go compare advert

Honestly Britain has gone to shit

-I once yelled cilit bang and got three people yell back ‘bang and the dirt is gone’
-The go compare adverts Still Exist
-You buy on you get one free. I saId yOU BUY oNE YOU GET ONE FREE
-fredos pal
-the dfs winter sales seem to.. always be… happening.. always
-Cheeky nandos is still something people say
-Oi oi lads
-Bus wankers
-Getting simultaneously offended when people say everyone in Britain likes tea and when you find a British person who doesn’t enjoy a good cuppa
-Apples and pears
-dum deedeedum deedeedededidydidydum
-autoglass repair auto glass replace
-hello all
-5p for a carrier bag like piss off with that shite
-being upset that Barry Scott no longer shouts in the adverts
-*whispers* he fucked a pigs head… and we let him… run our country….
-Hating but being possessive over Jeremy Kyle
-Get the London look
-missing the pure gross comedy dick and Dom brought to your lives

Please just let us live

More British Humour

- u wot m8???
- no likely, no lighty
- ant and dec (more like BANT and dec)
- Dave saved money on his car insurance and now he feels EPIC
- funkypigeon.com
- Elaine the pain
- the Isle of Fernandos
- moonpig.com
- Jeremy Kyle (top notch lad)
- Ed Milibae
- the weather
- gogglebox
- Susan Boyle
- woolworths
- the go compare advert guy
- simples! *meerkat noise*
- total wipeout
- should’ve gone to specsavers
- there’s only one way to find out… FIGHT!

British culture be like:

-buying cheap tshirts at primarni(primark)
-coming in from playing out early so you don’t miss eastenders
-cheeky nandos👌
-educating Essex/Yorkshire/the east end
-ed millibae
-dairy milk
-frankie and bennies
-when greggs is better than peters
-paying 11p for freddos
-pointless when you get back from school
-Jezza Kyle on a Sunday
-ant and decs failed shows
-Go compare adverts *rolls eyes*
-hays travel
-add your own!