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Idk why people are all THAT shocked about Leif killing someone. I mean yes, it was innocent person (probably, cause who knows really), so I kinda understand but still. I imagine main trio has their own count of dead bodies left behind as well - for better or worse reasons but still, killing is killing. I mean hell, even we helped kill Yvonni at some point, so let's not act as if Leif is the only evil, and everyone else is totally innocent. Pretty sure there are dirty lil secrets left to uncover.

Okay so first of all Anya was definitely an innocent victim in all of this. She was at the wrong place at the wrong time and while we didn’t know her at all, murdering her was still wrong no matter how “innocent” she could have been.

Now about Leiftan… I’m not that shocked to see that he doesn’t have any problem with killing someone in cold blood like this, considering the revelation in ep 17 (and his apology in ep 15). But compared to the other boys, he didn’t kill someone to protect someone else or something like that (which I still think is wrong, cool motive still murder). He killed Anya for… literally no reasons.

I think… in the case of Leiftan, people tended to see him as this very “white” character despite the fact that he was very shady and now that he did something so terrible as killing an innocent person, he is now seen as “black”. Because he could have chosen not to kill this person, but he didn’t. His first instinct was to kill. And now, he’s seen as a character so irredeemable that loving him would be wrong. And I think that’s a very… boring way to see things.

What makes the story and the characters in Eldarya so interesting imo is that everything is gray. And the best example of this is the whole Blue Sacrifice thing. The history teacher tells us in ep 14 that the Big Bad Humans forced the kind and weak faeries to go into exile, but then in the next sentence, he tells us that the faeries didn’t hesitate to slaughter an entire race because they refused to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. But still, they’re presented as the “good side”.

Another example would be the potion fiasco but let’s stop talking about it lololol

I don’t think there’s a “good side” on Eldarya. Nor that the characters are either completely “white” or “black”. It’s a mix of “white” and “black”. And if “killing an innocent” is “black” for Leifan, then what would his “white” counterpart be ?

To me, that would be his feelings for Gardienne.

Listen… this is probably because I feel very empathetic toward Leif’addicts lmao, but I want to believe he’s being genuine with her. That she brings the good in him. That, while he has to be judged for his actions, he isn’t just this evil guy everyone seems to see him as now. It’s more complex than that. Complex is great okay.

We don’t know what his plans are and personally, I still want nothing to do with him. I can understand how ep 18 could throw you off but if you still love him,

don’t give up on him.

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what are your thoughts / predictions about a future tournament arc in VRains?

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Well, one is for sure coming. I’m not crazy about them, but every YGO spinoff has had at least one, no matter how contrived the circumstances surrounding it were.

A tournament arc can only really happen once the Knights of Hanoi are taken care of. Once this arc is done—I’d say by episode 50 the latest—then anything can happen. The Knights have literally no reason to conduct something like this, but SOL is another story. So any tournament in Vrains would probably be organized by them.

It hasn’t happened yet because SOL has no control over Link Vrains atm, episode 30 confirmed this. I’m starting to think this is why this all-encompassing mega cooperation hasn’t done much to combat the KoH, whose motives clash directly with theirs. They truly are helpless to do anything substantial. 

But that’s going to change. I’ve been thinking about this Tower of Hanoi business, and iirc Kogami said that the Tower would wipe out the entire network, with the main goal being to destroy the ignises and the Cyberse.

Consider that the KoH aren’t really talking about defeating Playmaker to get to Ai anymore; the ToH has made them irrelevant. Which means that the Tower of Hanoi can probably get to the Cyberse on it’s own. The Cyberse may be open again for the first time in five years.

This would obviously play well with the idea that the other ignises are coming back, but to the point of your question: a tournament arc? This is how it happens:

The Cyberse becomes open as a result of the ToH. The KoH are defeated by the Charisma Duelists, and the Tower does not destroy the network. And yet, and yet, and yet: the Cyberse is still there. Right for SOL to take control of again. 

And so, they reestablish complete control over the Cyberse and Link Vrains, which would enable them to throw a VR-wide tournament. With what we know now, the only official reason I can think of is in celebration of the KoH’s defeat. I have no doubt that their actual motives will be far more dastardly.

Blue Angel and ‘Go’ would probably enter regardless, because Charisma Dueling is their thing. What could incentivize Playmaker depends on what SOL is actually up to. So say, if they kidnap Ai (who Yusaku is growing more attached to despite himself), and Yusaku believes that he can get him back through winning SOL’s tournament. Or, if he finds out that SOL was more involved in The Lost Incident than stated in their official documents. Or (related to the previous reason), if he finds out the experiments continued past The Lost Incident, and there are other victims that SOL is responsible for. 

I have found Satan and He lives in Idaho

Okay. So in the process of trying to figure out where to place my fictional town of Clare View Point since Michigan wasn’t shaping up to be the ideal state, I decided to take a look at the less populated forested areas in my home state Idaho!

So I found this unnamed lake just hanging out in the middle of a ton of other lakes, nothing too fancy but looks like it could be a good base for the town right? Nice mountain range along the back to help keep it semi closed in, nice area for a town towards the north end of the lake, vaguely eye shaped, looks great!

Well. Until I scrolled out.

Huh, that looks a little weird. I’m going to keep scrolling ou-wHAT




So yeah. Satan lives in Idaho and there’s nothing you can do to convince me otherwise. 



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