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is it weird I sort of ship bits and whiskey? like, calling him by his first name, all the animosity between them (mostly on whiskey’s end) at the beginning of this year, whiskey supposedly being pretty hockey-focused and bits cheering him up after the season – it’s all kind of reminiscent of zimbits, honestly.

A - Z Tag

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A - Age: 23
B - Biggest fear: future
C - Current time: 7:07 AM
D - Drink you had last: water
E - Every day starts with: taking a gross ass shot of apple cider vinegar
F - Favorite song: a little less 16 candles, a little more “touch me”; you be tails, i’ll be sonic; and dismantling summer are ones i always go back to
G - Ghosts, are they real: definitely
H - Hometown: somewhere in lake county
I - In love with: dick grayson and my bf i guessss
J - Jealous of: rich people
K - Killed someone: just bugs :/
L - Last time you cried: probably a few weeks ago? no idea
M - Middle name: ronquillo
N - Number of siblings: one big sis
O - One wish: enough money to go back for my masters
P - Person you last called/texted: my landlord
Q - Question you’re always asked: my friends always ask to hang out/if i’m dead bc i don’t reply to messages & adults ask if/when i’m going back to school or what my job is
R - Reason to smile: funny tv shows
S - Song last sang: sleepover by hayley kiyoko
T - Time you woke up: 5:20 AM
U - Underwear color: black
V - Vacation destination: didney worl!!! or japan to visit my sis
W - Worst habit: face/nail/skin picking
X - Xrays you’ve had: stomach
Y - Your favorite food: pineapple fried rice or fried pickles
Z - Zodiac sign: pisces sun, scorpio moon, libra ascending

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Just a reminder that Dan Harmon himself, Co-Creator of Rick and Morty, is, in fact, Autistic and has spoken before about how its influenced his characters, the importance of accurately representing Autism in said characters, and being aware of which of his characters have been “claimed,” so to speak, by the Autistic community and how he consciously makes a concentrated effort to not misrepresent or disappoint us.

Just, you know, for those of you who feel angry or uncomfortable at the thought of your faves (hint: Rick and Morty, but especially Morty) being perceived as Autistic. Just some Food For Thought™. Just—just a Memo Note on your dash. He isn’t Bigfoot, folks, that link is in high quality and Right Up There ↑ . All the proof you need. And I’m just handin’ it out for free. Free of charge, no payment necessary, no shipping and handling fees. Watch it.


I’m going to take palette requests

It can basically be any character, but I’d prefer cartoon ones.

To select a color palette, just choose a column, I’ll go with three, then choose a row. For example, 3:16 would be the tan one with purple stripes.

Also please don’t request NSFW

Credit to PaperJax on Deviantart! Go check them out, they have really nice color palettes.

Lardo gives Nursey her dibs. Dex gets Ransom and Holster’s. It’s… unexpected. The attic was for d-men pairs, it fit two people just fine. It was tradition. Just two weeks prior to them revealing their decisions, Shitty had been over, ranting about the legacy of the d-man attic.

“It’s been an established institution since Davey Smith and Jordan McIntyre of the class of ‘02!” Shitty had said. “It has fostered camaraderie in the Samwell Men’s Hockey team for over a decade!” Then he started crying, though that might have been because of the alcohol and the nearing end of his first year at law school.

Individually, Nursey and Dex both assumed that they’d get the attic and Lardo would give her dibs to someone else on the team, maybe even Ford after all the works she’s done this semester. Neither was particularly happy about it, because though they get along much better now, they’re still very different people and living in the same room would probably not go over too well. But they had accepted it as a thing.

They shared rooms on as many roadies as they could, for practice, and Nursey slept in Dex’s dorm whenever his roommate was occupying their dorm by screwing his girlfriend. Dex stopped leaving piles of books on his own desk, thinking that he’d have to share a desk with Nursey next year and knowing that Nursey needed space to write. Nursey stopped throwing clothes on the floor after he took them off, because he knew that Dex hated a messy floor and that, at one A.M. after a night compsci-ing his way into an early grave, Dex would be too tired to pay attention to where he was walking.

However subconsciously, they both thought that they’d be sharing the attic in their junior year. It was a given. Though they knew it wouldn’t be easy, they had expected it.

And now…

They won’t say that they’re disappointed, because they shouldn’t be; they’ll be living in the Haus, with Chowder and Bitty, and they won’t have to pay for off-campus housing or deal with wacky roommates. They’re included; they were given dibs. And living together would have incited daily fights, probably. So they’re not disappointed. They’re not. They can’t be.

But, well.

“Congrats, man,” Nursey says, smiling easily at Dex as he enters the Haus kitchen. Bitty stands at the stove, making something for dinner and chatting with Jack on Skype. “On your dibs,” Nursey clarifies when Dex seems confused.

“Oh. Oh yeah.” Dex shrugs, smiling weakly. “I got the bigger room,” he says competitively. Nursey grins back.

“At least I don’t have to climb all of those stairs.”

“You could use the cardio,” Dex shoots back.

“Yeah, well, you don’t need all that space.” It’s too cutting, too pointed, too cruel for what they’ve built out of the animosity of last year. Nursey looks away, guilty, but he wouldn’t have recognized the expression on Dex’s face even if he hadn’t. Nursey has never seen what Dex’s face looks like when he agrees with something.

I love how Lena didn’t directly have any scenes with Kara in person in 2.19, but the episode was still gay.

✔ Lena knowing Kara was upset just from her voice. 

✔ Lena calling the one person she trusts, Kara, to get her opinion on Rhea 

✔ Kara immediately answering the call. 

✔ Lena being understanding of Kara needing to handle whatever was going on with her, but still being worried about her bezzie mate/girlfriend. 

✔ Lena called Kara later to check on her. 

✔The continuity of them going out on dates often. 

✔ Multiple dates. 

✔ “No Kale this time”. Only Kara’s significant other could get her to try that leafy green. 

✔ Brunch™.

#SuperCorp will rise


Flug- “You can’t be ugly if you don’t show your face”
BH is just regular “I H8 U ALL”

It was a pleasure painting them public and share with world.

(Also little Anxiety Person in bottom corner painted also by me lol)

“We should… get to dinner. Drack said he was making—”
“I heard. And I would rather stay here, like this.”

i had the opportunity to commission @lonicera-caprifolium, and i have to say that i couldn’t be more pleased with the result. i mean, c’mon! you can see how fluffy and perfect oberon looks. they were such a sweetheart, and honestly, i can’t wait to commission them again! pls go check out their work. ♡

These are the people who take up hours of my time. THESE ARE THE PEOPLE. I hate them for that but love ‘em for everything else. Here we have

@markiplier, @therealjacksepticeye, The Gabbie Show, @itsamandafaye, baby Luna, @matthiasiam, jacksfilms, @ashhardell, @missfenderr, @iisuperwomanii, @allisonraskin, and Gaby Dunn. Or as I know them, Mark, Jack, Gabbie, Alayna, Ash, Jack, Amanda Faye, Luna, Matthias, Lilly, Allison, and Gaby. In that order. I guess. Not including the big “youtube” sign of course.

These people are all amazing, wonderful people who have great senses of humous and I love their content. It always cheers me up to watch their videos, and… yeah. I recommend you go check them out if you don’t already know them. PLEASE DO. And subscribe to them if you like their stuff.


only cool kids and gremlins hang around outside of mcdonalds at 12:30 am