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How about a short fluff prompt to get the muse working: Mulder giving Scully a foot massage after she wore her high heels to chase a monster.

Ha, thank you! Though it’s not the lack of prompts that stifles me. It’s just plain old me. However, I decided I’m tired enough to not think and just write. This word vomit is the result. 

Every step Scully takes is accompanied by a groan. At first Mulder thinks it is an isolated incident; just a noise. They are, after all, not the youngest anymore and little aches and pains are common – he knows all too well. Of course Scully likes to remind him that she is in fact three years his junior, in excellent health and form. Yeah, right. Another step, another groan and Mulder wonders if she’s trying to tell him something, somehow with these primal noises.

“Are we there yet?” A groan with words is new. Mulder, not in the mood to voice his own exhaustion, shakes his head.

“Where is the car, Mulder?”

“Right where we left it.” He grumbles picking up the pace. It’s unfair, he knows it, but part of him wants to hear Scully and pant and groan in shorter intervals. If Scully knew, or even guessed at his thoughts, she’d kick his ass, pain or not, and kick it good.

“Mulder, can we just…” She trails off but Mulder doesn’t stop walking as he doesn’t expect her to do it either. What does she want anyway? This is their job. Again. Just because they’re in their 50s now doesn’t mean anything has changed. Except that sometimes the criminals are faster. So much faster. If it hadn’t been for the young police officer coming to help them…

“Can’t be that far, Scully. I think-” It’s then that he notices the absence of her footsteps, of her groans; of her. He stops, his eyes searching in confusion, until he sees her in the distance sitting on a log, holding one of her feet. “What happened?” He asks once he reaches her.

“Do you know what it’s like to chase monsters in the forest, Mulder, when you’re wearing high heels?”

“Uhm…” It wasn’t even a monster, he almost reminds her; just a messed up kid.

“Exactly. My feet hurt and I need a break. I’m not…” She trails off again as she massages her foot. 

“Not young anymore?” Mulder offers and her head shoots up like a rocket, her eyes shooting daggers. 

“Not used to it anymore.” After two decades together Mulder knows this look she’s giving him. Dutifully, he sits down next to her and motions for her to give him her feet. She slips out of her second high heel and it falls to the muddy ground as she puts her feet into Mulder’s lap.

“You’re so good at this.” Scully moans and Mulder decides he likes this noise much, much more than her earlier groans. They used to do this all the time back in the day. Back when they were still more than whatever they are now. Never in a forest, though. A smile creeps up on him; there’s a first time for everything, even now.

“You could stop wearing high heels, you know.”

“And get a stiff neck looking up at you? No, thank you. I just need to get used to it again.” He nods in understanding and they fall quiet with only the gentle sounds and rhythms of the forest surrounding them. Scully’s eyes drift close and he knows what that means, too. 

“Hey,” he says, tickling her, “we need to get to the car. Get back to the hotel, write the report.” To his greatest joy, Scully pouts; even if she won’t admit it now, she loves when he massages her feet. Or at least she used to. 

“I know.” She says, misery in her voice.

“I have an idea.” Mulder lets go of her feet and helps her get back into her shoes. There’s that groan again and Mulder chuckles.

“It’s not funny.” She tells him and he almost leans forward to kiss her. They’re almost there, he thinks, but not quite yet. And not here. Instead, he offers her his hand, pulls her up into a standing position. 

“Get on my back.” He tells her.

“Excuse me?”

“Come on. I’ll carry you.” He crouches down so that she can hop on. “Scully, come on. My joints don’t appreciate this position.”

“Then get up. You’re not giving me a piggy-back ride!”

“Scully,” he turns to her, “I will carry you to the car one way or another. Either you hop on or I’ll think of something else.” She thinks about it for a moment, must realize that he’s serious, and finally gives in with a sigh.

“See? That wasn’t too bad, was it?” Scully, despite her tiny form, feels heavy on his back and he swallows his own groan. Tomorrow, he thinks as he puts on foot in front of the other, she’ll have to give him a back massage in return. He can’t wait.

Headcanon that Shiro has ice cold hands and feet and Keith is a walking furnace so everytime Shiro’s feeling his hands really cold, he shoves them between Keith’s thighs waking the other up with a startled yelp.

Keith flushes, grumbles a little and elbows Shiro lightly in the gut then stays put because what will he not do for his dork boyfriend?

Keith makes a lot of sacrifices he thinks, he deserves a place in heaven. So does Shiro for that matter. They both do.


Anyways, hope you guys enjoy~! ;)


@thisshouldbegayer and I just began a mermaid AU, and I don’t know where it’s going, but this is how it started.

I’m already in love with this game. It hits real hard as a young adult. Mae is a fantastic protagonist.


I hope their relationship progresses to big sis and lil bro always making fun of each other vibe


We all know who taught Keith that xD (Voltron Lilo and Stitch AU)


I was lucky enough to attend the Pacific Rim: Uprising NYCC panel at Madison Square Garden (and sat in the first row ayyy~~) and took a bunch of notes lol. The panel included the director Steven S. DeKnight, and a few members of the main cast including John Boyega, Cailee Spaeny, Scott Eastwood, and Burn Gorman. Here’s my recap:

General Worldbuilding Tidbits

  • Pacific Rim: Uprising is set 10 years in the future after the last film. DeKnight said that they wanted to show a “new generation of Jaeger pilots who have known nothing but chaos.”
  • Previous characters slated to return, as seen by the trailer, include Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), Dr. Hermann Gottlieb (Burn Gorman), and Dr. Newt Geiszler (Charlie Day).
  • The new main “trio” seems to consists of the main lead, Jake Pentecost, and the late son of Stacker Pentecost (John Boyega), Jake’s best friend and Jaeger pilot Nate Lambert (Scott Eastwood), and tech-savvy Amara Namani (Cailee Spaeny). 
  • 10 years later, the Pan-Pacific Defense Corps (PPDC) has come together to work as an international fighting force, with all of humanity working together - i.e. Jaegers are no longer coded by specific country, like the Russian Jaegers, Australian Jaegers, etc. 
  • This also allowed the opportunity to build Jaegers from the ground up, since they were all previously destroyed in the first film. It was jokingly claimed, “we cancelled the apocalypse and then un-cancelled it to make this movie.”
  • DeKnight discussed how  Del Toro originally set the table with Pacific Rim as a “fantastic visual feast,” so the goal with the sequel was to honor the original, but also expand the universe at the same time. 
  • John Boyega claimed that they weren’t trying to “rewrite what Guillermo Del Toro did, but rather to build upon and expand this universe, and where the humans are at now.”
  • Boyega also talked about how he came onto work behind-the-scenes creatively on the film as a producer. He described Pacific Rim as one of the only franchises he’s come across where the fans are hopeful and “sacred science fiction ground." 
  • Going in, Boyega felt like he had the same creative passion as DeKnight. When they met in LA for the first time, they went over the specific Jaegers and basically what Boyega wanted to see after Pacific Rim. He claimed that "I believe this is everything you want Pacific Rim to be." 
  • One of the goals of Pacific Rim: Uprising is to explain exactly what happened 10 years after the first film, but not necessarily be a complete detachment to the origin story. It was highlighted that there are a lot of young teenage characters in the cast and hopefully that’ll be something that new viewers can relate to. 
  • According to DeKnight, one of the overarching themes of Pacific Rim is: "It doesn’t matter who your parents are, the color of your skin, your religion, or sexual orientation, you can make a difference and be a hero. It’s the human inside the Jaegers that makes you super." 
  • Pacific Rim: Uprising was filmed both in Australia and China. The cast pretty much agreed that as a director, DeKnight runs a "relaxed” and “creative” set - it was a tough schedule, but the actors all felt that they could still have creative input.

New Jaegers

  • DeKnight called them all “badass,” with Gipysy Avenger leading the charge.
  1. Gipsy Avenger: Has a lot of upgrades, including a Gravity Sling which allows the Jaeger to reach out and grab buildings, cars, etc. and hurl them directly at the Kaiju.
  2. Bracer Phoenix: This is the brute force Jaeger. One of its special abilities, above many, is the fact that it’s a three-pilot machine. Therefore, the third pilot can drop into the chamber and operate a pair of massive guns called the Vortex Cannon.
  3. Saber Athena: This is the most advanced Jaeger in the fleet that uses Plasma swords. Also described as a “little experimental,”  and “incredibly swift.”
  4. Titan Redeemer: Has a special weapon called the “ball of death,” which is attached to the end of his arm. According to DeKnight, this was “pretty damn cool." 
  5. Guardian Bravo: Is another brute force Jaeger that has a special weapon called the "graphine arc whip." 
  6. Scrapper: Described as a "little guy,” that’s been slapped together. Since in the future, there are a lot of people pilfering and stealing PPCD technology to make their own Jaegers. 
  • During the Q&A, an audience member asked if all the new Jeagers run on analog. DeKnight claimed one Jaeger is built on sticks (lmao), but the general idea is that no EM-powered Kaijus will be able to take down the Jaegers in this film.

Jake Pentecost (John Boyega)

  • Boyega stated that he “loved the first movie and one of the reasons was Idris Elba.” So, he understood the big shoes that he had to fill. Boyega claimed he understood this responsibility, but  "we [the cast] all worked as a unit, and Jake Pentecost doesn’t exist without the other characters. This is also a great ensemble piece.“
  • When the moderator asked if Jake is trying to live up to Sacker’s legacy, Boyega jokingly claimed: "Hell no!” He went to explain that “the greatest heroes don’t accept legendary status. It takes a tussle and a turn and for Jake’s position. Where we find Jake in the beginning of the film is in very different circumstances from his Dad.”
  • Boyega described Jake as a “stealer, a hustler, and lives in half a mansion. He’s really a guy that doesn’t want to live up to the Pentecost name.”
  • Jake is bought back into the PPCD in a very unique way through his connection to Cailee Spaeny’s character Amara. So, Jake is bought into this adventure and decides that he’s gotta “step up,” after realizing that the “Pentecost name still means something to people." 
  • During the Q&A, an audience member asked Boyega what’s the most rewarding part of being a sci-fi icon. He claimed that he doesn’t feel like one, but working on both Pacific: Rim Uprising has been exciting, since it’s allowed him to jump into various elements of sci-fi that he loved growing up.

Nate Lambert (Scott Eastwood)

  • Eastwood described him as a Jaeger pilot who’s one of the best out there. Yet, he’s still "the tip of the spear,” and really nothing without his best friend Jake.
  • Jake and Nate still have issues in this movie to work out from the past, so Eastwood felt that coming back around and dealing with a lost time with these characters was something cool to explore as an actor. 
  • Eastwood also emphasized that while yes, there is plenty of action in the film, it “has a great story first and foremost.”

Amara Namani (Cailee Spaeny)

  • This was Spaeny’s first film that she was ever cast for. So, she was definitely intimidated and a bit terrified, but knew that fans were so supportive of the first film. 
  • Spaeny didn’t actually watch Pacific Rim until she got the audition for the sequel, and really took it upon herself to dive into the universe in order to understand and respect the original film.  
  • In terms of Spaeny’s film experience, there was also diving into tons of stunts and action and lots of skills that she to catch onto , since she was participating in a whole world that’s already been created. 
  • But Spaeny felt that both DeKnight and the cast were very supportive and helpful, whenever she had questions, so it was really easy for her to dive into Cailee’s character. She also bonded with DeKnight since this was the first feature-length, theatrical film that he ever directed. 
  • Spaeny described Amara as very “independent,” and super “badass.” She’s also a tech-savvy person. 
  • For Amara’s backstory, her entire family was killed in the first wave of Kaiju attacks. So, Amara really “takes it upon herself to dive into Jaeger tech and make sure that when Kaiju do come back, she’ll be ready to fight and protect herself." 
  • While Amara’s past is very different from Jake’s, Spaeny claimed that both of them still see a lot of things in similar ways.  

Dr. Hermann Gottlieb (Burn Gorman)

  • Gorman said he was very excited to be back in the sequel, which felt like "being back in the playground.” He also joked, "I’ve been lucky enough with this face that God gave me to play a few jerks on screen,” when an audience member briefly highlighted his past roles on Torchwood, Revenge, Game of Thrones, and The Dark Knight Rises. 
  • Gottlieb still has problems with personal hygiene. Gorman claimed, “let’s just say that he hasn’t changed his socks since the last film." 
  • In comparison to Charlie Day’s character (Dr. Newt Geiszler) who has moved onto the private sector, Gottlieb chose to stay behind with the PPCD and arguably their most important scientist at the highest level at this point. So, Gorman joked that Gottlieb now, in effect, has a "really great budget,” to work with now. 
  • However, DeKnight makes it clear that where we find Gottlieb is: “as a man still very much affected in what happened in the previous film in terms of his drift and communication with the Kaiju.

There was a brief Q&A and the last question really stuck out to me, where an audience member asked each cast member to sum up their Pacific: Rim Uprising experience in one word:

  • John Boyega: Unity
  • Cailee Spaeny: Life-Changing
  • Scott Eastwood: International
  • Steve S. DeKnight: Mind-blowing
Oh noes! The gang’s trapped inside a video game!

And because Warner Brothers had zero idea how game development works, the gang has to play through every level to reach the end.

To escape a level, all they have to do is touch the box of Scooby Snacks. Easy!

They get teleported into a Roman colosseum level,

–and… well, I’m not saying that their methods of winning are inefficient, but the gang manages to…

1. Have a chariot race,

2. Get Shaggy caught in a net,

3. Do some bullfighting with a lion,

4. Waste a bunch of time chitchatting while Shaggy’s life is in massive danger,

5. Hatch and execute a plan to lock away the lion,

6. Waste even more time chitchatting while all their lives are in massive danger,

7. Cause a giant dust storm,

8. Go pole vaulting,

9. Impersonate an emperor,

and 10. Nearly get cut in half…

…all because they weren’t willing to walk the 30 feet to go touch the Scooby Snacks that were available, unguarded, literally the entire time.

some headcanons:

-The Grandmaster gives excellent massages. He has lived for billions of years, and, naturally, he has dedicated some of them to the study of anatomy. He knows exactly where to dig his fingers in and with what pressure to reduce Loki to a satisfied puddle in his hands. What few massages Loki has received in his life (on Asgard and that one massage he grudgingly accepted on Earth after Thor gave him a spa coupon as a gag gift one year) absolutely pale in comparison to the Grandmaster’s massages

-The Grandmaster absolutely made Loki wear that new outfit for the view he gets whenever Loki leaves a room. He hates to see him go, loves to watch him leave

-The fact that Loki is the God of Mischief makes the Grandmaster weak in the knees. A hedonist at heart, having not just a god, but the God of Mischief in his bed is a dream come true. Sometimes the Grandmaster opts to call him by the title rather than his actual name, simply because it always sends a rill of excitement down his spine to claim the God of Mischief for his own, out loud, for all of Sakaar to hear

-For that matter, the Grandmaster loves to show Loki off. He is his newest and prettiest lover, and probably the wittiest one to boot. At all his glitzy public events, he keeps Loki by his side. And in the most secret, elite meetings he hosts, he welcomes Loki’s counsel, explicitly asking for his opinion as the weeks drizzle by and his trust and faith in Loki grow stronger

-Loki was lost when he landed upon Sakaar. Alone, rejected by his family, despised by several entire realms. And the Grandmaster found him. He gave Loki the belonging he needed, the admiration he desired, the trust he craved. The Grandmaster, the first lost and the first found, understands him like no one else, and he doesn’t run for the hills like everyone else when he catches glimpses of Loki’s cunning nature and his inner turmoil. When Loki looks back on it, he never really stood a chance – he was always going to fall for the Grandmaster

-The Grandmaster likes to own people. He respects some of the people he owns, sure, but he still owns them. He thought he could easily make Loki into one of his shiniest possessions, but as they grew closer, he found that despite Loki’s initial veneer of subservience, he could never own him. Loki does not belong to him, and the Grandmaster both loves that and is endlessly frustrated by that

-Speaking of frustration, the Grandmaster and Loki love to frustrate each other. Leaving trails of discarded clothing along the hallways to their chambers, skimming fingers feather-light up thighs during meetings, whispering lewd comments into the other’s ear as they pass in the hallways. Driving each other up the wall has become a game of theirs: who will give in first and drag the other to the bedroom (or the nearest empty room, if their patience has long since snapped)

-The Grandmaster once tried to paint Loki’s face (eyeliner and a turquoise line from lip to chin, to mirror his own makeup), and while Loki looked Devastatingly Gorgeous, the Grandmaster ultimately decided that he preferred Loki bare-faced. To hide any inch of his pretty, pretty face would be a mortal sin

-The Grandmaster is a serial cuddler. Loki didn’t expect it from the despot, but after the first night they spent together in the Grandmaster’s room, he awoke to the sensation of long limbs tangled with his own and warm breath on his neck. He tried to extricate himself, but the Grandmaster merely clung tighter. An entire hour they spent in bed before the Grandmaster was ready for breakfast. Whenever he and Loki are alone, the Grandmaster will try to worm his way into draping himself across Loki. While irritating at times, it is… oddly endearing that a being old as time itself enjoys holding hands


Ya’ll feyre and tamlin will be sharing a bed….. A newly mated feyre….will be sleeping next to a MALE WHO IS NOT HER MATE….

Remember when Rhys said it killed him to know feyre was sharing a bed with tamlin even before they were official and now…….

Honestly Fuck you tool

Edit: the text at the top says “a nightmare, I’d told tamlin. I was the nightmare.”