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Sad Magnus Chase headcanons bc I'm feeling sad today

💔 Magnus crying alone after his mom dies and having nowhere to go. He flinched in a corner on the sidewalk and cried himself till sleep
💔 He spent 3 days without eating until he started to turn the trash cans
💔 In his first winter as homeless, it was so cold on some nights that he cried wrapped in his thin blanket
💔 It was common for him to spend a few days without getting any change or food
💔 Young Hearth starving himself till the limit because food cost golden coins
💔 Young Hearth not quite understanding what his parents said after his brother’s death because they refused to sign and he was crying too much to read lips
💔 Hearth not caring about if he would live or die while he fells in Nidavellir
💔 Blitz going back to home alone after find out that his father was dead
💔 Blitz having no one to talk. Sometimes, he spent days without say a single word and leave home
💔 Blitz trying to produce something “real dwarves” do but crying in frustation
💔 Alex feeling totally confused because she doesnt feel like a “regular boy”
💔 Alex dressing up like she wants and her mortal father and step mother just saying that she wants “embarrass them even more”
💔 They keeping Alex out of view when received visits because how would they even explain what is Alex
💔 Alex preferring live on the streets that live with her “family”
💔 Sam crying on her room because the kids were being mean about her being muslim
💔 Sam trying to not care about the looks people give to her and her grandparents on the streets
💔 Sometimes, Magnus can’t eat or drink. He’s in the middle of the feast when he suddenly thinks about all the people that don’t have nothing to eat, like him when he was homeless. Sometimes, he lost the appetite for days. On these days, Alex enter in his room and put his head on her lap and he cries while she tries to calm him “I know, Maggie, I know”
💔 homeless Hearth giving the food he finds to Magnus and Blitz because he’s more used to stay hungry
💔 Sam waking up screaming from a nightmare about Loki controlling her
💔 Sometimes, Blitz calls by Hearth, forgeting he cant listen. When he doesn’t anwser, Blitz just panics. So Hearth just finds him crying “I-I thought you left me… I don’t want… to be alone…I’m so so patetic”
💔 The whole squad having existential crisis bc the world will end anyway

I spent four hours on this trash. In other news, my art block is gone! Sorta. This helped break it a little. I’m honestly too tired to care what they look like right now so I’m just gonna go to bed and look at this later. 

I can’t believe I spent so long on this. But hey, it was good to draw these skeletons in different outfits than normal! 

Snazz and Gear @alternativesaga

Peppermint @mangofritter

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Dave: “this is the last season of star wars rebels” Me:

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It’s too early for THESE JOKES!

This stuff is adorable! Make it for real!:

Look at Byron’s face! It doesn’t even look like a beak at first. It looks like his o-face while he’s wearing an owl costume. I cannot! 

At least the joke wasn’t that Yamazaki’s route was going to come out. I would have cried tears.

Meanwhile, Voltage:

Milord Ieyasu? Booty naked?:

The corner sure is crowded today.

Also, I happened to turn on my computer at exactly this time:

Formal with Seungcheol

Hey guys!!! I’m super excited cos guess who’s got their school formal to go to tonight???? I wish s.coups would be my plus one *cries in corner*. I’m so looking forward to wearing my gown gahhhhh im so nervous too! excuse my ramble for today hehe


"Tell us a few things about your character."
  • Benedict Cumberbatch: Sherlock has regressed, but what's the most important thing here is his relationship with John Watson, played by Martin Freeman who is an absolute delight on set and I adore him, I mean, you know, in a completely platonic way, um, what was I saying?
  • Martin Freeman: We 're not fucking. John is the protagonist.
  • Amanda Abbington: Dude, I love that everyone thinks I am a villain, I am very villain, I am the biggest villain in the villainous history of villainy, see the black jumper I'm wearing?
  • Louise Brealey: Well I loved this scene when Ben had to kiss me, it was all so lovely, he was amazing, this hair ruffle, yes, so beautiful... I think... that's what you asked me, right?
  • Mark Gatiss: Well, obviously, Mycroft is the coolest character ever written in the history of humankind, therefore I was the only one who could play him.
  • Rupert Graves: Lestrade's a nice chap.
  • Andrew Scott: Well, I know people consider Moriarty somewhat evil, but I don't see him like that. I don't think he's a dark character, he's actually a very soft, sad, sensitive, calm, good, bright, smol and slightly flirtatious human being *go cries in a corner*

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You are the dictionary definition of too cool for school


seriously speaking, what kind of drug did you get into? 


“What?” Dean asked, hardly believing what he was hearing.

“I got into Stanford, Dean.” Sam repeated. “I’m going to college!”

Dean was silent for a minute, looking down at the table as he absorbed this information, a smile flashing over his face for a millisecond.

“So you’re out then?” He asked, a subtle hint of jealousy lacing with the pride his voice.

“Well, good for you Sammy.” He said sincerely, shooting him another smile, although his face fell again shortly after. “My little brother’s goin’ to college….” 


the sun & the moon

pairing: ladynoir / adrienette

rated: t

words: 2716

if you give a bug your hoodie, she’s going to want to return it to you.
when she returns it to you, you probably won’t be expecting it.
when you don’t expect it, she’ll find out your biggest secret.

notes: hey!!!! i haven’t written any fics in a while so i apologize if this is absolute garbage! feedback is lovely.

part 1 | part 2 (coming soon)

“Miraculous Ladybug!” As per usual, Ladybug tossed her lucky charm into the air. Both she and Chat Noir watched with triumphant smiles as it cleansed Paris of the destruction caused by its most recent akuma.

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heeeeeey gurl I'm back... to rant about carrot jun bc that is the new thing and I love it (not more that the Christmas tree oh god what a legend) but carrot jun is one of the most sexiest things I've seen JKJK but he be nailing that outfit and he's cute and I'm just gonna go and cri in a corner bye

imagine this: you come home to your’s and jun’s shared apartment, all the lights are dimmed and there is a pathway of shredded carrots leading to the bedroom. carrot shaped candles are lit along the way. the smell of carrot is overwhelming. you slowly open the door and peak your head through.

jun is lying suggestively across the bed in his carrot cosplay costume with a carrot in his mouth. “babe” you say n he smiles “yes m’lady.” he replies. you take one of the carrots from the flower vase beside you and throw it at him. “are u fokin alright m8?”

TwO MoRe DAYS!!!!!!!! And it’s starting to really hit me that this show is going to be over. *cries in the corner*

Dipper and Ford’s relationship has got to be one of my favorites in the show. Dipper looks up to Ford so much and Ford genuinely cares about Dipper and its so cute and adorable and fluffy and Im sORRY I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH OH MAN

Vernon/OFC: Cafuné

Genre: Fluff/Romance/Friends-to-Lovers

Word Count: 1448

Characters: oblivious!Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, Joshua Hong

“I’m going to pass out.” she cried, throwing her pen in some random corner of her dorm room. Flopping her belly down on the mattress, she muffled her screams by pressing her face against the duvet. It was currently exam period, and she was just not having it.

Hansol quickly followed, eager to take a break. He plopped down right next to her, so close that the entire bed shifted and bounced her up. “C’mon. You’re super smart. You just gotta relax.” he reassured, bumping her shoulder.

“I haven’t been retaining anything for the past hour.” she muttered, teary-eyed at the textbook in front of her. Throwing her textbook under her pillow, she plopped her head on the comfy cotton. “Maybe if I take a nap on top of it, I could learn through osmosis.”

He made an “are you kidding me?” face before chuckling, and reached over to pull the blanket over her. “I don’t know about that, but a nap sounds like a great idea.” and he grabbed all the books on the mattress and dumped them on the floor.

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