go drink all you want i dont need you

So I just made an almost midnight trip down to the petrol station in my pyjamas because I had an intense need for ribena and it gave me the cutest idea for a wolf star AU

  • so Sirius is a university student
  • and Remus is also a university student, except he pulls night shifts at the local petrol station/off license/supermarket/wherever to help pay for things
  • so one night Sirius James and Peter, who share a flat probbly paid for by james’ parents or something, are all staying up late drinking (as ever) and at about midnight drunk Sirius decides that he HAS TO GO GET RIBENA RIGHT NOW
  • Sirius you twat it’s midnight the shops are fucking shut why do you want bloody ribena
  • and Sirius pulls on his boots and puts his motorbike jacket on over his pjs and walks ten minutes down the road, staggering ever so slightly
  • and of course our favourite cardigan wearing dork is working that night
  • one moment he’s falling asleep at the counter and the next the most attractive bloke he’s ever seen staggers in to the shop and starts staring at the shelves muttering
  • “can I help you sir?” Remus tries to hide the blush creeping up his face
  • “’IM FINE THANKS I GOT THIS” Sirius shouts as he grabs 5 cartons of ribena from the shelf
  • Remus blinks for a second and takes in the guy before him, PUGS NOT DRUGS pyjamas and all, desperately trying to think of a chat up line before the guy leaves
  • “I like your pyjamas” he mutters as he scans the drinks
  • ‘oh yeah great chat up line that one, he must be woo-ed off his feet’ Remus thinks, wanting to punch himself
  • Sirius smirks at him, tossing his glossy hair
  • “what’s underneath them is even better mate” he says, slurring his words a little, with a wink as he pays
  • Remus blushes bright red and stutters as Sirius laughs and leaves the shop
  • next morning when hung over Sirius shuffles in again, this time fully dressed and with large black sunglasses covering his eyes, Remus, who hasn’t clocked out yet sees him again and smiles
  • Sirius buys bottles of water, pain killers and cheese and when he gets to the counter his eyes widen as he remembers what he said
  • “good morning, no ribena this time I see” Remus says with a laugh, flicking his curly hair out of his eyes and pulling his big baggy cardigan sleeves back up
  • this time it’s sirius’s turn to go bright red because holy shit this guy is hot
  • Sirius laughs and apologises, trying to play it smooth despite his hangover
  • “hey I’m sorry if I made a strange first impression last night… Remus,“ he says reading remus’s name tag
  • "that’s fine, it was the most interesting thing that happened all night anyway” Remus replies casually with a smirk
  • ‘Was that casual?Did i sound casual? Oh god can he see me blushing?’ is what Remus is thinking at that moment
  • "I’d love the chance to see if my second impression will go any better” Sirius says again with a coy smile
  • Remus blushes slightly again but is still smiling
  • “I don’t even know your name, though you know mine”
  • “Sirius Black of The Noble and Most Ancient House of Black at your service” he says with a small flourish of his hand
  • he sounds grand despite his obvious hangover
  • Remus grins
  • “well then Sirius, I’d love a second impression. I clock off in a minute, coffee?“

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todays not a good day

Addiction (Namjoon x addict!reader)

Originally posted by choke-me-namjoon

  • Warnings: Self harm, drinking, anxiety attacks,cursing, this story will have a very heavy atmosphere, please read with caution.
  • I secretly wanted to make this, mostly because I struggle with self harm, and anxiety, and I wanted to make people who are going through this to remind them that someone does love you. Please enjoy.

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how would rfa + searan + v react finding out that mc is a huge fujoshi and otaku and ships them all together.

god im so excited i finally got to this request ive been waiting to write this since the beginning of time

~headcanon requests closed for now~


  • Yoosung answers a knock on his door 
  • MC stands in his dooway, beaming
  • “lets go shopping today, Yoosungie~!”
  • Yoosung was just planning on spending the day studying buuuut he’d much rather go shopping with MC
  • on the car ride over, MC calls up Seven to invite him to the gathering
  • they put the call on speaker phone so Yoosung can hear Seven saying he was looking for an excuse to ditch his work anyway
  • the three of them cause trouble in the mall for a few hours till MC’s stomach starts to grumble
  • “sounds like you’re getting hungry!”
  • Yoosung says as he playfully rubs MC’s tummy
  • “yea, i guess i am. what do you guys think about getting some grub from the foot court?”
  • “hey, i’m always down to chow down”
  • Seven links arms with Yoosung and MC on either side of him and leads the way triumphantly to the food court
  • once the three of them have food, they sit down with Yoosung and MC next to each other and Seven sitting across form them
  • “MC~~ all that shopping made me so tired! will you feed me?”
  • Yoosung rests his head in his hand and gives his chopsticks to MC with his free hand
  • “i will after i finish feeding myself, Yoosungie”
  • “i’ll feed you, Yoosungie!”
  • Seven shoved some chicken into his mouth and then picked up a piece and waved it in front of Yoosung playfully
  • MC’s eyes widened
  • “Seven, please dont-”
  • but Seven sized the opportunity while he could, and pushed the chicken into Yoosung’s mouth while he was talking
  • Yoosung tried to yell at Seven some more
  • “now, now, Yoosung! dont be rude. no talking with your mouth full”
  • Yoosung rolls his eyes and finished chewing
  • “you’re so-”
  • but Seven feeds Yoosung again before he can finish
  • Seven stars to laugh as Yoosung broodingly chews his food
  • “this is kind of fun”
  • as if this was some kind of cartoon, MC spits out their drink in a spit take-ish manner
  • Seven and Yoosung both look at them, confused
  • “you…you alright?”
  • MC looked at Seven
  • “you two love each other”
  • Seven looks back at Yoosung with a menacing smile on his face
  • “well, is it true Yoosung? do we love each other?”
  • he lifts another piece of chicken to Yoosungs mouth
  • “want me to feed you some more, babe?”
  • Yoosung wants to respond and tell Seven he’s an idiot, but they were both distracted by MC dramatically burring their face into their hands and squealing


  • MC and Jaehee were greeting guests at the door together
  • Jumin was at the party early, before the doors opened with the other two
  • about ten minutes after MC and Jaehee started letting guests in, Zen walks through the doors
  • “Jaehee, MC! it’s so good to see you”
  • he hugs them both, wearing a big warm smile
  • “you two should go enjoy the party! i’ll take it from-”
  • “Zen, nice of you to finally join us”
  • Jumin strides toward Zen, fixing his sleeves as he approaches 
  • “ah yes, here he is. the life of the party”
  • sarcasm was dripping from Zen’s voice
  • “well, considering i helped more with the party than you did, i suppose i did give it life in a way”
  • Zen rolls his eyes and scoffs
  • “please tell me you havent talked to any of the guests yet and bored them with this bullshit”
  • Jaehee continues to greet guests, trying to ignore Zen and Jumins bickering
  • MC was still standing with Jaehee, but stopped paying attention to the party goers and just stared and Jumin and Zen
  • after a few more exchanges between the two men, MC grabs Jaehee’s arm and pulls her close
  • “MC what are you-”
  • “look at that tension”
  • Jaehee looks at Jumin and Zen, who were both still spitting bitter insults at each other, then looks back at MC who’s watching the exchange…a little too closely
  • Jaehee takes off her glasses and breathes some hot air onto them, then rubs them off and puts them back onto her face
  • …yup, Jumin and Zen are definitely fighting
  • “if you dont mind, MC, i think i should attend to the guests now-”
  • MC tightens their grip on Jaehee and pulls on her again
  • “cant you see it? on the surface they fight all the time, but deep down Jumin and Zen really care about each other
  • MC, without taking their eyes off Jumin and Zen, leans toward Jaehee’s ear
  • “like…they really really care”
  • Jaehee breaks away from MC and straightens her cardigan
  • “okay….alright. just dont…”
  • MC’s still staring at the boys
  • Jaehee grabs MC and pulls them away from the entrance
  • “alright, we’re going somewhere else now”


  • “Jumin, whats this?”
  • MC was rummaging around Jumin’s penthouse looking for Elizabeth when they stumbled upon some old photo albums
  • Jumin came into the room to see MC sitting on the couch, flipping through the pictures
  • “i see you found some pictures from when i was a kid”
  • Jumin sits on the couch next to MC
  • “there are so many pictures of you and V in here”
  • “yea, i suppose there are. when i was young, V was the only kid i ever really…connected with. i had a few other friends through out the years but no one could compare to the person i grew up with”
  • MC continues to nonchalantly flip through the pages
  • “that’s pretty romantic” they mutter
  • “what was that?”
  • MC quickly shuts the book and tries to recover
  • “i said that’s, um, fantastic! yea, it’s fantastic that you and V have always been such good…friends”
  • Jumin smiles and grabs another photo album
  • he opens it up in his lap and looks at all the old photographs sloppily taped onto colored paper, with some stickers and notes about the photos strewn randomly on the pages
  • “Jumin…is this a scrapbook?”
  • he laughs a little, flipping through the messy pages
  • “yes. V convinced me to make one with him as a kid. he loved taking pictures and putting them together like this, but i was never as talented as him”
  • MC scoots closer to Jumin, looking through the scrapbook
  • “i wish i could look through the one V made…i wonder if he still has it”
  • “would you be sad if he didnt?”
  • Jumin closes the photo book
  • “yes, i suppose i would be”
  • “because you want him to treasure your friendship as much as you do?”
  • “…yea, i guess you’re right”
  • “and i bet you really miss hanging out with V all the time, right?”
  • Jumin hesitates before answering, not sure what MC is getting at
  • “i do miss V, MC, but i dont really-”
  • “cause you love him”
  • Jumin just looks at MC
  • “and you want to kiss him”
  • “okay, MC, no more photo albums for you”
  • MC and Jumin play tug-of-war for a few seconds with the books before Jumin finally wins and rips them away from MC
  • he puts them into a drawer in a desk
  • and then locks the drawer
  • “like, ever”


  • “MC! i need your help re-moistening my creative juices”
  • was the first thing that came out of Seven’s mouth when MC answered his call
  • “Seven, please tell me you have a good reason to use the word ‘moist’ just then
  • “i want to prank Yoosung, but i can’t come up with anything good!”
  • MC lets out a long, heavy sigh
  • god, why do they always involve me in their flirting
  • “Seven, why do you feel the need to mess with Yoosung so much?”
  • Seven goes silent for a few seconds
  • “because it’s funny…? dont you think it’s funny, MC?”
  • “whats funny about it?”
  • ……….
  • “just the way he’ll believe anything i say and just go along with it! remember when we made him drink all that chocolate milk! that was hilarious!!”
  • “why dont you ever prank Zen or Jumin? i’m sure they’re more gullible than you think. Jumin doesnt know anything about pop culture so i bet we could get him to do some real stupid stuff”
  • Seven starts whining, frustrated that MC keeps questioning him
  • “but it wont be as much fuuuuuuunnnnnn”
  • “Seven, did you know that when little girls are picked on by boys in elementary school, they’re told it’s because the boys have a crush on them?”
  • “how does this help me prank Yooosuuuunnnggggg???”
  • MC sighs again
  • “okay, Seven! i think i have an idea”
  • “i’m all ears”
  • “so we’ll tell Yoosung that you’ve developed a cold sore, like a really bad one that causes you a lot of pain”
  • “okay. cold sore. got it”
  • “but it’s like a super rare condition so the doctor didnt have any medicine for it, and even if the doctor ordered medicine it wouldnt get here in time”
  • “ooohhh sounds very menacing”
  • “so heres the kicker”
  • Seven leans forward in his chair, waiting for MC to get to the juicy parts of the prank
  • “we tell Yoosung that the only way to heal your cold sore is with the kiss of a virgin”
  • “what the-”
  • “and then not only will Yoosung have to admit to everyone that he’s a virgin to save you, but he’ll have to kiss you! oh isnt it just so funny, Seven?!”
  • Seven moves his phone away from his ear
  • “uuuuhhhhhh…”
  • “oh, come on. dont act like you dont want to kiss that boy. i know you do”
  • after that the only thing Seven hears is the sound of MC hanging up the phone


  • V has never been a particularly perky person, but MC could tell something was seriously dragging him down today
  • he was sitting at the table looking out the window at the fall colors when MC sits down across from him
  • “is something bothering you?”
  • “oh, good morning, MC. i’m just…tired today”
  • “i can tell when you’re lying, V”
  • he smiles a little
  • “alright, you got me. i called Jumin last night and we got into a bit of an argument”
  • “was it that upsetting?”
  • V sighs and takes his gaze away from the window to look at MC
  • “i just hate fighting with him, thats all”
  • yea, because yOU LOVE JUMIN
  • no MC dont say that have some chill
  • “cant you guys just make out i mean make up?”
  • “i suppose i could call him later…”
  • MC grabs V’s hands from across the table
  • “no! you should go to his penthouse and apologize in person. it’s more meaningful that way!”
  • “i guess that might be a good idea, MC”
  • V was confused as to why MC was so concerned about affairs between him and Jumin, but he’s glad they’re trying to help nonetheless
  • “you should go now”
  • “now? but what if he’s busy?”
  • “V!!! cant you see that a spontaneous visit is more…umm…sincere?”
  • maybe V should leave…MC is starting to get this weird look in their eyes
  • “okay, i’ll leave now”
  • V stands up and pries his hands away from MC
  • “dont forget this kiss”
  • “…..what?”
  • “how will Jumin know how you really feel if you dont kiss him????”
  • “how i really feel? what the hell are you talking about?”
  • MC stands up and hides their face with their arm, running out of the kitchen
  • “ugh, V! why cant you see that long lasting child hood friendships are one of the best predictors of a successful and healthy romantic relationship?! why wont you just love Jumin??” 
  • MC seems really upset….should V comfort them?
  • ….probably not


  • “Seven, MC, does Yoosung have to come over for dinner? you guys know i’m bad with company”
  • Seven and MC were preparing dinner, and it was almost finished
  • “thats exactly why we invited him”
  • Seven called from the kitchen
  • “you like, suck with people. but Yoosung is pretty easy to get along with so i think this will go well”
  • MC doesnt say anything. they honestly thought this was a terrible idea but Seven insisted so whatever
  • the dinner was kind of awkward at first, Seven sat next to Yoosung while MC and Saeran sat across from them
  • the majority of the first 10 minutes was Seven making bad jokes and teasing Yoosung while Saeran and MC silently ate
  • normally MC would join in with Seven and tease Yoosung as well, but they didnt want Saeran to feel like a total fourth wheel
  • while Seven was loudly telling a story about when he was undercover to Yoosung, MC decided to talk to Saeran
  • “so, what do you think of Yoosung so far?”
  • Saeran responded without looking up from his food
  • “he’s okay i guess….i dont hate him as much as i thought i would”
  • MC giggles a little-WAIT
  • is Saeran blushing??
  •  they just go back to eating without saying anything else
  • when Seven’s story is finished, Yoosung tries to start up a conversation with Saeran
  • “so, um, Saeran! how is living with MC and Seven? i imagine Seven probably gets annoying”
  • Saeran looks up-
  • okay yea he is SO BLUSHING 
  • with the same frowning face he always has, Saeran speaks
  • “you have food on your face, Yoosung”
  • “oh…i do? where?”
  • “on your bottom lip”
  • MC feels their face heat up
  • Seven how can you just eat your food right now as if nothing is happening
  • Yoosung licks his lips
  • “is it gone?”
  • “no”
  • to himself, Saeran says “god, is this guy stupid or something?”
  • he proceeds to lick his thumb, then, leaning across the table in front of MC slightly, wipes Yoosung’s bottom lip
  • “MC….are you okay?”
  • Seven was staring at MC, who had just dropped their fork, and is now using both hands to cover their nose
  • “um, sure i’m fine yea i just have to go to the bathroom right now”
  • “is that blood-”
  • “whats up with them?”
  • MC could hear Yoosung and Saeran talking about them through the bathroom door
  • “beats me”
  • god, boys are so stupid


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hey I haven't eaten anything in 3 days and yesterday has been the last day so I ate dinner and I have actually lost weight. today I'm planning on not eating then tomorrow I'll eat again so basicly I was thinking about eating a day and a day not. do you think this is a good idea? and how much weight will I lose? I'm 170cm 60kg

No this is a terrible thing to be doing. You’re destroying your metabolism, please stop this cycle and just eat clean and exercise. Losing weight isn’t worth destroying your body. Please talk to a doctor about how you can properly lose weight. They will be able to tell you how much you can/should lose and how to do so without destroying your body. 

Please don’t take this advice lightly. Your metabolism isn’t the only thing at stake here.  

Here are a few (but not limited too) things that may and will happen if you continue down this path:

- Mood swings and/or depression

- Thinking will become harder over time because youre starving your brain

- (if youre a female) could lose your period and destroy your chances of fertility

- Chronic Constipation, your digestive track works slowly resulting in not being able to poop as often and being bloated more often and for longer periods of time

- sleeping will become harder 


- Slow metabolism (will make it harder to lose weight later)

-  Under active thyroid hormone (causes hair loss/shuts down sex hormones/stress hormones rise)

- Low blood sugar

Some healthy ways to lose weight:

- instead of snacking on chips snack on fruit! any kind any amount

- feeling hungry? GREAT eat all the vegs you want. Google how to stir fry or just get a $3 bag of frozen vegs and go insane with the amount of possibilities (i love making stuffed peppers w/ quinoa yumm)

- replace sugary/diet drinks with water (if you dont like the plainess of water add a lemon!)

- Eat whole foods!! seriously this helps so much, eating less processed and more whole foods helps your body in so many ways

- Exercise but don’t over exercise!! your body needs to rest so it can heal and you can achieve more the next time you exercise

- Calories are not the all and end all of losing weight. 400 cals of fruits/vegs will benefit weight loss where as 400 cals of Doritos will not help at all lol.


I’m sorry if this isn’t what you were looking for but it is the truth. IT IS OKAY TO EAT, AND YOU SHOULD. Just make healthy choices and you will lose weight.

Please talk to a doctor about healthy ways to lose weight and/or tone your body and tbh you’re already at a good weight. If you want to tone up great! but please try to get off of this path of self destruction. You’re life is worth more then this. Losing weight this way isn’t worth all the side effects and long term damage it can cause. I only typed all this out because I care. I care about you and your health. I hope you can make the right decision and start off on the right path soon. Take care <3 

Things NOT to say to somebody with anxiety

-Cmon, a little girl can do it and you can’t?

-stop being a pussy

-If you don’t order for yourself, you won’t get it

-You know, in THE REAL WORLD, you won’t have an adult to do everything for you

-Just stop freaking out

-Have you tried going on medication?

-You need to do things for yourself

-Just calm down

-stop overreacting

-WHEN ORDERING FOR US. DONT. MAKE. IT. OBVIOUS. YOU’RE. ORDERING. FOR. US. If you’re gonna turn around and ask what I wanted again so you can repeat it to the chick at the counter, that’s even worse then me having to order for myself. DONT DO THAT SHIT

-You probably have anxiety because of all of that coffee, monster, etc you drink

My Shirt - Steve Rogers x Reader

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A/N: praise our lord and savior hayley atwell i have no more requests. that being said, go crazy with my inbox. also, if you request plots, the stories will most likely be longer (but i’ll give the prompt lists dont worry)

Prompts (1 , 2 pls specify what list ): “Are you okay?” “I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with…” “Are you wearing my shirt?” (by anon)

Warnings: Being shot, getting knocked out (dont worry the rest is fluff, fighting is in the beginning)

Words: 1041

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Writing prompt #7

1. “I could kiss you right now!“
2. “I’m not jealous.”
3. “I might have had a few shots.”
4. “I shouldn’t be in love with you!”
5. “Just admit I’m right.”
6. “Well this is awkward…”
7. “Just pretend to be my date”.
8. “Are you wearing my shirt?”
9. “It’s midnight, what do you want?”
10. “All nighter, you and me. First one to fall sleep buys the other dinner.”
11. “I don’t think I’ve ever played spin the bottle.”
12. "Don’t look at me like that.”
13. “I need a drink.”
14. “Just what did we do last night?”
15. “This stays between us.”
16. “You owe me.”
17. “Scoot over. I want to be under the blanket too.”
18. “Wait, you want to do what?”
19. I’m not going to remember this tomorrow, so what the hell.“
20. "Dont laugh at me you jerk!”

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okay first of all: ily and I hope you're hydrated <3 second of all: is there a dnp moodboard tag? like the phanart tags etc? I'm going to get back into making them and I thought id ask you since you're a moodboard goddess

ahh tori ily2 and i need to drink some water thanks for the reminder and i dont think so?? i usually just put the normal dnp tag :( but if you want to send you mb to me and ill reblog <3 ily!!!

  • mika: *wakes up in a cold sweat from a nightmare*
  • me: *sitting on mika's nightstand but facing away from ha*
  • me: what's wrong mika?
  • mika: i just had a dreams-ft-beyonce.mp3 that drake wanted to eat rihanna out instead of me or beyoncé
  • me: *turns my head to reveal that i was really drake and his body is now there and my voice is replaced by his*
  • me: now why would drake ever do that?
  • mika: *screams loudly*
  • mika: *wakes up scared from having a nightmare in her nightmare*
  • mika: *looks around and sees drake, nicki minaj, ciara, and beyoncé surrounding her in a big circular bed with soft sheets and lots of pillows*
  • mika: d*mn, at least things are back to normal
  • nicki: *rubs ha eyes as she leans up from beys behind, which she was using as a pillow* whats the matter babe
  • mika: i just had a bad dream
  • nicki: im sorry, those nightmares is ya sons you need to tell em you dont want custody, ill go get you a glass of sparkling crystal tap water out of the hands free drinking water dispenser in the wash room *gets up*
  • mika: im so grateful that all of us are in such a caring relationship, i hope you rap about this on your next single onika
  • mika: *cuddles up to drake and rests her head on his chest, because he is wearing mlp: friendship is magic pajamas that mika bought him for christmas and she appreciates that*

Hello!! My name is Tabs and I’m a 15 year old kid who needs some help!!

I’m asking for donations because me and my family are in really need of money.
So both my parents are disable and can’t work so our only source of income is their disability money. After all the bills are paid we can only get enough food for like three people (there’s five people living here) you can imagine how that goes lol.
our house is also in bad shape because the old floors we had/have couldn’t handle my dads wheelchair so holes started happening. we really need to re do our floors because its not safe with my dad and stuff.
My mom also need to get dental work done but her insurance doesn’t cover eyes or teeth so we’re stuck there too.
~questions you may have about donating~

How do I donate?
I will be accepting donations through Paypal! My email is tabithavananda@gmail.com and I’ll putting a donate button on my blog real soon!
What will my money be going towards?
Getting food, Fixing our home, medical costs, and any extra things we may need in the future!!
I don’t like donating/i don’t feel safe with paypal.
That’s okay! I have 2 wishlists, one for food and supplies and the other is stuff I would personally like! You can buy us something there if you’d want!

All amounts of money would help us. I mean with a dollar we can buy bread or something to drink. Also please dont stress yourself on donating, If you can’t donate that’s fine! We just appreciate you even considering it.
If you could reblog this that would be awesome! Thank you!!