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im confused bc supposedly karamatsu cant drink?? like when the staffs wrote down sextuplets fav drink, Karamatsu's response read whiskey *open parenthesis* actually barley tea *close parenthesis* then season 2 happened im like what is real

idk i feel like he does it anyways to look cool

ichi said that his fav drink is dr pepper and he doesnt like alcohol
he only goes out drinking with his brothers which i guess is a part of him “following them wherever they go” like in s1 ep1 at the job office

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Upcoming Schedule

Upcoming Schedule can also be seen on the main page of our blog, you have to view it on laptop, not on your phone. We update it once in few days.

GOT7 will still have music show performances and fansign events in the upcoming weeks but they can’t be added to the list until JYPE confirms them / announces them. Dates when Jackson has recordings in China aren’t revealed.


03/27  Fan Autograph Session:Gangnam
03/28  MTV The Show [PRERECORDED] (-Jackson)
03/29  Show Champion [PRERECORDED] (-Jackson)
03/30  Mnet Meet & Greet
03/30  Mnet YangNamJa Show (-Jackson) [BROADC.]
03/31  Mark leaves for New Zealand


04/01  Fan Autograph Session:Sangam (-Mark)
04/12  Go Fridge S3 EP1 (Jackson) [BROADC.]
04/19  Go Fridge S3 EP2 (Jackson) [BROADC.]
04/20  Global Fanmeeting in Australia: Sydney
04/21  Global Fanmeeting in Australia: Brisbane
04/23  Global Fanmeeting in Australia: Melbourne
04/24  Global Fanmeeting in Australia: Perth
04/26  Go Fridge S3 EP3 (Jackson) [BROADC.]
04/30  Fan Autograph Session:Seoul

yixing sketches from ep1 of go fighting \( ˃́ᴗ˂̀ )/

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Finally got around to editing these, hehehe. I’ve only just watched the first ep. and I thought it was hilarious. The faces he makes are priceless. It was SO cute to see how innocent yixing is. \(≧∀≦)/ ♡♡♡!  I really liked it so far, and not just because he’s is in it. :P I found the other members to be really funny! LOL Honglei being one of them XD. Maybe I will keep doing this for the following episodes. (?) Found this to be fun practice drawing different expressions, since I mostly only do blank faces ahaha :) 


【ENGSUB】170426 Go Fridge S3 EP3

【ENGSUB】170419 Go Fridge S3 EP2

【ENGSUB】170412 Go Fridge S3 EP1

【ENGSUB】170503 Go Fridge S3 Ep4