go cry your eyes out

Jersey- Isaac Lahey (Prompts)

Anon: hey i love your blog ! 24, 36 and 37 with isaac (prompt)

You felt horrible. Your boyfriend had just broke up with you, it was something that caught you off guard. He just walked up to you and said “I can’t do this anymore, sorry” and that was it. Two years of relationship were thrown to the trash just like that.

You didn’t want to worry the pack, so you tried your best to conceal it, but since your ex broke up with you your routine consisted in going to school, then to pack meetings and cry your eyes out for the rest of the day.

As you were crying alone in your bedroom you heard your window being opened “Hey Y/N” Isaac said entering your room, when he finally looked at your puffy red eyes he couldn’t help but frown “Bad timing?” He asked sitting right next to you on the bed as you nodded

“Jason broke up with me” you mumbled in a croaky voice, Isaac pulling you into a bear hug

“I can kill him if you want” Isaac joked and you giggled
“No” you said and he smiled “And by the way, you should familiarize with the word privacy” you joked after some time, Isaac rolled his eyes.

“C'mon I’ve known since we were in diapers. Privacy doesn’t apply to me” he scoffed “Besides, I brought you something” he said showing you a jersey that said “Lahey 14” on the back “What are you waiting for put it on!” He said eagerly and you giggled

“Alright but turn around!” You giggled

“What? No!” He said and you rolled your eyes

“Well at least close your eyes!” You pleaded and he groaned

“Okay, fine” he said as he did so. You took of your shirt and when you looked from the corner of your eye Isaac was peeking in the space between his fingers, so you playful punched his chest

“Perv” you giggled as you finally put the jersey on, he laughed as he took his hand off his eyes

“It’s perfect” he said smiling widely “Would you wear it for the game tonight?” He pleaded putting his hands together and giving you the puppy eyes you loved. When you slightly bit your lip resisting to his eyes but when he did a little pout you gave up

“Alright I’ll wear it” you said and he pecked your cheek before going to the window again

“See you tonight” he winked at you before jumping out of the window

Let’s make a baby part 11 D|H  {first part}

A/N : Look who is uploading on a Thursday. It’s me ! You have noticed the ‘first part’ in the title. It’s because I will upload another chapter tomorrow (8pm GMT) !! previous parts

Life is funny. One day you are living your dream life as happy as ever and the next day you can’t go a minute without crying your eyes out.

It’s been 3 weeks since my fight with Dan. I’m currently starting month 8 of my pregnancy. When I think about going into labour soon, I get excited but also really scared. In about 2 months I’m going to be a mum. I was still staying with Phil. Although I had planned to move back to my parents, I still didn’t have enough strength to actually do it. I let something about a fight slip through to my mother but didn’t mention that it was actually this bad.

I guess I didn’t want to face reality, leave London and Dan behind. I was still stuck to my old life.

Whenever I’m wide awake during the night I convince myself that it’s actually because travelling up to the North to my home town was to exhausting for somebody who is heavily pregnant. Dan still hadn’t stopped to call and text me 24/7. It’s pretty much all he does now. There were no new Youtube videos, he stopped tweeting and Phil had to do the radio show on his own. It was like danisnotonfire was gone. Completely vanished from the public life. Phil told concerned Fans that he was alright and just taking a break or something. But after all this time I wasn’t sure if he was alright at all. I, for my part, wasn’t. Although I haven’t talked to him since our last confrontation the day after the fight, I still see him everyday. He literally camps outside of Phil’s flat. He just sits on the stairs in front of the entrance and waits for me or Phil to come out. I only exit the flat when I can be sure that he has gone home. But Phil had some meetings to go to so he 'bumped’ into him quite often. I knew because I watched him from the big window in the lounge. He looked horrible.

His lips always form the sentence 'How is Y/N doing ?’

Phil always has three answers to choose from a) She is fine. b) Horrible, what did you expect ? or  c) Just go home, Dan !  

Sometimes I feel like he knows that I’m watching him because his eyes glimpsed at my window ever so often. Whenever I felt his eyes dart up I hide behind the curtains with a racing heart.

Although spring had arrived it was still pretty cold outside, especially during the nights.

“He is still out there.” I said my voice drenched with concern.

Phil’s eyes narrowed. It was around 12 pm right now and Dan was still sitting on the stairs, not moving.

“Don’t worry Y/N, he will leave soon.

He didn’t. At 1am it started raining heavily, there was a huge storm waging outside. Thunder was crackling and litres of rainwater ran down the windows and roof. He stayed. After only a few minutes he was completely soaked. I couldn’t help but stare out of the window, while nervously chewing my fingernails. His dark hair was stuck to his forehead, water dripped down his nose. I could only tell that he was crying because his shoulders shook and his eyes became red, that’s how heavy the rain has gotten. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the sad scenery in front of me. My heart sunk and there were lightnings shooting across the sky.

“Phil, please make him go away.” I cried desperately, close to tears once again. He gave me a warm bear hug before he stumbled down the stairs towards the front door.

“Dan, leave !” I heard him shout through the rain.  

“I can’t !” my ex boyfriend answered between sobs.  

“I just can’t go back to an empty house. An empty house where everything reminds me of the beautiful girl, the beautiful family I’ve lost. I’d rather just stay here, knowing she is in there.” he explained to his best friend, his voice hoarse and shaking.

I took a deep breath. It was now Phil’s turn to speak again.

“I’m sorry, I really am, but it’s better for you to go home now.”

“Don’t you understand. She is home to me. There is no such thing as home without her”

“I do understand but you just can’t stay here, Da-” Phil once again tried to talk sense into his friend, who was already protesting. But I interrupted both of them as I carefully waddled down the stairs, towards the opened front door. Dan’s tired eyes grew wide as he saw me. I put my arm around Phil’s shoulder for support since my balance was the worst with a belly this big.

“I wouldn’t mind him staying for the night, Phil.” I spoke.

My friend next to me wrapped his arm around my waist and nodded, but his eyes were filled with concern. I just couldn’t watch Dan stay there for the whole night. As he stepped I saw his face close up. His eyes were red and bloodshot and his soft skin had an unhealthy looking teint. He looked like 3 weeks ago, but worse. There was only one little detail that was different. For the first time in 3 weeks the corners of Dan’s mouth pointed skywards again. 

okay but Torin comforting Kai headcanons are always the best like Kai crying his eyes out and Torin just going “I understand your pain you see I also have a love life” and Kai being so stunned by that he stops crying

Only things I know about Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen:
  • Bits of Lucadora
  • Few seconds of Lucaya
  • It’s not a birthday episode—they just imagine how different their lives would be when they turn 16
  • And nobody dies, tf?
  • A huuuUUUUuuuge game changer (that isn’t ship-related but will most likely change the dynamics of the canon ships)
  • You’re all going to cry your eyes out and wish you were dead

“We’re almost there, Michael.”

We’re almost there. Michael looks up, sees the pillars again. Still far away, but compared to the rest of their journey, so close. We’re almost there.

You are carrying him to his death, a voice says in his mind.


Wanna go cry your eyes out at an absolutely amazing and heart-wrenching story? Then go read We Carry On by this incredible person

cool things to do when you meet 5sos

• ask them how they are

• stay calm and collected! and then go cry your eyes out because you just met them omg

• if you do cry in front of them, do not feel ashamed. its a lot to take in!

• tell them your favorite song

• ask them if they’re excited for upcoming shows

• try to not ask for a photo, make some memories!!

• if you feel that the time is appropriate to ask for a selfie, go for it.

• giving them letters, drawings, ect. is the sweetest thing ever!

• it’s their day off? cool. that means it’s their day off. try to give them space and time to relax.

• screaming, pushing, grabbing only makes you look psychotic.

• don’t push a camera in their face when they don’t want it.

• ask them how their day is going

• ask them about new music and how excited you are

just remember being respectful is cool and that they are not a prop for your photos :)

There’s exactly two weeks until the Gravity Falls Finale. I have never been more not ready for something in my wHOLE

A piece of advice I’d like to share with anyone going through grief is don’t consider crying a weakness. Cry. Cry your eyes out. Get angry with the world. It’s not fair, bad things happen to good people, people who deserve the best. Get it out now so you don’t bottle it up and break down later. But do remember it’s these moments and these experiences we go through that shape us as people. I can guarantee the greatest people you know have been through terrible things. We can let these terrible things push us over the edge or we can let them build us, help us grow. These moments teach us strength, teach us empathy and teach us love.
—  Chloe Helen Miles

a friend of mine recently told me that she has a hard time crying even if it hurts

and you know it kinda hit something inside of me

sometimes things get so overwhelming that you’re aware of tears and how they will happen

it won’t happen now
it might not happen anytime soon

you may be having a great day
everyone is smiling towards you
your life is better
you have everything
nothing can hurt you

if it’s going to happen on any day
it’s going to be that day

a day when you’ve sworn away their name
a day when your heart beats for you
a day when you no longer need someone
a day that belongs to you…

it’ll end up being theirs

if you’re going to cry your eyes out
it’s going to be on that day
because no matter
how happy you get

that one thing,
it’s always going
to be missing


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbgwRKBpZtM)There you go guys cry your eyes out.Just kidding.Hope you like it