go fatty

Eat Fatty

Let go of yourself. Sit on the couch all day, and let your big gut hang out. Quit fighting your urge to consume all food in sight, and eat as many sweets as your fat ass desires. Just submit to your inner fatty. Grow huge and jiggly for me. When you’ve stuffed your fat belly full of food and you can’t move, I want you to eat more. Eat until your breathe is slow and heavy- just like you are. I want your enormous tummy to hurt, and then I’ll give you the belly rubs you deserve. Give in to being a fat piggy, I know you want to.

Exo as parents
  • Suho: *watches after the kid like a hawk*
  • D.O: *feeds kid everything* YOU'RE GOING TO BE A FATTY.
  • Baekhyun: *looks at wife* honey look her first words were kkaebsong
  • Sehun: *holds baby incorrectly* what is it why does it look like me and how do u turn it off
  • Kris: *hands are bigger then the baby*
  • Lay: *looks at little daughter* no baby no...daddy didn't forget ur birthday...*shitshitshit*
  • Xiumin: okay son when u grow up we're gonna run a cafe okay
  • Chen: *picks up baby* mommys taking a nap lets go draw on her face looool
  • Tao: *sighs and looks at kid* at least you let me shower with you

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YOU ugly fuckin whore no wonder ur a stripper no man in his rite mind would touch ur filthy ass go eat a salad fatty

What you said literally makes no sense.

Men like strippers. They like touching them. So if you say “no wonder you’re a stripper” you’re basically saying I’m hot af and obviously men want me. See the logical fallacy in your intended insult?

And you literally were just hitting on me, so unless you always offer thousands of dollars of cash to “ugly” girls, I’m gonna assume you’re just butt hurt that I politely declined your offer.

You should spend that cash learning how to properly cope with rejection. I’m guessing it’s a skill you’ll put to good use.

Welcome to Bullworth

Since the poster was actually wrecked, I wanted to colour it digitally. I feel much better knowing it hasn’t gone unfinished. 

June starts tomorrow, but my Pride month anxieties are already in full swing. 

Feeling like I should go, like I should take advantage of the fact that I finally live somewhere that celebrates it, like I should honor my identity no matter how nebulous and unexplored it is. Also feeling like I don’t have a right to be there and that attending will only exacerbate my usual sense of isolation and illegitimacy. 

It’s a heightened version of the conflict I experience on open weekends and the occasional weeknight. The awareness that going to museums, lectures, plays, parks, restaurants, movies, malls, literally anywhere will enliven me versus the persistent belief that people will judge, mock, or pity the fat girl who’s alone. 

Or worse, they’ll ignore me completely. 

That’s the heart of it, really: the worry that I will go to Pride with the intention of being visible, only to have my invisibility confirmed. 

If that sounds irrational, know that my first thought upon failing to activate motion sensors is always “Maybe I don’t exist.”


Tetra | 3D Model/Rig

Here we go, 3D Fatty #3. Looks like Tetra’s (The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker) up this time.
This one was pretty fun to do as a whole. Went for a simpler teardrop physique this time around. I also gave her multiple expressions! Tried to keep the overall style close to Wind Waker itself. Hope you like it!

*No decision yet on whether or not she’ll be released to the public. Still trying to figure out if that’s a good idea or not.


Does anyone else remember watching Ouran High School Host Club?

Does anyone else remember how fuckin adorable Tamaki and Haru were together?


ugh. the rage I felt.

Anyway, one thing that was requested was this fatty tuna nigiri roll which Haru so lovingly named, “Haru’s Fancy Tuna”. So yeah, that’s what we’re gonna make. If you’re not big on raw fish, I suggest this recipe, because fatty tuna is literally like the baby jesus of raw fish sushi. It’s hella good. So get psyched, kids.

Haru’s Fancy Tuna
serves: make as many as you want believe in urself


  • 2 cups sushi rice
  • 1 SUSHI GRADE fatty tuna filet
  • a small bowl of water mixed with rice vinegar (just to use on your hands as a disinfectant)
  • wasabi (optional)
  • soy sauce (for dipping, optional)


  • First, make the sushi rice. The recipe to plain japanese rice can be found here, and the step on how to make it sushi rice can be found by clicking here and only doing step 2.
  • Once that’s done, you got your SUSHI GRADE filet of fatty tuna. Why do I keep capitalizing SUSHI GRADE? Because the fact that it’s SUSHI GRADE fish means that you’re not gonna get a shitty disease from it. So when you go and get your fatty tuna, make sure that you ask and confirm that the filet you’re getting is SUSHI FUCKING GRADE.
  • Take your filet and cut it into thin slices that will be able to fit atop your delish rice
  • Now for molding the rice. You wanna mold them into little oval log thingies, and to do that, you have to wet your hands in the water/vinegar mix so that it doesn’t get gross and stick to you
  • once you’ve molded your lil logs, and this step is optional btw, put a lil dab of the wasabi on the rice.
  • Then place the fatty tuna on top of the rice and hold it (maybe push it) so that it stays together.
  • Repeat for all the lil rice log things
  • Pour a little bit of soy sauce for dipping
  • and you’re motherfucking done


You’re fuckin welcome. 

The signed match ball of Luis ‘Fatty’ Suárez after his hattrick against Eibar (via Mundo).

Neymar: “Well done, fatty! You owe me a hamburger!!! Congratulations crack. Lets go and get more!”

Lionel Messi: “Well done fatty! Congratulations. I am very happy; keep going!”

Sergio Busquets: “Grande Fatty! Ridiculous; let’s get more!”

Jordi Alba: “Congratulations Guapo! You deserve it!”

Ivan Rakitic: “Congratulations Luis. I am glad and do not stop”

Sergi Roberto: “Congratulations Luis. I’m very glad”

Adriano: “Congratulations, you deserve it”

(NeyMessi tho 😂😂)

|| Lucas flinched at the first snarl, springing back like a grasshopper as he shielded his face. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry–” Kinda. He was /kinda/ sorry. Maybe not for the actions he’d taken, but at least for the repercussions they’d brought. But he wasn’t about to apologize for what he /didn’t/ cause (at least directly). He gave a pointed scowl at Killian’s jab. “Hey. I didn’t tell Boyland to go smoke a fatty, or whatever the hell made him take his helmet off.”

— Oh, man, fuck this guy–

She pushed herself off the floor, close enough to grab the front of his shirt. Killian was pretty sure her fist was the size of the weasel’s goddamn chest.

“You listen ’t me, mouth breather, ‘n you listen good. The only reason you’re alive right now ’s cause of two reasons. One- I used ’t be in the watch. I respect the fuckin’ law. Two- I also respect the hell outta a man called Magnus Burnsides. So you better cut the shit 'cause all of that respect ’s startin’ ’t run out pretty fuckin’ quick. Now-” Let her grip slacken a little, but kept hold. “Why. Are. You. Here–”

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i was iffy about watching it because of emma roberts, but now that you've said that hell no. can you go into detail about it?

yes, sure thing. this may however be quite triggering because there’s lots of slurs in this show. 

why scream queens is problematic (all of this was from the first 2 episodes):

  • within the first five minutes, the main character (chanel #1) who narrates the show says this about the woman seen cleaning: “that obese specimen of human filth scrubbing bulimia vomit out of the carpet is ms. bean, but I call her white m*mmy because she’s essentially a house slave.” yes, she really said that. within the first five minutes. she then goes on to bully the woman into reciting the famous line: “i don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no babies” from gone with the wind.
  • there are only two black women in the entire cast, who both have the role of the “sassy black woman”. + the character played by keke palmer wanted to join a racist sorority run by a racist white girl? jesus fking christ. keke palmer’s character is also called a “hood rat” by the white main character, who then says she needs white eyeliner to be able to write on her.
  • there’s of course, the staple “pervert lesbian” character (sam - who’s also a woman of color), who barely has any screen time at all. she’s introduced by the main character with this line: “predatory lez. real name butch or mac or something. two days ago, i caught her staring at my ass. all that girl is after is a whole lot of bikini burger.” this character is made to be the punch line, and is pushed to the back as the straight white women feature.
  • this disgusting quote about how the “ethnics” and the “fatties” are going to ruin the sorority: “if dean munsch gets her way, kappa is going to be filled with fatties and ethnics. the fatties will bring their big ol’ appetites and you know what those ethnics will bring with them? weird spices from their home countries. that is a nuclear combination, ms. b. the weird ethnic spices will send the fatties racing to the bathroom to blow liquid fire out of their huge, swollen bowels. think of the splash back. think of the undersides of all of the toilets that YOU’RE going to have to sanitize, ms. b. I don’t want that. I don’t want that for you.” do i even need to say more?
  • plus the previous sorority leader encouraging the people tanning her to turn her into jada pickett smith… literally asking to be in blackface
  • many homophobic jokes, including “do you think you like to munch box because your last name is munsch, or is that just a coincidence?” to the school dean, and a guy not wanting his mate to be outed as gay because he still wants to be able to hit gays with golf balls. chanel wanting to let a gay guy join the sorority simply so her “future gay makeup artist, wardrobe designer, and creepy gay viewers” will appreciate her for it, which one of her “minions” hates for it’ll “ruin the house”. not to mention both gay characters are written to seem creepy and perverting on their poor innocent straight friends.
  • (UPDATE - suggested by pumpkinspicebitchh) the constant berating of a deaf character. and the ableism of her death: as all the other girls scream from seeing the killer she simply thinks they’re singing taylor swift, and she dies singing and oblivious. she is also the first pledge to die.

these are only those that i remember.

so right now some of you might be saying, “but, um, it’s supposed to be satire?” well guess what? racist, homophobic, ableist, fatphobic, transphobic jokes played off as satire or comedy are STILL OFFENSIVE. slurs and prejudice hidden behind the comedy excuse are still fucking slurs and prejudices. offensive people are not to be laughed at. racism is not to be laughed at. it’s. not. funny.

more about scream queens being problematic:


temperature gauge

my long awaited gym au

jk nobody cares

She was…ice.

Liquid nitrogen, eyes like cracked crystal and mouth as sharp and swift as a butcher knife.

Frozen, her harsh words and cutting laughter like an effervescent reminder that you wouldn’t stand a chance.

Not to mention the biggest case of RBF he’d ever come across.

(Resting Bitch Face).

She’d walk, more like strut, across the weight room and know that everyone was staring at her, for all the wrong reasons, and she’d toss her watered hair to the side like she didn’t care.

And she probably didn’t.

She’d get whistles, taunts, asks, admirers, and still she’d just tilt her head to the side and smile because she knew she had everybody in the palm of her hand.

Ice, ice cold.

She was hot.

Sweat would gleam at every angle, like a well oiled diamond. Her hair would boil like the water it resembled and just glimmer in the positioned lighting by the treadmills.

Every day she’d snag everyone’s eyeballs, hook them onto a leash and drag them behind her as she ran laps around the track, her assets bouncing and all the eyes that followed her would sweat with nervousness.

Yes, she was a spectrum of temperatures, ranging from the pits of mount doom to the top of a wintered mountain.

“I’m gonna do it.”

Gray sighed, and decided to remind his long-time friend one more time.

“No you’re not.”

He had endured the endless hours of Lyon’s admiration for her. Spent days discussing just how shiny her hair was and just how perky her ass looked on particular Saturday mornings like today.

Frankly, he was getting sick of her.

“Yes, I am.” Lyon said, much more sure than before. Gray didn’t believe him for a second. This had happened yesterday, and the day before, and the months before, even down to the day when she first began to come to the dinky YMCA meant for seniors and fatties.

“Then go.” Gray motioned, noticing that she had just finished her cool down and strolled over to the water fountain to refill her bottle.

“O-ok! I’m going, I’m going!” Lyon yelled, half in excitement and half in annoyance.

He made the slow, and perilous journey to the drinking fountain, encountering terrors like a mysterious puddle of unidentifiable body fluid pooled by the yoga mats, and the ever growing spot of mold in the ceiling above the bench press.

Finally, he reached the prize, the ice cold blazing hot diamond, filing her water bottle up with a sigh of contempt and a bored expression.


Lyon cringed at the intensity of the voice crack, wishing to melt into water and join the rest of it into the girl’s water bottle, his only chance of ever touching her lips.

Which, were now, pursed and shiny with irritation.


“W-well, I had an important…question…that I’d like to take up with you.” He stammered, attempting to straighten his posture but failing.

The girl adjusted her position, looking down on Lyon and knowing every trick in the book to emasculate him.

It was now that Gray noticed how tall she was, long, slender legs adding to every inch of feministic beauty that Lyon so wished to have in his arms.

“Alright.” She said crisply, blinking innocently yet Gray could see the crouched cat behind them, ready to chew Lyon up and spit him back into the water fountain.

Oh well. He was going to have to learn somehow.

“Would you uh…would you…uh…mind…” He trailed off…he’s losing it…he’s losing it…

“Telling me you name?”

Saved it.


She sighed, like she was gravelly disappointed that this was going to go on.


Juvia? How interesting.

Lyon sighed in relief, afraid she’d rip his head off just for standing too close to her.

“I’m Lyon. It’s nice to meet boobs. I mean you!”

Ah…shit. He blew it. He blew it big time.

Her face darkened like an approaching storm.

“Nice to meet your boobs too.” She sneered, looking at Lyon’s chest and Gray was honestly expecting a pair of knockers to spontaneously appear.

“Uh uh uh I’m so sorry! I meant you…I just…”

“Slipped?” Juvia asked, her perfectly trim eyebrows raised in an amused fashion. She was probably enjoying watching him squirm.

Gray would be lying if he said he wasn’t.

“I mean…I mean yes.” Lyon gasped for air like a goldfish on the counter.


She made a humming sound before turning away abruptly.

“Wha…so…I’m sorry…”  Lyon apologized, but she didn’t bother to turn around, only continued on her way to the coffee table.

Lyon’s horrified face finally bursted Gray’s bubble of tranquility and he started laughing like a maniac.

“Oh…god…that was…that was a disaster…oh god…why didn’t I…film it….” Gray gasped, resting his hands on his knees to keep himself from tipping over.

Lyon got even paler and looked like he was about to pass out.

“Do…do you think I still have a chance…?”

Gray laughed even harder.

“Sure…sure Lyon…how long do women hold grudges, a day or two?” Gray joked, but Lyon just looked crushed.

“W-well what should I do? Apologize?” Lyon squeaked, the same high pitched voice he got whenever he was agitated.

“Nope. Nope. Bad idea.” Gray shook his head vigorously.

“Ugh…I’m such an idiot…” Lyon mumbled into the palm of his hand.

“Got that right. I’ll go apologize for you.” Gray said nonchalantly, although he did have a few alterior motives…

What was it about this girl that made her totally unreadable? Cold, hot, warm? He had to try it for himself.

She stirred her over sugared coffee, watching the cream swirl with the liquid calmly.

“Uh…excuse me? Sorry, I’m Gray. Lyon’s…er…friend.” He said, a bit guiltily.

She turned and regarded him smoothly. He could sense the judgment immediately, but took it like a man because he was afraid that if he said anything he’d screw up royally like Lyon.

Finally, her eyes stopped scanning and she leaned her hip against the coffee counter, giving Gray the subtle implication that she would listen to what he had to say.

Before speaking, he briefly wondered what her judgment of him was. The less creepy friend who was polite, but still a little weird.

He supposed he’d never know.

“I’d like to apologize on his behalf. He’s been kind of…enamored with you, and he was beyond nervous, so…” please don’t eat him for breakfast.

She did the complete unexpected.

Her icy manner changed, and she offered him a small, warm smile.

“I could tell.”

He smiled back a little bit, the rare oddity was a bit infectious.

“So…please don’t take it out on him. He’s mentally damaged.” Gray lied, but he had recalled Lyon’s mom mentioning a couple glasses of wine while pregnant with Lyon…

“I’ll keep that in mind.” She said, her lips still curved into that mysterious smile. She then let her eyes scan him again, maybe for a second judgment…?

Or was she…checking him out?

He felt a sudden sense of pride, the famous YMCA ice queen had shown faint interest in him. Take that Lyon!

“I guess I’ll see you and white Bill Cosby around.” She bit her lip a little bit and winked.

Gray blinked, stunned.

He let the small amount of information sink in. It took a while, considering the information was so…shocking.

Finally, he came to a simple concensus.

He was coming to the gym ore often.

figured I should finish this bunny cake before I started any other requestss

I know, I know. I can’t believe some of the anon hate I’ve gotten just because my computer’s mother board broke and I can’t afford a new one so I haven’t updated. I’ve been bouncing from my mom’s computer to the mobile app, but neither are conducive to writing down a story. I’m hiding from my boss right now and typing this on my work computer.

I’m sorry.

I lost my tag list, so I’m going off whoever I tagged last time. If your name is not on the list and you’d like it to be, please tell me and I’m really sorry if you told me more than once. Feel free to throw things at me.

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Previous Chapters:
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now
Chapter Five

Rae and Tix took the long way down to the pond, the hallway that went by Dr. Nick’s room. Rae took a quick peek into the room as they passed it, then gave a thumbs down to Tix, symbolizing he wasn’t in. Tix shrugged at Rae, hands in her pockets as she rocked back on her feet.

“No good. Maybe on the way back?” Rae suggested, then stopped short, noticing Tix’s stance. “Hey. What’s this?”

“What’s what?” Tix mirrored, averting her eyes.

“Look at me.” Rae demanded, coming to stand in front of the petite girl. Tix begrudgingly rolled her eyes to meet Rae and returned Rae’s imploring stare. ‘Okay. Something’s up. Now here’s every best friend’s Sophie’s Choice. Wait and give her space or demand an answer.’

Tix took in Rae’s thoughtful eyes and sighed. “It’s nothing, Rae, really. I’ve just been thinking lately.” Rae nodded her head, urging her on, so she sighed and continued. “About… boys.”

“Boys.” Rae repeated, still searching.

“Well, one boy.” Tix clarified.

“One boy.” Rae said slowly.

“Rae!” Tix took her hands out of her pockets and crossed them, giving Rae a stern look.

“You’ve gotta give me more to go on, Fatty, is - one boy. A boy, who’s name might or might not be Danny?” Rae’s mind was working overdrive, as she stared directly into Tix’s eyes, piecing together a puzzle she didn’t even know she had to work on. At Tix’s silence, she continued. “You, uh, like him then? Danny, I mean. And…” Rae trailed off, not knowing how to continue.

“He’s just Danny!” Tix proclaimed. “And he’s brilliant, right?” Tix waited for Rae, as if seeking approval, before speaking again. “And I’m, well, not very good with boys.”

“Boys.” Rae shook her head. “He’s not just any boy, though, Tixy. It’s Danny; just Danny. The same lad that can make you laugh until you cry. The same guy who’s lip you busted the same day you met him-”

“Accidentally!” Tix interjected with a laugh.

“Accidentally busted, then. Remember how surprised you were when he came to see you after the nurse tended to him, and HE was the one to apologize? He’s not like normal boys, Tixy. He’s better. Just don’t think so hard, yeah? Just be you and he’ll be him and maybe we’ll see an us. Let whatever comes come naturally.” Rae looked quizzically at Tix, not sure if she helped the girl or not. She’s never had to give a relationship speech before and it didn’t sound right, but if it got Tix through, well, tally-ho!

She waited, watching Tix work through the statements in her head. Silence filled the hallway until Tix started laughing. “Dr. Khan would be so proud of us, I think.” Rae joined in.

“C'mon, Tixy. Let’s go see that dreamboat boy of yours and that wanker with a pretty face.” Rae held her arm out to Tix who paused slightly before carefully laying her arm through Rae’s. “As Dr. Khan says - Onwards and upwards!”


Not surprisingly, Danny was already on the bench in front of the pond, a hunched over figure with moppy hair next to him. Tix and Rae unhooked arms when they got to the boys, Tix moving to sit beside the orange-clad two-hatted boy. Rae chose to sit on the grass, legs spread out in front of her and hands behind her.

“What took you guys? Did Rae make you go through her sight-seeing tour?” Danny shot a wink at Rae before turning to Tix, who was blushing a light pink.

“Of course she did. You know Rae.” Tix responded, laughing. “And don’t be rude - me and Rae haven’t met the new guy yet. Introduce us, please, Danny.”

“Oh, right, well, Finn, this is-” Danny began, flustered a little as he adjusted his hats.

Finn cut him off. “Oh, I’ve already met Mae. And she owes me 20p.”

Rae’s head shot up and she stared incredulously back at the smirking boy. “Fuck you say?”

Finn ignored her, leaning forward to see Tix. “I’m Finn. Nelson. We, uh, bumped into each other yesterday.” He stuttered, dropping his gaze slightly. “Sorry.”

Tix smiled brightly back at him, legs crossed and chin resting in her hand. “No worries. First days are rough. My name is Tix.” Finn nodded his head before turning back to the indignant girl on the grass.

“You owe me 20p, you floppy-mopped prat!” Rae glared at him, crossing her arms across her chest. “You liked the song!”

“Doesn’t mean anythin’. Had my fingers crossed, didn’t I?” Finn smiled smugly as Rae gathered her wits about her and huffed indignantly, about to retort when a voice made everyone look away.

“Oi, boys, it’s Jabba! And she’s with some friends!” Rae closed her eyes, praying for the ground to swallow her as her breathing became uneven. '1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. 1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Please not here, please not them. 12345678910’ “Jabba, we’ve been lookin’ for you, we have. Haven’t seen you hunched around. See you finally found people who can stand your ugly mug, eh?”

Tix immediately shot up to go to Rae who was holding back tears and looking like Big G and his twats had physically hit her. She put a hand on Rae’s shoulder, rubbing softly as Rae’s eyes stayed on the ground.

“Can we help you, mate?” Danny had stood up as well, hands on his hips and his ever-present smile gone.

“I’m not your mate, mate. And wasn’t talking to you, was I?” Big G puffed his chest out and his two lackeys that hovered behind him did the same.

“I think it’s time for you to go.” Danny tried again to be their center of attention. He turned to look back at the others and saw Finn clenching and unclenching his fists, eyes darting from the ground to Rae’s frozen face.

“Nah, I don’t think so. Just here to say hi to a friend, aren’t we? We’re friends, right Jabba? Doughy, lumpy, ugly Jabba.” Big G grinned big and wide at Rae’s sudden intake of breath. Right behind Big G, his lackeys started a subtle chant. “Jaaaaabba, jabba jabba jabba.”

Big G turned around to look at his friends and was taken aback by the fist that came from nowhere, aimed at his nose. Turning back around, he went to defend himself before the sides of his collar were roughly grabbed and he was punched again, this time busting his lip.

“What the fuck do ye think you’re doin’?” Finn snarled, bringing his hand back to his jacket to shake the twat. “It’s alright to pick on a girl, innit? Why don’t you try me on for size?” At those words, Finn rammed his knee straight into Big G’s stomach, shaking him roughly from side to side.

Behind them, Big G’s friends didn’t know what to do. Should they help? Jump in? Run away? No one had ever called them out before. They never tormented anyone big enough to stand up for themselves.

“You apologize to her now or I’ll fuckin’ tear you apart, alright?” Finn spat in Big G’s face, eyes clouded over in a red rage. “ALRIGHT?” He roared.

“Alright, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Big G managed to say over the blood filling his mouth. Finn sneered at him, giving him a swift kick in the knee before letting him fall to the ground.

He turned his attention on the other two. “That goes for you two twats as well!” With the anger rolling through him, it almost came out unintelligible, but they got the point. They grabbed Big G from the ground and sprinted away. Finn turned around to see Danny and Tix looking uneasy, but Rae was staring at him, an unrecognizable emotion on her face.

Three heads shot up when they heard yelling heading their way. “WHAT HAPPENED?” One of the guards bellowed, getting to Finn and grabbing him by the shoulders. Finn roughly shook his hands off of him and turned to look at Rae. “Y’alright?”

Rae blinked twice before nodding slowly, that strange look still on her face. “Alright.” Finn responded, nodding back satisfied. He turned to the other orderlies that had just shown up. “Can we help you?” He replied sarcastically. He put his injured hand behind his back, trying to shake out the pain discreetly.

“We saw what happened, Mr. Nelson.” One orderly spoke, standing to the side of Finn.

“Then you’ll know those twats had it coming.” Finn told him.

“You threw the first punch.” Was spoken on his right.

“Oh, you’re not fucking serious.” Finn said angrily, looking around at the four orderlies that had him surrounded.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Nelson. We’ll have to take you to see your doctor and it’ll most likely be solitary.” One spoke, actually looking apologetic over the whole thing.

Finn looked from face to face, before landing on Rae. He stared at her for a long second, before shrugging his shoulders, deciding it wouldn’t be worth the fight. “Lead the way, soldiers.” He spoke in a commanding tone.

As he was being ushered back to the hospital doors, he turned to look back at Rae. “Worth it.” He mouthed, winking once before turning back around to face his fate.

As the large group left, Danny and Tix shared a look before looking down at Rae, who had yet to move.

“Rae?” Danny knelt down in front of her. “Rae, you in there?”

Rae looked up blankly at Danny before giving him a nod, a miniscule smile on her face. “Yeah. I’m fine.” Suddenly she frowned. “Actually, no. He didn’t have to do that.”

“From what I’ve seen of Finn, that’s exactly the thing I’d expect of him to do.” Danny told her, shaking his head with a slight laugh. “He seems to be rather keen on you, Rae.”

“Come off it.” Rae looked away, biting back the smile that wanted to escape.

“It’s true, Rae. From the moment that group started talking, Finn started shaking. It really was a matter of time before he gave them a piece of his mind.” Tix smiled at the light blush across Rae’s cheeks, so grateful that blank look was gone. It had scared her, almost worse than being touched did.

“So… pond time over, then?” Danny asked, looking at the girls.

Rae nodded. “I’m not going to let him be put in solitary just for helping me.” With determination in her eyes, she got up and stormed towards the hospital doors. “You lot coming?”

Tix and Danny shared another knowing look before nodding their heads simultaneously. They both took after the quickly striding girl with resolution set on her shoulders.

To be continued.