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if someone gave bean a candy and he gets everything bloody from bouncing around, would hux stick him in a little jar to vibrate around in until the sugar rush wore off?

That glass jar doesn’t last very long and then Hux has to pick up broken bits. It’s really just not a good idea to try and ‘contain’ the bean. 

nameless crossroads demon, true form + humanoid glamour. i love this awful mouth man.

When The Sun Goes Down [4-Final Part] (Dean/Reader, vampire!reader, soulmate!au)

When the Sun Goes Down (iv)

Dean/(female) Reader

Summary: In which you are hunted, but Dean can’t kill you because the universe couldn’t care less about your feelings. Features vampire!reader, hunter!Dean and Sam (as in canon). Also, Gordon Walker.

a/n: Last part. I am very tired, and also very happy.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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You are reminded too soon that they are hunters, and you are a vampire.

Months have passed and as soon as you’re back on your feet, you work and you work and you work, because that’s all you can do. You are a good person.

You just wish that you didn’t have to keep proving it.

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Trees and Men - Part 2 - Eat me a lot of peaches


So apparantly my new meds for my migraines are fucking me up more than I thought, so I figured i’d upload the second chapter now in the middle of the night instead of tomorrow. 

Warnings in this chapter: none

Critique is more than welcome, just be nice about it, yeah?

/ Vinter

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things are kind of shit over here BUT i’ve been in unsunny st. louis again all weekend in an attempt to get away from a variety of things, which didn’t work, am genuinely not sure how much longer i can stand to live in the midwest, you can’t escape yourself etc etc–but it’s been a lot of dreary fun. check out this guy i met at the bird sanctuary, he blinked at me when i told him he was beautiful and i think we have a soul connection

I’m super touched and feelsy right now. I’ve been having a really hard time with my mental health lately and one of my Mom’s students who reads my comic went out and got me a box of chocolates as a way to cheer me up.


This has completely made my week and I’m so happy right now, thank you so, so much. It’s such a nice, simple gesture but it’s really these little things that help. I’m going to do my best to find a way to pay it forward. <3

And a reminder to everyone else to also be the best you that you can be. It’s not just stuff like this that can help, even a compliment here or there can really make someone’s day. If you find someone passing by and you like their shirt/scarf/hair/whatever, let them know! A tiny bit of effort goes a long way for some people. 

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“something i don’t believe in? …australia. i have it on good authority that australia is a government hoax. – and i don’t really believe in father christmas. i’m just so used to pretending, for my brothers, you know? though really, even michael and tootles are old enough to know better now.”

Halloween 2016