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Most Beautiful: Jon Snow X Reader

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Warnings: Pregnancy. Labor. Fluff overload ;)  One sex joke With him and the whole Stark clan, This is post White Walker War were all is good and Jon knows his parentage, but still goes by Jon Stark, or I guess goes at last. Things are almost too happy. But fear not no one dies.. Well…..Meh

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“Time to get up love.”

You groaned, pushing away the arms that were attempting to shake you awake and moved closer to the other side of the bed. “Jon.. Lemme sleep. Little Mister Stark would not stop kicking last night. I am surprised you couldn’t feel it actually.” You smirked and opened your eyes, hearing his laughter and he carefully turned you around as he echoed your smirk.

“I told you, my love. It will be a she.” You gave him judging eyes and he rolled his own gray ones, “Even our  Lady Sisters and Lady Aunt is on my side. As is Tyrion.”

“Well while that may be true, Bran is on my side and he has the sight.” She winked while forcing herself to stand slowly. “Speaking of your Aunt and Sister, when will the royal Queen and the Hand be visiting?”

He smiled, standing up so that he could help you while he continued, “Sansa and Tyrion promised to be here by nightfall, but you know the Queen. She said she would be here a fortnight ago… She will do her best to make it for the labor. And Arya, of course, must guard the Queen being the head of the Queen’s Guard.”

Your nine-months were up  and being a Stark, family was essential for all things. Holidays. Name-Days. Weddings. And pregnancies.

As though the stress of almost delivering a child was not enough, the anxiety that holding off the labor until everyone was present was madness. Jon, being around you enough, could tell.

“Fret not, Y/N.” He smiled, pressing his forehead yours and wrapping a robe dress around you for the day and kissed your nose, “They will be here. And now, we must break fast.”

No surprise to the couple, Bran was already down stairs, his plate full as he was working on his sister’s-in-law. Seeing them he stopped and blushed, wheeling towards the two slowly as Jon embraced his brother with a hearty laugh.

Brandon Stark was decreed Lord of Winterfell and Hand of the King of the North, so the three of you were practically inseparable.

“How is the Lord Snow this morning, Y/N?” Bran smiled, wheeling towards her and placing his hands on her belly as Jon sat. “He get you any rest?”

“None.” Jon sighed from across the room, “She was kicking all night.”

This caused both you and Bran to laugh and Bran to say a small, “We shall see.” As the three of you began to eat your food.


A grand feast was the result of Lady Sansa and Lord Tyrion’s arrive, Jon and the imp drinking away while you, Sansa, and Bran sat across the hall, discussing matters of getting Bran married.

“What about the Mormont girl?” You suggested, “She supposedly has the beauty and wits of the Tyrell’s but the strength of her father’s name.”

“The Queens bastard?” Sansa raised her eyebrows, “She is an adventurous girl. Young though, don’t you think?”

Your sister in law had not left you alone since she arrived, her hand barely leaving your belly.

“Besides. I think our Bran has his eyes on the head of House Reed. Lady Meera, is it not?”

With the words of her name, Bran blushed and brushed it off, “Have you and Jon thought of a name?”

You nodded, “Well since he will not listen to me about the gender, I decided Eddard Robb will have to do.” Bran nodded, a bright grin taking away the blush on your face. Sansa gasped.

“I hate to agree with my Lord brother, I do believe that your babe is a girl.” She winked at you causing both of you to laugh as Jon and Tyrion came towards you guys, handing drinks to Bran and Sansa.

Jon broke the laughter, snaking an arm around your waist to your belly as he looked at Sansa and Tyrion, “When are you and the Hand planning to have children, sister?”

Sansa’s face fell and she set down her goblet, Tyrion taking her hand. “We are waiting.” Silence fell between them as they knew what he meant before Tyrion broke it, winking at the youngest Stark,  “We would like to see little Bran wed to the Reed girl first.” Bran blushed as everyone laughed mutter a small no stop as Jon kissed your cheek, then moved to your ear, his beard tickling her cheek.

“Bet it will happen by years end?”

“Please, by months end!” You smirked and he pepper kisses everywhere on your face, causing you to laugh.

“This is why I love you” He smiled.


A few days had passed and you were still waiting on Dany and Arya. Maesters had demanded you bedridden, fearing labor would come any moment though nothing came for a week. Deciding this and seeing your husbands nerves at an all time high, you had forced him to go on a hunt with Tyrion and Bran, promising that Sansa and a hand maiden be at your side.

“I just want you out lil lord.” You groaned, rubbing sleet off your eyes as you had not gotten proper sleep in several days,(basically since Jon left, your baby had been especially persistent in moving all night) “Stop being so feisty like your father and his family.” You smirked at Sansa who laughed. “Where do you the Queen and her personal guard are?”

“You know Daenerys. “ She smiled sadly, rubbing your belly, “And Arya. Stubborn as mules those two.”

“Aye. That is one way to put it.”

Silence fell as you were both occupied as the baby leapt and kicked about the in your belly causing you to hum in attempt to calm him. When at last he stopped, you sighed and Sansa smiled, but only for a moment when you felt something wet between your legs.

Cursing, you looked at Sansa whose eyes twinkled.

“Do you think-”

“Sansa…” You bit your lip to stop you from swearing again, “Get Ghost. He will get Jon. And get the Hand Maiden… Hurry… Please…”

She ran, laughing gleefully and picking up her skirts hollering, “IT’S TIME! THE HEIR TO THE NORTH IS ON THE WAY!” And within minutes, servants came rushing in, dabbing your forehead with a cloth and offering you food and wine as others spread your legs open. All the while all you could do was scream bloody murder.

“I just want my husband!” You whined, “Gods!” You closed eyes and bit your lip to try to and stop tears from falling out of your eyes.

Then you felt the tickle of a beard on your chin and allowed yourself to cry tears of happiness and the man kissed your cheek and slowly wiped your tears away.

“Hush now love. You need to start pushing.”

“I-I-I-I can’t.”

“Yes you can.” He grabbed both her hands and brought them to her lips,”You are strong.. You can do this… I believe in you… Ready?”

You nodded opening your eyes to meet his dark grey (brown in show) ones.



You opened your eyes to see your family sitting in your room, Bran and Arya making small talk, Sansa talking to Jon on the other side and Tyrion discussing matters with the Queen herself.

“Morning love.” Jon said, moving towards you slowly, a swaddle of blankets in his arms. “You did marvelous love.” He kissed your cheek and helped you sit up, placing the bundle in your arms.

“ Who is this?” You smiled brightly as he moved back to the crib. “I was right, wasn’t I?”

“We were both right.” Jon smirked sitting by you on the bed with another bundle, “Eddard Robb and Catelyn Rose.”

“Twins.” You laughed happily, “Huh. Don’t remember that.”

Sansa laughed, kneeling beside you “Don’t see how you could. You were screaming bloody murder.”

“Honestly Y/N.” Arya piped in, “The Queen and I could hear you from outside.”

“Perhaps we will wait forever to have children, my lord husband.” Sansa added.

“She did have two.” The Queen herself added, “I would never imagine having two back to back.”

“You did have three dragons though, your grace.” You smiled, “Can’t imagine that.”

The Queen smiled, making her way towards you, kneeling beside you and looking down at the babe in your arms, “Dany or Daenerys please.. He is handsome, just like his father, and grandfather.”

“Lemme see!” Bran exclaimed, he rolling and Arya going to Jon. “She has dad’s hair. Mum’s eyes.”

“Opposite for him.” Sansa observed.

“Our perfect family.” She smiled at Jon who kissed her hair, bringing her in, “One boy. One girl. Perfect.”

Jon’s face fell, “What, so we can’t have anymore? Not even try?”

Laughter filled the room in a warm feeling as the world calmly faded to peace and laughter.

Nothing could be better and nothing could break their joy.

Shenanigans Grell does with electronics

Takes selfies with practically everything/everyone she sets her eyes on

Edits photos of her crushes (bombards the whole thing with stickers, glitter and hearts, likes adding really ooc speech bubbles)

Snaps really shitty pics of her co-workers while they are not looking and refuses to delete them (possible redmail? 0.0 )

Favorite apps are Pinterest and Instagram 

Never checks her emails. Poor William has to go through the trouble sorting her cluttered inbox out.

Watches the hell out of makeup/beauty/hair tutorials on Youtube. Tries to recreate them but ends up going 1000000% over-board.

Tends to tag William in every single post she makes, even if it has nothing to do with him. 

Loves doing lyric pranks 

Has a whole stash of romantic films downloaded to her red laptop. Cries over most of them for some reason. 

Records herself singing cheesy love songs and sends them to her crushes every 4 hours. Sebastian already blocked her for that…


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sometimes i really regret getting into astrology- sometimes i find myself wishing i didn't know so much about my probable future, and some of my positions (like my badly aspected saturn in the 7th house) really freak me out. im an oversensitive ass but like this kind of thing makes me super! anxious!

Your natal chart isn’t a prediction, everything that goes in your chart can go a lot of ways. No aspect or placement (combined or together) can set your future or even very accurately describe your whole entire life (check transits for that lol)

Stages of asking you to be his girlfriend (Bobby)

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He sets out to meet you all pumped up and suave, sure that you would definitely accept him. He is prepared in almost every sense: cologne—check, hair—check, confidence—double check. On the way there, he’s still feeling himself. It’s like he’s got a whole team of cheerleaders in his head, telling him that all will go well, and by the end of the night, he’d have you on his arm.

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The nervousness only sets in later on, when he’s waiting for you to show up (because he arrived twenty minutes earlier in his excitement). ‘What if’s start running through his head at a hundred miles per hour, and he’s willing himself not to sweat through his shirt because ‘oh, god, what if she says no?’

When you arrive, he’s so caught up in his own thoughts that he doesn’t even realise until you’re standing right in front of him. He would jump up, and gulp because all of a sudden his throat is oddly dry, and all he can think of is ‘holy shit, she’s beautiful’.

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“Will you be my girlfriend?” He doesn’t know how he managed to form the words, but this is how he feels on the inside after they leave his mouth. He can swear that his hands have never been this sweaty in his life, and some part of him is laughing at himself for being so god damn nervous in front of a girl. 

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Still, at this point, every possible bad outcome is playing on loop in his head, so he doesn’t register it at first, when you smile and say yes. He gives you such a blank look that you have to repeat yourself. Don’t worry though, it doesn’t take him too long to catch up to reality.

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You have to sit and wait patiently for him to come down from his insane high, because he explodes so loudly with happiness that more than several people on the street turn to stare. Bobby can’t contain his feelings though, because he’s just that happy that you agreed to be his. 

You can expect this on your way home:

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“I was working as a correction officer at Rikers Island, but I was having money problems. My child support had just been increased, and after all the payments were taken out, nothing was left. I remember getting a check one time for $39. So I began to make some bad decisions. Inside of prison, a single cigarette can sell for $50. Not a pack. A single cigarette. So I started smuggling in contraband and selling it to the prisoners. Pretty soon I had a whole operation going. I did it for years. At times, I was making hundreds of dollars a day. But they caught me. One day I arranged to meet with an inmate’s family to set up a deal, and it ended up being a sting. I went to prison for two years, as an inmate.”

working on texting porn, what is my life…

It’s obscene and it’s gorgeous, and it looks like it belongs in a gallery somewhere, not on his phone. Leave it to Hannibal to elevate sexting to a fucking artform, meanwhile Will’s trapped in a car and his options are severely limited, and he can’t even fucking believe he’s going to do this, so Hannibal can just feel lucky he’s getting anything at all.

Hand shaking, Will checks to make sure the shutter is set to silent mode and the flash is turned off. Then he double checks. Then triple checks, darting glances to the front seat the whole time. He scoots closer to the door, as far as he can go, turning his body so his back is half pressed against the window. If Jack looked in the rearview, the most he’d see is a head and a shoulder.

Will’s cheeks and ears are on fire, and he’s alternating between painful arousal and painful embarrassment. He holds the phone out as far as he can, almost touching Alana’s seat back, and angles it towards his lap. Then, with one last glance at the front seat, he cups his hand over his dick, drawing the material of his pants tight so that his erection stands out in stark relief, tucked between thumb and fingers. He snaps a couple of pictures, barely breathing, and quickly releases himself, crossing his legs and slouching low in the seat as he looks at the results.

The last one is nothing but light and reflections in the window, and the first is too high, but there are a couple in the middle that work. A little blurry, but Will thinks it adds to the sense of illicit desperation. That’s what he’s sticking with, if Hannibal questions it. He attaches one before he can second guess himself and jabs his thumb at the send button.


Day 36 - Markarth ☆ 5300-5790-2654

Markarth belongs to aizziasuras and is a hacked desert town with an egyptian theme. The egyptian part is very thorough, from villagers to PWPs. The color palette is consistent through the whole town, and the sunset really sets a nice mood. It was like stepping into a whole new world, and aizzasuras has really used her hacking resources well. There are ruins to explore, nice pathways to follow, and cool houses to check out. If you’re into themed, hacked or well made towns, Markarth is the place to go!