go chocobos go!

Strifesodos Imagine - The Seph Friend

{Sephiroth comes back from outing with Cloud}
Genesis: [pondering]
I’m not sure how I feel about you kinda dating my boyfriend.
Sephiroth: [confused] Why would I want to date him?
Genesis: [explanatory] You spend enough time with him.
Sephiroth: [reassuring] He is a dear friend as are you. I would do anything like that to you.
{Genesis stunned into silence, staring at Sephiroth}
Sephiroth: [smugly]
I also got over 100 pictures of Cloud covered in Baby Chocobos if you want to see them.
Genesis: [demanding] Give me that camera right now.

who the fuck am i kidding. i TOTALLY did the thing. LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! XD

here you go fandom! the ten thousandth AU nobody asked for!!! Final Fantasy AU!!! (O ///w///O) <3 <3 <3 <3 i hope this is what you had in mind anon! LOL! LOL! LOL! XD i think the only person i know who’d be into this as much as me is @bona-mana ! LOL! LOL! LOL! *is dying of laughter* GAHHAHAHA!!!

when i posted that thing about the chocobo themes yesterday @jathis totally encourage the idea that Techie should get a chocobo! so~ two giant, ride-able, chickens with one stone!!! <3 <3 <3 LOL! LOL! Jathis also HC’s that Techie and Hux are brothers, so i felt compelled to make them white and black mages! hehehe!!! even though… really, if i was thinking about this AU seriously (which, sweet lord, lets not make time for that! LOL!) and was picking from the full range of job classes, i wouldn’t pick either of those jobs for them! but still!!! i love those classes ~ and the white mage outfit (especially the version with the cat ears!!!) will always be a favourite of mine!!!

Techie is riding the Ceremony Chocobo from FFXIV! i wonder who he did the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding with??!?! *cough*Matt*cough* and i also HC that Hux doesn’t have to tempt his fat chocobo into moving! they have an understanding, and she is (of course) the most spoiled chocobo in all of Hydaelyn so she’s all too happy!!! HAHAHHAHA!!! XD

EDIT: obvs i ended up doing Kylo and Matt too… lol