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Upcoming Schedule

Upcoming Schedule can also be seen on the main page of our blog, you have to view it on laptop, not on your phone. We update it once in few days.

GOT7 will still have music show performances and fansign events in the upcoming weeks but they can’t be added to the list until JYPE confirms them / announces them. Dates when Jackson has recordings in China aren’t revealed.


03/27  Fan Autograph Session:Gangnam
03/28  MTV The Show [PRERECORDED] (-Jackson)
03/29  Show Champion [PRERECORDED] (-Jackson)
03/30  Mnet Meet & Greet
03/30  Mnet YangNamJa Show (-Jackson) [BROADC.]
03/31  Mark leaves for New Zealand


04/01  Fan Autograph Session:Sangam (-Mark)
04/12  Go Fridge S3 EP1 (Jackson) [BROADC.]
04/19  Go Fridge S3 EP2 (Jackson) [BROADC.]
04/20  Global Fanmeeting in Australia: Sydney
04/21  Global Fanmeeting in Australia: Brisbane
04/23  Global Fanmeeting in Australia: Melbourne
04/24  Global Fanmeeting in Australia: Perth
04/26  Go Fridge S3 EP3 (Jackson) [BROADC.]
04/30  Fan Autograph Session:Seoul

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Episode 1 is out on Aug 31st! You can preorder it now on steam/PS4/Xbox. Oh, and the digital deluxe edition will apparently come with an extra episode where you’ll play as Max saying goodbye to Chloe and leaving for Seattle and stuff?

(On a slightly related note, I’m prolly not going to play ep1 until September 2nd, because I will be heading back to the US to stay with @destiny-smasher again for a big chunk of the autumn (!!!), and we’re planning on mayyybe live streaming our first play-through, if folks would be interested in that?)


【ENGSUB】170426 Go Fridge S3 EP3

【ENGSUB】170419 Go Fridge S3 EP2

【ENGSUB】170412 Go Fridge S3 EP1

【ENGSUB】170503 Go Fridge S3 Ep4

yixing sketches from ep1 of go fighting \( ˃́ᴗ˂̀ )/

[Feel free to delete the following, but please keep source :) ]
Finally got around to editing these, hehehe. I’ve only just watched the first ep. and I thought it was hilarious. The faces he makes are priceless. It was SO cute to see how innocent yixing is. \(≧∀≦)/ ♡♡♡!  I really liked it so far, and not just because he’s is in it. :P I found the other members to be really funny! LOL Honglei being one of them XD. Maybe I will keep doing this for the following episodes. (?) Found this to be fun practice drawing different expressions, since I mostly only do blank faces ahaha :) 

BtoB’s Sungjae & Red Velvet’s Joy confirmed for “We Got Married”

Following the news of Song Jaerim and Kim So Eun’s departure from “We Got Married” (19+ couple you will be missed), it’s been now confirmed that the new virtual newly weds will be the rising idol actor BtoB’s Sungjae and the bubbly and loveable Red Velvet’s Joy!

Yet another 18-20 year old couple after Taeun (SHINee’s Taemin X A PINK’s Naeun), there has been great support as well as outcry from the fans for the casting (mainly about the ages).

Meanwhile I’ve experienced the bias-found-a-lover stages of grief for my current top female bias, Joy. I sort of saw it coming but all this talk on my newsfeed is causing me to feel a mixture of love loss and the feeling of sending my daughter to her wedding. God dammit it, Park Sooyoung (Joy’s real name)!!! I know I’m going to watch Ep1 for you yet bawl my eyes out over any skinship like VIXX’s Ken had with 9MUSESKyungri on “All The Kpop” #kenmybae #kenunotkenri

Who is going to watch this new virtual couple cos I know i am *laughcries*

about the routines in ep12

i hate ep12 but i can’t stop thinking about it…

this series is called yuri on ice, a literal name because two of the main characters, named yuri, are literally on ice, but in ep4 the name received another meaning: yuri on ice is the name of yuuri’s fs program and it is about love. in his journey through the series he needs to overcome his anxiety, build his confidence, learn to appreciate the love of his family, friends, fans and learn to love himself and his career, all thanks to victor, his coach and significant other.

we all assumed that ep12 would give us yuri on ice as the climax of yuuri’s journey. a perfect routine where he acknoweldge his worth as a skater and decides to not retire because he has support and love and a lot of things to achieve as one of the best skaters in the world (the best -in the GPS- if the narrative followed everything that build up). 

but what ep12 gave us was yuuri skating half routine for himself, other half for victor. but not with the narrative purpose that his fs had. this fs was the last push from yuuri to let victor know why he should continue in competition.

ep12 was basically an episode about victor’s return. that was the plot here. yuuri decides, out of love, to end his career for victor, victor self-sacrifice his happiness for yuuri and decide to return to the ice, yuuri doesn’t know anything about victor so he does everything assuming that he’s giving victor back his happiness. yuuri broke the world record but who cares, he’s happy because victor is coming back.

all of this happened because they didn’t talk. yuuri doesn’t know what victor wants: to retire, to be his coach and stay with him… because he loves him. we can’t say that yuuri knows that victor’s is in love with him because with the ‘let’s end this’ yuuri was ending everything: he doesn’t remember the banquet so, for yuuri, the main reason for victor to stay with him is his skating and what victor tells him in ep1: he’s going to make him win the GPF. and yuuri has a reason (about skating) for every romantic gesture, so he doesn’t really know that victor is in love. they aren’t in the same place with their relationship because victor thinks this is a romantic relationship while yuuri prioritizes the professional one. 

then, the routine that it was supposed to give closure to the story as a whole doesn’t really have narrative substance. stammi vicino is the routine that started everything: yuuri trying to bring back his love for skating copying victor and victor watching yuuri like it was an invitation to start to love skating again as a coach. and it was a beautiful confirmation of the love story too, as a duet now. but this didn’t follow its narrative purpose: victor is coming back to competition and yuuri&victor aren’t in a real relationship.