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"I'm not blind, I see the way you look at them." Jamilton

“When did you first know you loved him?” Thomas asked, interrupting the comfortable silence the two of them had fallen into.

“I- what, Thomas?” Alexander responded, tilting his head in confusion and setting down his mug of black coffee, the dark liquid nearly splashing out of the cup.

“When did you first know you loved John Laurens, your best friend?” Thomas repeated, staring Alexander coldly in the eyes.

“I don’t- I don’t know what you’re talking about- the very idea that I would love anyone other than you-”

“I’m not blind, I see the way you look at them. Like he put the stars in the sky, like he’s your reason for waking up in the morning, like you’ve never known love until the moment you set eyes on him. The way you used to look at me.”

“Thomas, I don’t love him-”

“Stop lying to me!” Thomas screamed, standing up and ignoring the tears welling up in his eyes. “Answer me, you coward! When. Did. You. Know?”

Alexander stared up at Thomas, eyes wide with fear and the pain that Thomas knew, because of course Thomas knew- his cleverness was the main reason Alexander had been drawn to him.

“I’ve been fucking him for three months.”

“You….you what? You actually…you acted on….on your feelings for him?” Thomas asked, a tear falling from his eyes and trailing down his cheek.

“That was…what you were asking, wasn’t i- oh.” Alexander realized, unable to move or say anything or do something other than to stare into the heartbroken eyes of Thomas Jefferson.

“It wasn’t. It was what I was afraid of, but not what I asked.”

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❛ And, I never - I never wanna hurt you. I think I love you. ❜

s4. it’s the fighters who survive

He would not have gone without Emori. When the plan was told, he had spoken of her. Stated she KNEW the place better than anyone around. And so he had gone back for her, he had gone back to pull her along with him. Because where he would go, he hoped she would follow. Being together was better than being apart… And eventually, having found the food and the cooking books and EVERYTHING. He had started cooking. He had started relaxing more. The moments not spent in the lab were the BEST in his opinion. He remembered the small moments they shared. Food she tasted, the way her eyes would lit up, surprise shining in them as she glanced back to him. Or the music that boomed, how he would yank her along, d a n c i n g with her. Listening to her LAUGH, which was the most BEAUTIFUL sound he had ever heard.

The way she LAUGHED. The way she SMILED. Because he had the feeling she hadn’t been allowed to do that a lot in her life. And he wanted to be the one to make her smile. The one to make her happy. As STUPID as it sounded. He wanted to laugh at himself sometimes. Shake his head and whisper ’girl got you fucking whipped, John Murphy’. But it wasn’t really a problem, was it? No… He had ENJOYED it. He still did. He was his own person, just with that bit extra to protect. It wasn’t just HIM against the world anymore. Even though sometimes he didn’t WANT that mentality.

She was with him too.

And the words that had slipped from her lips… Not wishing to hurt him. He wanted to speak up. Wanted to tell her that ALIE was the one who did what she had done. That he didn’t blame EMORI for anything. That she didn’t HURT him. ( ALIE had hurt him, it had been ALIE. Never her. ) She had came back. She had stood by him. He wanted to tell her all that and then–

( I think I love you. )

Words that caused his heart to skip a beat, eyes widening a bit as they shifted to look at her. Words that had not been spoken before. They cared, of course. They showed that in every movement they made. “ Emori. ” he finally uttered out, sinking in the water of the pool a bit, until half of his face was under as he watched her. I love you. I LOVE YOU.  It caused a stupid grin to touch at his lips for a second, eyes glistening up before he finally allowed himself to slink forward in the water, his arms wrapping around her bare waist as he pulled her flush to him, their lips planting together in a passionate kiss.

I love you.

It wasn’t until he realized he needed to BREATHE that he finally pulled away, chest heaving as he caught his breath, foreheads resting together and his lips slowly curving upward, blue hues locking with brown, a somewhat stupid smile touching at his lips.

“ I love you too. ”


The Eleventh Hour so far has my favorite storytelling from Griffin! So here’s a pseudo-movie poster ehuehueue

Had to do another illustration for our Fantasy Illust class and our prof gave me the go signal to draw TAZ again as long as I found good face refs for them. B^) I based Magnus, Taako and Merle on John Spainhour, Paul Boche, and Brian Cox respectively! 

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the one thing

  • Sherlock: *about to take the pill*
  • John: *shot the cabie*
  • Moriarty: *put John in a bomb suit*
  • John: *grabbed him and told Sherlock to run*
  • Sherlock: *was drugged by Irene*
  • John: *cancelled his date to stayed home taking care of Sherlock*
  • Sherlock: *about to shoot himself*
  • John: seen at 8:45✔️