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The One With The Interruption
  • *221B*
  • John: *knocks on Sherlock's bedroom door*
  • Sherlock: *in a sexy voice* Come iiiiin. I've been waiting for youuuuu.
  • John: *enters* Hey, I was just wondering- *shouting* for God's sake! *backs runs out in horror* what the hell are you doing?
  • Sherlock: *following, pulling on a dressing gown; annoyed* What does it look like? I was- I was taking a nap.
  • John: *averting his eyes* Since when do you take naps in that position? *groans* tPlease tell me you weren't waiting for me...
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Don't flatter yourself. I'm seeing someone from work *thinking* I'm seeing a woman from work!
  • John: *impressed* That really fit Hopkins woman?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Sure.
  • John: *quickly* Well, in that case, just give me a second and I'll be out of your hair. I'll just get a jacket and when I get back, I don't want to know anything.
  • -knocking-
  • John: *grimaces* Maybe that's her... *approaches the door*
  • Sherlock: *panicking* Okay, umm...
  • John: *opens the door*
  • Sherlock: *relaxes* It's just Grant and Mycroft...
  • John: *frowns* I thought you two were at dinner?
  • Greg: Well, we were! But Mycroft was talking so loudly on his phone they told us to leave.
  • Mycroft: *texting* I had to talk loud because that awful music was loud!
  • Greg: *frowns* It was important.
  • Mycroft: *sighs* They'll be other meals, Gregory.
  • Greg: *narrows his eyes* You'll be lucky.
  • Molly: *entering, happily; flipping a bottle of champagne, giggling to herself*
  • Molly: *sees everyone; suddenly shy* Oh...um... *grins widely; falsely excited* I'm so glad you're all here! My lab finally got new scalpels!

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So . . . In 12x12, Dean calls Cas "devastatingly" handsome. But Idk if anyone noticed, the shot only shows Dean's expression. When I saw a clip of it on my feed before watching the show, I was psyched to see Sam or even Mary's reaction to that. But unfortunately, there isn't. Even Wally's reaction is missed. Idk why they do that??🤔

Actually, thanks, everyone’s been so quick to gif the entire episode I’ve been sitting here feeling slow on the uptake, so having something to gif has amused me a lot :P

There are reactions! I love it :P 

When the camera swings around behind Mary’s head and conceals Dean from view, we can see Sam and Wally at the edges of the conversation. Wally straight-faces through it with just a glance from Cas to Dean after he says handsome:

This is the most perfect reaction gif for someone watching total Destiel nonsense going down and just drinking their drink and minding their own business because what the fuck you guys

(This is my favoured pretend reaction to most Destiel stuff like, wow, you assholes, I can’t believe I have to sit at the same table as you leave me to drink my coffee in peace)

Wally honestly doesn’t even seem to have much reaction except for like, glancing back and forth between them with a sort of “okay this is happening and I have no idea what it is” expression… 

Sam though… Sam.

Have you ever seen a man’s soul leave his body?

He turns his eyes down and shakes his head after Dean’s said all the “devastatingly handsome” stuff and starts talking on Cas’s behalf about wondering when Mandy gets off. Maybe he’s been the victim of Dean trying to hook him up a few too many times… Maybe he just feels sorry for Cas because he can see Cas’s ??? about it from a mile off, maybe he’s just realised that Dean really is going to insist Cas hook up with Mandy despite the ridiculous jealousy and posturing Dean went through and this is involving poor Mandy in the middle of something she shouldn’t be dragged into… Maybe he just knows how bad Dean’s pick up lines are and wants her to be spared, especially as this is on Cas’s behalf, not Dean’s :P 

Anyway he appears to have been holding steady a “concerned eyebrows, side-eye at Dean” expression during “devastatingly handsome” which we catch him in just before he gives up the ghost. 

Better Than Scotch

Alex turned the shot glass upside down and placed it next to the bottle of scotch. She had heard the kind of day that Maggie had had and was setting up in case she dropped by. The state of the alien bar wasn’t one where Maggie could safely go get a drink so Alex sort of hoped that Maggie would show up at her place instead.

She moved the stool a smidge to the side making sure that Maggie could sit at her kitchen bar and comfortably drink. After looking over the simple set up, Alex moved to the couch. She picked up her book, throwing one last glance at the stool before sinking into her reading.

She heard the key slide into the lock and looked up from her book. She didn’t move. She was going to give Maggie the space she needed to grieve and lick her wounds. Luckily, they weren’t physical wounds, but they still hurt. Alex had been there before.

The lock slowly slid back and the door slowly opened. Maggie walked into the apartment like her mind hadn’t accompanied her. Her head was tilted down so that long curls hid her face from Alex, but Maggie’s stature broke her heart. Her shoulders were rolled forward, her back sagging.

Maggie walked straight to the bar without a word and sat down.

Alex looked back at her book, feigning a read. She listened to Maggie unscrew the cap and heard the liquid fill the glass. The bottle made a heavy noise on the counter when she set it down.

Alex knew what was next - the slam of the bottom of the shot glass after Maggie had taken the shot. But that sound never came.

The next sound was the scraping of the stool on the ground, and the shuffling of work boots against the floor. Alex looked up in time to see Maggie sink into the couch next to her.

Maggie sat rigid, staring straight forward.

Alex wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do, but whatever it was, she wanted to do it. She wanted to help.

Before she could made a move, she saw a momentary waver. Maggie swayed a bit to the side before her shoulder brushed Alex’s. Then Maggie’s weight moved into Alex.

Alex moved her arm so that Maggie could settle against her shoulder. She turned her back to the corner of the couch, letting Maggie lean farther into her.

When Maggie’s head hit her shoulder, Alex placed a gentle hand on the side of Maggie’s head. She kissed the crown of Maggie’s head.

Maggie kicked off her boots and extended her legs across the couch. She was still for a few seconds before a full body sigh deflated her body.

Alex ran her fingers through Maggie’s hair. She traced Maggie’s arm, down to her fingers that rested on her stomach. She didn’t speak.

When Maggie finally moved, she placed her hand over Alex’s and kept it wrapped around her. “Thank you.”

“Of course,” Alex kissed Maggie’s head again.

Her eyes flittered over to the bar where a shot of scotch sat, untouched.

Okay so, I was looking through the banquet pics again(as you do lol). And specifically at the ones on Viktor’s phone. Now I’m sure plenty of people pointed this out when the episode first came out but I’mma do it anyways cause it made me laugh.

So clearly picture one is Yuuri getting all up in Viktor’s space but it looks as though he’s noticing Viktor is taking pictures. Or even the possibility that he asked Viktor to. Like, “hey hey, watch this” either way he is looking at the camera is his hand in the bottom right corner almost looks like it was poking at the lens.

The next picture to me(as someone who has done stupid drunk shit in the name of “WATCH THIS AND SEE HOW AMAZING I AM”) looks as though he is going, “watch me drink this whole fucking bottle of champagne!”

So now the bottle is open and his right hand almost looks as if he has just ripped off the cork and just nonchalantly chucked it god knows where across the room.

Homeboy then proceeds to very enthusiastically down the fucking bottle. I believe he definitely knows Viktor is taking pictures and is intentionally “putting on a show”. Cause even when you’re drunk you don’t just flamboyantly drink like that just cause. He wants to impress Viktor.

Last one, this fucker, looking right at the camera, looking so damn proud, smug as fuck holding a presumably empty or almost empty bottle. Everything about his face to me screams, “told ya I could do it. Aren’t you impressed?” Who’s to say they’re even actually photos cause to me they look a lot more like screenshots from a video(which Viktor did say he had videos iirc). Where Yuuri starts out making sure it’s recording, is all, “ALRIGHT WATCH THIS SHIT!” Even moves away from the camera so you can see better, downs the whole bottle then runs back over like, “it’s lit, 10/10 would drink again, I did so good” because a drunk Yuuri is a confident Yuuri, and Viktor approves. I can just see the grin on his face, during that scene with his little “wow”


This isn’t part of the canon because it developed through a long time and several threads. The following takes place between Sept. 2014 and Feb. 2017 and solely influences main!verse aka; beginner’s luck. ( Hinting to P.S!Sakon because his current mindset has been becoming eerily similar to that one ).

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abusers do not change so don’t stick around with them thinking guilt or good influence or deep convos will make a difference. they won’t. my friends told me after he assaulted me, my friend vowed through guilty TEARS never to binge drink again, go ahead and guess whether he actually changed or not…….

So what happens instead is that the baby drowns in glitter instead of burning to death.

That’s quite the fate right there.


Of course.

Okay this made me laugh a lot.

I wanna go drink with this lady.

Me every day of my life.

I deeply relate to this picture.

Man Star is just…. 

I mean I get it, she’s been fighting monsters her whole life but she’s not even giving this guy a chance.



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I drank my coffee too fast and now my stomach is all *BLEH* but I want to go drink 5 more cups of coffee but also we don't have any more sugar that I know of do you see my problem?

Dont drink any more, try to eat somethin itll bake you feel better

im going to stretch and drink some water and light some candles and get out some crystals and try to churn out some good art today

mom told me i should take a nap but i dont want to have more nightmares. i know ill have to sleep again soon though. so. im gonna try to get as much art done while im still…a person. i guess.

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Logic how can I focus on my homework?

First off get off of tumblr.
Second tell your self that your do 3/5/10/20 problems (whatever number makes sense) then get up walk around maybe get a drink then go and do another set. It better to pick a number of problems not a time cause we tend to just sit there and run down the clock
You can come back on tumblr once your done with you homework always good to reward yourself for getting things done Good luck with your homework

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If you still want to give out sarcastic readings, I'd love a general reading :D Thank you!

What you need to do, is go have a few drinks, and then some more, until you feel all happy and free, and then go and buy yourself something new and shiny.

Have fun. Show us what you got. 

yesterday me and my friend ate noodles then we were walking for a while and were sure that we werent going to drink today and i added my commentary to our general mood that ‘probably alcoholism is a conscious or unconscious response to something wrong that is going on’ and when i was expecting nod she was like ‘what?! something is deeply wrong when u r unable to drink!’ and i was like ‘u r the master’ and we went to drink  red wine again.

I’m dying, I was talking to my professor about a Complicated Semantics Thing and he said that he’d gone into awful detail with all these complicated mathematical proofs in a book he wrote.  I snorted (because it was definitely a “making fun of my younger self” tone) and he said, “Ah well, I was young” in the EXACT tone of voice you’d admit to going out drinking a bit too often or hooking up with terrible people in college.


There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…