go forth fandom

the story is ours now, so let’s keep writing it.
if you have ideas, if you want to tell the story of shao, or napoleon, or papa fuerte, or cadillac, or anyone else!!! everyone else!!!! please do it!!!!!! we can make this bigger and we can get even more envolved.
i want this so bad and i believe we can do it
don’t let the get down’s story die.


I get it I do this way to much it gets boring, oh look another note from em-ori great. But I’m really trying to spread positivity in this fandom, this fandom can be negative at times and I really like being in this fandom the 100 is one of my favourite shows and now I’m in the fandom, so yes I’ll do as many shout outs as possible because i want to let everyone in this fandom know that you guys all slay! You guys are really cool. And weather or not you get hate anons don’t listen to them, your blog is awesome and you deserve to blog about what you like in peace, SO EVERYONE EVEN IF I DON’T TAG YOU because i can’t tag everyone everyone. BUT NONETHELESS YOU ARE AWESOME YOU SLAY! KEEP SLAYING. 🐝

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TO EVERYONE IF YOU SEE THIS ADD ON MORE BLOGS TAG MORE BLOGS, because I want as many people in this fandom to know they slay, and to everyone that is sad about Jasper, I know it sucks to lose your favourite character, but Jasper will never be forgotten. KEEP SLAYING. 👑 Also go FOLLOW these blogs 🐝

So i’ve been reading some REALLY GOOD FANFICTION and it sort of rekindled all my love for otp and jumpstarted my long-lost creative drive so I dug this old picture up because I still really like it, and finally finished it. 

So. team switch. Please consider…White Knight Sena…Devil linebacker Shin…2nd year sena vs 1st year shin. Sena inspiring Shin this time around…THe possibilities r ENDLESS!!

Quick tiny fandom + Yuletide note: today is the last day for nominations. RoL has been nominated multiple times and I personally have nominated Abigail, Caroline, Mamusu/Rose Grant, and Dr Vaughan. If there’s a minor character you want to be able to request, now’s the time! (It’s probably a safe bet based on prior years that Peter and Nightingale will already be in there.)

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OH my goodness, Nonnie! I can introduce you to a WHOLE NEW WORLD of lovely people! <3 Off the top of my head, you should follow: @ofshipsandswans, @seastarved, @mahstatins, @businesscasualprincess, @lenfaz, @killiancygnus, @shoedonym, @zengoalie, @kmomof4, @phiralovesloki, @thejollypirate, @starlessness, @imhookedonaswan, @justanotherwannabeclassic, @the-reason-to-sail-home, @winterbythesea, @sambethe, @honeybadgerhook, @swanandapirate, @katie-dub, @irishswanff, @euphoric-melancholyy, @caprelloidea, @swishandflickwit, @mayquita, @captainwiley because they are some of my favorite people in the whole wide world (and also the OUAT fandom). 

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Go forth and indulge in fandom delights!

Tumblr: Remember, remember, the fifth of Novem-


Tumblr: -ber.


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Four years? You have been shipping klaroline for four years? When you put the time down it does come off as a shock!

Actually it is five. Because Klaroline was my crackship and the only thing I shipped in TVD ever since Klaus came in the show in S2. So yeah. Half a decade and I am still here sweetheart.

Ladies,gentlemen,wizards, witches,warlock, and magical, distinguished bloggers of all gender affiliation:

The butterbeer frapp.

grande: cream base with 3 pumps caramel and 3 pumps toffee nut and a caramel drizzle. Don’t get skinny or 2% or it messes with the consistently. Enjoy, my potter head friends!

I ordered a venti with the same pumps and it is still very sweet, I’m glad I didn’t get more because i would have a headache. ***IT SEEMS THAT THIS IS THE CLOSEST THING I HAVE TASTED OUTSIDE THE PARK!!!*** Feel free to use any modifications for sweetness or no, as you deserve the very best experience.

Go forth, my fandomers, and to your local Starbucks or store that sells their products, and enjoy. You don’t have to go to the park to get it…Love you all and thank me later.

I’m not even kidding. The only thing that would make this more similar would be to add a hint of carbonation or make it half frozen like a slushie. However I doubt that JK’s (head) cannon is one in which the classy drink is carbonated and slushie-like. You could argue that this is a better head cannon than the one that the parks utilize.

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I love your TEW fics SO MUHC, so I hope this isn't an odd question- but which fics do YOU recommend in this fandom?

That’s not an odd question at all! The one I keep revisiting over and over and over is:

It is hands down my favourite fic in the fandom, but be warned it’s very graphic (deliciously graphic) and horrifying and I guess that’s why I like it so much- because it’s written like a horror game for a horror game.

It’s not a shippy fic, and neither is my other favourite which is 

It’s a short one about Joseph and discusses his gloves.

My partner-in-crime filled in this prompt for me, and she writes the most heart-wrenching unrequited love/pining fics which are my achilles heel tbh

AND NOW FOR FLUFF because, really, this game is horrible and everyone deserves to be happy

This fic made me laugh and melt and bonus points for Joseph’s family and a queer Julie (forever and ever writing a queer Julie, I salute you fandom)

Go forth and enjoy these wonderful works, anon!

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Hi :-) what are your favourite CS fics?

I went into the depths of my ‘fic rec’ tag for some of these:

So basically, what I have gathered from this little trip back into my tags, is that I love AUs. This isn’t brand new information, but, I love AUs LOL BTW, There are a ton more, I just have reached the point where I’m about to burst into tears because there are so many fics and so many talented cupcakes and bless all of your hearts so much for sharing your talents with us. <333

P.S. There was one fic that I wasn’t able to rec because the blog is gone (SOBS) but if anyone knows where I can find ‘Lace & Leather’ by (previously) swearonemma, I would love you forever T-T


You guys remember me talking about my mom a while ago and how she’s awesome and crafty and loves Harry Potter as much as her kids?

(look here she is as Molly Weasley we’re so proud)

After getting a request at a convention, she’s now selling Hogwarts house cards in her Etsy store, and take it from someone who’s tried to steal them, they’re the bees knees. She hand assembles/stains/braids everything you see here.

So go forth, HP fandom, and support an incredible lady. (She can customize the text and stuff too, just send her a message.)

I don’t think anyone should be angry at Jensen for his comments about destiel. He’s made it clear that he’s uncomfortable talking about any kind of slash ship. We all know how much he can’t stand discussing wincest or fanfiction or hearing about ANY of it, why would destiel be any different?

He isn’t Misha. He isn’t going to sit there and joke with us and play into what we want for some laughs and to make us feel better about what we ship. He’s going to be honest, blatantly, and you actually should be thanking him more than anything else.

I’m not saying he has a hand in what happens in the scripts, but he obviously knows better than we all do, and I appreciate SOMEONE finally stepping up to the bat and telling us, “Hey, it’s not going there. Stop getting your hopes up. Let me set the record straight for you, because nobody else is.”

There’s a reason shipping questions are banned at cons. Maybe it comes from the stigma that slash ships are all about two dudes just getting it on. And maybe that’s how Jensen interprets destiel, as a bunch of fangirls wanting to see two characters bang. He’s not exactly part of the social media aspect of supernatural; he has NO CLUE why we ship or what we see. And that’s not his fault.

Calling someone homophobic because they don’t agree with a romantic pairing is really fucking stupid. His comments aren’t homophobic. They are honest. They are his opinions. Just as Misha has given us his honest and open opinions in the past.

Don’t let shit like this get you down. You think wincest shippers stop enjoying their ship because they know it won’t be romantically canon? Hell no. They still enjoy it and have fun in the fandom. Destiel shippers should do the same, because nobody’s comments can take away from what you like or think or interpret what a television show gives you.

Don’t forget why you started watching this show. Don’t forget that you love these boys and their characters for who they are. Don’t forget that we love Sam Winchester because he’s an intelligent, driven young man with hopes and dreams and an intense love of his big brother and would literally go to Hell to save him. Don’t forget that you love Dean Winchester for the same reasons, for his loyalty, his sarcasm and snark, his flirty and sweet demeanor and his badass side that made you all fall in love with him in the first place. Don’t forget that you love Castiel, fallen angel of The Lord who has stood up for everything he believes in and has taken on heaven and hell for the love of the Winchesters, who taught him the importance of humanity and family and love.

Don’t you dare let a ship not going canon on screen take away from your love of this show. You’re doing yourself a great injustice if you sit there upset over a lack of romantic behavior.

Supernatural is not a romantic show. But it IS about love. And that’s what everyone needs to remember. And I love Jensen, Misha and Jared for not holding back on us and telling us exactly what they think. We have a wonderful cast and a wonderful fandom. Go forth and enjoy, my friends.

All I ask of you is one thing: please don’t be cynical. I hate cynicism — it’s my least favorite quality and it doesn’t lead anywhere. Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard, and you’re kind, amazing things will happen.
—  Conan O'Brien