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Deep sea merm wip


Nowhere to run boy run, come here right now
Cause when the sun goes down the beast comes out

Sakura Haruno [Do Not Repost]

Tried another new style. Didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to, dammit 😭😭
Gonna draw Naruto with a huge sunflower on his head lol XD. N draw Sasuke with a duck on his head maybe? Omg 😂😂
I’m rarely drawing fanart nowadays wth..

@jordanunderneath I drew your puppets. I love them. I would love to see these two interact I think it would be very interesting.

I made a speedpaint it’ll be up later.

toastyhat  asked:

Could I have a Psiioniic meeting Sollux? Perhaps in some AU where our Alternian heroes liberate him from the Condesce's ship and he's just shocked and confused to see that he has a descendant (and possibly that the rest of his friends do too)?

This kind of AU is 200% my jam, omg. Thank you so much for asking me to draw this. (I was going to fit a Karkat in there somewhere but I still have a fair amount of drawing to get through, so alas. Another time perhaps.)

“kiss me, hardy,” queenie said.

maddie gave a sobbed gasp of laughter. she bent her head to the cold hand on her shoulder and kissed it warmly. the small fingers brushed her cheek, gave her shoulder one last squeeze and retreated through the bulkhead.

maddie heard the rear canopy slide open. she felt the faintest dip in the aircraft’s balance as the weight shifted. then she flew alone.

@didnotstartthefire wanted cnv & 16. 


Self portraits I’m super pleased with! Usually I don’t quite feel like I have a good grasp on drawing myself, but I think I finally got it 👌✨