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i ’ v e    g o t    a    f e e l i n g    i t ’ s    n e v e r    t o o    l a t e
i close my eyes and see myself how my dreams will come true

colored&edited official sketch (x)

If Eren`s Mom Lived...

Carla: Y`know captain Levi, my little Eren had quite the crush on you.

Eren: Oh Maria, mom no please-

Carla: He would go on and on about how pretty you were and how you`d become his bride!

Eren: Mom, please stop it.


Carla: Oh! And don`t even get me started about when he started making those noises in his room at ni-

Eren: Mom! Ugh, captain, I am so sorry about this!

Levi: You should be. Where`s my ring you damn brat?

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mother!! can you please write a bts jimin friends to lovers au? i love your writing! idk if your finals r over but GOOD LUCK! you can do this! fighting!

my finals are close!!!! but writing for you guys is helping me relax~ 
here’s jimin friends-to-lovers ~~!! 

  • you met jimin through mutual friend taehyung who introduced you guys when you bumped into him and jimin at a local pizza place
  • and taehyung’s first introduction between you two was literally “you guys are actually alike, always worrying about other people and being ,,,,,you know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what’s it kids say these days,,,,,,soft?”
  • and you and jimin were both like heY we aren’t soft!!!!!! but the reality is you guys are both the Softest and ever since you first hung out with him and taehyung it was obvious you and jimin were alike in may aspects
  • you were both simultaneously trying to stop taehyung from doing something funny, that was also dangerous but you were both also denying the fact that you were “party poopers” as taehyung put it,,,,,
  • after that you and jimin got close,,,,,because taehyung had suggest you’d exchange numbers and it was just a casual thing 
  • and then when you’d gotten home that day,,,jimin had actually texted you first?????
  • and it said ‘if you can, text me when you’re home so i know you’re safe! nice meeting you today,,,,,,hope this isn’t weird ;___;’
  •  and you knew,,,,since then,,,,that jimin was definitely a friend worth making and keeping because??? it’s hard to find people so genuine and sweet
  • and for a while you only hung out together if taehyung was there or if there was a group of people,,,,,but one day jimin asks if you’d like to go out with him,,,,,you know alone,,,,,
  • and you’re like !!!! because this is the first time but also,,,,,like why not?? jimin is fun and you agree and jimin says you guys should meet up and just hang out in the mall
  • and when you see him waiting there he looks a little nervous, and you catch him trying to fix his hair in the reflection of one of the shop windows
  • and you’re like,,,,,hmm,,,,,but you brush it off and call out his name and poor jimin almost jumps high enough to reach the ceiling of the mall
  • but once you’re in front of him,,,,,,this big smile spreads across his face and you grin back,,,,unsure of what he’s so happy about it but seeing him shine like the sun you can’t help but reciprocate it,,,,,,one of the many good things about jimin is he spreads happiness so easily,,,,,,
  • and so he says you two should check out the indoor theme park and you’re excitedly telling him you’d lOVE that,,,,,,,,
  • and once you’re there you point out the pirate ship and jimin gulps but he can see how your eyes are flickering with excitement and he gets on with you simply because he can’t say no to you,,,,,,,
  • and halfway through you feel jimin bury his face into your sleeve and you giggle and throw your arms around him and,,,,,you don’t see it,,,,,but jimin’s face goes tomato red and when you’re off the ride you ask him if he’s sick but he’s just like nO!!!! it’s from the ride!!! im just sweaty that’s all hahah
  • and as you’re walking you can see cotton candy and you’re like oMG and jimin shyly asks if you’d want him to buy you some and you’re like would YOU?? you’re an ANGEL PARK JIMIN
  • and he just tries to hide his blush again and you guys share the big puffy swirl of pink and jimin keeps peeking at you as you take bites and in his head it’s just: they’re so cute. so damn cute. cute. cu t e. cUTE.
  • and you’re like “jimin im going to go try and win that stuffed animal for you!” and he’s like ?!?!!?? for me??? and you’re like YES i want to say thank you for this date——,,,,,,,,,
  • and jimin and you both stop and stare as the word falls out of your mouth and you’re like oH m Y GO D I DIDNT MEAN TO SAY THAT OH ITS SO AWKWARD IM SOR-
  • but jimin, who can’t hide his blush anymore, is shaking his head frantically and he’s like no it’s not awkward,,,,,,,,,i totally like the idea of this being a d-d–d-d–d–da—daTE,,,,,
  • and you’re like REALLY and he’s like yes!!!!! i,,,,originally asked you out,,,,and,,,,and wanted to ask before we got here if we,,,w,,e could call this a d–d–date,,,,,,,,,,,,but i got too,,,,s,,,,,shy,,,,,,
  • and you’re like omg you’re so freaking adorable and jimin is like ??? im not you’re adorable
  • and you take the cotton candy for his hand and lean up to kiss his cheek and jimin makes a small sound of surprise and you’re like SEE!! you are adorable
  • and jimin is like,,,,,,,speechless,,,,but also,,,,his heart is doing jumps of happiness and you giggle and take his hand and you’re like is this ok?? and he’s like YES SUPER OK
  • and you pull him over to the game stands and you’re like OK park jimin,,,,,,,,,,which stuffed animal do you want? and jimin kind of bites his lip and is like “,,,,,d,,,do you see the kissing teddy bears,,,,let’s get that one?” and you look up at him and you’re like hehe they look like us and jimin is like OH MY 
  • taehyung somewhere:,,,,yo jungkook i can sense that jimin is on a date right now
  • jungkook: heheh no way~
  • taehyung:,,,,,,,nope he’s DEFINITELY on a date and probably doing something corny,,,,,,,

Gif source:  Sam

Imagine sitting in the library with Sam during undergrad and playing footsie with him, distracting him from his studies as well as you from yours.

——— Request for anon ———

You were sitting across the table from Sam, but that didn’t hinder your reach any. His long legs took up most of the space between you temptingly, causing you to have difficulty focusing on your own studies with how cute he looked when he concentrated on his own. You glance up to catch sight of him, his brow furrowed seriously as his lips silently moved slightly to the words of his textbook while he tried to memorize as much as he could before going back to narrow down his studying with the notes he’d scribbled down during class.

Why did he have to look so damn cute?

Trying to suppress your smirk as you slipped off your sandal and pretended to focus on the page of the assigned reading sheet in front of you, you let your foot smooth against his ankle. Sam’s eyes immediately snap up to your face with a suspicious question silently being asked towards you, before they narrow in warning as you slip your foot up his calf seductively.

You’re unable to stop your smirk from breaking through as you glance up at the intensity of his stare, causing his own smile to erupt in a quiet huff of a chuckle as he shakes his head in disbelief. You were in the middle of the library, for Pete’s sake! Anyone who walked by could very easily see what you were doing if they only glanced under the table.

Sam clears his throat, shooting you a half-hearted warning glance before he looks back towards his book as he shifts in his seat across from you. You feel the fabric of his jeans shuffle against your foot as it creeps back down to his own, his leg pressing back against your foot as he tries not to grin into the pages of his book.

With your own giggle, you look back to your own work despite the distraction under the table when he begins to slip his foot up your leg, too.


Veronica Sawyer- Banshee (scream girl just get it all out)
JD (Jason Dean)- Kitsune (trouble making fuck was I fucking love you)
Connor Murphy- Poltergeist (this boy is empty but still salty as hell he’ll haunt all y'alls asses)
Evan Hansen- Kirin (you go baby you’re so damn beautiful bless your sweet sweet soul go frolic with nature or some shit)
Michael Mell- Siren (if you disagree go listen to Michael in the Bathroom one more time and try and tell me you wouldn’t jump in the ocean for this boy)
Jeremy Heere- Pixie (idefk man it’s the first thing that popped into my head like he’s so damn cute he’d be such a mischievous little nerd)
SQUIP- Keanu Reeves himself (that man is a magical creature and y'all know it either that or he’s an alien or some crazy shit he ain’t aged a day y'all)

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Congrats on 1k followers!! For requests, how about Shance - Dance :3c

Thank you :D

*Keep in mind I HC this as happening in the 80′, and Shiro is not a minor.

Taking this chance to remind everyone I’m still taking requests for my 1000 followers special! (Ps, ya’ll can ask for stuff other than shance lmao, like 80% of the prompts are shance fjgkhf not that I’m complaining)

“Would you do me the honor of a dance?”

The voice came from a cadet younger than him. Shiro recognized him as Keith’s friend, or rival, or something like that. Two grades below him, dark skinned, scrawny, and surprisingly not as short as Shiro had come to expect from younger people. He was almost his height, actually. Really cute as well. Such a shame Shiro would have to decline.

Smiling warmly, he said, “Thank you. I appreciate it, but I really don’t want any pity dances. Being outed like that wasn’t fun, but it’s fine.” He’s had a couple of other askers earlier that night already. Straight, genuinely nice guys who probably wanted to cheer him up, show their support. He appreciated the gesture, he really did. But he just wanted to let the storm pass, not draw more attention to the fact that, as it was phrased, “The garrison’s most promising fighter pilot is a faggot". Not over a pity dance, anyway.

“Wow, that’s… uh… I’m bi. And you’re hot. Really hot.”

“Oh.” Well, that… Certainly changed things.

“When I heard what happened… I was so pissed. It was such bullshit. You’re the best pilot we have, so who the hell cares who you… Uh…  Fancy.” The young cadet finished awkwardly, scratching the back of his head.

Fuck, he probably meant to say. It was known, after all, how the famous Takashi Shirogane was caught on his knees, sucking off a dude he picked up in an underground gay bar. According to the more tame rumors, anyway. The wilder ones… He didn’t even want to think about those.

He shouldn’t have broke the curfew to sneak to the nearest town. He was horny, yes, but was it worth almost getting kicked out? Absolutely not. Of course the administration said it was because of the disciplinary offense, aka breaking out at night, but they all knew what it was really all about. More than half the students sneaked out on a regular basis, and no one gave a flying fuck. But when word got around he was caught with a dude…. It was another story.

“Thank you. I wish more people would agree with you on this.” Shiro said weakly, letting some of his tough facade fade into something more vulnerable.

“I’m Lance, by the way.”

“Lance.” Shiro rolled the name around on his tongue. He liked the shape of it. “Takashi Shirogane, though I get the feel you already knew that.”

Lance chuckled softly, and yup, Shiro was indeed very, very gay. What was it about a cute boy laughing from your joke that instantly made your knees go weak?

“And on a second thought… A dance sounds really nice.” Damned be consequences, he wasn’t missing this opportunity for the world. 

honestly i just love this gif so much is so sweet and pURE look at him look at harry gently caressing liam’s ear for no fucking reason he’s not even snickering like he was trying to mess him up during the goD DAMN INTERVIEW he just looks so intense he’s doing that harry stare but at liam’s ear and he strokes it lightly, all soft and im actually going to cry why is this the sweetest thing ive seen in in my whole life 

some of my favorite scenes of episode 2, part 2

Still in no particular order.

6. First a sort of lotus pose… 

…then multiplying bread? They’re not skimping on the messiah symbolism here.

7. “You should put on some clothes.”
lol, I wondered if anyone would go there.

8. Just… this whole scene, with the handshake (and Zashunina’s bewildered reaction) and the shortening of names as a sign of becoming closer to one another. Seriously, it’s only episode 2 but the Shindou shipfic already writes itself, either with Hanamori or Zashunina. (Watch this show ending up with no fandom at all.)

9. His outfit is still not good enough, damn it. :D Shindou’s right though, nobody would take poor Zashunina seriously looking like this.

10. This entire sequence was gorgeous. And while yes, the mom reading to her child scene was there to show that Zashunina got the idea for his cape from the artwork, the sentence was also a pretty good fit. The King is going out to his “garden” to speak to the dogs, er, humans. 

(That children’s book looks so cute, too…)

i need a domestic plot in my life. i need it more than anything. like them buying their first flat or house together and getting engaged but being scared to tell their parents because they’re still young and going on their honeymoon and trying for a baby and finding out that they’re going to be parents and all these cute and domestic couple things like making breakfast together and kissing in the rain and first fights but forgiving each other because they’re so damn in love pls, someone do a domestic plot with me, i’d die for that to happen oh my goD

Read It Wednesday

Is this week ten? Did we finally make it to week ten? Holy crow that’s awesome! I’ve added a few changed to Read It Wednesday. Nothing major, I promise. As of now, I won’t be adding gif drabbles/celebration drabbles to future RIW’s. (unless they’re over 1,000 words) I will still read them but I just won’t be adding them. What I will be doing instead is reblogging those drabbles and making sure they get the love they deserve. ALSO I’ve stated this before, but I won’t be reading fics that don’t come with warnings. Warnings can be in the tags, just make a reference that they’re there. Some things I’m not comfortable with and I just like to spare myself those uncomfortable feelings. I hope none of you hate me for that. Annnd again, if you don’t see a specific series here, please understand that I’m not caught up on it, but will do my best to catch up on it soon. Okay, sorry for my long spiel, now onto the fics I’ve been tagged in this week!

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mtl to call u a nickname + what type

A/N: ok ik they do those “if u had to give ur gf a nickname” question at fansigns but i cant fucking find any pics of their responses, so sorry if this is inaccurate at all!!!
warnings: sex mention

  1. seungcheol
  2. jeonghan
  3. mingyu
  4. seokmin
  5. jisoo
  6. soonyoung
  7. wonwoo
  8. seungkwan
  9. minghao
  10. jun
  11. chan
  12. jihoon
  13. hansol

as if seungcheol wasnt d*ddy enough he really loves to indulge himself and call u “babygirl” and “beautiful” at home, but to tease u he’d “accidentally” say it in public and enjoy ur flustered reaction as the other members just go: …ok…..wait..what!

jeonghan would be all like……“princess” this, “princess” that, all the damn day he’d be calling u princess holy fucking shiiit. but its the cutest thing so???? who gives a fuck u luv it

mingyu, the huge goofball, would call u more of the silly nicknames in public: “pancake” and “peach” not sexy but still cute!!!!! during sex (specifically foreplay), it’d probs switch into more suitable nicknames for such occasion, like le classique “babe” and the sweeter “love”

seokmin’s a lil shit so if (is there rly an “if” here, its bound to happen) starbucks spelled ur name wrong guess what seokmin would do!!! yeah thats ur nickname!!! hes such a troll smh. he considers a nickname that makes u laugh the best kind of nickname honestly

jisoo doesnt even give a second thought to giving u a cute nickname. this fucker’d actually sit down and ask u which one you’d like to be called–and then call u it super duper often. “honey, what would u like me to bring home from burger king? honey, i don’t think they have that there…..ok honey, i’ll be home in 20!!!!”

so say you’re planning to have lunch with soonyoung at the company building later, and all he can tell the boys and the employees is “my baby is visiting me today :D” seriously its “my baby” and “my honey” 24/7, but its not limited to those two!! Its just always “my __(something)__” but honestly its frickin cute

wonwoo would call u nicknames only when he thought no one was listening, so yeah, when you’re alone, but he also might let a “baby” or “sweetheart” slip in public without realizing it awwww

seungkwan and minghao would use ur nickname only when they wanted something. “let’s go out for bbq tonight!”-“we went out for bbq earlier this week tho!!”-“please, babe??” minghao would even do it in an aegyo voice. u cant resist, its ur w e a k n e s s

jun wouldnt use them in front of ur face, cuz he’d probably end up being a giant goof and ruining it, but while referring to u in front of the other members, like in the instance of retelling stories, he’d use “babe.” he might even use “honey” over text

chan would be so shy using nicknames, he occasionally calls u “beautiful” or “gorgeous” but each time he’d fuck it up by laughing at the cheesiness of it. no matter if youre older or younger than him, hes still a lil pup who wants to prove his ~coolness~ but rarely does it bc hes super nervous

jihoon would rarely ever use them, or would take a while to use them, like maybe if u got married and had kids, he’d start calling u something cute like “honey” or “sunshine” but not while u were dating, hes too shy :’)

hansol seems like hes not all that big on nicknames (he said wasnt all that into “jagiya”) so i dont think he’s big on the whole “honey/baby/sweetie” stuff, unless you two are takin things downtown and he’d call you “babygirl”

- diamond

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Hey! You are an amazing writer! <3 Can I ask from HC's for Bakugou, Todoroki and Kirishima with their very positive s/o who is in a wheelchair? How do they go along with their s/o's handicap?

Oooo interesting. I’ve never witten a request where the significant other is handicapped so this should be new and exciting!

Bakugou Katsuki

  • Doesn’t understand at times how his s/o is able to be so damn happy all the time. If it were him, he’d be constantly angry at not being able to do things.
  • Following his s/o around like a personal bodyguard because even though he knows how strong they are, he doesn’t like the idea of his s/o struggling to do something by themselves.
  • Loves his s/o’s positive attitude even if it does annoy him at times.
  • Someone once complained because he and his s/o parked in the disabled parking space because they thought it wasn’t fair since she could still “roll through the parking lot”. Boy did Katsuki cause a scene that day with all his yelling.

Todoroki Shouto

  • Doesn’t hesitate to help his s/o if they ever need anything. He understands how hard it is to be confined to a wheelchair so tries his best to support them.
  • Keeping all of the essentials in the lower cupboards and drawers so his s/o doesn’t have to worry about things being to high up.
  • Often finds himslef being a bit to over-protective of his s/o.
  • Shouto is always amazed by how upbeat his s/o manages to stay and it’s one of the many reasons why he loves them so much.

Kirishima Eijiro

  • Would decorate his s/o’s wheelchair (if they allow him) so his s/o can feel fabulous and manly.
  • Having to help his s/o sometimes when they’re taking a bath because he knows it will be a struggle to get out by themself and he’s definitely not complaining.
  • If his s/o is feeling tired he won’t hesitate to push their wheelchair for them.
  • Complimenting his s/o on their amazing upper body strength. Hell, his s/o can sometimes give him a run for his money when he’s not using his quirk in an arm wrestle.
  • He likes to be positive too so when he sees how happy his s/o is even with their disability, it makes him smile.

What do I want you ask? I want Elain and Lucien to give their mating bond a chance and then I want them to come to the decision that they’d be better off just being friends then I want Lucien to go live with his real dad and finally be happy and find a feisty fae lady and I want Elain and Azriel to slowly recognize their love for eachother and have cute little shadow flower children and Elain and Lucien talk every week on the phone to discuss their lives and help eachother like good friends do and everyone is happy so I can finally get some daMN SLEEP

the day I don’t make a dnd char queer is the day I’m dead ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

🌟Kloks/ Kloxx goes by they/them🌟 

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Sorry this isn't a very exciting ask, but i'd like to read smth fluffy, so: how about hcs where MC decides to join Yoosung's university, and they start spending time together - naturally, MC sits with him, shares lunches with him, holds his hand sometimes, or even sits on his desk and hugs him, his face hidden against her chest (yay, go, bold MC!). How does he react, how do his friends react etc =)

You shush this is so fucking cute and I love it.

- Yoosung nearly cries out of happiness when you get accepted to transfer over to his University! He’s fist pumping and cheering when you send him the text announcing it.
- And he looves the attention: Loves being able to spend more time with you, sharing the schools bad lunch. Even studying is better with you! You give him such cute pecks on the cheek/forehead when he passes a mock test you made for eachother
- Every time the two of you walk near his friends, his hand is instantly grasping yours, trying to pretend like he isn’t making a point of going “My girlfriend! I told you! I have one!!!” To them.
- And, to be fair, at first his friends didn’t believe him. They teased him a bit, but when you come into one of their shared classes, sitting next to Yoosung and smooching his cheek, they nearly yelled in shock that Yoosung got a girlfriend before them!
- Yoosung tries to show you off sometimes, but most of the time he likes finding a secluded bench outside where the two of you can hold hands and discuss your days.
- It gets a bit lonely when the two of you have different classes, but he loves how you hold his hand in the classes you do share
- (He also loves that your notes are more in depth than his, thank you so much for paying attention more than him, omg)
- Sometimes, when you sit on his desk and do that hug that pulls his face right into your chest- He just can’t speak. You pull away and he’s a blushing mess, trying to not let his mind wander too far down the gutter.
- (More often than not, the nsfw thoughts come screeching to a halt when the rough lessons begin. Argh!! University!!)

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I would just like to say that watching bnha 2.1 after finding your blog was almost like paranoia "is that a ship moment?? What about that!? Oh and them! They said words to each other!is this the start of love???" (I've not read the manga yet and I feel s1 was a little lacking in ship fuel)

LMAO this is the best ask I’ve ever gotten oh my god I’m laughing - don’t worry anon, I don’t actively ship any crack ships in bnha and all the ones that haven’t happened yet start happening during the sports fest (reason #1 why it’s one of my favorite arcs), you’re not too far away from seeing The Goods™ 👍👍👍

Anon said:  I got a pretty bad concussion in a fight earlier this week so I’ve been barred from class and generally cooped up but plus side is I’m now completely caught up on the BNHA manga! Now I’ll get to experience your art in real time! Love your work!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!! I’m so happy to hear that, I hope you really enjoyed it, anon!!!!! Sorry about the concussion though, I hope it isn’t giving you problems and that you’ll get better asap!! 💕💕

Anon said:  IWA’S ARMS HOLY R I P P E D B O Y

He’s canon jacked after all!!!!! God I’m so weak for Iwaizumi I feel everyone in Seijou a lot

Anon said: Ahh hi it’s polykid, I haven’t sent an ask in ages oh boy,,, I was just wondering if you have any poly ships in voltron??? The way you draw them is super cute I love ahh

WELP as I said as far as Lance’s happy I’ll ship anything, but as far as polyships go my faves are with Ketih and Hunk AND the garrison trio !!! Both ships are so damn good tbh~ and thank you!!!!! *O*

Anon said:  I kind of ship Sun Eater and Red Riot. What the actual fuck.

TBH I DON’T BLAME YOU I guess you might say I somewhat ship it too? But I’m general super weak for senpai/kouhai kind of relationships and Kirishima acting as Jiki’s personal motivator was just so pure???? It’s giving me all the sibilings feels TBH a bit like Deku and Mirio I’m very very glad for this new relationship please horikoshi let amajiki be fine

Anon said:  So… that colorpage for BHNA though…. LOOK AT MY SHY SON. IM DED

I KNOW RIGHT OH MY GOD HE’S SO GOOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH please horikoshi seriously let him be fineee

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Eren uses his good looks to get his way, constantly. He doesn't do it around the Levi Squad, but they've seen him do it enough times. A flutter of his eyelashes and a flirty smile and everyone does whatever he wants. Levi gets so jealous that he starts deliberately denying Eren things just so Eren will try and beg, and it actually works.

Who`d have thought, under that dopey, clumsy facade hid a fucking minx. 

This was in reference to a certain Eren Jaeger who Squad Levi had brought along to the market because they certainly couldn`t leave him alone. That wasn`t unusual, what was unusual was the fact that everything was insanely expensive because people swore they had money out the ass and were charging an arm and leg for a fucking apple. Levi had expected to shell out far more than he was willing, but he`d not expected Eren to talk the price down for them, and definitely not like this.

“Oh, but a big handsome guy like you, can`t you spare just a bit for a hungry soldier?” Eren purred to the greedy merchant, tip toeing his tan fingers up the man`s chest, causing him to gulp.

“W-well, you know I tend to be a generous man, haha.” The guy bluffed, puffing out his chest, Eren giggled and fluttered his lashes coyly.

“Does your kindness extend to us too, sir?”

The poor idiot of a man didn`t think twice.

“Of course! In fact, half off for a pretty thing like you!” He promised, Eren forced a blush to show on his cheeks.

“Aren`t you just the sweetest thing, thank you so much.”

Eld`s mouth hung open as he watched the newbie get 2 lbs for almost nothing, just from having a nice face, when they had been paying double for years. Petra applauded him, Oluo was busy trying to talk down on his skills, Gunther was silently impressed and a little uncomfortable because he really didn`t want to find Eren attractive and Levi.

He didn`t like this at all.

That`s not to say he didn`t like Eren flaunting what he had, not if he could watch, he didn`t like the fact that Eren was using his charms on others. The kid had never tried to woo him when he wanted something, in his defense he probably didn`t have a death wish, but was he just not good enough to waste his affections on? Or maybe he said yes too easily, Eren did get practically whatever he asked for anyway, why lay it on thick right?

As they made their way back to HQ, arms full of food Eren had outright swindled from unsuspecting vendors, Levi decided he wasn`t going to be so easy, he`d make Eren work for it, or rather, flirt for it.

“So Captain, I was wondering if I could go out with my friends? Just for tonight?” Eren requested, immediately Levi opened his mouth to say yes, honestly hadn`t even heard the request, he could`ve been asking to murder someone and he`d have said so without question. But he stopped himself, not this time, Levi Ackerman wasn`t going to let him go that easily.


By the walls, the way Eren`s eyes went wide and his lips parted in shock, you`d think he`d never heard the word `no` in his damn life, but, he was flabbergasted at the fact Levi had denied him. Levi never said no, he always gave Eren what he wanted and Eren had become downright spoiled to it.

“I- b-but… Why?” Eren really tried not to whine like the brat he was, but he didn`t quite succeed. Levi held back the burning urge to fix the pouty frown by hurriedly giving in, but he stood his ground.

“Because, you`ve went out with them enough times this week alone, life isn`t a party for you to have Eren.” Levi sniffed.

Eren resisted letting fat tears fall down his face, fuck he was spoiled rotten and somewhat ashamed of it, but he had wanted to go. Everyone else was going and he was going to be the only one left behind! And because Eren had no clue how to deal with the idea that Levi wasn`t giving him what he asked, he turned to his only other tactic, which could very well get him killed.

Eren bit his lip and made sure to  look real pouty and sad and whined,

“Please Captain, I really wanted to go.”

Levi fought down the smirk that tried to form on his lips, at the act of Eren exaggeratedly, but purposefully sensually, whining in complaint.

“Is that so?” Don`t turn him off completely or he`ll leave, but don`t say yes just yet, gotta milk this for all it`s worth.

Eren leaned over his desk, jutted his ass out behind him and lips quivering in mock hurt. He gave him some shining puppy dog eyes as he laid his head on the desk to blink prettily up at him.

“Mmhm.” Eren mumbled in agreement.

How was he supposed to say no to that? Levi ran his hand though Eren`s hair, which had splayed itself across his desk in soft brown waves, causing him to tense and blush for real, “Y`know, you`re awful cute Eren.”

Eren was skilled, he considered himself a seductress and a master of wit, so why was he sputtering now that he was getting complimented? He was far more aware of his good looks than anyone else, but as Levi held his face in one hand he was malting into the contact. He`d met his match.

Still, Eren could still make it, he could still get what he wanted after all this.

“S-so, can I go?” Damn him for stuttering, voice coming out as a shy whisper rather than a sultry one. Levi hummed in thought.


Eren was about to cry, like actually cry, all this and still nothing? Why in hell-

“Because you`re staying with me tonight.


“All night.”


For once, Eren didn`t complain.

Baby Luke

At the suggestion of @mary-truth-seeker I named the new Scully-Mulder baby Luke! (Because you know Mulder would beg for it. And I mean on your fifth kid why not)

Scully chose a home birth (because going to the hospital is a hassle for me. Selfish? maybe.)
(Check out Mulder freaking out in the third panel) 

And so little Luke made his way into the world. The biggest thing I wonder is how Scully still looks so damn good after five kids. 

Mulder is super cute with the babies and it hurts my heart.

Emily, ever the darling , went right to her new brother. 

The rest of the reactions were not a positive:

William was irritated. Though you think he’d be happy to have a brother after three sisters.

Poor Evelyn was just sad. 

I feel like this picture speaks for itself. 

Bonus pics of Scully being a mommy:

anonymous asked:

Your favourite Tom's moments post made my day. It was almost as adorable as your smile.


ok this is a really specific tom moment but you know when he smiles really wide and a lil bit of his front tooth shows and he looks so genuinely happy and adorable?