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To London With Love

It’s kind of ridiculous that you’re standing outside in the freezing New York winter while the cast and crew are rushing to get to Pippa’s. You’re supposed to be in there laughing with them and making sure nobody left anything and reassuring Javi that yes, Lin may have left but no, people didn’t see him any less.

And there was the rub.

Lin had left Hamilton to take “a break” but word had it he was also being wooed by the West End. Which was great really because you of all people knew how amazing he is and how much the would benefits from his talent.

What you didn’t realize until Lin actually announced the London job was that you felt he was leaving you, too.

Not that there was an actual relationship to leave in the first place. Sure, a month of light banter and the occasional coffee had gone down, but there was never anything more. Not even that one night when you’d been the one to drive him home after a bar crawl that had Renee-sweet Renee-being carried out by Oak. There was teasing from other cast and crew but he laughed so you laughed. Nothing big.

Lin had already said he couldn’t make it to Pippa’s because he had to communicate with London. Time differences and all. There was going to be a proper party two days later. With everyone.

Maybe it was just you reading too much into things. Maybe this was best. Maybe Lin was just being Lin, goofy sincere and sweet. Maybe, maybe.

A loud crash jolts you from your reverie. You bolt into the theatre expecting mayhem only to find everyone laughing. Turned out Jonathan had knocked into one of the clothing racks while running towards Daveed for one reason or another. Despite yourself you chuckle and let Renee fuss over your frosty demeanor.

Lin wasn’t there. He wouldn’t be there. He was leaving. And three hours, one game of Twister and countless beers later didn’t change that.

The girls were sleeping over and you were supposed to, but by then you just want to curl up under your covers and figure out how to…well, how to move on from the crush of your crush.

It’s 2AM when you finally slip into your apartment. Strangely enough you start wishing you were drunk. Tired as you are your mind is still on Lin. So much so that you don’t notice the light is on in the kitchen until you get near. You’re sure you turned off the lights, so you approach quietly. The only people with keys are your dad (who’s on another philanthropy adventure in Africa), Pippa (no way she could have gotten here before you did) and the landlord (out drinking).

When you reach the kitchen, you’re pretty sure you’re dreaming. There are balloons everywhere, a giant coffee mug nestled in what looks suspiciously like a #HamFam sweater, a giant pizza, and…a toy airplane?

After the initial shock wears off, you go for the coffee mug. The smell hits you from a foot away–it’s the Dominican blend Lin always brewed at rehearsals. Same blend he made specifically for you the day you went in straight from an all-nighter to finish HamCHI marketing stuff.

“What…” You sip the coffee and glance around. The balloons are shiny, hearts and stars. And the toy airplane had a note under it. Shaking, you pick it up and read:

Can’t just get on that plane / about to go insane / can’t hide what I feel / gotta tell you it’s real / please don’t be scared I hope I’m not creepin’ / but lady you’re the best damn woman I’ve been seein’ / please take a chance on this desperate man / you’re amazing you’re special you’re what my heart demands

You’re laughing and crying when you’re done. You fold it gently and take out your phone, planning to text Lin because hell who else could it be?

Before you stop shaking enough to text, however, someone clears his throat. When you look up, Lin is leaning against the doorframe, hair in a bun, wrapped in a gray sweater.

“Hi. So I’ve been wanting to ask you out. Like on a proper date. But things kept happening and life kept happening and now I’m flying off to London next week. But I couldn’t. I can’t. Not without setting this right. Not without trying,” he rambled. When you smiled in response, he came closer. “I’ve liked you for a very long time, and I know my timing is shit, but I needed to tell you already.”

You’re pretty sure you’re dreaming now but you somehow manage to cross the room and close the distance between you.

“I like you. I like you a lot. And I would be the happiest if you went out with me. Tomorrow. The night after that. And…London.”


Lin nods. “Uh, I take it you didn’t check the rest of the envelope.”

When you do, you gasp.

It’s a ticket to London. Same flight as his.

This was written by the incredible @proeuangelizomai


Draco took a deep, shaky breath, hoping that Harry wouldn’t notice how nervous he was. He had been struggling with crowds since the war, and the combination of meeting the Weasley’s and the huge amount of people at King’s Cross station made him anxious as hell.

Hundreds of people walked, ran, waited or strolled around the main hall. In the distance he could already see the little coffee shop where the entire Weasley family sat, waiting to go to platform 9¾. The entire corner seemed to have a red glow due to all the ginger haired people gathered in it.

“Dad! I need to go to the bathroom!” Whined Lily.

“Just follow the signs sweetheart, it’s over there I believe.” And Harry pointed at the far end of the hall.

“But what if I get lost? Mom always walks with me…” Lily pouted.

Draco rolled with his eyes and suppressed a smile. The girl was a Slytherin for one hundred percent. Ginny never accompanied her to the lavatory since she wanted Lily to be more independent, and rightly so since she was eleven years old already.

Harry however, always melted for his daughter’s sad pout and cute face and Lily made good use of that.

“Sorry honey, duty calls.” Harry pressed a quick kiss on his lips. Merlin, he would never get used to that feeling. Draco was a complete sucker for Harry’s quick, domestic yet loving kisses. Before he knew it he’d agreed to walk James, Albus and Scorpius to the Weasley’s all by himself while Harry left with Lily.

His eyes drifted to the coffee stand again. There had to be at least twenty five Weasley’s present, even Charlie who didn’t even have kids was there.

“Well then, let’s greet the family.” The family that will be seeing me today for the first time since they heard Harry and I are dating. Draco shuddered at the thought.

Scorpius grabbed his hand and squeezed it. “You’ll be alright dad.”

Sometimes Draco hated that he couldn’t hide behind his mask anymore. It turned out fatherly love, or any kind of love really, destroyed your ability to wear it.

He squeezed his son’s hand back. “Of course Scor. Nothing to worry about.” And he began to make his way through the crowd with three children in tow.

As soon as he came within twenty yards of the coffee stand he knew he couldn’t do it. Ron, George, Percy, Charlie and Bill were huddled together on the side, and judging by the looks they shot at him he was in for a serious talk. A serious “mess with Harry and we’ll murder you” talk.

Draco thanked the heavens when Albus asked “Why is there a piano in the middle of the station?” He pointed at the grand piano standing next to the coffee stand.

“It’s there so people can play it.” Answered an elderly lady who’d overheard his question. “Do you play?”

“No…” Albus shot a sad look at the piano. It was currently being abused by a four year old who seemed to be banging the keys without any real purpose.

“Dad plays!” Said Scorpius enthusiastic. “He’s really good as well. Do you want him to play for you?” Albus’ face lit up, and he cast a hopeful glance at Draco.

“Would you?”

“Of course.” Said Draco for the second time that day, though this time he actually meant it. Anything better than joining the twenty five Weasley’s at the stand, five of whom looked ready to flay him alive.

Albus beamed at him, and took off towards the piano with James and Scorpius. By the time Draco reached it they had cleared the stage for him. The father of the four year old seemed happy enough to pull his kid away from the instrument.

“Can you play something fast?” Asked James. “I don’t like those slow depressing bits.” And he pulled a disgusted face.

“No problem. Fast is my favorite.” Even more so now that the Weasley firing squad was approaching the piano. If he played something soft they might try and talk to him despite the music.

Draco sat down, cracked his fingers for an extra dramatic effect, and began to play.

He started fast, loud and with closed eyes. His fingers danced over the keys and soon enough he had to bite his bottom lip to suppress a smile.

Oh, if his father could see him now…

He remembered vividly how angry Lucius had been when he found out his son, his only son, was playing a muggle instrument.

How happy he had been when he found an old, dusty piano in and abandoned classroom at Hogwarts. The hours he’d spent trying to find tuning spells in the library….

And then, of course, the time his aunt Bellatrix had caught him playing, resulting in a punishment that had nearly turned him into Frank or Alice Longbottom. How even after that he hadn’t quit because how could he give up the only thing that enabled him to make something instead of break it?

He opened his eyes to see a small but growing crowd standing around him, a crowd that was there because of something he voluntarily chose to do. A crowd of people who didn’t know him or his past, but just enjoyed the notes flowing from his blood stained hands.

But the blood had dried up a long time ago, and for the first time Draco fully realised that. He was aware that to these people he was not an ex-death eater or even a Slytherin, but just him. A guy with some talent for playing the piano, who tried to brighten other people’s day a bit by producing a colourful tune.

He quite liked being ‘just him’.

Someone standing behind him brushed a lock of hair from his face. A hand squeezed his shoulder. “I had no idea you could play like this.” Whispered Harry in his ear.

The line almost caused Draco to slip. He was a sucker for Harry’s whispered words as well.

The Weasley’s who had gathered around the piano as well looked baffled when Draco bent his head backwards to kiss his boyfriend. “I still have some secrets left in my closet, after all there’s a lot of room there since my sexuality came out.”

Harry laughed. Merlin he had the greatest laugh.

The man wrapped his arms around Draco as the last tunes from the piano died away. “That was nearly as beautiful as you are. And I’m sorry for abandoning you, I forgot the entire family was coming.”

“Well.” Whispered Draco in Harry’s ear as the crowd burst out in applause. “I think I’ve managed to survive these five minutes without the saviour at my side.”

And after a brief pause he added; “Of course, you still have to make it up to me later, but we have until Christmas for that.”

Harry turned bright red, but still pulled Draco a little closer as they walked towards the others. Draco couldn’t suppress the smile on his face this time. Even the judgemental glances of the Weasley’s couldn’t make him do that.

“Other dad, can you teach me how to play the piano?” Albus nearly bounced out of enthusiasm. Draco nearly did too, this was the first time Harry’s youngest son, the one who had struggled the most with the divorce, had called him dad.

“Of course, other son.” Draco shot a hesitant look at Harry, he didn’t know if his comment was out of line or not. But it wasn’t.

“Congratulations, other dad.” Harry kissed him. “Looks like you’re stuck with us now.”

Somehow Draco found that he didn’t mind being stuck with Harry and his kids.

Not one bit.

Slowly the train started pulling out of the station, taking Lily, Albus, James and Scorpius with it. Draco missed them already.

“Even after everything we’ve been through, it’s still worth it don’t you think? Life?” Harry was blinking against his tears. The departure of even his youngest kid weighed heavy on him, but at least he wouldn’t be returning to an empty house.

“Yeah.” Sighed Draco. “They make it worth it.” And he nodded at the train. James was still hanging from the window, waving at them. “They and you.”

Ron, George, Percy, Charlie and Bill watched as Harry kissed Draco again. Draco pulled Harry close, and together they watched the train disappear out of sight.

It looked like Draco didn’t need that talk.

So I imagined Draco playing Beethoven “Moonlight” Sonata op 27 # 2 Mov 3 but that doesn’t have to be your music for this of course. If you know any other piano music that might fit please tell me I love piano music!

I don’t know if public piano’s are a thing everywhere but here in Holland and in GB they are. It’s basicly a piano where passe by’s can play on to make waiting more fun.

Also I have never been to King’s cross and I don’t even know if that station has a main hall, but  it’s fanfiction, so I don’t feel the need to be geographically accurate, sorry

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name your top 20 friends on tumblr :)

oh god this is mean and hard but

1) @phalangine : this girl right fuckin here is like my spirit animal, we basically send each other ridiculous memes to see who can out gross one another, also she’s just an awesome human being in general with an amazing sense of humor, go follow!!!

2) @jim-kirk i text this kid like, every frickin day, ben is hysterical and a great gif maker, 10/10 recommend you follow ben and he too, great sense of humor.

3) @idriselbas: LARA!!!!! i dont think a day goes by where i don’t text them. like lara is fucking hysterical, has an A+ choice in men, and like, is just a good person to talk too, follow them right now!!!!

4) @samerulesapply: my mcavoy guru, like, seriously, i got all my knowledge about james through them, and like, her sense of humor is wicked amazing, posts amazing things about james, and is just a great mcavoy fan to follow if you want a normal stan to follow, 10000/10 recommend. 

5) @xavviers: dis binch right here is amazing mkaaaaay, like, i text her ALL DA TIME!!!! also, we low-key met james mcavoy together and like, that was hella dope, also she’s wicked smart in terms of history, and her fan fics (From the little amount i’ve read) are hella great, follow her she’s just dope as hell.

6) @panslabyrinth: i’ve only been following vilu for a short period of time, but i think i found my soulmate in her, like, we are film hoes who have extremely similar tastes, and she’s super nice and makes like THE BEST gifs, her coloring is on fucking point, FOLLOW!!!!

7) @aliciavikander: MEERA IS THE QUEEN OF PRETTY FUCKING GIF SETS!!! like, seriously, i want to someday be as good as meera when it comes to coloring and choosing scenes to make gif sets out of, plus, she fucking loves james and just has an amazing blog and is a total sweetheart, go follow now!!!

8) @greysummers: MY CHILD ™ !!! Saey is adorable, way too funny, like girl, become a stand up comedian pls. like she may be young but her sense of humor is fuckin on point, also, just a great human.

9) @undomiel: BIA IS THE SWEETEST!!! like, i fucking love bia!!!!! her pastel gifs might be the only ones you’ll ever see me reblog because, a)i subject her to my screaming about how much i love james and b) they are very pretty!, if you like aesthetics go follow

10) @alcmaeonids: syd, what an amazing human!!!, like her cherik gif sets crush my soul and i live for it, super unique blogger who is definitely worth a follow, also a total sweetheart!!!

11) @silverjohn: HEND!!!!! if we aren’t screaming over black sails, its probably screaming over just life in general, if you love anything related to black sails, or want a sweet new friend, check hend out, you won’t be disappointed.

12) @eggogorgon: blake!!!!, i just recently started talking to them and like, wowee what a great blog/blogger, gifs are on point, and like, stranger things fans, NEED TO FOLLOW THIS BLOG! JUST DO IT!!!

13) @alfonso-herrera: vinny underneath all the layers of sarcasm and bitterness, is an awesome person, and a really just overall great blogger, i really enjoy talking to him and his taste in men is like A++

14) @mcavoys: me and marcelo are url twins essentially, which in turn means he runs an amazing blog, his up to date photo sets of celebs and red carpet events makes me feel like i’m there in the moment, plus he is just a great gif maker as well!!! worth checking out!

15) @delzinrowe: STEFF IS AWESOME OK!!, like, she’s so sweet and so kind and is always checking up on me, which is rare to find in a tumblr user, she’s one of the first friends i made when i came back to tumblr after a hiatus, and she’s just super cool, go follow her right now!

16) @dundermifflinscranton: if you really want a nice blogger and a good friend look no further than kristian, he’s not only the BEST OFFICE BLOG ON TUMBLR, but an amazing friend, also he’s australian meaning he’s cool as hell and that deserves a follow on its own.

17) @rachelmcadamses: robin is super sweet, also her movie score gifts are to die for???? like, flawless for real. i love how much effort she puts into her gifs and how just generally nice she is, its rare to see someone so genuine on this hell site, go follow!

18) @stexvebucky: I LOVE SCREAMING ABOUT JAMES WITH YOU!!!!, like, isabella is so sweet, and so nice, and she loves all the same things as me for the most part!!!, and just a great friendly blogger!!!, go follow!!

19) @l-p-r-o-c-k: rocio is a total sweetheart, like, legit sweetheart, i love her and her blog is amazing, she’s a great mcavoy fanblog if you are in need of following one! the best!!!

20) @miliebobbybrown: yo, me and this girl just started talking recently but i love her blog, like tatjana runs an awesome blog especially about stranger things and films, and is super nice so like…..go follow? do it now!!!

(if i left anyone out I’m sorry but yeah this is the list off the top of my head!!!)

Fantasy vs. Reality Pt. 2

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1620

Warnings: None, just fluff

AN: This is part 2 to the series, please read part 1 first. Part 1 had such a good feedback that I decided to continue it into a series. I am going to make each chapter an important relationship milestone for them. Hope you like this part and thank you to @jalove-wecallhimdean for helping me with this chapter!

The past month and a half had flown by. You were finally settled into your new job and you had finally unpacked the last box in your new home. Your father was even doing a little better now that you were around, no longer drinking as much and he had made a habit of starting to work on his car again. Things with Dean had been going stronger and better than ever. You had been on nine dates in total, each one better than the last. Life was definitely good and you were truly happy.

You and Dean were taking things slow. He wanted to show you he was serious about you and that he was no longer the king of one nighters. He had more than proved that to you and now you were ready to have the discussion as to what you guys were really doing, you were just nervous to bring it up. There were some days that you still found it hard to believe that this gorgeous man wanted you the way that he did.

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Goal: Tag nine people you want to know better

Relationship status: Single but I have a few crushes~
(( none of them would work out but it’s nice to have ideas and “what ifs”

Favorite color: Teal and Red or Pastel Pink gradient

Lipstick or Chapstick: Lipstick! I can’t wear chapstick. It just feels too moist.

Last song I listened to: Enough from In The Heights

Last movie I watched: Split. Fuckin incredible. I adore psychological movies. Thrillers too.

Top 3 TV shows:
1. Steven Universe
2. Columbo
3. Girl Code

Top 3 characters:
1. Cronus (homestuck)
2. McCree (overwatch)
3. Noodle (gorillaz)

Top 3 ships:
1. Crokri
2. Hanzo x McCree
3. Markiplier x Jack ( I know I know hush)

I SHALL NOW TAG @determindpencil @whatthefrickwik @madhatter123321 @dulcetmusic enjoy lovelies ❤️❤️❤️

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I desperately need your help! I reallyyyyyy need to follow more BTS blogs. I only like to follow people who make quality content gifs, edits, gfx, etc. So could you please reccommend me some?

ah i’d be happy to! ^^ all the blogs i follow are lovely, but i’m just gonna name a few favorites that immediately come to mind. definitely check out my blogroll here for more good ones~

gifs/gfx: @ojjeon / @mewchim / @busanie / @bwipsul / @sweaterpawsjimin / @jeonify / @apgujeon / @booptae / @sugutie / @syubprince / @yoongles / @yoonmin / @kths / @taeguk / @chimcheroo / @bangtanbanchan / @jiminsaid / @younas / @cutiehuns / @chimchams / @gotjimin

other: @jeondiary / @daegucrew / @j-cypher / @bts420 / @dearkook / @rapsae / @bfjoonie / @r-m / @jinakin / @bang-tan / @rapsmon

fan art: @ask-bts-stuff / @artofennun / @swagasuga / @shuaitofu

hope this was helpful! ♡

There are two very good reasons to draw Zac.
One- well, honestly you don’t need a reason to draw him, he’s the best like seriously
But two- @princeofmints brightens my day every time I look at his blogs and since he had a rough day yesterday, I figured I’d draw his red army oc for him to show my appreciation. ^^

Though I Die... (Sam Drake x Reader)

okay first of all… im so behind on everything because of school yeehaw so have a super sad fic. i feel like only i would be inspired to write a super heartbreaking fic based off of a satrical song in a comedy… (south park movie rip me)

warnings: death mention, blood mention, violence mention

words: 1,770

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More fave ice cream hcs for the HQ nerds

@nishinoyaaass asked for the following so here you go sweetheart B)

  • Oikawa’s favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
  • Bokuto’s is salted caramel.
  • Akaashi claims doesn’t care for ice cream that much, but you could probably bribe him with blueberry ice cream.
  • Kuroo is always up for some chocolate almond ice cream as long as there’s plenty of cherries to put on top.
  • Kai likes lemon in his ice cream. Any variety of lemon.
  • Yaku is a sucker for vanilla with any type of candy pieces in them.
  • Yamamoto will inhale any ice cream, don’t let him ‘try’ your ice cream because I promise you it’ll be gone.
  • Kenma likes apple pie ice cream (that’s not a big surprise either).
  • Fukunaga prefers common flavors like just chocolate or vanilla, but it’s gotta be in a cone. It’s cone or nothing.
  • Inuoka likes cookies and cream.
  • Lev likes sophisticated flavors (such as cappuccino) and makes fun of Yaku’s favorites because they seem ‘childish’ (“They make you sound like a little kid!”) which earns him a swift kick in the stomach.
  • And Shibayama always goes for chocolate peanut butter swirl.

The first time we met was in the Anne of Green Gables production office for a preliminary read-through of the script. I was 17. I think Johnny was 18. I remember thinking he was so sweet and non-threatening in the best way. Because we were all nervous, and he put you at ease. He had a wonderful sense of humor, so we laughed a lot.

I remember we had shot the spelling competition where Anne wins over Gilbert by spelling chrysanthemum correctly. Jonathan decided Gilbert was the worst speller in the world and he could not spell anything. So he’d do this running joke where he would be smiling with a handful of very wilty flowers in his hand and trying to spell what they were. And I’d be laughing hysterically.

The last time I saw him was when he came backstage at a performance I had done in 2013, in a play by Margaret Atwood called The Penelopiad. It was so wonderful to see him. He surprised me by coming, and we went out afterward and talked about what we were doing with our lives. He was, as always, a real sweetheart. I’m going to miss him.


Megan Follows remembers Jonathan Crombie [x]

Timing is Everything

Originally posted by saralou23

Author’s Note: Hello and Welcome to the 4th Imagine for Music Monday #2, and my very first Jax Teller imagine, which is based on the song A Daydream Away by All Time Low as requested/suggested by my darling @justahopeless-dreamer. You did it again love, sent me in the direction of an amazing song! I hope you all enjoy, let me know! This imagine is rated T+ for mention of alcohol and mild language (all things considered) 

Timing is Everything


I wish you could see your face right now
‘Cause you’re grinning like a fool
And we’re sitting on your kitchen floor
On a Tuesday afternoon
It doesn’t matter when we get back
To doing what we do
'Cause right now could last forever
Just as long as I’m with you

You’re just a daydream away
I wouldn’t know what to say if I had you
And I’ll keep you a daydream away
Just watch from a safe place
So I never have to lose


The memory of his smile is vivid in her head as she sits tapping her pen to paper. Timing, is a bitch. It was after all the way their story has always gone. They circled each other in high school, but then he fell for Tara, and then when Tara left, they circled each other again only for him to end up with Wendy, and for her to be married all of two seconds, and just when they were winding their way back to one another, a Tara shaped wrench was thrown in their path.

She doesn’t hate Tara, in fact she likes her, for the most part, and she downright loved her when she was halfway across the country.

She groans dropping her head onto a stack of reports.

She has to get over whatever this is that she feels for Jax Teller. Nothing could ever come of it, and even if by some miracle Jax suddenly became free, he surely didn’t feel the same about her after all this time.


His head is a mess as he takes another long drink from the bottle, and when he drains it dry he rolls it away from him, letting it join the others. He should have known better than to get wrapped up in Tara, but he couldn’t help it, she stirred something in him akin to nostalgia he supposed, but she’s gone away, again, and he wonders what he’s supposed to do now.

“Jax?” a soft voice calls out to him and squinting through the smoke that lingers like a curtain in front of him he sees Laycie step into the kitchen. Her hair is bundled on top of her head, a black oversized hoodie hanging to her knees and tilting his head he smiles drunkenly at her.

“Lace…what are you doing here?” Jax asks and when she sets her purse on his table she laughs holding out a brown paper bag to him.

“You called and left a message requesting that I bring the shittiest bottle of tequila that I could find so we could drink away our woes on your kitchen floor,” she says and without hesitation she opens the bottle and settles across from him. She takes the first drink, wincing as she swallows it down before passing it to him. He studies her as she takes the cigarette from between his fingers and takes a drag.

He could always count on her to show up. For everything. As much of a constant as SAMCRO is in his life, Laycie’s just as reliable.

“I’m assuming you heard that Tara left…” he says after taking a long swig, before they play pass the bottle and cigarette again and nodding she takes another healthy drink.

“I’m really sorry Jax,” she says sympathetically, her hand coming to rest on his and because he craves the connects he turns his palm up wrapping his fingers around her.

“You’re always here Lace…why are you so good to me?” he asks his head dropping to the side as he studies her through a drunken haze. He always knew she was beautiful, fancied himself half in love with her before hooking up with Tara for the first time back in the day, but today as she sits in front of him, swimming in a sweater he’s almost certain he left at her house once that she refused to return, he realizes just how beautiful she is.

“What kind of question is that Jackson?” she demands putting the cigarette out before it manages to burn down to his fingers. “You’re my best friend…where else would I be?” He smiles knowingly but as the darkness starts edging in around the corners of his vision he swears that there are tears in her eyes.


We would go out on the weekend
To escape our busy lives
And we’d laugh at all the douche-bag guys
Chasing down their desperate wives
I would drink a little too much
You’d offer me a ride
And I would offer you a t-shirt
And you would stay another night

But you’re just a daydream away
I wouldn’t know what to say if I had you
And I’ll keep you a daydream away
Just watch from a safe place
So I never have to lose


He pushes through the crowd in the club, eyes searching her out, and with a smile he finds her in the middle of the dance floor hands raised to push at her hair and before she can put them down again he grabs one pulling her against him.

“Jackson!” Laycie’s voice is full of excitement when she realizes it’s him, and then she throws her arms around his neck, pressing a kiss to his lips. He’s caught by surprise, and just when he’s thinking of returning it she pulls away with a giggle. “What are you doing here?”

“You called me, asked for a ride home,” he says with a laugh and then he sees the memory click in her eyes.

“I did didn’t I? Okay, well then I guess we’d better go,” she says and taking his hand she leads him outside. She lets go of his hand as she walks towards his bike but he snags her by the elbow.

“Where do you think you’re going sweetheart?” he asks and when he follows his gaze he laughs shaking his head. “I don’t think so darlin,’ you are too drunk, can’t have you falling off and breaking that pretty little ass of yours. Give me your keys.”

Laycie dissolves into a fit of giggles as she fishes for the keys in her clutch purse, and when at last she pulls them free she holds them up so they dangle in his face.

“You said I have a pretty ass,” she laughs and his smile is crooked when he takes the keys from her hand.

“It is a very pretty ass Lace,” he says helping her into the passenger seat of her car, and once he’s managed to get her seatbelt on her he presses a kiss to her forehead, “nothing about you that isn’t pretty darlin.’”


She’s vaguely aware that the only thing keeping her up on her feet is Jax pinning her between his body and the wall as he fights the key into the lock, and once he manages to slide the deadbolt open he pushes the door open and sweeps her up in his arms carrying her inside, and kicking the door shut behind him, he settles her gently onto the couch.

She sways forward and luckily he’s there to catch her, pushing her back so she doesn’t face plant onto the coffee table.

“I’m going to get you some water okay, just, stay put,” Jax says before he saunters into the kitchen and because she’s never one to listen she takes a few steady breaths before getting to her feet. She stumbles once, then twice managing to right herself just as he’s coming out of the kitchen.

“I told you to stay put,” he laughs, holding the water out to her, but she shakes her head.

“Need to change,” she says and without thinking anything of it she sweeps the clingy black dress up and over her head dropping it onto the floor and she swears his eyes widen, if just momentarily. “Like something you see Teller?”

“Maybe,” he responds licking his lips but she laughs turning to walk down the hall, and after a few minutes she re-emerges clad in shorts and a t-shirt, and then she bundling up on the couch, kicking her legs over his as she takes careful sips from her water.

“What were you drinking away tonight Lace?” Jax asks after a while and laying her head on the back of the couch she stares at him, the comfort of being drunken rapidly disappearing.


We never stood a chance out there
Shooting love in real-time
So we’ll take it over ice tonight
With a little salt
And a little lime

You’re just a daydream away
I wouldn’t know what to say if I had you
And I’ll keep you a daydream away
Just watch from a safe place
So I never have to lose


“Unrequited love,” the words are soft as she drains the rest of the glass, and when the hand that was stroking her leg stills, she knows that he’s put it together. “It’s okay Jax, some things are just not meant to be.”

“Lace…” he starts to talk but she puts her hand over his mouth, eyes pleading with his.

“Just let it go Jackson, we never stood a chance, it’s just going to take a little time is all,” she says pulling her hand from his mouth, and catching it in his he gives a light squeeze.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers.

“Me too.”


You’re just a daydream away
I wouldn’t know what to say if I had you


((A+ Character Design! I love it!))

~ ChibiGirl/Sweetheart Bendy


Thank you so much I was hoping he would look different!

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