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Just translated the manga sample released on ffxv’s official Japanese twitter! Originally published as a bonus to Dengeki PlayStation Vol.641. Art by Hanten Sharou.

“Final Fantasy XV Official Comic Anthology” will be on sale on July 27.

FFXVJP’s twitter post


Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire mobile game trailer

This is taking AGES!! And painting it will take even longer (ಥ﹏ಥ)But I’ll do it for the best kids (๑✧∀✧๑)

If they think I’m going to believe that sad tale that Noctis was the only who attended the Carnival, they’re dead wrong. They all went, had a blast, and avoided each other. Waaaaaiiit… I’m writing FanFics now? While I’m at it, Iris is a beast Chocobo racer, gets it from the audacious AF driving skills she learned from Gladio. ((He’s too reckless that’s why they don’t let him drive the Regalia, but is very good at driving under pressure xP))

Pink Chocobo shirt for Iris, and Black Chocobo shirt for Gladio. There’s loads more colors too. I need to stop putting off drawing the tattoos (⋟﹏⋞)

Sooooo… Am I going to finish this or what? I spent WAY too much time on that Square Enix Cafe logo ;-;  

Ignis: I assure you, we are not capable of attacking you at this moment, so you are free to do as you please.

Ardyn: And what, pray tell, is keeping you from attacking me?

Ignis: The others are drunk.

Ardyn: ….Pardon?

Ignis: *points to the others*


Ignis: ……..

Ardyn:…What are they…?

Ignis: I believe Gladio is challenging a chocobo to a battle to the death.

Gladio: Alright chocobo, LET’S DO THIS!!

Chocobo: WARK!!



Noctis: GO CHOCOBO!!

Strifesodos Imagine - The Seph Friend

{Sephiroth comes back from outing with Cloud}
Genesis: [pondering]
I’m not sure how I feel about you kinda dating my boyfriend.
Sephiroth: [confused] Why would I want to date him?
Genesis: [explanatory] You spend enough time with him.
Sephiroth: [reassuring] He is a dear friend as are you. I would do anything like that to you.
{Genesis stunned into silence, staring at Sephiroth}
Sephiroth: [smugly]
I also got over 100 pictures of Cloud covered in Baby Chocobos if you want to see them.
Genesis: [demanding] Give me that camera right now.

anonymous asked:

Anxiety comfort with prompto please? Like him comforting the reader? xoxo

Bless you for this. I needed a lil bit of Prom taking care of us…

“Hey!” Prompto called, bouncing over to where you sat stiffly on the furthest edge of the sofa. “Hey, how’s –?” he broke off the moment his eyes saw yours. “Woah, hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, cuddling up beside you, throwing his lean, strong arm around you and pulling you close.

He knew you.

He knew you well enough to know the signs, and to know that you were ok with him doing this. Perhaps what he didn’t know was just how much it helped. You had that walls-closing-in, not-enough-oxygen feeling, and after the earlier events, you had snowballed.

“I…” you faltered in a tiny voice. “I don’t want to talk really. Is… is it ok if you just hold me?”

“Of course,” he smiled, his golden freckles warm and safe as dappled sunlight. “Come here.”

He was warm, and smelled of summer. And you loved him fiercely for his kindness.

As a thank you for reaching 150 followers, I’m now writing 150 word drabbles. Send me a person or a pairing plus a word or a sentence, and I’ll write you a 150 word drabble in return! (note, I’m moving house right now, so I may not be able to respond as quickly as I’d like. I’m sorry!)

who the fuck am i kidding. i TOTALLY did the thing. LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! XD

here you go fandom! the ten thousandth AU nobody asked for!!! Final Fantasy AU!!! (O ///w///O) <3 <3 <3 <3 i hope this is what you had in mind anon! LOL! LOL! LOL! XD i think the only person i know who’d be into this as much as me is @bona-mana ! LOL! LOL! LOL! *is dying of laughter* GAHHAHAHA!!!

when i posted that thing about the chocobo themes yesterday @jathis totally encourage the idea that Techie should get a chocobo! so~ two giant, ride-able, chickens with one stone!!! <3 <3 <3 LOL! LOL! Jathis also HC’s that Techie and Hux are brothers, so i felt compelled to make them white and black mages! hehehe!!! even though… really, if i was thinking about this AU seriously (which, sweet lord, lets not make time for that! LOL!) and was picking from the full range of job classes, i wouldn’t pick either of those jobs for them! but still!!! i love those classes ~ and the white mage outfit (especially the version with the cat ears!!!) will always be a favourite of mine!!!

Techie is riding the Ceremony Chocobo from FFXIV! i wonder who he did the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding with??!?! *cough*Matt*cough* and i also HC that Hux doesn’t have to tempt his fat chocobo into moving! they have an understanding, and she is (of course) the most spoiled chocobo in all of Hydaelyn so she’s all too happy!!! HAHAHHAHA!!! XD

EDIT: obvs i ended up doing Kylo and Matt too… lol


In a recent press conference Donald Trump expressed his desire to involve himself in the development of the fifteenth installment of the popular Japanese role-playing video game series “Final Fantasy”, promising to “bring back open world exploration and meaningful character development.”