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so uh, no explaination here? it’s just? i’m 98% sure Hyunjin is my bias? that 2% belongs to Minho haha aND THE MOODBOARD IS TO REMOVE YOUR ATTENTION FROM ME EW I’M EVEN LUCKY TO FIND THAT PICUTRE THAT MY FRIEND TOOK OF ME OR IT WOULD’VE BEEN WORSE LSAKJFLAF 

i spent like 1.5 hours on this i’m pretty sure alskfjasfd and i hate the yellow x blue aesthetic but I didn’t know which picture of Hyunjin to use and I was wearing my yellow uniform so uh yeah

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why are ppl making fun of Brazil??? have none of you tasted dessert pizza???? go to cici’s!!!! get cultured!!!! I can’t believe I just put those sentences next to each other!!!!!!

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Thank you! ;v; And yes, yours and Cici's suggestions both gave me people to follow and I'm quite excited! (I can't believe Cici actually doodled me a smol gamkar. I'm cry.) I'm going through tags and trying to draw some gamkar now too. I hope I can find people to talk about them with soon!

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That's my girl - part 1 (a Jongin Series)

Genre: fluff

Characters: Jongin x OC

Description: Kim Jongin has dog envy. They go on an adventure together and he finds his true love. (Spoiler alert: it’s not the dog)

A/N : this story is fluff for now, who knows where it will go though. Perhaps there will be some serious passion coming soon. 😝 I really don’t know with this one. sometimes the stories write themselves.

That’s my girl [M] - part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8 final

Kim Jongin was in love, he’d just met an angel. An absolute angel with golden fluffy hair that was so so soft and friendly eyes in the best shade of brown. The kind that looked right into your soul. When he first saw her she was coming out of his next door neighbors apartment. Her name was Cici.

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{ @colourofaubergine​ | verse sc

“do you want some ice cream? we have some left over from when sophie and nathan were here.” ned was trying to offer some sort of comfort to micheleine. there had been plently of things happening at once, plently of people who seemed to be having things repeated. first him, then kate, then cici, and now micheleine. as much as they tolerated each other, ned didn’t really want to see anything happen to her family either. “how are things going for you and cici, for the campaign?” 

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How about Cici with appendicitis and assuming it's just a bad stomach flu, so not bothering to tell anyone that she's sick until she passes out or someone finds her with a super high fever?

Ahhh you guys I’ve been excited for this fic for forever! It’s my first multi-chapter sickfic, and it’s the whole saga of the time Cici got appendicitis, which includes a ton of plot and family and backstory stuff too. There will probably be three parts, although there could be more if it gets super long. This is the first part, and it doesn’t really have anything in common with this prompt (sorry!!) but the next installment should be more similar. I hate to deviate from a prompt, but I’ve had this story in my head for ages, and as I’m sure you can tell I’ve really been looking forward to writing it!

Also: BIG child abuse tw for this fic. The abuser is never actually physically present, but abuse and neglect are still a really big part of the story. Keep yourselves safe, guys <3

Part 2 - - - - - Part 3

When Alan had first met Cici, he hadn’t understood why she had so much trouble showing weakness. Sure, he wasn’t exactly vulnerable either, but if he fell the wrong way during a tackle or some shit, he had no problem admitting that it hurt. She took it to a completely different level. Any discussion of pain – physical, emotional, whatever – was practically like a confession. She wouldn’t rest up either, even, until someone near forced her. It didn’t make any sense.

It had taken awhile to get the truth out of her. There wasn’t one day when she told the whole story; hell, he wasn’t even sure if the story he had was complete. But there was only so long he could believe the lies she made up about where she kept getting all those bruises. And since she lived alone with her mom and always refused to have anyone over, it wasn’t too hard to figure out.

Cici had told him a million reasons why her mom did it. Her older brother had died years ago, in a drug deal gone wrong, and apparently, her mom blamed her for that. And her dad had left too, shortly after, which was somehow also supposed to be Cici’s fault. But it was all bullshit anyway. Her dad only left because he wasn’t her real dad at all; her mom had cheated and lied about Cici’s parentage for years. Her brother had only started dealing to raise the money to buy a place and get her the hell out of that house. Alan couldn’t really blame the guy anyway. He would have given anything to get her out of there. But Cici was insistent that she stay, so she stayed.

And if he couldn’t get her to leave, the least Alan could do was help her handle it. They had systems now, strategies for getting around all the rules she wouldn’t dare be caught breaking. And he’d gotten uncannily good at figuring out when something was going on with her. She could fool everyone else nearly all the time, but not him.

So when Cici walked up to their usual bench at break one February day, just like she always did, Alan knew something was wrong, even if he didn’t know what. He kissed her as she sat down next to him, but quickly pulled away so they could talk.

“Hey,” he said, a little softer than normal. “How’s today?”

“How’s today” was his usual greeting when he was worried about her. He used to ask if she was okay, but she’d always reflexively respond that she was fine, even if she wasn’t meaning to lie. Even asking how she was was complicated, because sometimes, she honestly didn’t know. What was a bad day in a good week in a bad month in a good year in a terrible life?

“Pretty good,” Cici replied shortly. “You?”

“Yeah, good,” Alan said. “You sure?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Just checking.”

She shook her head. “My stomach hurts a little, I guess. But barely.”

He frowned, and she rolled her eyes. “It’s nothing, honestly. I’d tell you.”

“Okay,” Alan said, a little skeptically. “You mean like, you feel sick?”

Cici shrugged. “I guess.”

He kissed her on the forehead, trying to subtly gage for a fever. She didn’t have one. And he’d seen her incredibly nauseous before, and she didn’t have that look. He let himself relax.

“Okay. Do you want to go home or stay?”

He knew the answer to that, but he always felt bad not asking. As expected, Cici looked half amused.

“Yeah, not going to happen.”

“Did you ask?”

“No, not worth it,” she answered. “Didn’t even feel it when I left. I’m fine.”

Alan decided to let the subject drop, but that didn’t stop the rush of anger that surged through him. Of all the things Cici’s mom did, this was the one that might get to him the most, if only because he had to see it. He was never around when the worst things happened, but he’d lost count of the times when he’d seen her show up to school looking like she was about to collapse, and insisting that he had to get through the day. And Cici would call herself weak, and make excuses for that too, but Alan couldn’t stand to hear her talk like that. As far as he was concerned, Marilyn Williams could go straight to hell, and he wouldn’t mind being the one to send her there either.

They didn’t talk much during break, besides a few quick complaints about their first two classes. Now that he was aware of what was wrong, Alan couldn’t help noticing the way that Cici curled in on herself slightly, protecting her stomach. When the bell rang and she started to walk toward her third period, he saw that her standing posture was slightly hunched. Worry flared through him again.

“You sure you’re okay?”

“I’m fine,” she insisted, and walked off.

As much as it hurt to see Cici even a little bit sick, Alan had to admit to himself that she did look pretty alright. Maybe she’d just eaten something off, or she was stressed out, and whatever it was would be gone within the hour.

But when Cici took her seat next to him in fourth-period bio, she didn’t look better – she looked about five times worse. The hunch to her walk, which had barely been noticeable, was now pronounced, and when she got to her chair she drew her knees up to her chest with a slight grimace. She’d barely made it on time, and the bell rung before Alan could say anything, but the second Mr. Richards handed them their worksheets for the day, he turned to her.

“What is it?” he asked, as quietly as he could. Even if her discomfort was probably obvious to half the class by now, she would hate him pointing it out.

“Told you. Stomach hurts,” she muttered. “I’m fine.”

“Yeah, but how bad is it?”

She made a noncommittal motion with her head.

“Cici, come on.”

“I don’t know. I’m probably getting a little sick,” she admitted. “But there’s no way in hell she’d let me go home for this, so it doesn’t matter. School’s half over already.”

Alan desperately wanted to be able to argue with her. He’d done it before, early in their relationship, when he didn’t understand just how bad things were at her house. But it never did anything but make her more stressed, so now he tended to save his insistence for really bad cases, even if it would probably be obvious to anyone else that she should go home now.

So Alan stayed quiet through bio, occasionally giving Cici’s hand a squeeze when a shadow of what she was feeling passed over her face. Today they were working on some cladogram bullshit Alan didn’t understand at all, and since he felt bad asking Cici to explain it like usual, he had nothing to do but watch her eyebrows slowly knit closer and closer together.

A wince was the only warning he got before Cici abruptly ran from the room, going as fast as she could while half bent over. Alan swore under his breath, then quickly began returning both of their belongings to their backpacks before swinging both over his shoulder.

“Class isn’t over, Alan,” Mr. Richards said, as Alan too made for the door.

“So fucking mark me absent,” Alan retorted, and left the room without another word.

He had assumed Cici would go to the nearest girl’s bathroom, so he was surprised when he found her immediately. She was doubled over on the grass by the path to the science building, clutching her abdomen with both hands as she retched up a watery stream of vomit. Alan dropped both backpacks and was at her side in an instant, rubbing her back soothingly as she convulsed with another heave.

“You’re okay,” he murmured. Cici let out a small, pained noise before she gagged up another mouthful of sick onto the grass in front of her. It left a physical ache in Alan’s chest. “It’s gonna be okay.”

He watched, feeling helpless, as she retched again, still hugging her stomach, her face completely tense. Soon, her nausea seemed to settle a bit, but her expression didn’t return to normal until she turned to him, and then he was sure she was just faking.

“You want to sit down for a second, or are you ready to go?” Alan asked, as casually as he could. Of course, there was a third choice contained within both of the first two, and it was obvious that Cici noticed.

“You can’t stay here like this,” he said, when she hesitated for a moment. “Not when it’s this bad, you know that. I think she knows that too.”

She nodded slowly, fear evident behind her eyes.

“Yeah,” she said breathlessly, reaching into her pocket. “I’ll…I’ll ask.”

Cici didn’t let Alan hear what was happening on the other end of the line, but he could follow the conversation pretty well from her words and the look on her face. He couldn’t stand the way she got when she talked to her mother. Her voice was higher, softer, less confident, and her posture became defensive – even more than it already had been today.

“I’m sorry for calling,” were the first words out of her mouth. “I…I’m sorry. I’m at school, and I just threw up, I’m sorry, so I don’t know if I can stay. Is there any way I can just go home early? I can get all the work.”

There was a long pause, and Cici’s face tightened even more, then relaxed.

“Thank you,” she said quickly. “Thank you, I’m sorry, I’ll stay out of your way.”

After another pause, she hung up, relief evident on her face.

“Everything okay?” Alan asked. He could barely get the words out. No, everything was not fucking okay, not as long as she had to ask for fucking permission to go home when she was incredibly sick. And the rule was one thing, that he could almost live with. But the way that bitch made Cici sound like a different person, like some terrified fucking little girl – that was what he couldn’t handle. Fury coursed through him, stiffening every part of his body, but he pushed it down. Two years ago, he would’ve lost it at something like this. But that was before he knew her. And right now, the last thing Cici needed was one more person who could blow up at any second.

“Yeah,” Cici replied. “Here, I’ll take my bag.”

“I got it.”

She frowned. “Don’t skip to drive me.”

“Well, you’re not taking the bus like this,” Alan said firmly. “And you act like I want to go to bio. Let’s go to the office real quick and then get out of here.”

It was barely ten minutes before they were both in Alan’s car, Alan driving the familiar route north, and Cici hugging her legs to her chest. She seemed more relaxed though, at least, now that she wasn’t at school, though based on where they were driving Alan didn’t know if that would last long.

“Okay, I texted Lauren,” she said. “I think it’s mostly just shooting drills today, so I should be fine. And then I should be back for practice Monday.” She sighed, half wincing again. “You know, it’s weird. I don’t really feel sick.”

Alan raised his eyebrows. “I’m pretty sure you’re sick.”

“Yeah, I know, but I don’t feel sick sick,” she replied. “I mean, do I have a fever? I don’t feel like I have a fever.”

The light halfway down the block turned red, and as Alan slowed to a stop, he reached out and touched her forehead. It was a little warm now, warmer than this morning, but not too bad. Nothing like the fevers he’d seen Cici spike with this kind of thing before.

“Maybe a little one,” he replied. He almost smiled. Maybe, for once, it wouldn’t get bad. It was Friday, so Cici would have the whole weekend to rest. Maybe her mom would just let her be, and it would be a mild sickness that wouldn’t be so bad to deal with on her own. Maybe…

The drive to Cici’s house from school was always a bit long, since she lived right near the edge of the district, and the roads between there and school were often heavy with traffic. It seemed even longer than usual today, because after a few minutes, Cici had gone very quiet. In the glances he risked at stoplights, Alan saw that she kept glancing at the plastic bag he had supplied her with.

Too soon, he heard her retch dryly, then let out a tiny groan that sounded unlike her. As quickly as he could, he turned onto a side street and pulled over, murmuring comforting words as he waited for the light to change.

By the time he could actually get a good look at her, Cici was gagging up yellow bile, her face strained and her hands wrapped around her stomach. Alan rubbed a hand across her back as best he could from his seat.

“Sorry,” he said softly. “You’re okay.”

She seemed to mostly be finished, or at least empty, but she didn’t look any less nauseous for it. She looked at him for a moment, then doubled over suddenly, hands moving to a spot near her right hip.

“Fuck,” she hissed, squeezing her eyes shut. The retch came a second later, dry and painful, and even after she was finished it took her a while to lift her head. Alan quickly took the bag from her, tossing it out the window. That was the last shit he needed to worry about right now.

“Are you okay?” he asked, feeling the worry begin to mount again. Cici was still clutching at her lower right side, grimacing.

“Yeah, just…” she paused with a slight wince, seeming less like she was trying to be stoic and more just confused. “Just cramps, I guess.”

“Like, cramps?

“No. Just my stomach, I think,” she replied. She straightened up, though Alan saw another wave of pain cross her face. “Weird.”

Why did she sound so uncertain? His mind raced with a million possibilities, but he forced himself to push them down. Cici was right when she said he worried too much sometimes. Often, it was necessary, but now, other than a little extra pain, it seemed like she just had a mild stomach flu.

“You okay to keep driving?” Alan asked calmly, and she nodded. He emptied another plastic bag from her lunchbox and gave it to her, then handed her her water bottle and an ibuprofen from the container in the glove compartment. He usually kept a few meds with him, since that was another thing Cici’s mom never let her have.

“You should drink something. And that might help with the cramps,” he told her. She nodded and took a sip of the water, seeming optimistic. He felt optimistic too, or at least, he was trying to. At least until she threw up the water and medicine just two blocks from her house. This time, she stayed doubled over until the end of the ride.

“You can come to my place, you know,” Alan offered, doing his best not to seem concerned. “It’s a mom week. And she always loves having you around, especially if she gets to take care of you.”

He punctuated the sentence with a laugh, but it rang out hollow. Cici had stayed at his house when she was sick a few times, when her mom had decided she just didn’t want her around. And Alan’s mom had loved it, and Veronica had too, but that didn’t change the fact that it should never have had to happen at all.

“I’m already pushing it,” Cici replied flatly. Her voice had lost a bit of its usual sharp, deliberate quality over the course of the ride. “Thanks though. I love you.”

“Love you too,” Alan said. His chest ached. This was fucking ridiculous. Why could he not do more? Why was his only option sending her into a house with a woman who, at best, would just leave her alone?

“Text me when you get inside,” he said. He’d stopped on another side of the block, as usual. As far as Cici’s mom with concerned, she and Alan weren’t even particularly close. It killed him sometimes. He wanted nothing more than to tell that bitch just how fucking much her daughter was loved. But it was easier this way.

“I will.”

“And drink water, okay?” He cringed at the way his voice sounded – almost desperate. But what else was he supposed to do if he couldn’t be there? His words came out in a rush. “Maybe some food if you’re up for it. Get some sleep. And call me if you need anything. Or just call me, you know, if you’re up later.”

Cici nodded, half smiling. “I will. Thanks.”

He kissed her quickly, ignoring her mutter that she was probably contagious. Then there was nothing to do but watch as she got out of his car and began walking that pained, hunched over walk towards her house. Alan waited for the text that she had gotten in okay, then drove off.

It had to be dumb the way his heart was pounding. Or it was just leftover rage that he’d been trying not to let himself feel. But no, he was worried too, more worried than made sense. He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself. Cici had a low fever. She wasn’t energetic, sure, but she was still acting pretty normal. And he’d made her take ibuprofen on an empty stomach, so it was no wonder she hadn’t kept it down. She was fine. As much as he worried, she was always fine, at least physically.

Alan turned onto the main road, heading back toward school. If the traffic wasn’t bad, he could easily make it back in time for lunch. But the thought of returning to class and actually having to focus was awful. For whatever reason, he couldn’t shake the feeling that something might be seriously wrong.

That's my girl! - part 3 (A Jongin series)
I don’t feel bad.

Sure, he thinks he’s lost his mind but that will fade because you know what?!

It worked.

That dense nutty buddy finally, FINALLY saw what was in front of him all along and you know what?

That kiss?

That wasn’t me. I watched, sure cause that’s my job but that wasn’t me.

That kiss was all Kim Jongin.

So is my job here done? Not quite. The deal should be sealed and we haven’t quite gotten there yet. Hopefully I won’t have to possess anymore smelly, itchy animals to get there.

One thing is certain. Those two people are connected in a way that goes beyond the mere physical.

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Our Day (Mesut Ozil imagine)


I sat on the couch and looked over to the door, waiting to see if it would magically pop open and Mesut would walk through it. The girls were both already asleep, Phillia on the couch opposite of me while Cioma was sleeping on my lap. I sighed as my gaze went over to the clock on the wall, and I decided to just put the girls to bed and head to sleep. 

After lifting up Cioma and tucking her into her bed, I went back getting Phillia and placing her into her bed as well before going back to the living room. And originally I was going to sleep but hey waiting a few more minutes won’t hurt anybody right?

~2 hours Later

“Y/N…..Wake up” Someone whispered

I opened my eyes to see Mesut kneeling next to me, and he stood as I’d pushed myself up. “You’re home” I said

Mesut chuckled, and nodded his head. “Let’s go to bed, you didn’t have to wait up for me” He said


When I woke up the morning something felt a little bit strange. First of all, there wasn’t any rustling or anything and Secondly, I’d heard no alarms at all. As I opened my eyes and looked over I saw Mesut sleeping peacefully on his bare chest, “Babe I’m trying to sleep here” He said

I jumped slightly, “I didn’t even say anything” I said to him

Mesut chuckled turning to look at me, “That doesn’t mean I can’t feel that intense gaze of yours” 

I chuckled, “What are youu doing home anyways? Don’t you have practice?” I asked

He shook his head, “Nope today’s a day off, so I could spend the day with the wonderful women in my life” He said

I smiled,  “You think the kids  are up?” I asked

Mesut didn’t get to answer because within seconds the door sprung open, and in walked Phillia and Cioma with their bedhead and sleepy eyes. “Daddy” Phillia said yawning

She made her way over while, Cioma just took her time and climbed the bed laying down on it and closing her eyes. I chuckled, “Ci you’re not going to give Daddy a hug and kiss?” Mesut asked her

Cioma looked at him before yawning and placing her head back on the bed. I chuckled at his rejection, "Well I guess Daddy will just have to go to work since Cioma doesn’t want me here “ Mesut said

Quickly Cioma raised her head and shook it, "No Daddy if you leave Mommy be mad” She said seriously

Mesut opened up his arms and she nestled into his chest, closing her eyes. “So what are we going to do today?”Mesut asked looking over to me

I shrugged, “Anything and everything since you’re home for the time being” I said


“Daddy higher!” Phillia said kicking her legs

Cioma and I watched as Mesut pushed Phillia on the swings, we had just finished sliding down the slides at the park. Since that was what the girls had wanted to do, on the way here we stopped at the store and bought some things to have a picnic and relax. 

We’d probably gotten here about an hour ago, and I was pretty sure by now everybody was hungry. “Cici let’s go eat” I said as we got up from the slide

She nodded and we went over to the car getting the blanket and the stuff to make the sandwiches before placing it down on the floor. Cioma helped me make the sandwiches and afterwards went to get Mesut and Phillia. When they came back, Mesut laid his head on my lap as I handed the girls their sandwiches. 

After a while the girls finished and went off and continued playing. Mesut looked up staring at me, “What?” I asked chuckling

Mesut smiled, “Nothing it’s just not seeing you for so long and only getting a glimpse made me want to take the time and really look at you” He said

I chuckled and leaned down giving him a kiss, “I’ve missed you too” I said 

We watched the girls play for a little while longer before we packed everything up and headed back to the house. When we arrived at the house we all decided to play some games on the Xbox and then watch some movies on Netflix. 

“Mommy look I can dance like the trolls” Cioma said getting up

I smiled as she got up dancing and singing the songs from the movie, a few moments after Phillia got up and began dancing with her. Mesut and I watched as they danced, and after a while they yawned as we continued watching Netflix. 

It didn’t take long for the two girls to fall asleep, “I’ll get Phillia” I said looking over to Mesut

He chuckled nodding as he picked up Cioma, picking up Phillia we both made our way to their bedroom setting and tucking the girls into their beds. We made our way to our bedroom, and I sighed sitting up in bed and waiting for Mesut to come. 

Once he was finished changing his clothes he snuggled up to my side placing his arm around my waist. I placed my phone down on the dresser and messed with his hair, “You know what?” Mesut asked

I raised an eyebrow, “What?” 

Mesut pulled me closer to him, and stared into my eyes, “Don’t you think that something is missing recently?” He asked

I chuckled, “Besides seeing you all the time, I don’t think so” I said 

“Really? You don’t think that somethings missing?”

I shook my head confused, “No I’m not getting this”

Mesut chuckled, “Let’s have another baby” He said 

I looked at him with an eyebrow raised, “Another baby?” I asked

Mesut nodded his head, “Yeah another baby, this time hopefully we’ll hit the jackpot with a boy” He said 

I chuckled, “And what if we don’t?” I asked

A smirk spread across his face, “Then I guess we have to keep trying”

That's my girl - part 2 (a Jongin series)

Genre: fluff

Characters: Jongin X OC

Description: Jongin’s eyes have been opened.

A/N: this one is fluffy fluff. It’s a bit short, but you guys will live. 😝

That’s my girl [M] - part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8 final

Jongin’s doorbell rang and he looked at Cici. The dog was asleep on his floor, and had been since they had returned from their little adventure. Seemingly exhausted. In fact, she had been so tired she slept through the dinner and all through the night.

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