil: "do the thing" andrew: (flexes), wymack: "tell me what youve got son" dan: "well dad", kevin: "i need to talk to neil-" matt: (tucking neil into bed) "LET HIM REST", neil: "knife shoes" allison: "ice skates" neil: "thats what i said knife shoes"

“DO THE THING” I’M CRYIN NEIL GETTING ANDREW TO FLEX IS SUCH A CONCEPT?? its canon that neil loves how strong andrew is can u believe how weak he is for his boyfriend’s biceps 

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Name: Amanda

Nicknames: Manda, ack, gou (by @erurink, which i like a lot actually hehe)

Zodiac sign: Cancer, tho apparently I’m something else now since they fixed the dates or whatever but fuck it

Height: 5′4, but i thought i was 5′3 for a long time

Orientation:  Bisexual probably, but mostly gay

Nationality: American. i’m made up of swedish, italian, and russian people.

Favourite fruit: raspberries

Favourite season: spring

Favourite book: lord of the flies

Favourite flower: lilac

Favourite scent: oh, i’ll have to go with fresh rain too. the smell of the ground after a good rain is the best.

Favourite color: pink… hot pink

Favourite animal: birbs

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tea

Average sleep hours: 5-6 hours

Cat or dog person: birbs

Favourite fictional character: daisuke motomiya

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2 during winter, 1 during summer

Dream trip: cross country roadtrip across america, a lot of countries in europe, going to japan forever for the rest of my life i love it i screm

Blog created: it’s always been a personal blog. i started off with digimon, still kinda digimon, but now i’m snk trash

i’ll tag a couple of people don’t worry about it: @erwinsalive, @sumiscribe, @abbysucks, @kittyboo8015, @zedsdead1001, @erurilicious, @erurink, *scribbles more people’s names down whatever i wanna get to know you all*

aesthetics for the signs

ARIES: long eyelashes, leather jackets, candlelight, autumn leaves, sleeping in, greek mythology, waves crashing on the beach
TAURUS: plaid shirts, the smell of fresh baked bread, disney movies, the sound of a guitar strumming, mountain peaks at sunrise
GEMINI: the forest at night, cat’s eye sunglasses, 24/7 gas stations, floorboards creaking at night, the smell of fresh ink, going on a first date
CANCER: old books, the smell of fresh cut grass, the colour peach, messy buns, accent walls, hand holding, matte lipstick
LEO: long car rides, thunder, the feeling of accomplishment, love poems, sunflowers, your favourite song on playing repeat
VIRGO: the first snow of the year, bright eyes, flowers in your hair, binge watching a new show, a warm mug of tea, fantasy books
LIBRA: iced coffee, the wind in your hair, string lights, the feeling of forgiveness, bonfires, a new crush
SCORPIO: the night sky, winged eyeliner, an old typewriter, speaking latin, wine stained lips, halloween costumes
SAGITTARIUS: bright houses, nude lipstick, the sound of laughter, watching musicals, forehead kisses
CAPRICORN: the full moon, the smell of clean laundry, new love, going to museums, shouting at the top of your lungs, watching the fog roll in
AQUARIUS: rain on pavement, a paint palette, the city at night, the colour cyan, falling stars, books written in french, ankle boots
PISCES: colourful flowers, sand between your toes, long hugs, ferris wheels, art galleries, cherry blossoms in the wind, a cat purring


summer vibes 🌴🍃🍹

Freshuary Day 8 — WARDROBE: Fresh’s clothes get ruined, and he has to go shopping. What would he pick out and wear? Design a new outfit for him!

Nah, to heck with designing! He can do that stuff on his own!

The challenge itself is here.

MommaCQ belongs to @alainaprana

Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies

i cant wait for dnp to get married and make a golden future for themselves just… lying in bed wrapped in soft blankets and love warmer than anything listening to quiet music and watching the clouds move by their window bc they have to be floating at this point..

I’ve just remembered an RP log CQ posted a very long time ago — like, a year ago, maybe?

There Fresh met another Fresh — Fresh 2.0, I think? — and was basically told point-blank that should he fail to act like he’s supposed to, he’d be destroyed and replaced.

And I ended up thinking…

…Something didn’t work out, did it?..


And here it is! The self project i gave myself! And if your smart, i drew these Sans’ with the face expressions of http://nightstorm02.tumblr.com/post/157676989679/yeah-sorry-about-that-this-is-probably-better and now im gonna write it in order.

Undertale sans by @undertale Underswap sans by … someone help me find out  Cross sans by @jakei95  Geno sans by @loverofpiggies  Outertale sans by @2mi27   Dream sans by @dreamtale-au  or joku    Ink sans by @comyet Gaster sans by @borurou   Reaper sans by @renrink    Heavenfell sans by @heavenfell-au   Fresh sans by @loverofpiggies   FoundAbove sans by @nightstorm02 Nightmare sans by @dreamtale-au or joku  Epictale sans by @yugogeer12  Ania(skeleton) by @ania-da-peasant   Huntertale sans by @huntertale-au        Plundertale sans? by @plundertale-au  Cat sans by @owosa                                    Swapfell sans by … someone help me find out                             Memoryfell sans by a good friend @burebu-luxiu

and thats all