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Smashberry may be cute but he can become very frightening and with his prowess in combat, will smash throws of demons without breaking a sweat to next tuesday night.

A commission done by my good friend and senpai @cursetale. Seriously, he makes such quality artwork at very fair prices as commissions. So go and commission him! 

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The Necklace-MacGuffin Idiot Ball: the proclaimer C (11/20)

“After running away from his dysfunctional, upper-class family, Gin Daldröv lives his life bouncing from town to town, trying to find a sense of peace within himself. He strives to live in comfort and security, while his reputation of raiding and thieving in the name of his own survival makes it impossible for him to settle down. 

With his life in gutters, Gin is always lying through his teeth to hide his true feelings; often he flashes a smile and gestures his arms about to fake a sense of invitation. 

He does not have many friends or family members to rely on, but he does have his little goat, Bethany by his side to keep him going. “

Commission done! This charismatic fella belongs to Dan! She made some great character references of him beforehand. Here, here and here! Take a look!

Vault Dweller au

Tim is good at leaving the murderous CEO persona at work and just coming home to cry over cheesy romance novels

overwatch warmup/it was a crime I’ve never drawn Lucio… and D.VA suddenly appeared in my drawing, so, selfie


The Necklace-MacGuffin Idiot Ball: the mountain D (20/20)

Naturally,  I have to give a shout-out to HISHE, for their dramatization of

Bard: He’s not coming out.

Thranduil: Very well. We attack immediately.

Bard: Immediately? You don’t want to wait until dawn?

Thranduil: Heck no. There’s, like, twelve of them and a thousand of us. This will be over before sundown.

I would have done an edit myself, but it would have basically just been plagiarism.

All of the problems surrounding the necklace are not actually about the necklace. I’ll try to be brief:

1. They took a line from the book, “ … the elf-king had a weakness it was for treasure, especially for silver and white gems,” plus the line, “the elf-king had bargained with them to shape his raw gold and silver,” and made that the be-all-end-all of Thranduil’s character. 

They ignored everything else the book had to say about the elf-king, including the little word, if: “If the elf-king had a weakness … .” They also ignored everything Thranduil himself says or does. For example, when presented with the choice of going to Erebor to grab some gold, or to help Laketown, Thranduil chooses to help Laketown. That action is dismissed as inconsequential compared to a half-statement the narrator makes (again, ignoring every other statement from the narrator about the elf-king).

That’s not character development, that’s flanderization.

2. They fail to comprehend the difference between a surface goal and a deep desire. The gems in question have something to do with Thranduil’s wife. Thus re-acquiring the gems is Thranduil’s temporary goal; what Thranduil *wants* is his wife back. His wife is his core drive, his inner propulsion. But that desire is going to manifest in other ways. Like in his relationship with his son. Like in how he didn’t get rid of her clothes (she did have a large wardrobe, being the queen and all, right? Also, what were her favorite places in the woods? Did she love the stars? Because Thranduil would have those to cling to, too).

The necklace is not Thranduli’s motive, his love for his wife and his grief at her loss are. However, given that he has not faded away due to his grief (as Elves can), he must have other motives (fears, desires, beliefs, values)—motives that would compete, thus affecting his surface goals (which might appear to fluctuate). 

Pretending the necklace is a deep motive does not create levels, it destroys levels—trying to turn a surface goal into a profound drive will only make your character one-dimensional to the point of caricature.

3. They don’t orient the necklace. The damn thing is playing a part in at least two larger situations. We need to understand those situations. Simply saying, Thranduil because gems, doesn’t tell us anything. 

They don’t even tell us that the necklace has anything to do with Thranduil’s wife—to get that info, you have to do homework. Nor do they do something like, for example, remember when the movie decided that Mirkwood Elves were a hive mind and all of them thought Thranduil was “ill-tempered”?

“Say what you will about our ill-tempered king,” says an Elf in DOS, and the other Elf in the scene says nothing? 

What if that other Elf said something along the lines of, he wasn’t always this way, or, only since the queen died? It’s very easy to insert; it gives some background about Thranduil’s mindset; and it shows diversity of opinion among the Mirkwood Elves.

But, no, they didn’t do even that.

4. And of course, no follow-through. They make this necklace Thranduil’s sole motive, but he never acts upon it. He just blusters about it twice. Twice. Once in DOS, and once in BOTFA.

Like so much in these movies, they didn’t commit—or seem to even remember—their own premise.

All of which is a perfect recipe for epic fail.

The full version of my bara gem waifu Jasper commission from pltnm06ghost. I love the cropped version as much as the full version. Just look at that fucking grin. She is primed and ready to wreck some shit.

My God, I wanna rub my face against those abs like a cheese grater.

Seriously, I am happy beyond expression, this art is fucking rad! *__*

Go commission stuff from him, he’s seriously fucking awesome!