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Some photos of my kenku costume at Anthrocon 2016, taken by @adammillerstudio! Oh boy did I ever have a lot of fun! The other raven in these photos is @qawstume and the snowy owl we are mobbing is @crystumes, who made both of the blanks that we used for our masks.

If you have any questions about this costume please check out my FAQ!

to celebrate the fact i just hit 4k (only not just) (this took me forever to make) (but it was recent okay) i decided that i wanted to repay all of my beautiful, lovely, incredible followers by making this fab follow forever which is in tribute to all their wonderful souls <3

( mutuals / favourites )

b e s t   f r i e n d s

@delacourr @fleurrdelacour @lilyevane @nargles @ctaeth @lilyevansh @yigrittes @howlingremus @obliviaet

a b c d e f g h

@aarya @abrcxasmalfoy @acciolunalovegood @admlynch @adnromeda@alicelongbottom @aliciavspinnet @allthevioletthings @alrightevains @alrightpotter @amortentiea @amysantigao @amysartiago @anastasiaromanov @angelinajchnson @angelinajohnsn @aphrodvite @asoftdante @atheana @audreil @audreils @auroremus @aurrorpotter @barryallhan @becauseannabeth @bennersgoober @bensolcs @biharry @billywealsey @blacksistrs @blcise @bleuczerny @bonkaiqueen @burkesandborgin @cassianandior @cassianansdor @cassiesulliven @cassionandor @cassiopeoia @causuallychaotic @cedricdiggory @chewbaca @chewbqcca @cho-chang @chocolatetoads @chovchang @chvchang @chrondule @cinderhellas @cinderlinhs @cindurellas @cuipid @crvdence @dailyprophet @darkvaders @dcsdemonas @deamus @deehaan @deer-evans @deerjily @delacour @delacouvr @dementvr @demonartist @dqrthvader @dreamthievves @dreamyoswald @drerry @drunkdraco @dvurmstrang @elizabethsbennett @euphemiapottcr @ewatson @expelumos @faeheys @faeyries @fairydusts @feministengineer @fireheartfray @fleurdealcour @fleurdelaccur @fleurdelacovr @flintswood @flleur @flntwood @flitwick-filius @foreverjily @fortesques @gabrielledelacour @gansaey @gcnnyweasleys @ginervamollly @ginnyeweasley @ginnys @ginnyweaslcy @grangr @grayweran @grcywarens @gregqoyle @goldstelns @gryffindorkx @hagridsrubeus @harheyquinn @hcgwarts @heavenlyoswald @herhmione @hermiolne @hermionees @hermionegrangcr @horcruxa @hosgmeade @hoqsmeade

i j k l m n o p q

@ickle-ronniekins @ilvermornys @isakvaltzrsen @jamespttr @johnsremus @jvshduns @katie-bell @katiebells @katjebell @kavinskiies @kcenobi @kingscross @krvm @leesjordan @leiaorganu @lilyevians @lilyevncs @lilypcttcr @lilypotthr @lindseymorgan @looonyluna @lordstark @lottiepersonn @lovegoodd @lunalocegood @lunalovey @lunsy @lupins @lydias-martin @maraudre @marrauder @mcgonnagal @milliebobby @minjard @minyardx @mollyprewett @mollywealsey @monsieurprongsy @moonyinstincts @muqqlestudies @mvlfxy @mxrcusflint @mytholgie @nacrissablack @narcissablsck @narclssa @narlilys @nbdraco @neiljosteq @nevillxes @niklausxcaroline @ninazcneik @noorcsaetre @nymqhdora @occlumecy @ohdaenerys @ohkylorens @ohpotter @oikenobi @okayjily @oliverswood @olympius @opalynch @opuggno @oscarwilds @oylmpians @oyprongs @padfootd @padmaspatil @parvaatipatil @parvatpatil @pavratipatil @pdfcct @pheonnixx @philukas @poethry @potthr @pottre @praisemalfoy @puresblood @puveblood @qinsy @qgldstein @quidditchplayer

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@ravehclaw @ravehclaws @ravenspuff @regulusblacj @regulusblqck @remcslupins @remusluvpin @reguluz @rhelucent @richordgansey @rogvepilot @rosegranger @rosevtyler @rowle @rrey @rubeushagriid @rvenclaws @roryglimore @rosewealseys @roxanncweasley @sanssa @scamamnder @scourgify @scorpiusmalfoiys @sealands @seamusdean @sectumsempras @shahrzads @sherrybomb @siltheryn @sirjsblack @sirriusly @slytherih @slytherin-salazar @slyherins @slxofcrows @softghafas @softprongs @sokkas @starwar @stormborn @stormybisexual @sunshinepond @tcrtarus @thehound @theunseeliecourt @thunderbjrd @tjnagoldstein @tlnagoldsteln @troysivan @txmriddlx @tylorswft @umfleur @vanillasweet @vernondursley @violetbaudelire @vixenevans @vixtoireweasley @walfllower @weascleys @wvylanvaneck @xenophilius @zabini @zabiniblaise @zonnkos

Reached over 2K followers!

I don’t know where you guys are coming from but it’s so amazing knowing so many people like my silly little IT blog! Thanks to each and every one of you, and you should all go follow every blog you find that posts IT content, be it blogs that, like mine, are completely dedicated to IT or be it blogs that post various other content as well as IT. This is including but certainly not limited to:

@incorrect-losers-club @eddiesbadbreak @eddiekaspbraks @itmovieofficial @richies-tozier @tokidoki-galaxy @geekguy1138 @eveleech @eddiekasp @incorrectitquotes @lesbeverly @arcadetozier @theluckyseven @mentalmutant @eggboyben @bevviehanscom @peenywise @richietoziersgirlfriend @screamquuen @pennywises @trashmoxth

If I missed anyone feel free to reblog and/or tag any other blogs that post IT content!

uhm….i really can’t believe that i already hit 500?? and i remade like a week ago?? thank you all so much for following me and making this such an enjoyable place for me to be i love you all so much 💘 i’ve been here since 2010 when will i leave

so i decided to do a follow forever and include all the amazing blogs that i follow, i hope you all have a wonderful day and know how much you all mean to me 💐

☼ - i love you with my whole heart
♡ - favourite blogs that i would sell my soul for
💌 - hover there’s a love letter for you~

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anonymous asked:

Hi :) Who are some tumblrs you admire, I'm looking for new tumblrs to follow!!

I’ve never done one of these before simply because I follow so many people! I’ve noticed that most people seem to follow 300-500 blogs? Well… I’m not even going to say how many I follow in comparison aha! But as seen as we’re about to hit 1.7K, I think there’s no greater time than now! I’m 99.9% sure everyone on this list is my mutual (I think there’s one non-mutual?), and I consider all mutuals friends, but those in bold are people who I hold close to my heart… for reasons!! 

@aandidas💕, @ashquartz, @anelaxsims@banana-sims, @barleycoffee@bratsims, @bubble-sims, @buttersim, @blackholesimmer, @boxofsims, @blursims@ciruelabob, @ciarasims💕@citrontart, @cinemasims, @crimsonsims@chaoticsimblr@crazycatladysims@dank-owski, @deetron-sims@doritosims@early-grape, @essiesims@femmesim, @furiouslydecaffinated, @foxbie, @fakecowplant

@galaxsim, @grolda, @glitterysimmies, @giannisk-13@inabadromance, @igglemouse, @justkeeponsimming@kabuna@koffeecake@kleptosims@kiwisims4@kayeplays, @ladyrosedeversailles@linds-sims@lyrea, @laenyrie, @luridroses@luminous-sims, @lilpoundcakeeeee@literallywhothe, @loniden💖  , @lunarian-sim@myopiccc, @maimouth, @momobunniisims💖, @meowlr@moushie💕

@nadehzdia, @nadinemaee@neutralsupply, @nicotinc, @neopixiesims, @ohduckling, @obisims💖 , @official-simmerholic, @our-dazed-sims💖 , @peacemaker-ic, @planethoneypop, @paragon-polygon, @pixelpeopleplayland, @pn7k@pillowcreek, @quiddity-jones@randomcoffeesimmer, @rosecoffeesims, @riice@simduction, @soft-almond, @simsomedia💖, @simsoflove, @sim-pi, @simmingswimmingly, @simwest,  @simsterically, @simplifiedsimi, @simemi, @pearlescentsims@smolplumbob, @shysimblr, @sim-bubble💕@simmyhymns, @simmeronnie, @suzychi-sims, @sweetchocolateysims, @skullyvaughn, @sims3melancholic, @smubuh@simwithsparkles, @simtrovart, @simlydarling

@theuniquepoutine💕, @tigresssimmer, @tinwhistletoo,​ @theartofqueenie💕, @ughplumb, @vixrotre@wanderlust-sims, @wandering-simblr@wildlyminiaturesandwich, @willowxsims@wifemomsimmer, @wiccanpixels@wrixles@zauglom

I admire every single simblr on this list! They all either inspire me or encourage me to keep going! I love every single blog that I follow but there’s no way I could fit you all on one post, (maybe I’ll do a blog roll some day?) so remember:


OMG it’s 4:44am right now and I’m freaking the fuck out. I hit 800 followers and I can’t even believe it. I started this blog on May 22nd and NEVER thought 800 people would see my blog and want to follow me. I hope to continue to entertain you with my content and that you’ll stick around and maybe get to know me.

now for the follow forever. These are people who’s content I love and/or I see interacting with my posts alot. I love you all even if I don’t know you

first of all my lovely mutuals (in no particular order)

@isabelledarkwoods, @gayndsoft, @fluffy-malec, @blissfullybane, @radiantmalec, @alecsmaia, @onlymatthewdaddario, @scarletsana, @danielzharman, @helenblackthorns, @lukebanes, @prettywarlockk, @magnusllightwood, @beauitfulfreak-blog, @eveninist, @hail-andfarewell, @aislinnspauls, @magnusbanemagnus, @excline, @cheekyeven, @nephilimcrew, @anonomonomous99, @ohmalecc, @aleclightttwood, @isaksnaki, @lookingforalicante, @matthewdaddarino, @introella, @sunshinejimon, @alecsstaminarune, @newtporn, @shamelessfolk, @azoremagnus, @damnmalec, @brooklynhighwarlock, @banesarcher, @overpaidwarlock, @lightbanes, @pastelfrays, @xfxirchild, @bikarim, @iconicbane, @imnotwittyy, @pansexualchrisberg, @isabellelitwood, @cantspellstydiawithoutstd, @malec-akucintakamu, @solongandthanksforallthegayporn, @dear-magnus, @malecmyheartx, @tessaquartz, @tarjeivalterssen, @acewidows, @evenforseason5, @mrspaaadfoots, @solo-silenzio, @ifyoufuckwithsanayoufuckwithus, @curlytarjeii, @takkevak, @matchingevak, @sparklingmagnus, @jonasseyebrows, @vildewlw, @valtermeme, @rapgodvaltersen, @neilzjosten, @evenns, @teamsteffy, @funstory, @spamofskam

and now blogs that I just love even if they don’t follow me cause they are amazing (again in no particular order)

@maalec, @clarysfairchild, @claryfightwood, @evendeservedbetter, @kierensczerny, @parabatributts, @lukegarrobane, @skambane, @shadowrld, @magnusgoatee, @unbrokenraven, @vildenooras, @monstersunderyourbed, @slytherino, @alec–bane, @skylarisafail, @shumbane, @patronusmagnus, @patronuass, @willjtudor, @amorverus, @catarinasmirk, @magnificentbane, @deamaia, @maialec, @rayofsunshinemaiaroberts, @hoteldumorts, @lgbt-malec, @softshumjr, @mundanelion, @downworlddads, @saltybane, @softdario, @lukemagnus, @maiaslightwood, @alecbaene, @skamlesbians, @alecgaywoods, @magnusragnor, @morethanoneshow, @f-f-f-fight, @magswoods, @justin-taylor, @bane–lightwood, @madzie-bane, @howisalexander, @rosyevak, @magnusbaene, @s0ftmalec, @alecblushed, @jonasnoahvasquez, @latinalightwood, @banemagic, @champagnemagnus, @omg-daddario, @broodingalec, @just-dolphin-things, @itscuteust, @pure-magnus, @sana-bakkoush, @lightwoody, @alecgaywoods, @magnusizzy, @isaekv, @kaerlighet, @thesuncameouttoday, @flower-crown-lover, @tarjeiandhenrik, @bakkuosh

hello loves! i recently hit 500 followers, and words cannot express my gratitude. this blog has only been up and running for—what—3 months? the amount of amazing people i’ve met and the community i’ve grown a part of is astounding. in honor of all the awesome people i’ve grown to love, i thought i’d do this. (and i’m really sorry for the gross banner above)


  • mutuals
  • absolute favs
  • both!

note: this is not all of the people i follow because that would’ve been insanely huge, but just know that i love you all (hence why i’m following you!). <3 (maybe i should make a blogroll)

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hello! it’s jaymee (aka. lovebugi / minibugi / jjongibugi)

i’d like to thank the 100+ lovely people that follow me by doing my first follow forever for this blog!

it’s been around 3 weeks (?) since i’ve created this sideblog & i’m really glad to see all the people who continue to support the pd101 trainees since the show ended—whether or not their fixed pick has debuted. seeing all this positivity makes this website such a fun place to be on, and i’m glad to be a part of it.

so, without further ado, here’s a shoutout to all the people who radiate positivity:

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anonymous asked:

do you have anywhere specific you look online for fashion inspiration? every time I just browse pinterest or instagram like every single ~fall outfit idea~ is skinny jeans + earth toned boots + cardigan + scarf and I'm SO BORED.

YES I KNOW THAT LOOK, the white girl in fall look; it’s not a bad look, but it’s a very predictable look, and I totally understand wanting to move away from that. I too moved away from a look that wasn’t bad, yet was also literally and figuratively stifling. so, how do you find inspiration? 

what I do is follow individual style bloggers + and street style blogs/accounts. 99% of this takes place on instagram, so get ready to download the app. if you’re going to use pinterest, make sure to search “street style”, not “style”. street style is what you call photos that are taken at various fashion weeks, of models and influencers and designers and average people who wanted to dress up and see the shows. it’s a great way to eyeball trends and to find things you can mix and match for yourself. often you’ll see a person whose look you really like, and it only takes a reverse image search to find them on instagram. nine out of ten times they’ll have a style blog of their own. if that sounds like a lot of work, it is. so here are a few of my favorites to get you started:

street style on tumblr: my only stop is 15x20. it showcases a huge variety of trendy, inventive looks, all put together by people who want to be eyecatching. one of my absolute go-tos. I get the germ of most of my outfit ideas here.

style on instagram: @lookbook is a solid account. mostly it’s images tagged #lookbook by bloggers or would-be influencers, and they’re all real people, so a lot of times you can follow them back to their style pages. one issue is that they usually don’t give details of where to buy the items of clothing they wear. also skews a little younger. 

fashion bloggers I follow on instagram:

@daniellevanier: really inventive, takes risks, is a pioneer of “it doesn’t have to be fitted” imo, and has introduced me to one of my favorite brands ever, ASOS White. sporty, femme, she can do it all. love her. 

@lolitamas: bang on with trends, she always seems to know what’s coming in the new season. she does a bunch of lifestyle blogging too, but her fashion posts are what I’m there for. she’s very sweet, very feminine, and a lot of her looks nail high-fashion casual, which I appreciate the hell out of. 

@masha: does the coolest things with layers and sneakers, and she really brings a lot of texture to every outfit. she looks great all the time, which is probably a curse when you’re that pretty, but she pays it forward by religiously cross-linking her outfit posts so you can track down where she got what.

@mamacaxx: just the most bright and exciting wardrobe; she knows how to make one garment do a million different things. pretty sure she and I bought our lavender frilly shirt dresses on the same day. 

@hhasselhoff: I am smitten by her beauty all the time, and I’m so all over the silk boudoir look she always seems to have going. someday I’m going to find out how she, someone with similar proportions to me, is able to hide her bra straps in all those satin dresses. 

@nicolettemason: femme, queer, and constantly doing awesome things with patterns. this was an immediate must-follow from me, and she’s just come out with a really trendy plus-size clothing line called premme, if any of you ladies out there are interested.

@asos_debbie: SHE KNOWS COLOR THEORY, and knocks it out of the park every time. she’s a buyer and stylist for asos, so she also has the inside scoop on new items that are dropping. also, incredible shoes, always. 

@aspensdottir: I just started following her, and it was the best decision I’ve made all week (and not just because she immediately liked every picture of my cats that I’ve ever posted). she’s incredibly inventive, and recycles various items of clothing in the most refreshing way. I’ve actually tossed a few things in some shopping carts because of her, and even though she’s half my size, the outfits she puts together are super adaptable to anyone. a++

the more you poke around instagram, the more you’ll find new bloggers that appeal to you specifically! it took me about a year to round up the 250 fashion accounts I follow, but it was worth it. now whenever I lack inspiration, I grab my phone and start seeing what clicks for me. good luck! 

Everyday (Brad Simpson Smut)

He’s just got to have you any time, any day.



I wake up, reaching to feel Brad but nothing. I open my eyes and see that he isn’t beside me. Strange. He normally stays in bed with me every morning. Maybe he had to get ready for work early. Although, his schedule has been free even after moving to our new apartment just two weeks ago. I check the time, it’s only 9 am.

I get out of bed to look for him. I check our bathroom and kitchen but no sign of Brad. I let out a sigh of relief as I spot his curly hair peeking from the couch.

“Hey, there you are”, I say as I walk towards him. My jaw drops as I take in the sight before me.

“I was waiting until you woke up. I was worried I’d be waiting forever then I’d have to cover up so I wouldn’t get cold.”

I just blinked at him. I was speechless. Never did I think I’d ever find my boyfriend in nothing but his birthday suit laying on the couch.

“Are you going to keep staring or are you going to join me?” he asks, breaking the silence.


“Not something you see everyday”, he laughs. “Here, I’ll help you out.” He stands up and starts undressing me. I shiver a little bit as I become fully naked. “Let me warm you up, babe.” He lies back down on the couch, motioning me to join him. His arms take me in, the warmth radiating off his body.

He leaves kisses on my body from my back to my shoulders then inching closer to my neck, my weak spot. As he gets closer I can feel my heartbeat increase. Goose bumps form and hairs rise as soon as his lips meet my neck. I let out a few moans from the feeling. It only took a couple of seconds before I could feel how hard he is.

I feel around for him then smirk to myself as I find what I was looking for. I take him into my free hand and begin pumping. He stops kissing my neck. “Fuck”, he curses under his breath. I keep going then stop.

I face him, looking straight into his eyes. “I want you right now Brad.”

“Anything for you.” He positions himself so he can enter me with ease. “Are you ready for me?” he whispers into my ear. His warm breath arousing me even more.

“Yes.” I feel him slip in. My mouth drops as he goes in all the way. He builds up a rhythmn, going a bit harder with every thrust. “Fuck”.

“Just the way you like it babe.” His hands pull my waist closer to him, closing the little bit of space between us.

Suddenly, an idea popped into my mind. “Hey..can you…” I try speaking but find it difficult to focus with him pleasing me so good.


“Push..your body…all the way..to the…”

He chuckles as I struggle to speak. “I got you.” His body moves all the way up against the couch. He pulls me back to him and finds his way back inside.

“No, I got you”, I say as rock my hips. He lets out a long moan from the motion.

“You’re all mine”, he says then flips me over, getting ontop of me. “The love I have for you goes deep.” We moan in unison as he goes in deeper than ever before.

His body collapses on mine as we reach our highs. We catch our breaths then spend the rest of the time cuddling naked.

“Where did that idea come from babe?” Brad asks.

I blush. “I read it from an online article. Luckily I remembered it.”

“Thank God you did because that was incredible.”

“I think what you did was incredible. It felt so good.”

“I’m glad.” He smiles then kisses me. “What would you say to round two?”

“Fuck yes!”

He laughs darkly, moving us onto the floor. He sits up. “Rest your thighs on my legs and wrap your legs around my waist.”

I do as he says and await his next move. He slides into me easily, as I’m soaked from before. I wrap my arms around his neck to hold myself up.

His hands grip my ass tightly as he thrusts into me. His lips crashing onto mine. We moan into each others’ mouths as we make love on the floor.

After a bit, he stands up, still holding onto me and carries me to our bedroom. He sets me down on the bed, looking at me with puppy eyes. I furrow my brows a little. What is he up to?

“Can you please ride me?” he asks in the sweetest tone.

I giggle. “That shouldn’t even be a question.” He smirks.

I pull him onto the bed then push him down. I take in this glorious sight. My eyes lust over how amazing his body looks. So sexy. So defined. And all mine. I bite my lip. God damn.

I get ontop of him, placing him back inside of me. I swirl my hips around and watch him roll his eyes back. God I love being in control. I grind my hips against him and he grabs my ass. I moan out his name which causes him to curse.

I keep my eyes on his face and get so turned on by the facial expressions he makes. All of a sudden, his thumb finds its way to my clit and starts rubbing. My body jerks from the feeling. He lets out a dark laugh.

I lean forward, placing my hands on his chest as I ride him faster and harder. “Ugh fuck, don’t stop babe”, he moans deeply. His hands find my ass and pulls me down everytime I thrust.

“It feels so good like this”, I say as I lose myself in the heaven-like feeling.

We keep going until we orgasm. My body falls ontop of his. I can feel his stomach go in and out, trying to catch his breath. As soon as our breathing returns to normal, he kisses me.

“I love making love to you”, I say.

He smiles. “I love being able to anytime, any day, with you. I’ll give it to you everyday.”

heya thanks for 666 pals!! i thought since this is one of the only numbers that matters i’d do another blog rate! it’ll be simple with a lil’ twist


-must rb this post

-follow me (dont have to but it’d be cool)

-send me your favourite of the 7 deadly sins! + anything you wanna say/ask me


url : idgi | nice! | cooolio | who did you sacrifice for this???? 

icon : idk what this is? | selfie (cute!) | nice | coooolio | this is the ultimate!!!!

theme : default | not my type | nice! | coooolio | who can i sacrifice for this???

mobile theme : not my type | nice | cooolio | the aesthetic tho!! | eND me its so Good

posts : not my type | nice | coooolio | what kind of sorcery | i’d sacrifice Myself for these 

following? : no, but you’re gr8 | now i am! | for sure!!! | if im ever not throw me to the pits of hell early !!!!!!!!!!!! 


+ a tarot card based off your blog! 

it’s gonna be tagged jakesnotfunny if you want to blacklist it lol. if this flops it literally never happened. and have fun!! ty all! 

anonymous asked:

Can u recommend me monsta x blogs to follow? I'm new to the fandom :-)

Of course! 

Here are all my recommendations for all/mainly monsta x blogs, all of these are my faves and the people who I think are extra special are bolded

(Warning: I love a lot of monbebes so this post is going to be L O N G )

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My life is just better with you here.
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