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Awkward Conversations, part 5: "All Our Bruised Bodies"


Summary: The morning after…


Disclaimer: Still a solid “no” on me having anything to do with “Carmilla the Series”. I am as crushed as all of you.

Also available on AO3.

All Our Bruised Bodies

Laura wakes up to a series of low whispers flying back and forth over her head. She doesn’t want to wake up. Her whole body aches in a way that’s unfamiliar but not entirely unpleasant. There’s an aching pounding at the base of her throat and the curve of her hip. Every single muscle throbs, reminiscent of the days immediately following the battle that won a war, as if she’s pushed too hard, too fast. Overworked and overwhelmed her small frame, asked too much of it.

In deference to her overwrought body, Laura decides to ignore the muttering voices, snuggling deeper into the warmth of her pillow.

“Look at her fucking neck.”

“I am looking at it.”

“Stop looking at it like you’re proud!”

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