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BtoB’s Sungjae & Red Velvet’s Joy confirmed for “We Got Married”

Following the news of Song Jaerim and Kim So Eun’s departure from “We Got Married” (19+ couple you will be missed), it’s been now confirmed that the new virtual newly weds will be the rising idol actor BtoB’s Sungjae and the bubbly and loveable Red Velvet’s Joy!

Yet another 18-20 year old couple after Taeun (SHINee’s Taemin X A PINK’s Naeun), there has been great support as well as outcry from the fans for the casting (mainly about the ages).

Meanwhile I’ve experienced the bias-found-a-lover stages of grief for my current top female bias, Joy. I sort of saw it coming but all this talk on my newsfeed is causing me to feel a mixture of love loss and the feeling of sending my daughter to her wedding. God dammit it, Park Sooyoung (Joy’s real name)!!! I know I’m going to watch Ep1 for you yet bawl my eyes out over any skinship like VIXX’s Ken had with 9MUSESKyungri on “All The Kpop” #kenmybae #kenunotkenri

Who is going to watch this new virtual couple cos I know i am *laughcries*

Carmilla: Zero to Three in 12 eps

It’s state the obvious time from me.

Carmilla Zero is the single greatest opportunity we have to encourage a third season.

For those who don’t know, Carmilla Zero is this year’s equivalent of the ‘Period PSA’ videos that came out after S1. They’re branded content specifically designed to promote ubykotex and so support of the Zero episodes is an incredibly direct way to show support for ubykotex. Remember, we can show all the support in the world for the series but unless we also show kotex some love we give them no motivation to keep it going.

What you gotta do?

  • Make sure to check out the eps when they go up (duh). Ep1 will be on VerveGirlTV and the rest on UBK’s channel.
  • Comment, like, subscribe to their channel. Even if you don’t usually interact with content directly on YT, make a point of doing it this time around.
  • Tweet about the episodes with the #CarmillaZero tag. Again, even if it’s not something you normally do. Twitter tags are trackable and give some more quantifiable interaction.
  • Tweet ubykotex directly. They’re hella responsive. Got a tweet that you’re tagging @carmillaseries? Add @ubykotex to that shiz.

See ya Thursday, Creampuffs!



5/18 GO FRIDGE Season 2 EP1 (Jackson)
5/19 MWAVE Meet&Greet
5/19 U+Video portal Live GOT7 Mini concert
5/19 Fansign Event with K- live
5/21-22 Toronto Kpop Con
5/22 Fresh Sunday EP5 (Jackson)
5/22 Real Men (Jackson, Bambam)
5/25 GO FRIDGE Season 2 EP2 (Jackson)
5/27 GOT7 COMBO in CGV
5/27 Go Fridge Filming in China (Jackson)
5/28 Secret Meeting
5/29 Fresh Sunday EP6 (Jackson)
5/29 Real Men (Jackson, Bambam)


6/1-2 FLY TOUR: Tokyo
6/1 GO FRIDGE Season 2 EP3 (Jackson)
6/8 GO FRIDGE Season 2 EP4 (Jackson)
6/11-12 FLY TOUR: Bangkok
6/14-16 Go Fridge Filming in China (Jackson)
6/15 GO FRIDGE Season 2 EP5 (Jackson)
6/18 FLY TOUR: Guangzhou
6/22 GO FRIDGE Season 2 EP6 (Jackson)
6/24 FLY TOUR: Singapore
6/29 GO FRIDGE Season 2 EP7 (Jackson)


7/1 FLY TOUR: Dallas
7/3 FLY TOUR: Chicago
7/5 FLY TOUR: New York
7/6 FLY TOUR: New York
7/8 FLY TOUR: Atlanta

Not all episodes of Fresh Sunday and Go Fridge are added because we don’t know how many episodes both shows have. Weekly Idol and Inkigayo will be added after they appear on official schedule on GOT7′s fans.