go cry your hearts out!!!!!!!

Dear all young girls.
Please, please never forget that you were beautiful before he ever said you were.
Also, if he decides that he is leaving you, don’t beg him to stay. Be strong because you deserve someone who would beg to stay by your side forever.
When he leaves you, don’t go over and have sex with him to try to get him back. Oh please, don’t. It will hurt when you find out that he still didn’t want you.
Baby girls, I know he may be the love of your life.. But if he wants to go. Let him go and cry your little heart out and move on.
One day a man will come along and he will be afraid to lose you.
—  Advice I should fucking take.
You don’t have to smile when all you want to do is cry , go ahead cry your heart out , cry till you have no tears left now smile it may be broken but at least it’s not fake
You don’t owe it to anyone, okay?
—  I repeat you don’t owe it to anyone / Kriti