go drink it

Not to be unsympathetic, but if your lab safety technique is that piss-poor you only have yourself to blame if you die a horrible death.

went to see some friends again today which was okay, one of them has a really tumultuous relationship herself and talks about it constantly so she talked about that most of the time lmao. the other broke up with her bf in similar circumstances about 5 months ago and i remember trying to be there for her at the time but i saw the pain and couldn’t comprehend it b/c i knew how id feel if it were me and i remember at the time being so thankful it wasn’t happening to me (which is probably what friend 1 was feeling today; i wouldnt blame her). but friend 2 has come so far, her relationship was similarly rocky but twice as long as mine, and says she doesnt want him anymore, she is so much better off etc, it gives me hope. but at the same time i feel so numb to getting better. i listen to it and I’m just like ok not me tho. or i feel like ill be that pathetic idiot still crying in 5, 6months time. my heart is physically hurting tonight. I’m going to go get pizza and wine and watch brooklyn 99 by myself because i refuse to sit and be sad in silence for hours. but that physical pain is something else.

If only it was that easy, Susan…


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also this is re-do of THIS drawing I did for 2016′s inktober

[trans] 170314 NCT DREAM white day event fan account

1. Mark and Jisung were in charge of taking orders, Haechan and Chenle gave out sweets/gifts, Jeno and Renjun made the drinks (choice of Americano or Choco Latte). Today the artium became like the reality version of Coffee Prince No.1…. [Cr: MARK_990802_]

2. If fan is unable to decide what to drink, Mark and Jisung will play Stone-Scissors-Paper, if Mark wins it’s Americano, if Jisung wins it’s Choco-latte [Cr: 16_qe]

3. Haechan and Chenle would dance and sing. When a fan (or guest haha) comes in, both of them would do a 90 degree bow [Cr: 16_qe]

4. This signature from Jisung writes “Jeno pabo kekeke” [cr: 990802___mk]

5. This signature from Jisung writes “Chenle pabo keke” [cr: happytententen]

6. Mark says, this is their first time to make these drinks, maybe they won’t taste well. Mark also mentioned that he wants to participate in NCT DREAM’s fansigns too [cr: happytententen]


Tensions running high in the 12x14 sneak peek