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Hey I was wondering any advice for baby witches? (And by baby I mean BABY. I know pretty much nothing.) Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated?

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I suggest just typing magick into the internet and see what comes up! there are some pretty shoddy sites but a few gems. don’t believe everything you read, but soak it all in anyway. 

Check out different aspects of witchcraft, for example crystals, tarot, spirit work, herbalism, spells, and see which one you might want to start looking into more! (it’s hard to learn about all of them all at once, but if that floats your boat go for it) i got into tarot and crystals by just following accounts on tumblr and instagram that had info on them, and if you have no energy like me, it’s an easy way to start, you don’t have to put much effort into research and feel frantic about learning as much as you can.

I also think you should bare cultural appropriation in mind whilst researching because that seems to turn up a hell of a lot in some places. here’s a small post on a few things about that :-)

Read, research, find out what you can/want. and if your hands on, throw yourself into it. start a grimoire and write anything you find particularly interesting in there, try out simple spells (if that’s what you’re into) start small. be cautious, but also learn and grow from experience. don’t be afraid to ask questions. it’s also super cool if you find a local spirit/crystal shop to go, you can ask questions, buy stuff, find things to pique your interest!. i’ve been to quite a few in my time and each and everyone the owner/s have been very lovely and always want to help. :-) 

i hope this helps! if anyone else had advice please add comment in a reblog! :-)