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@comattoze tagged me to show my face so here you go a good old picture of ya local graveyard kid 2 weeks ago when I went to go see In This Moment. Literally one of the best nights of my life and hopefully will be doing again.
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fun dumb raver komahina - drawn by big nerd @coziart, colored by me!! imagine 3!OH3 blasting distantly behind them and ibuki about to crash onto them from the ceiling.

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it’s that time again, folks! it’s time to thank ALL of you for your love and support so far with Finduilas! you 301 followers,  have no idea what it means to me that you all have stuck around! we’ve been around for another year, now, and I couldn’t do this without any of you! So, now for the best of friends I have made, the ones who I’m still intimidated by, and the honorable mentions! 

{ Friends! }

@turambar-masterofdoom : my darling, I could not be where I am without you! I love our little ship and could not imagine them being any other way. we’ve come so far from them just having awkward conversations, to hiding in conference rooms or cuddling on couches. You have made Finduilas the kind and caring woman she is, and our character developments together give me life! thank ou for sticking around <3

@thegreatstrongbow : Oh my goodness my precious one <3 I love how our bbies went from bickering in the woods, to now being engaged! So exciting! Finduilas loves him so much and I have come to enjoy our times fangirling over them and planning everything that happens to them! You’ve been around since the beginning, and I cannot thank ou enough!

@thefatedfinwe : HEY YOU, YOU LITTLE SHIT! I can’t tag all of your blogs, so I’m tagging the main one. I FREAKING LOVE YOU. You’re so good to me and I don’t know what I’d do without you and your jokes and our angst between ALL of our ships! I also love the bantering and sarcastic remarks we have while I watch you stream final fantasy. You have given findu the love and attention she has always sought out, and you do it in so many ways! You’re the bomb dot com and I hope you never go away!!!

@hasty-riser : Can I just say, holy. shit. We have come SO far from the beginning! I always felt like I was bothering you when I would send you asks, but Tyelko and Findu, I have to say, have had the most development so far with ANY of my relationships! There’s so much between these two, that it makes me squeal when they interact. They’re just such smart asses with each other, and Findu can’t really do all the things she does with Tyelko with other people. Thank you for bringing out the wild child that has been hidden within her! 

@halfblessedhalfcursed : Oh sweet child! I love both the relationships that Fin has with her brother, and one of the first woman-loves of her life! Gil is such a kind and understanding brother, I don’t know what we have done to deserve him! Oh, and little tea Kettle! Findu is so madly in love with her, it’s ridiculous. She never thought she could fall so hard for another woman, but shiiit. Has she swooned hard! I love planning with you and putting all our angsty shit out there and ugh. You’re just a wonderful all around person!

@artaresto : So, you, my dearest, have been around LONGER than any of the honorables above. I love that fin and ory get along at times, but can be just shit heads to each other in the next few seconds! I love plotting with you and letting our wild children have their ways or argue at the top of their lungs. Ory has definitely made findu such a rebel (along with the help of tyelko), but let’s be honest. Daddy didn’t raise no fool! Thank you SO much for sticking with us and through all of our bullshit! You’re the best!!

@alyathefair : Oh my Jo, you rock my socks off! You have been there for me when I needed someone to cry to! And I’ve done my best to be there for you in return! I could not have asked for a better friend! I love our muses, and how they all act together and misbehave. Ugh. And our OOC chats, I die laughing! Hours and hours we can pull this stupid shit, and it’ll never get old. I’m glad I don’t get on your nerves <3 

@sashaofravenlock : ALL OF OUR ANGST IS AMAZING. Why are our children so cute?! I could not have asked for a better friend in all my days! I love that we can just plot and talk and just wander off topic about horses and donkeys and ugh. It’s so amazing and I cannot WAIT until we are able to meet up next year after we’re both graduated!! How exciting?!?! You’re the best therapist around, chica! Love you lots!!

@minstrelmaglor : Oh my sweet Eru. I cannot ever get enough of our children together! They’re so sweet and our angst that we have plotted out for the rest of their lives gives me LIFE. No matter how long we go without talking or anything, it’s like nothing ever happened! We just pick up right where we left off and it’s AMAZING. Miss you lots and hope you’re doing well!

@warden-of-lorien : Can I just say that I love your muse so much! He’s such a sweet little thing and Findu can’t get enough of him! I love the chemistry they have and I love plotting with you as well! Don’t be afraid to jump into my mailbox! We enjoy you very much!!

@ar-pharazon-the-fallen : MY KITTY! Oh I love how Fin and Calion get along. They’re literally like siblings and I cannot get enough! I love how they can be such little shits one minute, but super sweet and caring for another in the next moment. Ugh. They’re precious and I have no idea what I would do if I had never met you! 

{ intimidators! }

@0rome / @lordofelves / @mikhailvalhidris / @celeborn-of-doriath (yes, I know it’s silly, but still!)
@sorrowssinger / @lordofhimring / @sonsofelrond / @burkhanlig
@enviousking / @bxstiion-a / @crxwnedwiththxrns / @regnumverus

{ honorable mentions}

@feanors-daughter / @goldenhairedadvisor / @oropherrrrr / @aratinwe
@vardathestarkindler / @nolofinwefingolfin / @xstardomes / @finarfiniel
@sassykingofmirkwood / @goldenglorfindel / @kneel-to-the-playboy
@countlestarsofheavensfield / @thelostelvenking / @goldenglaurung
@sonofguilin / @ingwionthevanya / @lostmyway-twice / @singeroftheair
@theferalgrace / @wandersinstarlight / @the-secondchief 
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So sad about Roman and Bray being sick and missing TLC but hoping he has a speedy recovery




Dean leaned against the wall still waiting on either Seth or his ex to resume their talk. “Don’t get quiet now that I’m here.”

“I want you to stay away from my daughter.” Y/N shouted taking the bait.

Dean made a noise with his mouth. “I’m not sure I wanna do that.”

He’s not sure he wants to do that?

Why is he doing this now?

Up until today he couldn’t give two fucks.

But up until today, Dean also didn’t know how Brielle thought of Roman.

Happily referring to him as her dad, even unknowingly saying it do her birth father.

Y/N took a few steps towards Dean, but Seth quickly held her back.

Probaly thinking her anger will get the best of her and she’ll take a verbal argument and make it physical.

Not that he would blame her though.

“Seth, you don’t have to hold me back.” She said glancing back at him. “I’m just gonna talk.”

After Seth released his grip on her, she walked up to her ex, getting in his face as much as she could.

“I want you to fucking listen to me Dean. Stay away from my daughter…” She said repeating her previous demand. “Or I swear I would do whatever legal shit I can to make sure you have no other choice but to do as I say.”

She looked on as her ex simply smirked as if he wasn’t taking her serious.

“And do what, Y/N? Let her grow up not knowing the truth?”

“What truth?” Y/N questioned.

It wasn’t that she didn’t know this “truth”.

You didn’t have to be a genius to know he was referring to the Roman situation.

She just wanted him to finally say it.

Mostly just so she can shut him down and dead the subject once and for all.

“The truth of her knowing who’s really her dad…” Dean yelled.

Hopefully he didn’t yell it loud enough.

Last thing Y/N wanted was for Roman to get involved, cause then things just might get physical for real.

“Your little boyfriend, in there isn’t her dad. I am. We made her together and now you want me to just sit on the sidelines while you play happy family with Roman? I don’t think I can do that.” He mumbled the last part.

Y/N rolled her eyes at Dean’s childish statement.

My little boyfriend will come out here and beat your ass if he knew what you were doing.

Jealousy and hatred could really ruin some people.

“Dean.” She started off, surprisingly calm. “Sitting on the sidelines shouldn’t be too hard for you. You sat on them throughout my entire pregnancy, and the six years of me raising her. ” She paused to catch her breath. “That day I came to you and told you I was pregnant you made it clear you didn’t want anything to do with me or her. You made me look like a fucking fool.”

Dean quickly opened his mouth to defend his case but Y/N made him close it just as fast.

“And when you left me on my own, Roman and Seth was there to step up in your place. No matter how much I attempted to push them away, they never left. They stuck by me the entire 9 months, even made up excuses to get time off just so they could keep their promise and be there for me when I gave birth.”

Once again Dean tried to object. “I–”

“Shut the fuck up and listen.” Y/N demanded. “You have no parental rights to Brielle, and as long as I’m living you never will. She doesn’t need a part-time father. Hell I like to think she doesn’t need one at all, because I will do everything I can to make sure she knows that her mom loves her. But if she chooses Roman for that role, then I’m just as happy with that. I’m not going to deny him of that…”

Yes, she was hesitant earlier.

But that was only momentary.

“…He’s been everything to her, that you haven’t and I know he will continue to be. Your petty ass just wants to be in it for a title, but Roman’s in it cause of his love for the two of us. And if he decided tomorrow that he wants to adopt her and make it more real than it already is, I’ll let him. I’ll even let him sign his name on her birth certificate right where dads are supposed to.” She finished with a satisfied smirk.

She finally turned from Dean, to see Seth still standing there. “C'mon Seth.”

Seth nodded with a grin. “You gave him an earful.” He said with a chuckle.

Y/N shrugged, giggling at Seth’s comment.

“That’s what happens when you hold stuff in for six years, then finally get the chance to let it out. But you know, you didn’t have to stay, listening to that, Seth.”

Seth chuckled. “And miss that?”


As me and Seth walked back into the locker room, I saw Bri curled up against Roman, her daddy, sleep.

I smiled at the sight, thinking of how I could get used to this.

“How long has she been sleep?” I asked him.

Roman shrugged, with a sleepy smile looking up from her. “She came over and passed out right after you and Seth walked out into the hall.”

He gave me a quizzical look before talking again.

“I heard yelling…” He started saying and I smiled shaking my head.

“It was just Dean wanting attention but I think I set him straight…”

A worried look crossed Roman’s face and I knew it was from me mentioning my ex.

I walked over to him giving him a kiss “…Don’t worry, Ro. I had Seth to back me up if I needed it.” I giggled looking back at Seth.

Roman nodded. “So we can leave?” He asked with a yawn, soon following.

“Yep, let’s go babe. I think all four of us are in need of a bed right now.”


As we made our way out of the arena, I again, locked eyes with Dean.

Thing about this time, was that Roman was also seen, holding Bri.

He didn’t say anything, and neither did I.

But I did sigh relieved.

Who knows if Dean will have another one of his moments, but I feel like this is the ending to a story that’s been going on too long.

And maybe now, me, Roman, and Brielle could start a new one together.

With our loyal Seth of course.


That’s the last part 😭 but if yous want I will do a epilogue of some sort, with a time skip. So feel free to drop request for that (And you could maybe request what should be going on in their life) or just comment 😗


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Once you get this, you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers (non-negotiable, positivity is cool). ❣️

Well, this is a thing I’m terrible at! Let’s see…

  • I’m a good teacher
  • I try to be a good friend to people
  • I’m a great cook
  • I make a mean Old Fashioned
  • I like my eyes


Derek Hale fluffy smut 💞

Derek hale fluffy smut imagine

While doing laundry a pair of sexy underwear drop and Derek picks them up and you get embarrassed.

Hope you enjoy! This is so super long! If you like long writing you should enjoy this!

“I gotta do some laundry” you say opening a cabinet in your bathroom to get the detergent. And Derek nods “I was going to do it earlier today but things got busy and I didn’t have time” you add walking back to him and picking up your dirty clothes hamper “okay well I’ll come with” he says following behind you “okay, it’ll just be a minute” you say smiling. You both walk down the hall to the washing unit on your floor.

You open a washer and pop in some detergent and load up your hamper filled with all your dirty, dark clothes. “Okay, we have 35 minutes to kill” you say shutting the door and placing the hamper on top. You sit on top of the other washer that is empty and Derek sits in a chair against the wall. “Doing these normal, household things with you is really nice” he says smiling sitting back in his chair and you smile “yeah I do to, it’s such a mundane thing but it’s relaxing and comforting” you add.

You both continue to chat until the buzzer goes off, and you hop off the washer to get your clothes out and place them in the dryer. You weren’t paying attention and just picking up clothes and throwing them in the dryer. “I like these” you hear Derek say behind you and you turn around and see him holding up a pair of black all lace very cheeky underwear. You go bright red “Derek” you say snatching them out of his hands and putting them in the dryer “you weren’t suppose to see those” you say quietly, embarrassed. You keep putting things in the dryer when you feel arms wrap around your waste and pull you up and away from the dryer “babe” he says in your ear and he spins you around and let’s you stand on your own, he is smiling at you “you weren’t suppose to see those” you say again looking up at him, with a slight puppy dog face. And he giggles “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have picked them up and said something” he says pulling you in “but I couldn’t help it, I saw them and all I could think was how amazing you look in them” he says and you look up blushing again “derek” you say again, blushing from his kind and intimate words “what?” He says softly “I was going to surprise you one night with this set I bought and those are part of it” you say and his eyes go wide “since when have you been planning this?” He asks and you smile “a few weeks, I’ve been thinking about it and I just felt like I was, or am finally ready” you say and before you can say anything else Derek leans in and kisses you. He moves to your nose and then forehead giving sweet and gentle kisses, he then pulls away “i only saw the underwear, I don’t know what the rest looks like or what you will look like in it, I think the surprise is still very real” he says and you nod “I know, it’s just I was planning on having you over and when you got here I’d open the door and be in the outfit and you’d be really surprised and like you know, I just had a whole thing” you say and he nods now understanding you were upset because he knows your plan “how about we do something” he says with a smirk and you give him a confused look “let’s finish your laundry and then we can both go back and you can change into the outfit and I’ll knock so you know I’m there and” before he finishes you interrupt him “no, I’m still going to surprise you, I just have to make sure you don’t know when it’s going to be” you say and he looks at you smiling “you are going to tease me, make me wait now that I know” he says and you smirk, leaning in to kiss him “yes” you say as you pull away and smile, turning around to finish loading the dryer and starting it.

“Come on, let’s go back to my place, we have an hour to hangout” you say picking up your hamper and walking out and he shakes his head and follows.
“Babe, all I’m going to be able to think about is you and how amazing you are going to look” he says as he shuts the door behind him and you walk to your room set your clothes down and begin folding. He comes in behind you and sits on your bed letting his head drop “did you not think about me before?” You ask not looking up, but continuing to fold laundry and he pauses before he speaks “no I did, I just never told you because I was waiting for you to be ready and I mean of course I thought about you in those ways but now that I know you want it and have an outfit and that you were going to surprise me and all this stuff I’m having a hard time thinking of anything else” he finishes, turning his head to look at you and you blush. “Wait here, I’ll be back in a second, I’m just going to hang these up in my closet” you say picking up the rest of your laundry basket and walking into your closet.

You shut the door and tell Derek it’s hard to get to the back part of your closet with an open door and he believes your small lie. “Okay, you got this, he wants it, you want it” you say to yourself quietly picking up the outfit and pulling the rest of it from a drawer in your closet and putting it on. You look at yourself in the mirror, underwear, bra and garter and chest straps and you can’t help but smile, liking how you felt in it and how you looked. You took a deep breathe and opened the closet door stepping out. Derek looked up when he heard the door open and his eyes go wide. He frantically pushes himself up off your bed and stands up walking to you, “y/n” he says amazed and trying to stay focused on your eyes, but you can tell he is having a hard time. “surprise” you say making an awkward smile and he laughs “you look amazing like really fucking amazing” he says and you shiver a bit liking the sound of his voice, now lower and needy. “Can you do a turn for me?” He asks in your ear and you nod doing a slow spin. Meeting his eyes again you see softness “you look beautiful and so so sexy” he says very sincerely and you blush at his sweet and genuine words “I was hoping you’d say sexy, that’s kind of what I was going for” you say looking up at him biting your lip. “Come here” he says picking you up, and wrapping your legs around his waist “I love it, I love you, I love this, I love everything about this moment” he says and you blush moving in to kiss him and he kisses back. You pull away “I love this, I love you and everything about this moment as well” you say kissing him again and he smiles into the kiss and you pull away smiling “what?” You say looking at him and he shakes his head “I’m so happy I just can’t believe this is happening” he says “I’ve been imaging this for so long and how amazing you would look and this is so much better then I could have imagined” he says and you smile “you are too sweet” you say and he smiles pulling you in and spinning around “you deserve it” he says in your ear, laying you down on the bed and crawling over you. “You deserve it too” you say quietly in his ear giving it a small bite. You feel him tense and you smile. He comes up from kissing your neck and looks at you and within a second he leans in and kisses you, passionate and needy. He slides his tongue in and you allow, giving him as much neediness as he is giving you. “Derek” you say, pulling away breathless. “Yeah, yeah what is it?” He says pulling away breathless as well “I can feel your um” you take a second and he nods “I can feel it and I just, it’s really hot and I want to take your pants off” you say blushing and he nods eagerly and sits up a bit so you can reach the hem of his shorts to remove it first and then moves down to the button and zip on his pants. You undo his pants and start sliding them down, you can no longer push them down and Derek helps you out. You look up and place your hand on the hem of his boxers and he smiles giving you a nod and you pull them down until you can’t and he helps you out the rest of the way. Your breath hitches a bit and you cheeks go red and you look up at Derek and he has a nervous smile on his face and you look down again and back up “I can’t believe I did that” you say looking back at him and he giggles “yeah, you did, all you” he says running his hands up and down your thighs. “I just never thought I’d be able to do that, that someone would actually be that attracted to me” you say shrugging and he pulls you in and kisses your neck and up to your ear and whispers “don’t ever doubt yourself, you are crazy sexy and I am very very attracted to you” he says and you drop your head into his neck and chest blushing. He rubs your back and you pull up and put your hands in his chest, moving up and down to feel his skin and muscles. You look up and take his hands “I’m ready, ready ready” you say moving his hands to your back, landing on the clasp of your bra. His eyes become very sensitive and loving “right now?” He says making sure and you nod “yeah, I’m feeling pretty damn confident right now” you say smiling at him and he nods “yeah, okay” he says excited and slightly giddy. You smile, confident but also nervous as it is finally happening. He undoes you bra and pulls his hands out and slowly slides your bra straps down and off. You become slightly insecure and have the urge to cover up, you move your arms up a bit to cover but Derek catches them and pushes them back down gently as you allow him “it’s okay, please don’t hide yourself from me, you are beautiful, so beautiful.” He says rubbing his thumb on the inside of your arms, he leans in and kisses your nose “please believe me, you are stunning” he says all without looking at your exposed breast. You blush and look up smiling a bit “sorry, I know I just, it’s still weird” you say giving him a nervous smile and he nods “I’ve never let someone see me, you know expect myself but I just never really knew if I’d ever be comfortable enough for it” he pulls you in and gives you a quick kiss. He starts to talk but you cut him off “but I am, I’m comfortable, I want this, I mean you are naked right now and honestly I can’t believe that, I’m finally showing you the outfit I’ve had for so long and you love it, and it’s like” you get cut off by a kiss. Derek begins to passionately kiss you pulling you in moving his hands up and down you back and slowly moving them to your hips and under your lace underwear, you give in and kiss him back.

He continues kissing you as you slowly start moving your hips, putting pressure where he needs it. “Babe” he says breaking away breathless “I want to go kind of slow, you know because it’s your first time and I want you to really be pleased and I want to just make it amazing for you but” he says taking another breathe “I’m not going to last if you keep moving your hips like that, I’m so turned on, I’m so sorry, I wish I could hold it” he says and you nod, turning red, still new to this whole thing “let me help, then we can just start over and get you you know back to this point” you say unsure if that makes sense. He looks unsure “you really want to?” He questions and you nod “yeah I mean I’m not going to make you stay like this” and he nods “it may not be very good” you say looking up at him “you know I’ve never done this so I’m not sure how” you add and he smiles “it’s easy, just follow your instinct, besides I’m so close it won’t take much” he says and you nod, taking a breathe. You lean forward and begin kissing him and place your hand on his dick. He pulls away from the kiss taking a hitched breathe but reattaches moments later as you continue. He begins moaning into the kiss as you move up and down. You give him a few twist and move all the way down and back up. You feel him tighten “Derek” you say slowly moving “yeah, I’m going to cum” he says and you nod moving a bit more and moments later he climaxes. You pull away and kiss him, moving your hands up and down his chest as he breathes heavily, calming down, coming down from his high. “For someone whose never done that, you did really good” he says still catching his breathe. You smile, feeling confident after pleasing him and hearing his compliment. You shrug and give him a small smile. He smiles back in disbelief “damn, you are amazing” he says and you blush more as he leans up to kiss you, when he pulls away his eyes are soft. “Now to make it all about you” he says rubbing up and down your arms “are you ready?” He asks again, just making sure and you nod “yeah” you say taking a breathe. He smiles and kisses you again.

“So, you could stay on top and ride me, you know, controlling the amount you take on your own, or I can” you stop him before he finishes “I want you on top, I’m not ready to be on top and you know, yeah please” you say and he nods “yeah okay that’s fine” he says sitting up a bit, and you lift up, off of him, and scoot over allowing him to move so you can lay down and he climbs back on top of you. You take a breathe “you look so beautiful, okay, really really beautiful” he says pushing hair behind your ear, making you blush. You lean your head into his hand and kiss it, looking back up at him “thanks” you say quietly, you smile and cover your face with your hand “you look so fucking amazing” you say pulling your hand away in disbelief. “I can’t believe that you are mine” you say still shocked and you shake your head. He laughs a bit and kisses you “all yours and you’re all mine” he says and you blush, liking the talk of possession. You place your hands around his neck and pull him down and you begin to kiss, getting deeper fast.

He moves his hands down your back and rubs your lower back and butt as he goes. “Can I remove these?” He says pulling away for a second, breathing heavy. You nod giving him a quick kiss and he smiles back after kissing you. He lifts himself up a bit to pull the garder off and your underwear off and slide them down your legs. You feel your nerves come back and you see Derek has noticed “I can hear your heart beating, it’s really fast” he says and you give him a small smile, also annoyed at his werewolf senses in this moment. “I’m just nervous, I don’t know what to expect, I’ve heard people say it hurts the first time” you say and he nods. “I see” and you nod “I mean I’m also now naked with you, also naked and turned on, ontop of me so you know a lot is going on” you say, finally finishing taking a breathe. He sits you up a bit and sits up a bit himself before he begins talking “well, I don’t have a vagina” he says and you laugh “no you don’t” you say and he laughs too, and continues “so I don’t know what it’s like, or how it’s going to feel, but i know if you are turned on enough which I can tell you are” he says when you cut him off and ask “how can you tell?” You say and he smiles and leans down to kiss you “there’s a tiny wet spot on the bed inbetween your legs” he says softly in your ear and you blush “oh, I didn’t realize” you say unsure how to finish your sentence “it’s okay, it means I’ve done my job of making sure you are turned on just as much as I am” he says kissing you. “But if your are turned on enough it shouldn’t hurt to much, as compared to some people who may be having sex for the first time with some shitty guy who doesn’t know how to turn a women on and actually care for her, they might feel more pain because the guy only cares about his own pleasure.” You smile, so happy. “But I don’t only care about my own pleasure, I care about how you are feeling and how I’m making you feel, which is hopefully amazing” he says and you start kissing him before he can finish and he smiles into the kiss. He pulls away after a second “you want to start don’t you?” He says smiling at you, moving his hands slowly up your torso. You nod and start to say yes when you get stopped and feel Dereks hands on your breast, softly massaging them. You lean your head back and he moves his hands off and around your back to your lower back. You take a breathe “Derek please” you say pulling him down by he neck, arms wrapped around him. “I need you, i need you to touch me right now” you say. With no hesitation Derek moves his hands down and squeezes you butt while also leaning down again to kiss and suck on your breast. He continues moving his hands all over your body until he lands on your inner thighs. Still kissing your upper body all over, he slowly opens your thighs until you are fully exposed to him.
“So beautiful” he finally says, pulling away, allowing you to catch your breathe a bit. But before you can regain normal breathing he scoots up and a bit and pushes some of the hair that had fallen in your face behind your ears. “I’m so excited for this, I can’t wait to make you feel so good” he says smiling, roaming his hands over your body, you smile lifting your hands to rub his torso and lower back. “I’m ready too, still nervous because you know, this is all new but nervous in a good way, like I’m still in disbelief a bit at the sight I front of me and the fact that I’m actually naked right now, in front of you and not even that insecure and I gave you fucking handjob, like what the hell” you say getting caught up in the moment but you are taken back when you feel his hands back on your inner thighs massaging them a bit. “Sorry” you say realizing you were rambling “no, it’s okay I just wanted to touch you” he says and you blush. “Let’s do it” you say and he looks at you “whatever you want” he says as he takes a breathe and leans down to kiss you. “Just remember if you want or need me to stop or slow down for any reason just say it” he says rubbing your thighs softly and you nod. “Do you have any confirms?” He says and you nod “yes, I do, they are in the bottom drawer of my desk, in the blue makeup bag.” You say pointing and he nods, getting yo real fast, removing his shirt at the same time, and picking one out before returning to the bed.

He moves down and is now hovering over you “I’m going to go slow, and work you up to it a bit, if you want me to ever go faster or anything just say it, tell me what you want” Derek adds very serious and you know he means it, he is taking care of you and wants this to be amazing for you. You blush realizing just how sweet and caring he actually is and you kiss him and he kisses back just as passionately. You pull away for a sec and whisper in his ear, while keeping eye contact “thank you. I’ve always feared I’d never find someone who wanted to see me and didn’t care about all the shirty things I see about myself but actually see those and love them, I just never thought I would ever find this” you say getting slightly teary and flustered again and he locks eyes with you and slams into you with the most passionate kiss he’s ever given you. His hands move up to hold your face as he kisses you. You kiss back.

After a moment of intense makeout he pulls away, you a little sad wanting it to continue but you knew it would after he spoke. “Y/n I love you, okay, I do and I couldn’t be happier that you feel so comfortable around me, that make me so happy, and to be honest, this is the most comfortable and myself I’ve ever felt with someone, you mean so much to me and I want to make you happier then anything” he says kissing you again real quick. And you laugh a bit, having more tears build in your eyes, you lift your handoff his back to wipe them away and he laughs a bit “damn it” you say annoyed but playful “I don’t want to cry, my eyes will get all swollen and my nose will run! I’m trying to be as sexy as I can be for you!” You say annoyed still, sniffling your nose a bit and Derek laughs “don’t worry, you look sexy as hell, and the outfit you had on earlier is now my favorite outfit you own” he says laughing some more and you laugh with him. As you both slow down, taking some breaths you look at him and smile “I love you to Derek, a lot” you say and he nods kissing you again, running his hands through your hair and coming back to kiss you on the nose. He makes eye contact and you nod.
“Okay, let’s do this, I think we are both so beyond turned on right now, my emotions are going crazy, you look like you are in a lot of discomfort down there” you say referring to his extremely red tip, with a little bit of pre cum coming out. He looks down “yeah, I am, I really want to have sex with you, so bad, you look so amazing, you are going to feel so amazing too and” you cut him off, his words making you squirm “I want to have sex, I need you in me Derek, okay, you can start” you say and he kisses you, nodding, following your commands.

With that he lifts him self up a bit and lines himself up with your center, still keeping eye contact “breathe through it” he says and you nod taking a big breathe. He slowly lowers down and begins to push in, he moves very slow, allowing you to adjust. You begin to moan and he leans down to kiss you, hoping it helps. You kiss back moving your hands through his hair, making it crazy. You pull away to let him know he can move a little more and he does. Until he is all the way in and you are moaning into the kiss.

“You can move just a bit faster now” you say to him and he nods pulling out only half way and pushing back in faster then before until he has a steady motion going. You are moaning like crazy, not self conscious of being to loud as Derek is encouraging it, telling you “that’s it, be loud” and “don’t be shy, I love it” just letting you know it’s all okay and to be as loud as you want. He is moaning just as much as you, more grunts and breathy moans, which you have now deemed the sexiest thing ever. You, now used to the feeling and the discomfort gone, Derek is moving in full thrust causing pleasure you never knew was possible. Not long after bringing you begin to tighten around him “I think I’m close” you say in between breaths and Derek nods “me too” he says and you kiss him. “When you are ready” he says thrusting a few times and trying to breathe “just let go, don’t wait for me” he says and you nod “if I finish first, don’t worry, I’ll keep going” he says taking a breath “until you cum” he says, finally finishing. You nod, feeling so loved inside. A few more thrust after that and you can feel Derek twitch inside you and moments later he releases, filling the condom and making you warm inside. He freezes as he comes down from his high, thrusting slowly into you as he calms down, he takes a breathe and pulls out “let me finish you off” he says. You felt cold without him in you but you got a whole new feeling of pleasure a second later when his lips attached to your core, licking up and down your slit and rubbing figure eights with his finger on your clit. This didn’t last long as you tightened around his tongue and your back arched, releasing. He doesn’t pull away, and licks up the wetness that remains and kisses your clit, giving it a bit of a tug before climbing back up, hovering over you.

You are breathing heavy, still trying to catch your breath and just soak in all that just happened. He sits up, giving you a second to regroup. When you gain enough back to talk you look at him sitting there, straddling you, rubbing your stomach and hips, gently just letting you rest for a second. “My friends always told me how amazing being eaten out was and I never knew or believed them but holy shit they were so right” you say smiling at him, happy. “That good?” He says very confident and you laugh “yeah, the whole thing, all of it was amazing, but wow, I understand why so many women rave about it” you say and he laughs “I have a feeling me eating you out may become a regular thing” he says smirking at you and you blush giving him a playful slap. “What, I’m just saying” he says cocky and you shake your head “whatever” you say and he laughs “I’m just letting you know I don’t mind at all, I would gladly eat you out everyday” he adds moving off you allowing you to sit up a bit “once I get more confident and comfortable, I’ll work my way up to a you know” you say, still feeling weird talking about this stuff, referring to a blowjob. He notices and smiles rubbing your thighs as you sit up to cross your legs “You can give me as many handjobs as you want until you are comfortable giving me a blowjob, don’t worry about that, I can promise you a handjob will get me off just as well, I can wait for a blowjob” he says and you nod, glad he is so good at reading your mind. “Okay, I’m just not at a point where I can put it in my mouth” you say, feeling awkward and he has a small laugh “that was weird, that was a weird way of saying that” you say realizing your awkwardness and he laughs “no worries, you don’t have to put it in your mouth until your ready” he says and you laugh “yeah it’s weird, it doesn’t even sound good when you say it” you add and he smiles, laughing a bit “come on we need to clean you up” Derek says and you nod, agreeing, “let’s not forget you, you got a little bit to clean up on you” you say smiling at him and nods “yeah I do”. He says and you start to scoot off the bed “don’t look at me when I get up, I feel weird just walking around naked” you say looking at him and he nods “yeah, okay, just let me know when you are in the shower and I’ll come hop in” he says turning his body around to face away from you and you nod. You walk to the bathroom, turning on the shower and hoping in. You stick you head out “okay you can come in” you say and Derek turns back around and steps down smiling at you, as you keep your head out watching him walk over “you are staring” he says looking at you walking into the bathroom and you blush but smile. He steps in and you move so he can fit. “I know, you are just so amazing and I mean Derek come on” you say moving your hands all over his body, making him laugh “how lucky am I that no only are you the sweetest most kind person ever, and you care so much about me, but you are also hot as fuck” you say placing your arms around his neck. This comment made him blush a bit. He smiles and kisses your forehead lightly “you can stare all you want” he says and you smile, kissing him. “You can stare too” you say and his eyes go big “well, I guess not all the time, like just a second ago, let’s say if I’m naked I’ll let you know, all other times you can stare all you want” you add and he nods “I can do that, especially when you wear that red set” he says smiling really big and you blush, smiling up at him “you have permission to stare all you want if I’m in that” and he nods in excitement, giving you a tender kiss on your forehead then your nose then down to your lips. You pull away quickly “wait!” You say turning around “babe what?” Derek says confused. “I need to pee, you are always suppose to pee after having sex to help prevent yeast infections” you say and he nods “oh okay” and you smile “just a sec” you say stepping out of the shower to pee real fast “so why does peeling help?” He asks while you are peeing and you laugh “hold on, I feel weird talking to you while I pee, this is the most personal thing ever peeing with you in the room” you say and he laughs to himself in the shower and is quiet for another minute until you step back in “when you have sex, yeast and fluid, I guess you can call it, builds up and so if you don’t pee it will stay there and yeah” you say, still feeling kind of awkward having just peed with him in the room and standing naked, so casually, infront of you. “Okay, I guess that makes sense, I don’t want you to get a yeast infection so” he says and you smile “yeah I don’t either” you say pretty obviously.

“Okay, enough of that” you say moving your hands, signaling the end “let’s get clean” and Derek smiles picking you up to your surprise to holds you around his waist and kisses you.

“You are amazing, everything about you is amazing and I mean it” Derek says pulling away from the wet kiss, due to the shower water. You blush “I’ve never been complemented this much in my life” you say shyly looking at him “I have a lot of years to make up for them, don’t I?” He says sweetly slowly putting you down, letting his hands roam your body as he does. “You are amazing too, like seriously amazing, you are so sweet and caring and gentle and you take such good care of me and really listen to my needs and don’t push me or go to fast or anything” you say and you end, unsure what else you wanted to say. He smiles and kisses you, you kiss back and you both continue sweet talks and clean up. Before finally getting out and putting on some pajamas and watching tv till you decided it was time for bed.

This was so super long!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! Hopefully you enjoyed!!!!


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Dealing with hate...
  • Fangirls: you are literally the biggest asshole. You took Viktor all to yourself and ruined his career, what do you have to say for yourself?
  • Yuri [holding Viktor's hand and drinking from a bottle that says 'your tears' in the label]: How sad...but your salt gives me life so by all means keep it up, let's go babe.
  • Viktor [follows]: sorry girls, love wins.

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